my assassins are so precious

‘’Let’s be honest, he is a terrorist.’’

My beautiful angry rebel elf. The stale cinnamon roll.

You were never really good at it, you know. There was a naiveté to you that none of the ugliness could stain, as if you never truly believed in evil. It was what I liked best about you.

The Fool, Assassin’s Quest by Robin Hobb. 

I realised today that the precious cinnamon roll of this fandom (Beloved) has their own precious cinnamon roll (Fitz), who to the fandom is actually more like a piece of well-intentioned yet chaotically messy rhubarb crumble that someone, unfathomably, has put ketchup on. 

7. “Could you be happy here with me?”

Shay Cormac x Reader 

A/N: I am very proud of myself, I’m not so late! How could I be if Shay is so precious Enjoy!

The sunlight leaked out from the curtains, finding its way through your closed eyes. Groaning, you covered your eyes with the pillow as you tried all the possible for not getting up that morning. It was always like this, when all you wanted was sleep for the whole day, something stopped you and once again, annoyance boiled within you. 

You tried to escape the light by turning over your side and you faced the other occupant of the bed. Tha annoyance was soon forgot as a genuine smile immediately grown over your face. 

Shay’s eyes were still closed, his chest rising and falling as he slept pacefully. His features were relaxed; more than when he was wide awake and the sun was on his skin, illuminating the infinite scars he collected during all these years. 

Your legs were tangled together, sweat still lingering the both of your skin. His arms were wrapped around you, holding you to him like a leech; and heat was radiating from his body, making you snuggle even closer to him, your head resting over his chest as the rythme of his breaths gently rocked you.

You could still feel the taste of last night’s passion persist in the air, and the more you thought about what happened the night before, the more heat reached your cheeks and the silly smile increased even more.  He returned from one of his missions and God only knows how much you missed him, how much you needed him. Actually, when he come back, you expected everything but not you two making love for all night long, until you were both exhausted and breathless, your movements laced with sleep and statisfaction.

You started to trace a scar that attraversed his chest to his abdomen, your fingertips slowly caressing his skin. Truth was, you were happy, you really were; he was your very first friend and when you realised you were falling in love with him, fear immediately blocked you. You weren’t absolutely sure of what to do, but once the both of you understood what were the feelings you held for each other everything came out easily and that still amazed you.

You felt him stirr underneath your touch, his hands reaching for yours as you looked at him. His black eyes were half opened, his expression still sleepy and his dark hair were all messy but to you he couldn’t be more handsome.
His lips were pulled in a tired smile, a smile that you happily returned as you rose yourself to his level, leaving a peck on his lips. 

“Good morning. I get you slept well” he said, chuckling when you rested you head once more over his chest.

“You get it right. What about you?”

“Best night of sleep I’ve ever had in a long time.” Shay muttered to your ear, kissing your temple.

You both were quiet after that, enjoying each other’s company. He’d occasionally left some kisses all over your body, or traced all inches of your skin with his fingertips, caressing you so lightly that you laughed, the warmth of the feeling heated you from within.


"Mmh?” You turned your face to him, head resting to your hand as he looked at you in the most serious way possible. His tone was laced with anxiety, something that made you quite worried. What was happening, of all of sudden?

“Could you be happy here, with me?” Your (Y/E/C) eyes met his dark ones, a gentle smile tugged on your mouth as you closed the distance between the two of you.

“I already am, Shay.”

Dating Jacob Frye Headcanons Part 2/2
  • Besides Evie you’re the only other person he can open up to emotionally. You can tell each other anything and most of the time words don’t even need to be spoken, he can instantly tell how you’re feeling the moment you walk into the room. This man speaks the language of gesture okay he doesn’t even need to look at you to tell something is wrong
  • Despite Jacob totally loving having his independence he is super needy in the attention department and is constantly craving your attention like the adorable puppy he is
  • This is mainly due to the man having the biggest yearning for emotional intimacy considering you’re practically the first person to ever truly give it to him, legit he’s been deprived of being emotionally acknowledged his entire life so Jacob has no idea what to do when it finally happens to him (other than being beyond grateful that you love him and wondering how in the hell he got so lucky)
  • You have to remind him to worry about himself sometimes with how much he puts your needs above his own considering he’s so afraid of losing you and just wants you to be happy and how much he’s constantly worrying over you and totally forgetting about himself 
  • You will always win against him at chess. Always. And most card games. Jacob will also deny this fact and continuously try to beat you at said games
  • No surprise here that he’s a total gentleman. He knows his etiquette and he’s got class anD MANNERS 10/10 would recommend complete boyfriend husband material show him to your parents right now
  • He can no longer sleep without you and he wonders how he ever was able to fall asleep in the first place without the comforting feeling of hugging you to his chest like wow you basically became his teddy bear good luck getting up in the middle of the night to go pee
  • Having deep conversations while you sit in his lap and play with his hair while he tickles the skin of your arm (◡‿◡✿)
  • Playing with the orphans together and watching how great Jacob is with all the children, especially the super young ones as they totally follow him around everywhere and he occasionally ends up totally carrying like three at once with three more holding onto the tails of his coat 
  • Said children totally mistaking you and Jacob as a married couple because even such innocence can see how in love you two dorks totally are
  • He gets jealous super easily. Despite showing you off to his rooks every chance he can get he never fails to make sure he’s hovering around you and has his hand at your hip pulling you in close to him every single chance he can get to show that you’re his along with all the hickies on your neck
  • Sass everywhere
  • For all you bookworms out there this man is your Heathcliff okay get ready to experience a once in a lifetime kind of love for he will never let you go and you will never find anything as intense I can promise you that 
  • This man just wants a family so bad with you oH mY GOd

Born in 1276 in the Republic of Metz, Thomas de Carneillon was a wealthy banker and economic rival of the Knights Templar. He contributed a sizable force, probably of Flemish mercenaries, to Philip IV’s arrest and imprisonment of the Templars on October 13, 1307. With his chief rival out of the way, Thomas and his cabal of supporters spread their influence across Europe, toppling monarchs and bishops alike as they saw fit.


Favorite Video Game Characters [in no particular order]

Yusuf Tazim da Istanbul From Assassin’s Creed Revelations

“ Ah, yes! So, by your custom, I would be…Yusuf Tazim da Istanbul. I like that! ”