my attempt and doing something artsy

And now for something with a - dare I say - Lovecraftian flair. It’s an old attempt at creating a slipcase tarot box (it was hell doing the computations and making allowances for board thickness, varnish, friction, etc), as well as an attempt to do faux fossilstone - which was kinda ruined by my tendency to varnish over the top. It houses a Fourner Marseille deck.

Critical Role + Aesthetic: Keyleth of the Air Ashari (x) (x) (x) (x)

“Your future is as important as it is fragile. Protect it.”

Remember my vague half-formed ideas for a reincarnation AU? This is my vague, half-assed attempt at writing something artsy and highbrow and pretentious for it. It’s kind of boring but shhh, I’m trying to get back into my fanfic game and Nalu week was as good an excuse as any (this doesn’t fall under any prompts, though). 

…. I do have an actual idea for a reincarnation AU which is not a series of self-absorbed vignettes, but I worked hard on this so in the meantime please indulge me. The twelfth incarnation is my personal favourite. 

first incarnation

Their first incarnations are lost to the ether of time. Who is to say which version of themselves are the originals, the principal mold from which their myriad counterparts sprang? Pirate and officer, heiress and beggar, king and servant, assassin and target – there is no way of knowing, and indeed, there is little sense in attempting to determine it.

– suffice to say, then, that in their first incarnation also (like all others after them), they fall in love

second incarnation

Some being above has finally started keeping track, and their second incarnations are recorded as clean-cut and immutable as the wall between them. Pyramos and Thisbe, they called them, childhood friends separated by brick and mortar and a gaping chasm of family rivalry they failed to mend with their love. They are hasty in this incarnation, the both of them hot-blooded and hot-headed; and as such things go, their plan to run away in the night crumbles with a single misunderstanding. Pyramos dies, Thisbe follows, and the mulberry tree is fed richly with their intermingled blood. 

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