my attempt at gif making

I was able to make the 14th day of Genoary Challenge: -Geno at UVS studio- What does Geno do while he waits for his part to come in Underverse?

Maybe he’s reading the script, also this is my first attempt making a traditional animation, this is almost a practise because I’m thinking on make a traditional animated scene when Geno appears, as a tribute to the original comic Aftertale.
This Is not as the perfect and unique CQ’s style, but I have time at least for improving the animation :)

Geno by @loverofpiggies
Genoary Challenge by @shinydiamondblog

i really love the magic light bulb that dirk & todd had to use in spring’s ‘death maze’; it’s a shame that they lost it when the screen room was blowing up, i was hoping that it would make more appearances in future episodes– i can see it coming in handy

So I attempted to make a GIF of what it would look like if Corrupted Crank took over your computer.

The text at the end says Þͨͮ̐h̵ͮ͂A̓ͮ͋n̓ͮ̔ķ͔ͮ᷉ y͕̮ͮ0͕ͮ̐U͖̪ͮ F̤ͮͮ0͈͗ͮř̡ͮ̾ 1̼᷃ͮ3᷿᷾ͮT᷿ͮ᷉t͎̾ͮ1̻᷿ͮņ͂͛ͮͬĞ̛ͮͅ mͮ͜ͅ3̟ͮ̅ 1̼ͮ̚Ñ̨̥ͮ or “Thank you for letting me in”

I hope you all like it.