my attempt at a good photo

jade.tailor: I realize I never post photos without makeup. Maybe subconsciously, maybe somewhat consciously… Throughout my life I never felt good enough. As most of us experience at one point or another. Often times because of our upbringing or what we experienced as children we start to believe that we are not enough as we are. I can tell you from my childhood (one of many reasons), I was made fun of quite a bit by many of the kids in my middle school. Because of that I never felt like I was enough just as I was. Always attempting to prove my worthiness or trying to “be perfect” so that I would be accepted by others. Over the years I’ve stopped trying to prove myself and simply just be ME. I’m not perfect. No one is. But that in and of itself is perfect. We are all made as these beautifully unique individuals. Perfectly imperfect beings. I hope this inspires you to take of your mask and allow your true self to shine through. #nomakeup #beyou #perfectlyimperfect


Day 7 @jojovember: Incorporate the “Lucky Land” Logo

Daughter has daddy issue, Daddy has a Dolphin Issue: In which Jolyne reminiscence with bad childhood photo, but of course her dad didn’t let her take a good one.

whew, it’s been hectic irl, i’m behind this challenge :( … anyway, I think even if he can catch the dolphin balloon with Star Platinum, he will just reflexively chase it himself lol

A Scarecrow For God

by reddit user survivalprocedure

“Can I take your picture?” Larissa sat a few feet away from me on the grey velvet sofa as I aimed my iPhone towards her. I stared at the screen intently for a moment before shifting my focus, looking over the brim of the phone at her defeated, hopeless state portrayed by bloodshot eyes.

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Fitblr:  “Let’s normalize stomach rolls and having extra body fat!”
Fitblr:  *posts photos of nonexistent stomach rolls while sitting*
Fitblr:  *pinches nonexistent “extra” body fat in gym selfie*
Fitblr:  “I never see anyone my size posting these photos, ever!”
Fitblr’s followers:  “omg YASSSS queen! slay! much brave, so inspire!”
Fitblr’s followers:  😫  🙌  👑  🙈
Fitblr’s followers: *loses their collective minds*

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Good on you (collective “you”) for promoting any kind of body positivity and for representing the reality of your own body, but don’t go on to attempt to represent bodies with stomach rolls and “extra” fat when your body very clearly does not have those features.  You’re likely doing more harm than good.


After playing the April Fool’s update, I HAD to make myself a Yoosung Omelette lol

I attempted to fry the eggs 3 times, and this is the best of the 3 attempts.
The first pic is of how he originally looked, but then in the second pic, my sis squeezed more ketchup on his eyes. Does he look cuter with bigger eyes? Then I wrote his name in ketchup.
And then it was time to say goodbye );
I hope he had a good omelette life :)

I realized later that I drew his face on the wrong side of the omelette. :P Oh wells, maybe I’ll make Omelette Yoosung another time, and I’ll do better XD

(Sorry about the bad quality photo. I borrowed my sis’ phone for the first 2 before she had to leave. The last was my tablet)

Re: 1980s sofas
talvisims replied to your photo “My attempt at an early ‘80s living room.  (I had a tough time finding…”

The game is seriously lacking in good 70-80’s style. Please do make some gloriously hideous recolors. :D

sockboats replied to your photo “My attempt at an early ‘80s living room.  (I had a tough time finding…”

pls ����^

dollhousemadeofsimoleons replied to your photo “My attempt at an early ‘80s living room.  (I had a tough time finding…”

Do it! Make them awful. Pale pinks and pea greens!

LOL, who knew there was such a demand for horrible 1980s recolors? XD I would really like to do this, but I always run into some kind of stumbling block whenever I try to create CC, and I never seem to have the patience to get over it. :-p (Anyone who makes any kind of CC has my endless respect.) Today I got as far as collecting inspiration pics and searching for patterns - but I have no idea where to find seamless, free patterns, so I got stuck. After some fruitless searching, I said “screw it” and went back to building/decorating. I am lame. I want to try again, though. If I find decent enough patterns I’d love to do some bedding and dining chairs, too. 

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Poorly edited photo compilation inspired by @miss-loonylove and I’s conversation yesterday regarding the attractiveness of Johnny Depp’s Willy Wonka. I decided to look back and see if I still had my assortment of screencaps and pictures in my files and lo and behold - there they all were! As you can tell, my attempt at being “artsy” fell pretty short, but I think the verdict still remains: Depp’s Wonka also produces a fair amount of eye candy in that factory of his.

Safe Place - Avengers x Reader

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Words: 736 (a bit short…sorry)
Pairing: /some/ Avengers x Reader
Featuring: it’s basically Natasha Romanoff, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers and Clint Barton
Warnings: sad, reader feeling depressed
Requested by @mychemicaltimewar
Can you do an imagine when you are feeling depressed so you go hide in a library and one or all of the avengers come to cheer you up.
Authors Note: (I hope this is what you meant with your request, hah) This one took quite a bit longer to get out, but it’s shorter. Sorry about that…while writing this my mind was kind of everywhere, lol.


Everyone was laughing and having a good time. Cracking jokes, and smiling. Taking photos, and attempting karaoke.

You weren’t doing any of it, though. And it felt as if no one noticed, or even cared.

You weren’t feeling good. Not like you were sick, but you weren’t feeling good inside your head.

During the mission that everyone was celebrating about, you had it in your mind that you did horrible. You had got taken down to the ground by a few agents, and had to be saved by Tony and Steve. It was, embarrassing.

You were anything but celebrating. You couldn’t stop worrying and thinking about what happened, and you couldn’t stop thinking that no one cared.

You began to sink deeper and deeper into that horrible feeling. You continued to get quieter and more reserved, and your mind never seemed to shut up.

The whole day continued to run through your head, and you continued to beat yourself up over it.

You were so consumed in your thoughts that you didn’t notice Steve mention to Tony that you were being strangely quiet. Or Tony mention to Clint that something seemed off. Or even Natasha trying to talk to you.

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Day 16 of InkTober features an attempt at cheebs

From the journal of the marine biologist, Jotaro Kujo: 
“Mermaids appear to enjoy cherries and may be bribed when supplied with a sufficient quantity.”


My friend took a picture of me sniffing my mimosa in an attempt to guage the tequila content lmao tbh I don’t think tequila has a place in mimosas, but I got caught up with the promise of elderflower essence. The host put us in a booth with A+ lighting for food pics, but I struggled so much to get a photo with good composition. I gave up after 5 minutes because I just wanted to eat. I really love brunching!!! It’s my fave thing to catch up with people over.

I was trying to get pics of my outfit, but my dog was feelin’ really playful today and the candids are better than the regular pics.


So I guess here’s a timeline of photos I could find. I deleted a lot of older photos but basically this is the order of how my transition went. I think I was around 17? In the first photo and in the last one i’m 22. As you can see kinda in the middle I attempted to live as a women in order to make my family happy. My hair was still short in those photos but I had glued in extensions (took literally forever to have put in). After that the mullet came around where I slowly started cutting the extensions out of my hair because I hated being someone I wasn’t just to make my family happy. I cut my hair short again and took off from home to start T. When I returned home my family finally accepted me and the last photo is me 3 months on T ^^ i’m not good with sharing stories and stuff but a few of you wanted to see this sooo here ya go.
For the record I still have that black dress and I look fucking great in it😏

Made this for my Mum for Mothers day. This was my first attempt at buttercream flowers, I wanted to practice before I do a cake order in a couple weeks where I’m going to have to do loads of them. I think they’ve come out quite well. I’ve been learning from this amazing cake decorator on YouTube called Olga Zaytseva by just copying what they do. Better pics to come soon when I get my camera out tomorrow, it’s getting a little dark to take some good photos now. I also did a very quick video while decorating it so I will try to get that up for Tuesday.


heads up; I have no chill, this will be a long one. 

My dad is visiting from home, so I pulled my ass out of bed at the crack of 9:30 to be a good tourist and show him a day on the town. We went to chinatown, we went to get deep dish. And by 4:00 I was DONE. I tried to convince him to let me go home and nap, but he was being all “whatever you want to do, my lovely daughter” aka “I came all this way and we’re going to go to your apartment to nap?” so in a last ditch attempt to be a good hostess, I decided to take him home by way of the riverwalk. On the riverwalk I found a suitable patch of grass, and sat my ass down to nap as he went around taking photos. An important thing to note is that my dad has one of those large ridiculous cameras, that are so not subtle, and he loves taking candids of me (which I love that he does too). So I’m laying on the grass and a guy with a camera walks up and sits next to me (there’s not a lot of grass where i was sitting, there’s just a bunch of weird benches and grass and shit). I completely ignore him, assuming he’s a newscameraman or something. Then suddenly there’s a bunch of people, all lounging about and chillin. 

My dad comes over and signs “hey what’s going on here?” and I translate, turning to the chillest looking mother fucker in the group, to ask “hey whats up?” And the conversation goes as follows;

“We’re shooting for a tv show here, it’s called Sense8; it’s on netflix. Have you heard of it?”

“YES I mean, yeah-” I turn to sign/talk to my dad (note that I’m very verbal when I sign”) “it’s that show we were watching last night, they’re filming it.” 

“Yeah this is our 3rd of 4 locations.” 

“Which actors are going to be here?” 

“I can’t tell you that, but you can hang around for a bit until we clear everyone out.”

So of course, I turn to my dad and sign “we’re staying here until they kick us out.” 

I figure it’d be best to be chill and not take a million photos (I do have photos but they’re on my dad’s camera). For the 30 to 50 min that they’re setting up, I just get increasingly anxious and nervous. And then LANA WACHOWSKI SAT NEXT TO ME. part of me wanted to shout “I LOVED JUPITER ASCENDING” but I forced myself to not say anything (mostly for fear of throwing up) 

then TUPPENCE MIDDLETON AND BRIAN J SMITH SHOW UP. which you know, makes sense. It’s on the chicago riverwalk. As soon as I heard that they were filming I figured it’d be a make out scene by the river (spoiler alert; they were filming a makeout scene by the river)

Chillest motherfucker comes back and asks me if my dad and I want to be an extra”if you guys just want to sit in the background and sign and stuff.”

to which I say “YES”

He gives us a place to sit on the terraced  steps. near some other extras. For a minute I thought he was only making us sit there so I wouldn’t be staring from so close up. As the place he sat us at meant we couldn’t see SHIT. But then he let us move up further. 

At this point, my dad is getting annoyed. We’re sitting in the sun, very visibly not on camera at all, and I keep freaking out. So he whips out his huge camera and starts taking photos. The extra behind me is an annoying mother fucker who calls Lana a “transvestite” which JUST NO BUDDY. he also won’t shut up about chicago med/fire and another show that he was on. NO ONE CARES BUDDY. BRIAN J SMITH TOOK OFF HIS SHIRT NOT 20 FT AWAY FROM ME. I DO NOT CARE ABOUT ANYTHING BUT SENSE8 RN.

Chillest motherfucker returns and says “hey, apparently they’re not turning the camera this way, want to walk with all the extras?” To which I drag my dad down. The first time we fuck up epically, and kinda just walk a bit and get confused. The second time we walk right in front of the camera- btw I’m looking rough as fuck. my hair is a mess and I have farmer’s tan like no one’s business. BUT I WALKED LIKE TWO FEET FROM THE PAIR OF THEM. 

I don’t want to post any spoilers (other then the one about them making out) but they basically filmed the same thing over and over again. Where they’re talking to one of the other sensates they alluded to. It was hot as balls (my farmer’s tan will definitely be replaced with a burn). Brian J Smith was wearing a sweater (and Tuppence was wearing a weather appropriate tank top) and they kept taking breaks to wrap a wet cloth around his abs (and I was THANK YOU EVERY MOMENT THAT LED TO THIS ONE). My dad thinks Tuppence has a “Really expressive face” and now he’e excited to watch the show. Getting him to watch 5 min last night was like pulling teeth. And now he’s sitting here watching the Lito fuck up his lines. it’s great. 

Anyways. Tl;dr I spent two hours hanging around set to be an extra. I probably wont be on screen. Photos to follow. 


If you ever want to create something but don’t know where to begin, here’s a tip: copy other artists.

“Isn’t that wrong???” Of course, obviously it’s wrong if you then claim that work to be 100% yours when you just blatantly copied someone else. But it isn’t wrong to use copying as a method to develop your own ideas and style.

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