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Let’s play, “was I abused” game! Reblog and bold the things your parents have done to you! Italicize if you’re not sure. (copy paste it all and then bold)

Physical abuse

  • parent slapped me to prove their point/teach me a lesson
  • parent spanked me as a “punishment” saying it was for my own good
  • parent pulled on my hair to force me to move
  • parent threw things at me while angry, things heavy enough to hurt me
  • parent trapped me into a room/corner so I couldn’t escape them
  • parent hit me when I wouldn’t obey them/tried to confront them
  • parent used a twig/stick/belt to lash at my body
  • parent grabbed me to force me to pay attention to them
  • parent pinned me down and physically prevented me from escaping
  • parent brought me into situations where I feared for my life
  • parent made it painfully obvious for me that I’ll obey them or suffer injuries
  • parent threatened to beat me if I wouldn’t do as they say
  • parent forcefully fed me something I refused to eat 
  • parent made an attempt at strangling/drowning/burning me
  • parent banged my head/body into the wall/furniture
  • parent forced me into sexual activities

Emotional abuse

  • parent called me derogatory names and slurs more than once
  • parent said my name mostly with hatred and scorn in their voice
  • parent degraded and humiliated me in front of others for fun
  • parent insulted and devalued something really important to me
  • parent deprived me of something that meant the world to me
  • parent yelled and swore at me in anger more than once
  • parent blamed me for things that were out of my control/not my fault
  • parent shamed me for my physical appearance
  • parent guilt-tripped me for not pleasing them well enough
  • parent regarded me as a burden, and shamed me for needing them at all
  • parent insisted I couldn’t take a joke after I got hurt from their insults
  • parent never comforted me/got angry if I reached for comfort
  • parent punished me for crying/showing fear/showing trauma symptoms
  • parent humiliated me for showing excitement and happiness
  • parent subtly let me know that my feelings and my problems don’t matter
  • parent got angry at me for feeling depressed/angry/tired/suicidal
  • parent blamed me for feeling depressed/angry/tired/suicidal
  • parent compared me to cousins/other children to prove how I’m the worst
  • parent decided for me how I feel when it was convenient for them
  • parent told me that I was crazy/delusional/need to be locked away
  • parent threatened me with kicking me out/sending away if I don’t change
  • parent refused to accept my sexuality/tried to force it to change
  • parent required for me to act normal to protect family’s reputation
  • parent isolated me from family activities they all enjoy
  • parent assured me that nobody will ever want me 
  • parent insisted that I was lucky and that I could have had it much worse
  • parent made me responsible for their well being and made me the caretaker
  • parent insisted that their harmful acts were all made “out of love”
  • parent demanded me to be available for their requests at any time
  • parent punished me for trying to establish boundaries
  • parent destroyed my belongings as a revenge
  • parent made inappropriate sex jokes and comments in my presence
  • parent denied doing any of this and insists that all the blame is on me

Psychological Abuse

  • parent kept pointing out my flaws as proofs that I wont achieve anything
  • parent called me stupid, incompetent, ignorant, while withholding information that I needed to know in order to complete tasks
  • parent would change their side of the agreement in crucial moment and then pretend it was obvious from the start
  • parent stalked me/distrusted me without any reason/invaded my privacy
  • parent attacked my insecurities and vulnerabilities in any argument
  • parent forced me into degrading actions while they watched me do it 
  • parent threatened to leave me
  • parent accused me regularly of behaving the way they did
  • parent never acknowledged, praised or approved of my actions
  • parent always demanded they are right without any proof/explanation
  • parent insisted that they’re a great parent using financial support as proof
  • parent insisted that I should be grateful for how good they are to me
  • parent gaslighted me and tried to make me believe my memories weren’t real if I confronted them with what they did


  • parent didn’t notice I haven’t been eating properly
  • parent didn’t notice I was sick/didn’t care for me while I was sick
  • parent didn’t notice I was injured
  • parent didn’t notice I didn’t have clothes/shoes I needed for school
  • parent didn’t notice I suffered from trauma 
  • parent didn’t notice I was anxious and stressed
  • parent didn’t notice I was depressed
  • parent didn’t notice I was cutting myself
  • parent didn’t notice I was suicidal
  • parent didn’t notice I was being sexually abused
  • parent didn’t notice I was being bullied
  • parent failed to get me medical attention when it was needed
  • parent failed to teach me the very basics of self care
  • parent didn’t seem to notice any of my needs and feelings except the absolute minimum I required to survive
  • when I notified them of these things, they denied it, accused me of lying, decided it wasn’t happening and/or blamed me for it

Financial Abuse

  • parent made me feel ashamed for needing money
  • parent made me feel like I’m a financial burden to them
  • parent only gave me minimal money to survive 
  • parent made sure I never have a decent amount of money on me
  • parent took the money I earned from me
  • parent used the money to blackmail me (if you continue this way let’s see who will pay for your bus ticket!)
  • parent insisted since they “pay for my stuff” they have the right to control my behaviour and actions
  • parent had enough money for luxury but kept me without anything
  • parent refused to get my medicine/get me medical attention because it’s too expensive while they got everything for themselves
  • parent would keep me anxious over if they would pay my expenses or not
  • parent would make me do as much work for them as possible before they would pay for a necessity
  • parent kept me in the dark over family finances even when I was of age
  • parent would make sure I never have enough money to escape them

If you bold more than 5 things, you have been through abuse. For some particular ones, even one true thing on this list means you’ve been badly harmed by your parents. Also this list is not complete, there are many more abusive behaviours not listed here, feel free to add!

Reminder for my fellow witches

You do not have to love everything witchy out there. You are still a witch even if you don’t use tarot cards, or collect crystals, or use pendulums and spirit boards. Every witch has their own style, and that is okay. Stick to what you love, if something doesn’t interest you, don’t attempt to force yourself to have an interest in it.

I asked my mom to name some of the Underverse characters (Sans)

I promised to do this thanks to @ munchkinthefandomcat and their Dad post.

Mom doesn’t know so much about Undertale and Underverse, so this is my first attempt trying to involve her in my current job lol.

So, this is the result. Mom gave them a name and a…profession? or something like that?

Fell is just Olafo XD.

- You did your best, Mom XD.

Note: “Chaparrín” is a spanish term for “short”.  It could be used for a really short person or even for a lovely nickname.

I wrote my lover, yeah I wrote my lover today
The little letter gonna have to go a long, long way
I want a letter, want a letter, want a letter
I want a letter, want a letter, want a letter.

Since Kairi can send a letter that even reached Sora and Riku in the Realm of Darkness, I’m sure Lea’d attempt to do something similar.

Do not repost or use without proper credit. Asked permission is preferred.

I’m ugly crying there was this stupid video on my dash about how humans are herbivores and the video was like “HUMANS HAVE SMALL MOUTHS! SO DO HERBIVORES! THEREFORE HUMANS ARE HERBIVORES”

What kind of horrible lapse in logic is that ajsjsjsjsjsjsjs hippopotamuses are herbivores and have the widest mouth angle in the world and some predators have small mouths did you know anteaters are predators? Look at those tiny ass mouths.

If you’re going to attempt to defend the “humans are herbivores” argument AT LEAST use something based in factual science and not your uneducated observational guessing

Sometimes when I’m writing, and I feel stuck, I do something that’s creatively a little different to shake loose my brains.

So I decided to play around with fake tilt-shifting in GIMP, and I made this, using the Beatles’ performance on top of Abbey Road in like 1972 or 1973 or whatever the Apple studio in 1969. It’s not great, but it’s not bad for my first ever attempt at doing it.

Day 5!~

“5 - ANGST - A sad Geno makes a sad story. Make something that makes us feel too much.”

“wouldnt it be painful to know that your son was a victim of yet again another genocidal freak?and you werent able to save him in time?”

so yeah  ,my attempt at angst,im not good with the stories so feel free to add your interpretations :3

also i forgot to credit the owners,oops..

i will do it now for the next challenges

geno belongs to @loverofpiggies

and goth to belongs to @nekophy (also im so sorry for killing your child ;^;,im also sorry if i got any information about him incorrect)

i am beyond sick of looking at this so im just gonna….. leave it here….

idk i thought it’d be fun to do a sort of redraw, but use ellie’s new design instead of her old one (spoiler: it wasn’t. it was torture)

Lego Joker and Lego Harley headcanons

-okay I once saw a post saying that if Harley wears rollerblades J wears heelies and I think it’s cause Harley attempted to teach him to use rollerblades and he couldn’t manage and got so upset she suggested heelies

-they really love mario karts, they play it all the time, once they decided to have an irl race in Gotham with blue shells and bananas…it did not end well

-they gossip about other villains at McDonalds at 1 am over some ice cream and fries

-speaking of McDonalds, they always get toys

-they constantly eat out til the point that Harley’s inner doc kicks in and she’s like “okay mister J we kinda need to eat something substantial now..”

-Harley always helps J remember to take his pills cause that’s what bros do

-Joker never talks shit about Harley but he will roast the fuck out of the other villains (save Ivy sometimes..for Harley’s sake) 

-they love shopping together (”THAT LOOKS SO CUTE ON YOU”)

-they have yoga sundays

-”take that mallet of yours and go destroy anything you want, girlbuddy”

anonymous asked:

Nurseydex prompt: "…why do you have egg in your hair" "it's not what you think"

“Derek Malik Nurse.”
Nursey froze just outside the doorframe of the kitchen causing Chowder to crash into the back of him and drop about six empty egg cartons. Bitty is standing in his checkered apron, hands on his hips and a wooden spoon gripped tight in his right hand. He was glaring daggers into their backs as the pair scrambled to collect the cartons and Dex fought to stifle chuckles from the counter where he was mixing pie filling.
“Why in the name of sweet baby Jesus do you have MY eggs in YOUR hair.”
Chowder and Nursey responded at the same time,
“It’s not what it looks like!” And “Technically they’re not YOUR eggs, unless there’s something you need to tell us.”
Dex snorts loudly at Nursey’s remark and a flush of warmth fills Nursey’s chest. Chowder stutters and stammers as Bitty attempts to murder them both with his eyes so Nursey steps in.
“We were egging the lax house and Chowder thought it’d be funny to crack one in my hair so I got him back and then were egging each other and not the house and then we realized someone might see us and we didn’t wanna leave evidence.”
Dex’s face is dark red and his entire body is shaking with laughter as Bitty huffed.
“Well y'all better clean up before you make your way to the Stop and Shop to replace my eggs!”
They’re half way up the stairs before Nursey stops and turns around before sauntering back into the kitchen. “Dex, my bro, my dude, yo…”
“What do you need, Nursey?” Dex is still shaking a little bit with laughter when Nursey leans against the counter much to Bitty’s protest and pushes close to Dex, “So as it turns out, today is my laundry and all of my shits in the washer so I don’t really have any clothes.”
“Go get in the shower, I’ll grab you some of my stuff.” Nursey melts with relief and rushes to their shared bathroom to scrub the raw egg out of his hair.

The door swung open as Derek was stepping out of the shower and Dex immediately yelled at the sight of Nursey’s steaming, wet, naked body.
“Bro chill. You’ve seen it a thousand times in the locker room it’s totally chill.” But Dex’s eyes are glued to the floor and he’s shoving a pile of clothes into Nursey’s arms before trying to bolt. Nursey grabs Dex’s arm and pulls him back in hard. “Actually I have another little favor to ask? Come you look at this birthmark on my back? It just popped up and I don’t know if it’s something I should worry about?”
Dex sighs before moving closer as Nursey turns around and stretches his his arms to try and point to the spot on his back, only effectively stretching and flexing his muscles. Dex’s breath is shallow as he runs his fingers over the soft skin, leaning in close to look at the spot. It’s small and dark on Nursey’s skin but it doesn’t look in the least bit irregular or threatening. He hovers for moment longer than necessary then steps back, trying to ignore how close he was to Nursey’s naked ass.
“All good.” He hears a faint ‘thanks bro’ as he escapes back to the kitchen.

Chowder had finished far before Nursey and had decided he could recruit a couple of the tadpoles to help him grab the eggs and extra butter for Bitty about ten minutes ago. So when Nursey waltzes into the kitchen in Dex’s worn jeans and soft flannel Bitty has been sated and is humming slowly as he pulls a tray of mini pies out of the oven. Dex is at the counter again, being a bit too aggressive with the crust but Bitty doesn’t seem too mind that much. Dex starts a bit when he sees Nursey then flushes dark red down to his neck. Then he’s running his hands under the faucet and yanking Nursey by arm into the hallway.
“Hey I haven’t even done anything yet.” Nursey is fighting to get at the mini pies but Dex is persistent. Then Dex is pinning him against the wall and kissing him softly yet intensely and cupping Nursey’s face and tangling his fingers into his curls and pushing their bodies impossibly closer. Nursey melts into the kiss as Dex sucks Nursey’s bottom lip into his mouth and moans.
“Everything alright out there?” The pair jumps apart at the sound of Bitty’s voice and Nursey coughs out a “Fine, we’re fine.”
“Actually Bits, I’ve gotta show Nursey something upstairs.” A dark flush and a playful smirk spreads across Dex’s cheeks as he pulls Nursey back up to the attic.

The Double Date

Prompt List Imagine

#1-Double Dates

Pairings: Kol x Reader, Stefan x Rebekah

A/N: Stefan and Rebekah are a huge OTP of mine! So thank you for the request!! Also, this is my 1,000th post!!

Requested by Anon

Word Count: 460

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some anon replies!

1. YES, it was very frustrating and time consuming. i’ve been painting with a lineless 1-layer style for about 9 years, and i’ve only felt moderately confident with it in the last 2 years. it isn’t for everyone, but for me it felt compulsory. i kept doing it even when it was driving me insane.

2. chaotic-muffin was my prepubescent attempt at wit, i think. (it was from a time where “xD” was an acceptable and widely used emoticon, if that gives you any frame of reference.) i started calling myself feverworm like 5 years ago because i needed a new name that wasn’t already indexed in google. i kinda just mashed words together until i found something that looked satisfying lol

3. WAO i wouldn’t call anything about my style “confident,” especially my lines. i have very shakey hands and tend to etch at things until i get the form i want. i guess maybe my strokes kinda look like confident contours because i work at really high resolutions? it kind of hides a lot of the squiggles.

4. y e s  p l e a s e

5. in my head, the shapely, feminine duarda are sort of in fashion at the moment? a magician can create almost any form he’d like when summoning a duarda, but having a really beautiful and delicate looking one stirs up more envy from his peers. i’m gonna explore more exotic shapes in future adopt batches though!

6. holy ding-dong-damn, thank you so much. i don’t often reply to these kinds of anonymous messages because i worry about sounding disingenuous or coming across as aloof even when i mean everything sincerely… but your message made me feel all tingly and i needed you to know, whoever you are, that your sentiment means a lot to me. as much as i try to market my work and appeal to wider audiences and all that, this kind of thing is what makes me the happiest and is the most encouraging. thank you again ;____;


Andromeda Black + Sneaky flirty eyes with one Ted Tonks. 

Ah, the fruits of my labour. I scared my cat running around in a cape and robes. 

I’ve always admired @asktheboywholived and their chameleon ways; how easily they could slip into the skin of all the characters they’ve done. Even when I used to follow them at @lettherebedoodles on my older blog years ago, so for years I’ve wanted to do something like that but I’m far too awkward and camera shy so I never even attempted. 

But I attempted, and I hope it’s not super dorky looking or lame lol. I have some Alecto recordings as well, but most of the good ones are on my phone, and for some reason they aren't’ converting into frames. So once I figure that out, I’ll make those as well. 

my best attempt at a masterlist of every adansey moment in trk 

  • ch 2: both getting irritated by the kid who sucks at ringing the bell (”say something.” “that bell.” “everything is terrible,” agreed gansey.)
  • “what a treasure that smile was”
  • adam feels gansey get tense without even looking at him
  • gansey, my pathetic dumbass child, saying “i don’t want to fight” when he knows adam’s about to get mad
  • when adam sees the headmaster wave at gansey awkwardly, and is immediately able to deduce that gansey bribed him to let ronan graduate because he just knows gansey that well
  • adam acting as a covert lookout when gansey, ultimate badass, is on the phone with his mom during the school day
  • adam finding the inner strength and resolve to mimic gansey even though cabeswater is doing weird things to his insides
  • “don’t be an ass”
  • ch. 7: “adam appreciated this part of gansey, his endless concern for the things in his care.”
  • the fact that adam and gansey have fought about whether adam’s able to give/receive love like how angsty
  • adam sensing that gansey is about to say something offensive and getting him to shut his mouth with just a stern look
  •  ch. 12: adam and gansey on the same wavelength re: headmaster childs looking like a cowboy. yee haw.
  • ch. 27: “part of [adam] had never forgotten gansey’s agonized shout when adam had made the bargain with cabeswater”
  • “adam leaned to bump his knuckles against gansey’s” after gansey confessed to his secret love affair with blue (…….)
  • ch. 59: when (possessed) adam briefly stops attacking other people and starts clawing at his own face, gansey “could not bear it” and was the first to run to him and pull the hand away
  • ch. 64: when gansey’s about to die and adam asks to be untied first so they can say goodbye properly, gansey’s like, “is it safe?” adam: “safe as life” and that’s the moment that robbed 30 years from my life
  • epilogue: adam saying “i appreciate your honesty” to his father because he thinks that’s what gansey would say and it makes him feel powerful
Am I wrong or right? #GameOfThrones

I had a friend recently ask me how I can hate the idea of Littlefinger and Sansa being together but be completely down with Tyrion and Sansa, and my response to that was while they’re similar in several ways (they’re both very intelligent, ambitious, and genuinely not good people) the main difference that is the deciding factor for me (other than Pyter’s creepy hang up for Cat) is that when Sansa is in Tyrion’s care he actually attempts to make her happy and keep her safe compared to Littlefinger who keeps putting her in danger, using her, and making unwanted sexual advances towards her and yes while they both see her as the key to the north Tyrion would never do something as disgusting as basically selling her to Ramsay Bolton who everyone, especially Littlefinger, knows is arguably worse than Joffrey. But I want to know if you guys agree with me or not.

EXO As Things Me And My Friends Do/Say OT12

Kris: “Tall people have feelings too you know!”

Tao: “I’m not rich! These Jordan’s were 10% off!”

Luhan: “All I want in life is to be intimidating to someone or something! Is that too much to ask!”

Xiumin: “My knees don’t bend like they used to.”

Suho: “Why does no one listen to me?! I am the mother of this group aren’t I?!

Baekhyun: *Attempting to twerk when he thinks no one is looking*

Chanyeol: "Rap battle right here right now! I’ll take on anyone!”

Chen: “I’m not screaming this is just my voice!”

Kai: “I didn’t steal the dog! I was trusted with its safety and well-being for the weekend!”

D.O.: *Glaring at the ice cream staff* “They forgot my sprinkles!”

Lay: *Spacing out then snapping back to reality* “I saw everything and everything saw me…”

Sehun: *Struggling to put on jeans* “I swear my butt got bigger in these last few minutes.”


I refuse to be silenced, and I refuse to live in fear. I’ve worked too hard to finally feel comfortable in my own skin. It’s unfortunate… no the word unfortunate puts this way too kindly. It’s horrendous that your reaction to something you don’t understand is to murder someone, to make another HUMAN feel unwelcome to live on this earth. I pity you, but I refuse to waste my valuable energy on those who refuse to be educated or attempt to understand. I’m going to do my best to use that energy to be a better and stronger ally from this moment forward to my fellow brothers and sisters and other deserving humans in the trans community. I may be tiny, but I’m much more mighty than my stature has lead you to believe.


I can’t stand it when people are super cautious and pessimistic about spirit work when I express interest. Yes, there are risks. No, I would not use a ouija board. No, I wouldn’t attempt to summon something dark for my own purposes. Yes, I know how to do research before attempting contact with anything. But if you can create curses left and right without a second thought, I can ask something a few questions after ensuring my safety.

Magic will always have consequences, good or bad. That’s how it works.