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happy st valentine’s day, my friends! i love you all, stay awesome and spread as much love as possible!
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Avatar Week 2015 // Day 5
    » Chains

Yangchen: Avatar Aang, I know that you’re a gentle spirit, and the monks have taught you well, but this isn’t about you. This is about the world.
Aang: But the monks taught me that I had to detach myself from the world so my spirit could be free.
Yangchen: Many great and wise Air Nomads have detached themselves and achieved spiritual enlightenment, but the Avatar can never do it. Because your sole duty is to the world. Here is my wisdom for you: Selfless duty calls you to sacrifice your own spiritual needs, and do whatever it takes to protect the world. 


avatar skye waterbending and airbending
in all seriousness, we should think about the two elements she was seen manipulating, here. water represents change, which is the primary theme in skye’s life right now. and air is freedom. when she fires off the air blast, she chooses gordon of SHIELD of any kind.  she has taken off her gauntlets, which while well-intended, served more as shackles. throughout her change, she’s tried to hide and control it. but now, she seems ready to set her powers free, and in turn, free herself.