my astrophotography

We’re all…lonely heavenly bodies. That is why we pursue each other, ‘cuz we want to be together. “Together as one,” that is where it all begins for us & that is why I now also seek you

The Portfolio of Crappy Astrophotography

forgot about the crosshairs


There is probably a technical term for these stripes but I don’t know

Everyone knows when you add B and V filters you get bright neon pink!

Hey look it’s the lint ball but now it’s blue for some reason

…add a U filter and it makes a lovely puke green

->This…this is just a smudge.

Ooh… this is one is nice PSYCHE! THAT’S A HUBBLE IMAGE

THAT is more like it…atmosphere, gimme that nice pre-rendered blur

Pro Tip: To simulate what this galaxy would look like if you stared through the telescope, close your eye, then press your thumb on your eye till you see weird faint spokes.