my assassins are so precious

You were never really good at it, you know. There was a naiveté to you that none of the ugliness could stain, as if you never truly believed in evil. It was what I liked best about you.

The Fool, Assassin’s Quest by Robin Hobb. 

I realised today that the precious cinnamon roll of this fandom (Beloved) has their own precious cinnamon roll (Fitz), who to the fandom is actually more like a piece of well-intentioned yet chaotically messy rhubarb crumble that someone, unfathomably, has put ketchup on. 

‘’Let’s be honest, he is a terrorist.’’

My beautiful angry rebel elf. The stale cinnamon roll.

Dating Jacob Frye Headcanons Part 2/2
  • Besides Evie you’re the only other person he can open up to emotionally. You can tell each other anything and most of the time words don’t even need to be spoken, he can instantly tell how you’re feeling the moment you walk into the room. This man speaks the language of gesture okay he doesn’t even need to look at you to tell something is wrong
  • Despite Jacob totally loving having his independence he is super needy in the attention department and is constantly craving your attention like the adorable puppy he is
  • This is mainly due to the man having the biggest yearning for emotional intimacy considering you’re practically the first person to ever truly give it to him, legit he’s been deprived of being emotionally acknowledged his entire life so Jacob has no idea what to do when it finally happens to him (other than being beyond grateful that you love him and wondering how in the hell he got so lucky)
  • You have to remind him to worry about himself sometimes with how much he puts your needs above his own considering he’s so afraid of losing you and just wants you to be happy and how much he’s constantly worrying over you and totally forgetting about himself 
  • You will always win against him at chess. Always. And most card games. Jacob will also deny this fact and continuously try to beat you at said games
  • No surprise here that he’s a total gentleman. He knows his etiquette and he’s got class anD MANNERS 10/10 would recommend complete boyfriend husband material show him to your parents right now
  • He can no longer sleep without you and he wonders how he ever was able to fall asleep in the first place without the comforting feeling of hugging you to his chest like wow you basically became his teddy bear good luck getting up in the middle of the night to go pee
  • Having deep conversations while you sit in his lap and play with his hair while he tickles the skin of your arm (◡‿◡✿)
  • Playing with the orphans together and watching how great Jacob is with all the children, especially the super young ones as they totally follow him around everywhere and he occasionally ends up totally carrying like three at once with three more holding onto the tails of his coat 
  • Said children totally mistaking you and Jacob as a married couple because even such innocence can see how in love you two dorks totally are
  • He gets jealous super easily. Despite showing you off to his rooks every chance he can get he never fails to make sure he’s hovering around you and has his hand at your hip pulling you in close to him every single chance he can get to show that you’re his along with all the hickies on your neck
  • Sass everywhere
  • For all you bookworms out there this man is your Heathcliff okay get ready to experience a once in a lifetime kind of love for he will never let you go and you will never find anything as intense I can promise you that 
  • This man just wants a family so bad with you oH mY GOd

         A breeze swirled around the rooftops of Paris, sending strayed leaves skittering across the slate. It sounded eerie to you; almost mimicking the rats as their nails scrapped along the cobblestone streets below, scurrying away from any approaching danger. Your attention lingered, silently watching the flea-ridden rodents as they frantically weaved in and out of the crowds before disappearing down the various alleyways.

           Your eyes drifted back to the throngs that swarmed around the market. Their meager conversations rose together in a low roar, bits and pieces of them reaching your ears. Nothing of which was in much interest to you, until his demands to a couple of guards caught your attention. René Gaumond; a greed-driven merchant who had obtained his wealth from the blood of the innocent workers of Paris. He spent much of his time sending his mindless followers into the big cities to plunder what goods they could, cutting down anyone in their path, while he sat pretty selling those very goods to nobles at top price.

           The familiar bliss of adrenaline began pumping through your veins leaving your muscles itching for a fight. Your fingers fluttered of the hilt of your sword, briefly brushing the cool metal design before falling to your side. You sucked in an eager breath, one filled with the scents of fresh baked goods from the bakery below, bringing a sense of calmness over you.

           Your mind cleared itself as you stepped out onto the ledge, the breeze that ruffled your robes took your thoughts with it as it passed. As you spread out your arms you allowed yourself to fall forward, freely falling from your perch above the market. A breath of a moment passed before the wisp of hay enveloped you into its embrace.

           You waited silently as Gaumond’s men passed by, their weapons clanking with each step. With the coast clear you hopped from the cart and quickly slipped into one of the crowds flocked around a vendor. You watched the man as he made a quick sweep of the area before turning to another one of his men. You readied yourself, crouching down behind a stack of barrels while you waited for your chance to strike.

           You patiently watched as he spoke, straining to hear his words but you were too far away, you needed to move closer. As the two men turned to look over a piece of parchment Gaumond had pulled from his coat you quickly moved forward, your sights on another stack of crates.

           “Assassin!” A woman screamed, startling you and your target.

           Your body tensed, ready for nearby guards to come forth to stop you but it wasn’t you they were after. A familiar blue set of robes came barreling towards you, annoyance quickly sparking in you.

           “Arno…” You growled as he ran past you.

           You could hear him laugh, it echoing in your ears in mockery. He spun slightly in his stride as he called out to you, “You may want to run mon amie!”

           You quickly swallowed your protest when a large group of guards came around the corner, shouting commands for Arno to halt. Some took off after him but a few quickly noticed you, recognizing another Assassin but before they could grab hold of you, you took off, racing through the crowds as fast as you could.

           “Stop her!” Yelled one of the officers, signaling for his men to catch you.

           You shoved past everyone, a few falling over onto the muddy cobblestone. As they tried to pick themselves up in a panic, your pursuers pushed them back down and left them with a face full of mud.

           You dipped down countless alleys in hopes of losing them in the confusing maze but they didn’t miss a beat. In your frenzy you failed to notice where you were headed and ended up at a dead end. You looked frantically about, looking for anywhere to climb up the wall but you knew them to be too slick from the previous rain.

           To your right a door flung open, a gloved hand reaching out and snatching onto your arm to yank you inside. Another hand pressed against your mouth before your startled scream could reach the surface. Kicking the door shut and pressing you against the wall he pressed his finger against his lips as you two listened while the guards searched around.

“She couldn’t have gone far!” One of them called out. The door knob beside you began to turn, you heart jumped into your throat but Arno stepped in front of you, his blade unsheathed and waiting.

“Perhaps she went down the other way. Come!” A grumble of protests was heard from the other side of the door but thankfully the man listened and quickly ran after his fellow officer.

           When the coast was clear of the patrol you lashed out, punching Arno as hard as you could in the shoulder. “You ass!”

           “Ow!” He rubbed is arm, truly milking the assault.

           “I had him! Dammit Arno, I had him!” You shoved him out of anger, or frustration, which it was you weren’t certain.

           Arno scoffed, rolling his eyes as he turned away from you. “There will be more chances to slaughter the rat. Besides, be thankful. This ‘ass’ just saved yours.”

           You wanted to smack him again, to rid him of that pride that was plastered on his smug face but you didn’t. You couldn’t, not now. You would get him back when it would be perfectly even, for now you’d allow him to wallow in his arrogance.

           “You’re right Mr. Dorian. Thank you.” You patted his chest appreciatively as you sashayed past him.

           You watched the confusion ripple across his brow, “Y/N?”

           “Right, please, after you. I must bask in your wake. Please, go on.” You stepped aside and held out your arm in the direction of the door.

           He looked at you quizzically before walking cautiously ahead. You chewed on your lip, holding back your chuckles. You knew he was going to be on edge for days, waiting for you to get him back and that alone pleased you much more than anything.


Born in 1276 in the Republic of Metz, Thomas de Carneillon was a wealthy banker and economic rival of the Knights Templar. He contributed a sizable force, probably of Flemish mercenaries, to Philip IV’s arrest and imprisonment of the Templars on October 13, 1307. With his chief rival out of the way, Thomas and his cabal of supporters spread their influence across Europe, toppling monarchs and bishops alike as they saw fit.


Favorite Video Game Characters [in no particular order]

Yusuf Tazim da Istanbul From Assassin’s Creed Revelations

“ Ah, yes! So, by your custom, I would be…Yusuf Tazim da Istanbul. I like that! ”