my attempt at being a runner


Pairings: Newt x Reader 
Warnings: None
Word Count: 730 


“Why not?!” I retorted as his stern gaze fixed upon my angry form. “You KNOW I am completely capable and willing to be a Runner! Why is that so hard to admit?” I screamed in despair. “I don’t want you getting hurt”, he replied strictly yet calmly as if he hadn’t just been threatened minutes before (courtesy of me).

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A new The Flash episode aired tonight and once again Iris had approximately 8-10 minutes of screen time and was absent from the promo for next Tuesday. I really would like to know how people are supposed to invest in Iris as a character, if we’re only with her long enough to find out the bare minimum about the goings on in her life before she pops back off screen. Iris is supposed to be the leading lady of the show, but they treat her like a side character whose only importance lies within her relationship with Barry. The writers finally got her into the reporting world and instead of dedicating a good amount of time to her in that world, they’ve got the narrative bouncing in and out of it. It’s not good that they’re setting up this trend where we only hear about her life during a conversation with Barry. We’re past the halfway mark in the season and fans are still confused about whether Iris is an aspiring reporter or if she’s a grad student working on her Psy.D. The only thing that is clear is that she’s also a waitress.

Outside of her friendship and potential love story with Barry, viewers of the show haven’t been given much reason to like Iris as a stand alone character. People aren’t invested, and they aren’t because, with exception to some rather kick ass moments, Iris still remains a mystery. She doesn’t have the benefit of being a part of The Flash team or working along side Joe which would pull her into the major plots. Due to this, Iris’ narrative should be taking up the majority of the B plot on most episodes, but it’s not. Casual viewers barely even register her as the leading lady; most, I assume, know simply because they were told. That’s a problem that Iris fans have been pointing out week after week and tweeting the writers consistently about and yet no matter where you are in the world you can still hear the cricket sounds.

At this point, I’m not sure what more can be done. There’s clearly a demand from the Iris side of the fandom, and Candice, Iris, and WestAllen related twitter campaigns trend in the U.S. and worldwide every week, but Iris is still getting shoved to the fringes of the show. To my knowledge, there has been no communication from the writers explaining why Iris’ screen time is continuing to shrink. There’s been no attempt from the network or the show runners to assuage the growing anxiety from the Iris and WestAllen fanbase over Iris’ lack of narrative progression and placement in promos. All that can be seen is that Iris fans are becoming increasingly unsettled by the treatment of Candice Patton and Iris West by very loud and racist parts of The Flash fandom, and there being no counteraction from the network through the show investing more in Iris’ character. Instead they have begun to ship bait and flaunt Barry’s appeal as a love interest. To say that this is disappointing would be an understatement.

In honor of school being almost out and some folks going through finals soon I figured we needed something fun. So here is my attempt at making a Tumblr Contest for you all. I’m sorry, this is my first time doing one of these so let’s go easy on me, yeah? This is gunna be fun so let’s keep it like that.

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Save You: Newt Imagine

Plot: Reader struggles with Newt’s dissimulated feelings and his attempt.   It’s probably gonna be kinda long I’m sorry don’t hate me. 

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of suicide and depression.

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I know it isn’t over and it will never be

But I just wanted to gush a bit. Hannibal came in to my life a few years back when my partner decided to download the first episode. She mentioned to me that there was a lot of good things people were saying about it online and asked if I would like to sit down and watch it.

I obliged of course but I was hesitant. Many shows that I sit down to watch either fail to hold my complete attention or are overdone to me, especially crime dramas. Even Sherlock took an episode or two before I got hooked and then I had to sit down and start from the beginning to see what I had failed to take in.

From the moment the first episode started i was hooked. The beauty of the camera shots, the lighting, the characters. It was a whole new experience and it kept me at the edge of my seat. The progression of character growth was amazing and slowly I began to fall in to it. This show was unlike anything I had ever watched. How could such a beautiful thing exist on regular cable?

It wasn’t until season 2 I began to notice how Will and Hannibal’s relationship began to deepen and darken. I was definitely not new to the idea of pairing characters but by that point in my TV obsessions I had begun to grow aware and weary of queerbaiting in media. I had spent a majority of season 9 of Supernatural waiting for something to happen between Dean and Cas only to realize it never would come around. The writers kept us on the edge of anticipation and the fans talked up every moment between the two characters and I was left angry and embarrassed knowing it would never happen. Instead I spent my time preaching about how destiel was fun, why I loved it, but I knew it would never happen. I had realized that finally. It was just a fun ship that I enjoyed because I loved the idea of these two characters finding love and comfort in each other when they had both lost so much. So of course when I became aware of Hannigram, I kept myself tame. 

For a little while.

My partner suggested we start roleplaying Will and Hannibal. For years her and I have always gotten in to certain shows, picked two characters, and then used Skype to write our own stories together. I was hesitant at first because hannibal was a much different characters than ones I had played before and I was afraid about developing such a dark muse inside my head. This was a whole new level of evil and I wasn’t sure if I could live up to his character and keep him true to Bryan Fullers writing. But I caved in and now three years later, we have about six different Hannibal rps and I’m proud of a lot of the story progression in each one. Nothing has ever been posted publicly but its the experienced I’ve enjoyed overall.

But what I’m trying to say here is that I’ve never felt this feeling before. Every show I’ve been in to has either steadily lost my interest over time or changed in a way that irritates me. But Hannibal has remained amazing, despite a few kinks along the way. When NBC canceled it I was genuinely sad for about a week. Like really deeply sad. I remember being at work and asking myself ‘why? It’s just a TV show. Why are you sad?’ and I realized that this was something much bigger to me. As a person who wants to write for TV shows, who wants to work in the entertainment industry, I found it disheartening that a show so unique and amazing that took so many bold new risks had been canceled on a network that allowed a man to have his face ripped off and fed to dogs but nipples and butt cracks had to be censored. It blew my mind knowing that other shows were going in to their sixth seasons because they were ‘safe and predictable.’ What good was creativity and making new content when it was always destined to be canceled? When there was no new way to gauge how things were being viewed?

I’m not giving up hope. But I’m writing this to basically say that this show has been nothing but a pleasant experience for me. The fandom is one of the nicest I’ve ever been a part of. I know I’m not a super famous blog but I have enjoyed the people who are willing to discuss meta with me and read my episode reviews. I feel a strong sense of support and community with the Fannibals and I enjoy the organization and work that has been put in to the Twitter tags an the collaboration with the creators. Show runners who listen and bond with their fans are good, smart creators.  I feel that Bryan has kept the show true to his vision while giving us smart, fresh content (no rape, Alana’s character development, Hannigram, ect.) 

I know it isn’t over. I know a season 4 or a movie could come at any time. This is by no means my attempt at writing an ending but instead is a big clunky attempt at saying thank you. 

Thank you for being my best fandom experience, thank you for being smart, insightful watchers. Thank you to the cast, the crew, to marthadelaurentiis, to nbchannibal, to my housemates who I dragged in to this show, and to my girlfriend who loves it just as much as me. This show has inspired me to go for my dreams and has helped me sharpen my ability to review and analyze television. What ever tonight brings, what ever heart stopping ending this season finishes on, I will continue to be an active member of this fandom and hope for the best. 

Raise your glasses Fannibals and enjoy your dinner. I know I have. Here’s to a thousand more.