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What if Emma does become really worried when Killian doesn’t come home and he doesn’t call and maybe she has tried calling him but he’s not answering so she gets Liam’s ring and uses a locator spell but it leads her to where the Nautilus was docked and she knows that’s where Killian’s remaining family would be so she knows it’s not that unbelievable that he would go there and maybe Snow mentions Killian had a bag with him when she saw him and that he was kind of acting weird so even though emma doesn’t want to believe he actually left her all the signs are pointing to it and that’s why she is so upset and all “I need to move on” because she is hurting and thinking that the one person who she truly believed would never abandon her has done just that. And she wants to believe in him and trust him but she’s been wrong before and it really does seem like he left so the lost girl part of her takes over for a while. I believe she will eventually realize that something is indeed wrong, but before that she’s going to be hurting quite a bit and I’m not ready for that

i may have just unintentionally challenged thor to a duel. im gonna freakin die

“So Bits, how does it feel to be tall for once?”
“Your chirps can’t reach me up here, Jack.”

There’s a Culinary Arts museum in Providence and you can’t convince me that these dorks would not have a date there


Apparently, Miss Cullen and Miss Hale have a presentation for us.

I’m alone
i’m unwanted
i’m undesired
i’m worthless
i’m a burden
i’m a freak
i’m an anomaly
i’m the problem

“you’re not alone. you are loved. I’ll always be here for you”