my aunts friends cat

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My aunt lives by the county highschool & has a cat. My friend who goes to that highschool found a kitten in the parking lot. The kitten + my aunt's cat are both light ginger tabbies. At first, since my aunt's cat is an outside cat and I don't know if he's neutered (bad bad bad, I know), I wondered if my aunt's cat could be my kitten's dad. I then realized that since they're both ginger, and boys get their fur from mom, they are not father/son. Thanks for teaching me cat genetics, Climb.

i mean they still can be father/son, mom just needs to be a tortie/torbie or red :)


WINNER’s Alphabet Movement: J → JINWOO

“WINNER is a name that helped me realise my dream that seemed unreachable. I am so grateful for the name, because my dream that seemed vague and that I didn’t want to wake up from became real. I just hope that we can bear the weight of this crown of WINNER.” - Kim Jinwoo 

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Why Sasuke Uchiha Is the Gayest and Most Extra 12yo to Grace Fiction (Backed With ****SCIENCE****)

My aunt got cancer, I have finals next week, a close friend’s cat almost died and I have turned again to tropey embarrassing-middle-school-phase anime to cope. With science based on the direction someone falls when losing consciousness.

Well then.

Without further ado…

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