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((OOC: DID SOMEONE SAY EAGLES?!?!?!?! Here’s Rowena Ravenclaw with her white tailed eagle that may or may not be magical and golden and slightly inspired by marahute *cough cough* I have a thing for witches with affinities for birds. Birds to do bidding, birds to be friends with, birds that nip your fingers lovingly, birds that are completely terrified of your newest sleeping death potion. Caw caw mother cluckers))


#look at their faces #they’re watching the narnia they loved #but everything changed #because they weren’t there #trumpkin just accused them of abandoning narnia #but they didn’t chose to #aslan kicked them out #he threw them into a world where they didn’t fit anymore #and now they’re back #and they feel so guilty #and so sad #they weren’t here to protect the narnians as they should have #and now look at this mess #fuck aslan #he’s the one who abandoned everyone

Can I just *deep breath* talk about how much I love that Aslan appears bigger as people grow older?? Instead of smaller? Because one of the most painful things about growing up is finding the places and things and yes, even the people, even the dreams we loved as children made smaller by time and experience and it’s SO beautiful that C.S. Lewis chose to illustrate Aslan as not only keeping up with growth and experience but also exceeding it, become greater as our needs become greater, even though it is not Him that has changed. Because it isn’t God who changes. What changes is how much he is revealed to us.


narnia week 2017

↪ day 3: favourite non-human character(s) - aslan and jadis

“the term is over: the holidays have begun. the dream is ended: this is the morning.”

“understand that you have given me Narnia forever, you have lost your own life and you have not saved his. in that knowledge, despair and die.”


Extraordinary things only happen to extraordinary people.

Peter Pevensie Headcanons
  • Peter Pevensie being right handed
  • Peter Pevensie having the best handwriting ever (Susan was totally jealous)
  • Peter Pevensie always handing in his homework half-done
  • “Better than nothing, right?”
  • Peter Pevensie writing Lucy back when she wrote to Father Christmas and pretending it was actually Santa
  • Lucy never figuring out that it wasn’t actually Santa
  • Peter Pevensie being an amazing cook
  • Peter Pevensie trying to teach Edmund to cook and Edmund being TERRIBLE
  • Peter Pevensie always baking with Lucy and Susan
  • Peter Pevensie talking with the cooks in Narnia
  • Peter Pevensie having to have Edmund teach him all about Narnian history because he  c a n n o t  get the dates right
  • Peter Pevensie wearing the flower crowns that Lucy made him
  • Peter Pevensie making Edmund wear his flower crown
  • Peter Pevensie reading all of the books Susan recommends to him
  • Peter Pevensie excessively polishing his sword and crown
  • Peter Pevensie gardening with Susan because he knows it calms her down
  • Peter Pevensie muttering to himself when nervous
  • Peter Pevensie being the ONLY ONE to listen to Susan rants
  • Peter Pevensie always giving the best advice on how to deal with siblings and such
  • Peter Pevensie being  A B S O L U T E L Y  T E R R I B L E  at giving relationship advice
  • “I dunno, apologize? Maybe not…”
  • Peter Pevensie being great at writing depressing poems
  • Peter Pevensie being the best at giving inspirational speeches, but not so much at writing them…
  • Susan helping Peter write those speeches
  • Peter Pevensie telling embarrassing stories about Edmund to anyone who would listen
  • Edmund would get so mad
  • Caspian still teased Edmund about that one time when he fell off his horse in front of three different nobles
  • Peter Pevensie being terrible at chess
  • Peter Pevensie getting so nervous before meetings
  • Lucy calming him down the night before
  • Peter Pevensie getting up in the middle of the night and checking on each and every one of his siblings
  • Peter Pevensie basically being big brother goals