my aspieness

“But you don’t look autistic!!!”

Left side: standardized face with typical autistic characteristics (made for AMAB)
Right side: my face, of an AFAB person.

Autistic facial characteristics include:

  • a broader upper face, including a wide forehead and large eyes
  • a shorter middle region of the face, including a nose which ends rather far above the mouth and small cheeks, creating round/childlike features
  • have a broader or wider mouth and philtrum – the divot below the nose, above the top lip.
  • assymetries in the forehead, leading to a larger forehead on the right side of the face

Below: a picture of me, smiling, which shows my wider mouth and philtrum (which almost disappers when I’m smiling) as well as the assymetries in my forehead (on the left side in this picture; on the right irl):

In conclusion:

in fact, I do look very autistic and you’re wrong.
I’m sorry that your stereotype of autistic people doesn’t fit anyone who is at least conventionally attractive.

Autistic people are more likely to:

Be unique

Be honest

Be intelligent

Be a college student

Be a college professor

Be detail-oriented

Be aware of things others overlook

Be more in tune with their senses

Be artists

Be scientists

Be questioning

Be strong willed

Be an expert in their field

Be passionate

Be able to handle extreme pain

Be able to learn complex ideas

Be able to remember hundreds of facts

Be able to make connections others cannot make

Be consistent

Be hard-working

Be Intense

Be Leaders

Be sensitive

Be good with animals

Be good with computers

Be good with skilled work

Be good with using their imaginations

Be good at following instructions exactly

Belong in the workforce, your family,  as your specialist, as your significant other, as your partner, your teacher, and as your friend.

More than the average population.


One of my aspie friends has only ever had one overload in his whole 15 years of life, and my other autistic friend has never had one in her life! AND SHE’S 21!!!

You are not faking your autism if you don’t have overloads.

You are not faking your autism if you don’t have meltdowns.

You are not faking your autism.

Remember, every autistic person and aspie is different, and just because something bothers some autistics, doesn’t mean you you will be affected so greatly as well, and it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t.

Just because you don’t have meltdowns or overloads, YOU ARE NOT FAKING YOUR AUTISM

Have a great day xXx


Walkinredinstead April Challenge Day 30 - I am autism

I made the piece of art a few weeks ago and this is a representation of myself stimming by flapping my hands. And around me we have some special interests!

The picture was from the day I went to this beautiful beach and the moment felt right!

I am autism, I am autistic and I wouldn’t change anything about myself! I love participating on this challenge, even though I had no spoons to post a few days it was fun and I enjoy it!

Image description:
[First picture: a drawing of a girl doing hand flapping and being happy.
The girl is wearing a magenta shirt with a rainbow infinity symbol and some shorts.
Around her we have a stethoscope, a plant, a cat, and a infinity symbol. Above the girl we have a flag that says “autistic and proud”]

[Second picture: a brazilian girl standing on sand and at the beach.
The girl is wearing a bikini, a hat and sunglasses.
The girl seems to be happy and shy.]

Does anyone ever feel paranoid about unintentionally offending or getting on somebody’s nerves on here without knowing it? Sometimes, I feel afraid that a mutual would suddenly turn on me and hate me. I have been wounded deeply in the past whenever I would think that everything is peachy and all good with somebody and all of a sudden they turn and rip me. I would not realize that I’m doing something that they don’t like and they become exceedingly irritated, but hide it until they suddenly snap. It’s hard to tell if somebody has a problem with me online for I don’t interact with or know them in person. I just keep my guard up just in case because I don’t want to allow myself to get badly hurt anymore. If somebody in person ever attacks me the way I have before in the past, I might snap and there would be hell to pay. I can’t let myself be hoodwinked and after all that has happened to me before and now that I’m older, I’m not going to trust people that easily anymore. I have to protect myself. 

Today on my birthday.

Today I had a young girl pointing I’m assuming happily at my [Growing Up Aspie] sticker on my car. She seemed ecstatic and she quickly pulled her phone out I’m also assuming to go to my Facebook or Tumblr. Hello, young lady!

After that the dude at taco bell asked to take a picture of it, and I gave him a card too. Hello to you too, good sir. Lol

When I Grow Up
  • My 9 year old: I want to be an exotic animal trainer when I grow up... Or an artist!
  • Me: Why not be both?
  • My Son: (eyes light up) I can be both?
  • Me: (laughing) You can be whatever you want to be, as long as you work hard and do the best you can.
  • My Son: But how would I do both? What if the guy who owns the art place gets mad?
  • Me: Why don't you own your own art place?
  • My Son: (eyes light up more) I can own my own?
  • Me: Yes. You can own your own art place. You can make your own job, so you work for yourself and no one else.
  • My son: Then I want to do both! (pauses a moment) And be president.

that feel when someone tells you to do something that should be simple but you have no idea what to do or how to do it so your brain just kinda shuts down and you need step by step detailed instructions to do the thing

and then people say that you’re “not applying yourself mentally” and need to “actually think for yourself”