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Hello everyone! pokemon-i-choose-you here and I’m back with another art challenge for you all! This time I’m taking the theme of Inktober and helping you, the artist, be more creative with each day that comes by in the month of October!

One worded themes for each day! Some are pretty easy to figure out (ex. Lycanroc, Pikachu, etc). Other days with each word you can be creative with what you want to draw! (ex. Crossover, Team, etc)

Of course if you have any questions my ask box is always open! And when you post, you should use the tags #PokeHalloween or #PokeHalloween2017

Challenge begins on October 1st! I’m so happy that this is my 3rd year making these Pokemon art prompts for October! Make sure you guys reblog and spread the word! Have fun with it, of course! :D

starsinursa  asked:

Word prompt: Sunflower 🌻

Ever since Cas came back it was hard to keep track of him. As an angel, he’d been absent. As a human, he was surprisingly more so. Absent and distant.

Dean tried to be patient when he heard the door to the bunker open and close in the middle of the night, or when he walked in to Cas’s room only to find it empty. Again. 

When Dean asked where Cas was going, he’d simply say “out.” 

He didn’t look angry or frustrated when he left. Just sad. Which was probably worse.

Dean sighed, rubbing at the bridge of his nose when he saw Cas making his way to Dean’s closet to borrow a jacket. 

He used to like the sight of Cas in his clothes, but this had become the habit before he left again, and Dean found the sight always came with a bitter aftertaste because of the fact. 

He didn’t bother asking where Cas was going as he leaned on the doorframe to watch as Cas flipped the skewed collar down with his thumbs as he leaned his chin down. 

“It’s going to rain,” Dean said, instead. “Hard. Maybe you should wait until the storm subsides before you go… wherever it is you’re going.”

Cas didn’t stop, though, as he picked up a pair of shoes, swiftly pulling them on his feet and knelt down to tie them one at a time. 

“Can’t,” he said, casually. “The storm is why I’m going.”

The sound of thunder cracked through the walls of the bunker, and suddenly, Dean had had enough. 

“Damn it, Cas,” he pushed past Cas, knocking against his shoulder, then grabbed a thicker coat from the closet. He threw it hard at Cas’s chest with a scowl. 

Cas barely caught it awkwardly before it fell, looking surprised. 

“If you need to get away from us so friggin’ badly you’re willing to go out in this crazy ass storm, then at least take a jacket with you that has a hood, ” Dean snapped. 

He tried to leave the room when a hand grabbed his arm. 

Cas looked at him for what felt like the first time in weeks, and Dean had forgotten how much he missed the color blue. 

“It’s not to get away from you,” Cas said calmly. He looked warmly at the coat as if it were the nicest gesture Dean could have given him and not an old piece of fabric chucked in his face. 

Cas started to put the jacket on over the one he already had. The two awkward coats looked ridiculous and somehow amazing on him. Dean fought the tiny smile that tempted him when he spied it. 

Cas grabbed the keys to his car on the dresser. “Come with me,” he said, flipping the hood up and zipping the outer coat. “I want to show you something.”

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Originally posted by riverdalebish

Pairing: Zach Dempsey x Reader

Request: “3 - Zach Dempsey”


3. “Home is whenever I’m with you.”

Word count: 1.196

Posted: 12th of May 2017

A/N: It is finally Friday and it means that I am posting many imagines tonight! Here’s a Zach imagine to start, requested by my lovely Aja. I am trying to complete her long list of imagines and I am enjoying it!
Anyway, I hope that you enjoy it and please don’t be afraid to send me some feedbacks, my ask is always open for them, even when you need someone to talk to.
I am so overwhelmed for the requests and I hope to finish them before I start my training period, but I doubt it. I am trying my best to write as many imagines as I can in these days though. I just hope that you love my imagines and you enjoy them. Thank you so much.

P.S.: I am not accepting part 2 requests as I have more than a hundred prompt requests in my ask box. There’s a little bit of chaos in my head right now and I would appreciate if you ask for something else, than staying on the same story lines. Thank you.

- G. x

Link: Prompt list

Warning: a little bit of angst.

“Zach, I’ve made myself clear earlier today,” Your recently ex-boyfriend was revealed by your front door as you decided to open it after several loud deafening and annoying knocks. “I don’t want to see you anymore.” You emotionlessly stated, you still had fresh tear stains on your cheeks as you spent your whole day crying on the couch.

“(Y/N), please let me explain.” Zach worriedly insisted as he knew how much he hurt you, although he didn’t want to and he never meant to do it. “You know that I’ve never wanted to hurt you, right?”

“Zach, you’ve already hurt me.” You shook your head as you bit your lip, trying to stop yourself from crying. You were sure that you were vulnerable, but you wanted to put some barriers between Zach and your heart, he hurt you and you couldn’t just let him in like that again. “I heard you and Marcus, talking about some sort of bet.” You explained and a tight knot was being formed in your stomach by the thought of it. It hurt you and you couldn’t not point it out.

“(Y/N), I am here to explain you what that bet really meant.” You heard in his voice that he was trying to convince you. You were hurt and he knew that you wouldn’t let yourself in that easily.

“Zach, everything’s clear to me now.” Your lips suddenly shook as you tried your best to mask yourself, to be strong. You spent happy days with Zach before and then you would find yourself crying over some stupid issues, that was stressing.

The thing really hurt you: you heard him talking to Marcus about some bet and Marcus mentioned your name, as if they were betting on you. You didn’t expect it, mostly from your boyfriend, because you believed that Zach couldn’t do such thing and he would never do anything to hurt you.

You believed it, until he proved that you were wrong. You were having a very healthy relationship, but then you would realize that he was being a gentleman just because of a stupid and useless bet. What a shame, wasn’t it?

Zach surely cared for you, he showed his love and his interest in you. He would listen to your problems, to your thoughts, to your bland jokes. He would cheer you up, when you needed someone by your side. He would sing you to sleep whenever you felt alone or terrified of your talkative and noisy thoughts at night.

He would do anything for you and he was the perfect one because of those factors, but he just broke your trust, he played with your feelings and, most of all, he made fun of you, together with his friends.

Disappointing, right? How did he have a peaceful mind after all these months? How? You didn’t know and you didn’t even want to know.

“(Y/N), you heard Marcus’ version of things. You never heard mine!” He held your hand, but you quickly pushed him away. You noticed that he looked disappointed and unwanted. He felt rejected, because he thought that you would understand him, that you would show a little bit of your compassion, even after he hurt you.

Zach loved you because you were understanding and you never judged him when he did something wrong. You would always listen to his version of things and you were happy that you were able to talk to him of his mistakes, but in that instance? It was hard for you to listen to him, it was hard because your ears and brain were already stuffed with your negative thoughts of him, with his little white lies.

Maybe you were just jumping into conclusions, maybe Zach wasn’t really betting on you, maybe you were wrong and you felt guilty for eavesdropping, but everything hurt you. You had a heavy weight in your chest and you couldn’t swallow your pride that fast. Unluckily.

“Go home, Zach!” Little tears started running down your face, wetting your still-red and burning cheeks once again. You pushed him away, because you couldn’t stand to hear more lies from him.

“No, I am already home!” Zach protested as he took some steps forward, diminishing the distance between your bodies.

“What are you talking about?” You slightly pushed him away, but he was surely stronger and taller than you. The push didn’t even affect him and you hated him even more for that.

“(Y/N), I am already home because,” He cut himself from speaking when he grabbed your forearm and he insisted on touching your soft and warm hands. “home is whenever I am with you.

By hearing those pleasant and sweet words, you cried him a river as the weight in your chest became lighter and it was easier to deal with it. You were flattered and you felt lucky and loved, because he wasn’t giving up on you. In fact, he was fighting even more, fighting to win you back.

“I didn’t mean to hurt you and I know that I never did anything bad to hurt you.” He pulled you into a tight and warm hug as he noticed how broken and sad you were, letting you to pour your heart out.

You let his muscular arms wrap around your fragile body and you leant your head on his chest, letting him to mend your broken heart, to gather all the broken fragments of your heart.

“I’m sorry for what you’ve heard, but I think that you should listen to my version too.” He caressed your hair and played with it as he rubbed your back. You bit your lip as your tears slowly stained his varsity jacket. “Marcus’ truths aren’t my truths. Are you letting me to explain?”

“No excuses and no sugarcoated lies?” You asked him as you tried to assure yourself that talking to him would worth something.

“No excuses, no sugarcoated lies, just the truth, my truth.” Zach assured you as he pressed his lips on your forehead. “I really love you and I will never hurt you.”

Zach has always been sincere and true to you. He was a gentleman, right? Maybe he was saying the truth or maybe not, but you knew from the bottom of your heart that you loved Zach. No one and nothing could stop you from doing it, because he was your life, the love of your life.

People messes up, but there would always be a second chance for the people that we loved.

“I love you too, Zach,” You finally said after a long and peaceful silence. You realized how important Zach was for you and you couldn’t lose him just like that. “so much.” You added with a smiled and you wrapped your arms around him as he hugged you tighter. You adored the warmth that his body emanated, while he felt lucky and relieved that you gave him a second chance. You were finally thankful to get back home, after a long and tiring day of crying.

After all, Zach was your home too and he would always be the one you would come home to, no matter what happened.



Request : “If you’re still taking requests could you do 27 and 33 with Tom?”

   + “Hey can you do a fic with #5 and #10 from your prompt list where Tom is the reader’s hubby and away on a press tour or something and she realized that she’s pregnant so she starts wearing his shirts he left bc she doesn’t was the media to find out before him?“ @karamelblobber 

+ “ooh prompt 10 with Tom?“

»  “Does he know about the baby ?“

»  “You’re paying a small price compared with what she’s going through.”

»  "Is that my shirt?“

Characters : Tom Holland x reader

Word count : ~1900

A/N : I know one of the prompts is missing but its only because I will put it in part 2 (if you guys want one I mean ???). This is my longer imagine so far and it’s 1:00am and I’m tired so sorry if that’s kind of shit ! I hope you like it though !!! Don’t hesitate to send me asks or come talk to me, requests are still open. THANKS LOVE YOU

Keeping a secret was hard for you, especially when you were the only one knowing it, not having anyone to talk with about it. The more the days passed, the more you were desperate. And also the more your secret was becoming visible. You were expecting a baby, and it weight heavily on your cosncience. Hiding it to Tom was really hard, he had the right to know since he obviously was the father, but it just always felt like the wrong time to finally spill it. He was away for a couple of months now and you promised yourself you’d wait him to come back to you to tell him the great news.

You took a deep breathe before opening the front door. Going outside was always such a hard thing, you were always worried about what the paparazzi would get on their photos, a gust of wind and a good angle and your baby bump would be exposed in a few seconds. That’s why you wore Tom’s shirts since few weeks, it was large enough to not reveal your new curves. If he heard the news from magazines and not you, you didn’t know how he would react. You knew it would be some sort of treason.

Paps’ flashes were focused on you and you could barely see the way to your car. You tried your best not to put your hand on your belly, it was a reflex you started having since you knew you were pregnant, but doing it in front of these vultures was breaking your cover. You made it to your car, hoping none of the paparazzi got a revealing photo. Then you went to work all stressed as always.

Few hours after you came home from your day, ready to go to sleep and wrapped in your sheets, the reason of your stress called you on Skype. Tom’s face appeared on the screen and you immediately smiled knowing it was hard for him to take time for you during his press tour.

“Hello darling.” He smiled at you and directly his dark circles became more visible. Your heart broke seeing him so tired, but his morning voice gave you goosebumps and the only thing you wanted was to wrap him in your arms to take a nap. “I thought I could say hi since I have few minutes before going back to work. How was your day, love ?”

You two were married for few months now, and you’d still blush each time he’d give you cute nicknames. “I worked all day, nothing interesting. Tell me about your days, they might be so much more exciting than mine.”

You saw Tom shrugged, his eyes focused on his screen seemed to read something. “Yes, I love learning about new cultures, but I hate that you’re not here to learn with me.” You were going to respond but he cut you before you could. “Is that my shirt ?”

You instantly frowned. “Uhm, sorry what ?”

“There are pictures of you leaving the house. You look stunning but I look better in this shirt, sorry not sorry babe.” He giggled. Actually, his heart was warmed up by the fact you were wearing his stuff. He wasn’t used to it, you only wore his clothes as pajamas, when no one was looking at you but him. Seeing you out in his shirt made him proud, and he was glad you did so. People wouldn’t forget you were his.

You blushed, forced to lie. Well, it wasn’t all a lie, because you felt that way, there were just some parts of the truth hidden in what you told him. “I’ve been missing you so much I wanted to have your smell wherever I’d go…”

Tom suddenly pouted. “Give me my shirt back you thief.” He joked. “The world needs to see how better I wear it.”

You laughed at him being such a little dork. You loved him, especially when he was starting to act like that. He seemed so vulnerable and childish. The man you fell in love with. “I love you even if you think you’re better than me.” You admitted.

“I love you too. And… I already need to go. I’m glad I saw your face, darling. Can’t wait to come back home !” He sent you kissed, and after new “I love you”s he hung up.

The day after, you took a deep breathe before opening the door. It was for sure a daily routine you couldn’t wait to end. But now wasn’t the time. Not having to go to work today, you decided to go on your yoga class. You joined the club few weeks ago, thinking you were stressing too much and knowing it wasn’t good for the baby. When you’d found this class specialized for pregnant women, you didn’t hesitate.

This lessons helped you very much, and if you could you’d go every day. You felt good there, not thinking about the reactions of everyone when they’d find out, plus you made some friends, which you were lacking of lately. Every woman was inspiring, with their own stories. It was really supportive to meet them once a week. You couldn’t handle alone all of the stress you were getting from being pregnant, always asking yourself when to tell Tom since you didn’t want him to worry about you and the baby while he was away. Anyways having a baby was the next step of your relation, you both never seriously talked about this before, you just jnew Tom wanted some kids, it wasn’t surprising since he was from a happy loving big family. It was just that you were still young, he was always travelling for his work and you weren’t sure you could take care of thebaby all by yourself.

You took care of keeping your secret in front of the paparazzi and reached your yoga class, saying hello to your friends and already feeling relaxed just by being there. 2 hours after you were home again, searching baby stuff on your laptop.

A Holland was on your screen again, but this time it was Nikki on your phone. You took it as it started vibrating.

“Y/N ! I heard the news ! Why didn’t you tell me about it you secretive little thing !” You froze, there was no way she was talking about something else than your pregnancy, right ? “Congratulations sweetie ! I’m going to be a grandma thanks to you ! Oh my God, I just can’t wait ! How long have you been keeping the secret ?!”

“What the… Where.. Where did you see that ?” Your voice was shaking of terror. If Nikki saw it, then the entire world could see it, including your dear hubby. “It can’t be possible, you kidding right ? Please tell me you’re kidding Nikki it can’t be real !”

A silence took place between the two of you. You didn’t mean to explain anything, Tom’s mother immediately understood what was going on. “Does he know about the baby… ?”

“I’m so sorry Nikki.” Tears started falling down your cheeks. You told her everything, you told her the truth you were so afraid to admit to the world. Nikki didn’t hesitate, she drove straight to your apartment as soon as she knew, glad she didn’t call Tom first.

“I just couldn’t tell him. You know how he is, he would… Nikki, I’m so sorry. It just never felt like the right time, I wanted him to be home, rested.” You couldn’t stop crying, your hormones making matters worse. You were feeling like it was the end of the world. “He would have been worried, and now he’s going to be both worried and mad at me ! I fucked up real bad, there’s no way I can fix it !”
“Well he’s going to be a father, I hope he has the right priorities and will be more concerned about that than the fact you hid the truth from him.” Nikki’s hand was on your shoulder, rubbing it to comfort you. She’d sometimes hug you, making you cry even more. She ws such a sweetheart, but you knew deep down she was mad at you too.

“He’s so tired Nikki, I swear there’s no way I can do well. He’s all grumpy these days.”

“Anyways I’m here for you honey, if you need anything just ask. Thanks for carrying my grandchild, Y/N.” You nodded, and soon she left.

It didn’t take long before your phone started vibrating again. You were in your bed, wrapped around your sheets, crying to death, but you managed to grab your phone. Without any surprise, it was Tom. You picked up the phone, shaking. Did he know ?

“Hey babe.” His voice seemed a little bith harsh than usual. Something was totally going up in his mind. “Is this for real ?” Your heartbeat suddenly stopped. “Are you really pregnant ?” He insisted on the last word, you could tell he was mad, and you figured he was creasing his nose while talking to you, trying not to explode.

“Tom.. Tom please listen I-”

“Listen to what, Y/N ?!” He cut you, understanding the rumor was true. “You lying to me again ? It’s not the first time you hide such important things from me ! Haven’t I told you to stop already ? I’m concerned ! I’m so fucking concerned, but it always looks like you put me off the important stuff when I’m away.”

It was hard to hear him say those things to you, acting like you didn’t care about his opinion or like he wasn’t anything to you. “Tom, darling…” Your voice was as shaking as your hands. You were so scared, scared of him being too mad he’d leave you. “I just wanted you to stay focus on your job…”

“And I wished I could have been here for my fucking baby ! Now tell me who knew.” Strict, he was so strict. You could tell your behaviour touched him deeply, his heart was broken because of you, because of your choices. Were you a bad person ?

“No one. It was only about me, Tom please, honey, don’t be mad at me. Please I wanted to tell you myself, I didn’t want it to happen this way.” Begging was the only think you could do now.

“I can’t believe you hid it from me, Y/N ! You lied to me, you could have told me so many times but you prefered lying, again and again ! Seriously, Y/N, fuck you, you really ruined it all this time !”

You whined. What did he mean by that ? Was he leaving you ? You wouldn’t be surprised if so, you felt like all you deserved was to be left. “Thomas, I’m sorry, I’m sorry !” You couldn’t just let him go after that. “I’ll make it up to you, please my love, please, I’ll take the next plane si we can meet !”

There was silence before Tom talked again. “I don’t want to see you right now.” Then he suddenly hanged up.


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Pairing: Sam x Daughter!Reader, Dean x Niece!Reader

Summary: Since you came into a new foster family, things are becoming worse and worse. You reach a point where you can’t take it anymore.

Word Count: about 2700

Warnings: A little breakdown, abusive foster parents, apart from that just fluff I guess (please tell me if I missed something)

A/N: This is my (way too late, I’m so sorry!) entry for @winchesters-favorite-girl One Year Celebration (the prompt is bolded). Katie, you’re the best big sister we could ask for and an inspiration to us all. I hope for many more great years with you <3

Originally posted by heytheredeann

You’ve been sitting in your room for hours, opting between doodling on some notebook paper and checking your phone every few minutes. You jumped up from your chair once the two words finally lit up on the screen.

I’m here.

It didn’t even take you seconds to open the window and quietly climb through it. Relief flooded through you as you saw your dad standing there, leaning onto the black Impala, and he made some steps toward you. As soon as his arms were around you, engulfing you in a tight hug, the tears you’d been trying to hold back all day spilled over. Helplessly, he tried to shush you, rubbing his hand over the small of your back and kissing your hair.

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(To be continued??)

Let me tell you how majmu always comes up with the best AUs. Last night I showed them a song I wanted to use in a drawing but didn’t know how and WITHOUT EVEN ASKING FOR IT I soon found myself crying over this (thanks for majmu for both writing this and the idea itself!)

‘Marco is a shifter. He wants to stop the war raging between humanity and the titans, and he believes that he can do it by striking the core of the problem, titans. Somewhere outside the walls there is a place where there are more shifters. And Marco will find it.

The thing is, he’ll most likely die on this self-assigned mission. Double agenting without actually double agenting to either side can be lethal, you see.

He was going to fake his death in the next major attack and follow the attackers, but then Jean happened. He couldn’t just leave the most important person in his life like that.

So, a few days before the day they would choose their military factions, Marco pulled Jean aside with a grim expression.’

Bonus that I don’t know what to do with :

External image

Magic, Shance Fluff Week Prompt 6

June 9th: Magic/Tech

“A wizard, Pidge! One of the most powerful the country has ever seen!!! And he constantly stops by my shop! He always buys the ice crystal jars I make, and he’s so polite and sweet and I have a huge crush and I don’t know what to do!” A man in a blue and white apron wailed, sitting at the edge of a pond, a forest nymph patting his back sympathetically.

Pidge fluttered her wings and laughed at her distressed water mage friend, amused by the human male’s crush on a fellow magic user. “Honestly Lance, you humans are kinda hopeless at courting sometimes. If you like him, just tell him! It’s really quite simple.” She offered, only for the water mage to shake his head sadly.

“Pidge, I told you, he’s the Champion. Princess Allura’s most powerful wizard, able to bend the sky itself. And I’m… just a simple water user. My special skill is making glass things out of unmeltable ice or making shapes out of liquids.” Lance murmured, blue eyes dark with sorrow as he lifted his hand and pulled some of the pond water towards him, shifting its shape to resemble the man he so desperately loved from afar.

Pidge hummed quietly and then looked up at the sky. “Hey, it’s almost time for the summer festival to start. Are you going to go?” She asked, moving to stand in front of him with a raised eyebrow.

Lance chuckled and merely pocketed the pond water in his canteen for later. “Nah, I’ve got more stuff to make. Hunk needs an ice sculpture case for a cake he’s delivering to the Castle. Something about keeping it chilled so the frosting won’t melt in this heat or whatever. A delivery for the Castle needs an extra special ice case, since it’s a cake for the Princess.” He explained, getting to his feet and dusting off his pants.

Pidge lit up. “Hey, I’ve never seen you make an ice case before, can I come watch? Please?” The forest nymph begged, tugging at the taller man’s jacket.

Lance ruffled her hair. “Sure thing, Pigeon! Come on, if we hurry we can get there before noon rush.” Pidge jumped in joy and grabbed the water mage by the arm, tugging him along to his shop.

A few hours later, the young nymph was watching in fascination as Lance skillfully weaved water in a crisscross motion over the cake that had been delivered only the hour before, golden brown eyes wide as he held the water in place, hands sparking with blue magic that steadily grew lighter in color as the water began to freeze.

Neither noticed the doorbell jingle, nor the purple and black robed wizard that stepped into the shop. Lance stuck his tongue out a bit, concentrated on the weaving pattern that whirled around the three tiered cake, sweating only slightly as the water began to freeze.

The newcomer stayed silent, wide eyed, and shyly ducked behind a shelf to keep watching. Lance froze the entire case, a beautiful latticework that sparkled in white and blue.

“Right, one half down, one half to go.” Lance sighed, Pidge jumping onto the counter to circle the cake, tracing the patterned ice with a shiver and a smile.

Lance shooed the little nymph off of the table. “Pidge! It’s not done yet! Hunk said someone from the Castle will be here to pick up the cake soon, I need this finished before they get here!” He scolded, turning back to summon more purified spring water from his stores.

He turned back to the cake and swirled the liquid through the latticework, curving the water to cover the exposed gaps in beautiful ice flowers that resembled juniberries, the favorite flower of the Princess. He clapped his hands and froze everything together in a shower of gorgeous blue sparks, finished.

He jerked away from the cake when he heard a soft gasp that was definitely not from Pidge. He looked up, startled, to see the very wizard he had been crushing on watching him from next to a shelf full of summer potion bottles. Pidge observed with fascination as both men turned bright red, giggling.

“Uh, hello again. I was, well, sent to pick up the ice coated cake for the Princess?” The Champion asked, stepping out from behind the shelf, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly.

Lance gaped until Pidge leaned over to gently shut his mouth, snapping him from his funk. “Oh! Well, you’re just in time, I just finished sealing it up…” the water mage stammered, face still red.

The Champion moved forward, smiling. “Thank you. The Princess appreciates your work, and frankly so do I. It’s beautiful!” He praised, silver eyes not exactly focused on the cake.

Pidge smirked as Lance flushed an even deeper red. “Ah, you’re welcome, uh, I mean thanks, I mean, umm, I’m glad you like it?” The water mage stammered, flustered.

“Hi, I’m Pidge. Nice to meet you, Champion!” The nymph decided to, and she was totally going to tell Hunk about this later, break the ice herself and held out a hand in greeting.

The Champion smiled and shook her hand with his human arm, mindful of the iron and steel prosthetic as some metals could hurt Fae and Nymphs like her. “Please, call me Shiro. It’s nice to meet you too, Pidge.”

Pidge nodded and nudged Lance. “This here is Lance, though I’m sure you know him already. I’ve heard a lot about- Mmph!” She was cut off by Lance’s hand over her mouth.

“Pidge!!! That’s a secret! Shush!” The water user hissed, face such a red color that even a fire mage wouldn’t be able to replicate it.

Shiro laughed at the strange duo, amused. “You two must be quite close, are you going to the festival together?” He asked, tilting his head to the side like a curious puppy and damn it if it wasn’t the cutest thing Lance had ever seen.

Pidge tugged Lance’s hand away and shook her head. “Nah, we’ve only been friends for a few years. As for the festival, I’m taking my brother while my icy pal here has nobody to go with, poor seedling.” She cooed, patting Lance on the head as if he were a petulant child.

Lance pouted and batted her hand away. “It’s fine! Not like I wanted to go anyways…” He muttered, sulking.

Shiro seemed to perk up at that. “Well, if you’d like, after I drop this off at the Castle… I could take you? I happen to have nobody to go with either.” He explained brightly, watching Lance practically sparkle in excitement.

“Really?! You’d do that?” Lance asked hopefully, grin widening as Shiro nodded with a fond smile.

“I’ll be back in an hour or so?” He asked, and Lance shook his head up and down rapidly, thrilled.

“Of course! See you then!” The water mage beamed, Shiro grinning in return as he easily levitated the cake with a wind spell.

“It’s a date then!” The Champion called as he exited the shop, unknowingly leaving behind a shell shocked Lance and a gleeful forest nymph.

Pidge pressed a hand over her mouth, a proud smirk easily spreading across her face. “Did he just ask you out?” She prompted, elbowing her stunned human friend. Lance opened and closed his mouth a few times, still processing the information.

“Oh my gods. He just- He said- a date?!? With him?!? Pidge! I just got asked out! To the Festival! By the Champion himself!” Lance screeched, hands flying up to dig into his scalp in astonishment.

“Yes, you did. Now, shouldn’t you get changed into something more appropriate for a date?” Pidge asked, struggling to hold in her laughter as the human shrieked in panic and immediately looked himself over, eyes wide.

“Oh my gods! Pidge! You’ve gotta help me out here!!!” The water mage yelped, grabbing Pidge by the arm and yanking her upstairs to the living area of the shop, the nymph rolling her eyes in exasperation as the human practically tore through his wardrobe.

Meanwhile, at the Castle, after dropping off the cake to the kitchens, Shiro practically burst into his workshop, both his brother and the Princess already there to talk about fireworks for the festival.


Keith glanced over at the Princess with a smug grin on his face. “You owe me 100 gold, I believe.” Shiro was too busy panicking to notice the exchange.

Allura sighed defeatedly. “Darn. I have to hand it to you and Pidge, you two really know how to plan these things.”

Keith smiled. “That girl has a terrifying mind, I’ll tell you that.”
Don’t worry, the date went super smoothly thanks to Allura giving Shiro wardrobe advice and Pidge telling Lance to play it cool. They had a second date a week after ;3 I hope this turned out alright!

Smutty Starter Sentences pt. 2
  • I want you to count out every strike while I spank you
  • Go on, lick my cum off the floor
  • Don't talk, just spread your fucking legs
  • You're such a pretty little slut for me, aren't you? So desperate.
  • I'll have to gag you if you don't keep it down.... or do you want them to hear?
  • Do you like touching the bruises I leave on your skin?
  • Come sit on my lap like a good pet.
  • Don't ask questions, just bend over the table and hold on.
  • I want to hear you call me Daddy/Mommy
  • My cum's dripping out, let me push it back in you.
  • Lift up your skirt and show me that tight ass of yours.
  • Crawl under the table and put your mouth to use, that's your dessert tonight.
  • I think we should make a tape so I can show everyone what a good whore you are.
  • Answer the phone, I'll keep fucking you.
  • Your naught pussy's so wet already, maybe I should spank it.
  • Did you wear the plug to keep yourself loose for me?
  • Get on your hands and knees and crawl to me.
  • What a greedy little hole you have, it's sucking my fingers right in.
  • I'm going to tie you up so you can't move and you won't be able to stop me from doing whatever I want.
  • You're always prettiest with my cum dripping off you.
  • I don't care if people are around, open up your shirt and let me see your tits
  • I'm your Master/Mistress and you're going to do whatever I say if you know what's good for you.
  • Be a good pet tonight and you can sleep in my bed instead of on the floor.
  • Stick out your ass more, everyone knows it's your most attractive feature.
  • Make yourself useful and play with Daddy's cock/Mommy's pussy
  • What's wrong, are your little nipples sore? Too bad, I'm going to keep playing with them.
  • Nothing to say? What's wrong, did I finally fuck your brains out?
A Little Something More

Summary / Request: ‘Hi👋 can you do a Tom holland x reader. Where the reader is apart of the cast of spiderman (reader could be love interest) and during filing and press tour they fall in love😍 I just need some Tom fluff BTW I LOVE YOUR WRITING 💕 / When the line between friends and something gets smudged, lies the three moments in time where the relationship between Tom and Y/N gets a little more defined.

Warnings: cursing

fluff / Gender Neutral reader

requested: anon

Word count: 1550

Originally posted by marvelgifs

               Tom Holland and Y/N Y/L/N, More Than an Onscreen Romance?

               Tom Holland and Co-Star Y/N Y/L/N Caught on a Date in Atlanta

“Are you sure aren’t a thing yet?” Alex, Y/N’s visiting best friend, asks once they enter the trailer.

“No I swear. We just happen to be really good friends thank you very much,” Y/N says taking a spot on the couch, “as much as I would want to date him, it wouldn’t be professional.”

“Good friends my ass, I’ve seen the way he looks at you and it’s more than just an act. Co-stars date all the time. Look at Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. I could keep going,” Alex lists, “and since when have you been all professional, I remember when you told me that you showed up hungover to work.”

“That was one time! I was young-,”

“That was last month.”

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anonymous asked:

Hey captain!! I know you have a loooot of prompts to get through so like ignore this please but I just wanted to send it since your asks are open.. could you maybe write ace!alex and maggie going out and maggie gets hit on and alex gets all insecure? I need some ace positivity in my life...

She knows Maggie wants her.


She knows because they talk about it, and it makes Alex feel good. It makes Alex feel special.

Not like other people who’ve wanted her.

That made her feel wrong, and uncomfortable, and somewhat violated.

But this? Maggie?

Maggie makes her feel perfect.

Because Maggie never asks for anything more than Alex wants to give, and Maggie asks if it’s alright for her to think about Alex while she masturbates.

And god, is it alright.

Maggie tells her she’s perfect, and Maggie tells her she’s more than enough, and Maggie tells her she loves her, god, she loves her so damn much.

But Maggie is sexual. Very sexual.

And Alex… isn’t.

So when she’s late to one of their dates at the bar and she sees some new woman in town all up in Maggie’s space, the bottom drops out of Alex’s stomach.

It doesn’t matter that Maggie’s body language is screaming that she’s flattered, but totally not interested.

It doesn’t matter that Maggie is shaking her head, that Alex hears something about “my girlfriend” and “meeting me soon” and “yes, we’re monogamous, and happily so.”

It doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t matter, because that woman is looking at Maggie like she wants to give her sex. 

And Alex?

Alex can’t do that.

She panics.

Of course she panics. She panics when she can’t be perfect, and this woman? This random woman, wanting to fuck her girlfriend? Or, who knows, get fucked by her girlfriend? This random woman, in this moment, to Alex, feels more perfect than she can ever be.

So she panics. And she runs.

She’s not sure how Maggie knows – she thinks maybe Darla points it out to her – but she’s barely back on her Ducati before she hears Maggie’s rapid, jogging footsteps, before she hears Maggie calling her name.

“Alex, hey, whoa, where you going?” she wants to know as Alex slams on her helmet and revs her engine.

“Danvers,” Maggie pleads, and Alex heaves out a labored sigh and rips her helmet back off.

“She was flirting with you!”

“I wasn’t flirting back, Danvers,” Maggie’s voice goes hollow. “I told you what I did to Emily was a horrible mistake, you told me you weren’t judging me, I – “

“What? Maggie, no, that’s not – “ Alex slips off her bike and puts her helmet on the seat, holding her hands up in surrender. “Maggie, that’s not what I meant, I promise. I know you weren’t flirting back, I didn’t think you were going to cheat on me, I just… I mean, you could. If you wanted.”

Maggie narrows her eyes, tilts her head, and blinks. “What?”

“You could. If you wanted. Go back in there and take her home. Or go back to her place. Or whatever. If you wanted.”

“If I wanted.”




“What the hell.”

“I’m just saying. I don’t want to limit you.”

“Limit me? Alex, what – “

“You know what? Forget it, okay, I – “

“No, Alex, you don’t get to do that. You gotta give me more than that, babe, I don’t understand – “

“She wants to have sex with you, Maggie! And she’s gorgeous, and she wants you, and she’ll do all kinds of things with you that I won’t do, and I’d rather you be happy than settle for someone who – “


The force of Maggie’s single syllable cuts Alex’s tearful ramble off abruptly, and she blinks.

“No. Alex, please don’t finish that sentence. Okay? Because I’m not settling for you. I’m not settling. Because you’re not someone who… I don’t know, however you were going to end that sentence. You know what you are? You’re someone I love. Someone I’m in love with. You’re someone I want to have a lifetime of firsts with, someone I want to get a dog with. You’re someone I want to save the world with over, and over, and over, and you’re someone I want to laugh with and cuddle with and have game nights with your sister and her friends with. You’re someone I want to marry one day, Danvers. You. Just you. I don’t need to have sex with you to want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

“But you… want to have sex.”

“With you, Alex. Not anyone else! You. And no, no, I don’t mean it like we should have sex, I don’t mean it like that at all. I don’t feel bad that we don’t have sex. Because I can get myself off, Alex, that’s not a problem, and the… the intimacy that we have? You and me? The kissing and the cuddling and the talking and the way you wear your glasses around me and nobody else and the way we brush our teeth together and the way you get up to swish around some mouth wash every morning so we can kiss without morning breath? That’s all the intimacy I need, Alex. You’re all the intimacy I need. You’re all the intimacy I want. You’re everything I want, Alex. Everything. Alright?”

A long silence. 

A long silence of breath and tears and shaking fingertips reaching for shaking fingertips, trembling soul touching trembling soul.


Her voice is soft and it’s cracked and it’s whole and it’s perfect, perfect, perfect.

Just like she is.

cataphoriccatastrophe  asked:

"It’s your birthday! Wait, it is your birthday, right?” for Ladynoir.

For you, my lovely sweets! <3

“It’s your birthday!” Chat Noir exclaimed, throwing his arms wide. “Wait, it is your birthday, right? I left my watch in my other suit.”

Ladybug grinned. “Yes, technically it is now my birthday, Chaton.”

“Good! I got you something.” He moved across the rooftop and ducked behind a chimney.

“What are you up to?” she asked, following after him.

“No peeking!”

Ladybug stopped in her tracks, flushed with happiness. “Fine, I’m waiting.”

“Okay, just a few more minutes. Close your eyes.”

“Adrien,” she whined, closing her eyes.

“Patience,” he sang back.

“You promised nothing too big, remember that!”

“I remember no such promise.”

“After Christmas, you better. You’re too ridiculous for you’re own good.” Ladybug bounced on her toes. “Kitty! Come on!”

“Are your eyes still closed?”

“Yes,” she laughed. “Are you going to make me keep waiting?”

She felt him take her hands in his and kiss her cheek. “Open,” he said softly.

Her breath caught as she looked up at the twinkling lights criss-crossed above them. “When did you even do this?”

“I’m a very sneaky Chat.”

She beamed at him. “It’s beautiful. Thank you, Adrien.”

“Oh, this isn’t your gift.”

“It isn’t?”

He slid his hands to her hips, pulling her close to him. “You know I’ve been in love with you pretty much forever, right, Mari?”

“I’ve been in love with you that long too.”

“Good,” he nodded. “That makes this next part a little easier.”

“Next part?” Her eyes widened as she watched him go down to one knee. She glanced around quickly as if she couldn’t quite believe it as he took her hand in his.

“Marinette, you are the best part of every day for me. You’ve brought more to my life than I ever thought was possible and you are the most amazing person I’ve ever met. You’re kind and beautiful and strong and smart and–”

“Is this really happening?” she whispered.

He smiled up at her. “Is what really happening?”

Ladybug pursed her lips. “Are you…is that…” she trailed off, looking down at the small box held in his free hand.

Chat Noir gave her a lopsided grin. “My Lady, will you marry me?” He popped open the lid to reveal a beautiful yet surprisingly subtle diamond ring.

She went down to her knees in front of him, throwing her arms around his neck. “You’re not allowed to buy me any more presents,” she murmured against his skin.

“Is that a yes?” he asked hopefully.

She pulled back to press her lips to his. “Of course it’s a yes,” she laughed breathlessly, her forehead resting against his. “You’re my Chat. It was always going to be yes.” 

Prompt List

Buy Me a Coffee?

15 Writing prompts (Dialog)
  1. “Care to explain why my bathtub is full of frogs?”
  2. “Quit asking how I got stuck up here and just catch me.”
  3. “I swear this isn’t blood, it’s cherries.”
  4. “I don’t know who put the cat in my shower, but I’m unamused.”
  5. “Seriously! I just put that pie out, who took it?”
  6. “Is that a ring box in your pocket, or are you happy to see me?”
  7. “Keep your flea riddled bird out of my hair or else.”
  8. “Did you just put a dirty diaper in that car trunk and close it?”
  9. “Is the lipstick on my cheek really necessary?”
  10. “Whatever he’s saying, he’s lying!”
  11. “I play a mean air guitar if that’s what you’re asking.”
  12. “How about we put on some pants and figure this out?”
  13. “I’m sorry but swimming in the fountain isn’t allowed.”
  14. “Can you stop playing connect the dots with my freckles?”
  15. “Are you seriously stealing flowers off that grave?”

igotlostinparadise  asked:

Welcome back! Any advice for college app season/essay writing (besides the obvious "don't procrastinate")?


3 main tips on college applications and essay writing:

1. Don’t be basic. Basic is boring, boring is forgettable. If your goal is to become a doctor, don’t cite the usual reason of “I want to become a doctor to help people!” Well, obviously, no one becomes a doctor to euthanize people.

Be more specific, use details, expand on your reasoning for what you’re looking to achieve with a college education, and incorporate the unique aspects of your background to weave a compelling story:

  • “I want to attend college to eventually become a doctor because I grew up in the inner city with poor access to health care. My goal is to return to Detroit, serve those same indigent populations, and eventually open a community clinic that specializes in prenatal care.”

If the college essay prompt asks: “why do you want to attend our university?” then, again, cite specifics:

  • Bad: “I want to attend Harvard University because it is the best university in the world with superior academics, a lively campus, and the best professors.”
  • Good: “I want to attend Harvard University because of its robust Economics program and distinguished faculty, particularly, Dr. Pol Antras who specializes in international economics and applied theory. I would like to study under him in pursuit of my career as an economist that can make a positive impact on global trade agreements for the United States.”

If the college essay prompt asks: “what have you done to make an impact in your community?”, again, cite specifics:

  • Bad: “I was President of Habitat for Humanity where I led a team of students to fix community centers.”
  • Good: “I was President of Habitat for Humanity where our team assisted with renovating 4 decrepit community centers in the Greater Los Angeles Area. We accomplished this over a 5-week period by reinforcing the foundations of the building, painting the walls, and replacing the fixtures. All 4 community have now been updated to modern standards and currently serve 1,500 per year.”

Remember to always show– don’t tell.

2. Keep it positive. The goal is to leave the application review committee members feeling energized, optimistic, and motivated to accept you into their university– not to sucker punch them in the feels with a pity party. Don’t try the guilt trip strategy, it’ll backfire horribly because at the end of the day you haven’t provided any concrete reasons for why you’re more qualified or more amazing than the next applicant.

If the prompt is: “tell me about an event or obstacle in your life that impacted you greatly” then select an example with a positive outcome.

  • Bad: “When I was young, my grandfather was diagnosed with a metastatic brain tumor and died leaving our entire family devastated. It made me reflect on how short life is and how painful loss can be.”
  • Good: “When I was young, my grandfather was diagnosed with a metastatic brain tumor and conveyed to me in his final days the regret he felt for not pursuing his passions. This experience, although devastating, gave me valuable perspective at a very young age on what was truly important in life and imbued me the courage to pursue my dream of becoming a screenwriter.”

3. Keep it to the point. Say more with less. College essays have a strict word limit because of the massive volume of applications universities receive. Additionally, the opening sentence of your college essay is crucial to capture the reader’s attention. I’ve used quotes from philosophers to capture a large idea in a few words.

Additional advice:

  • Spell check and proofread, but also have someone else proofread the essay to ensure it makes sense to another person who isn’t you.
  • If anyone reading this wants me to review their college essay and give feedback, message me privately on Tumblr and I’ll see what I can do.
Self Conclusion

(Chapter One here)

Chapter Two

There was one stop Jughead demanded they made on the way to Betty’s - they stopped at his Dad’s old trailer to grab his beanie, which was now secured tightly on his head.

Betty shoved her house key in the lock, the two of them shivering from being soaked to the core.

“Promise me one thing,” Betty started, teeth chattering. “You said forty-eight hours, so give me forty-eight hours, okay? If I leave the room, don’t sneak out or anything. Promise me that.”

Jughead stood in the foyer, pulling his wet sneakers off his feet. “Yeah, forty-eight hours, I got it.”

“I’m serious. Don’t pull any shit on me. Please.”

“I won’t. Scouts honor.” Jughead held up three fingers.

Betty gave him a cautious smile, then pulled off her damp sweater. “Give me your clothes, I’ll throw them in the dryer.”

Jughead cocked an eyebrow at her, incredulous.

Betty rolled her eyes. “Okay, wait here. I’ll bring you something else.”

She climbed the stairs quickly, closing the door to her bedroom as she stripped off her wet clothing and tossed them in the laundry basket beside her dresser. She pulled on yoga pants and an oversize hoodie, then grabbed her laundry basket and padded across the hall to her parents room.

She opened her dads dresser drawers searching for something to give to Jughead that wouldn’t be five sizes too big. She settled on a pair of pajama pants and an old band t-shirt she’d never seen before, then turned and left the room.

When Betty didn’t see Jughead standing where she had left him, panic rose in her chest. 

She padded through the living room, past the dining room. Nothing.

Fuck, she thought. She continued into the kitchen, where every cupboard was wide open. He has half hidden in the fridge, his head bobbing up and down.

She cleared her throat. “You scared the shit out of me.”

Jughead stood straight up, his cheeks ballooning like a chipmunks. “What?” He mumbled through a full mouth.

“You weren’t in the hall and I thought…” She trailed off.

“Forty-eight hours,” Jughead said, swallowing whatever he had in his mouth.

Betty threw the clean clothes toward Jughead, which he caught in his hand. 

“Bring me your damp stuff and I’ll throw them in the washer with mine,” Betty said, giving him some privacy.

A few moments later, as Betty stood in the living room wringing her hands together, Jughead padded into the room with the laundry basket against his hip, clad in Hal Cooper’s pajama pants and top, a turkey leg between his teeth.

Betty stared at him incredulously.

“What? I eat when I’m sad.”

“Aren’t you always eating?” 

“I’m always sad,” Jughead countered.

Betty didn’t say anything for a moment. “I didn’t even know we had left over turkey.”

“You don’t anymore,” Jughead smirked with a full mouth. 

Betty ignored him. “I’m going to put this stuff in the washer, stay here, okay?”

“You don’t have to tell me to ‘stay here’ every time you leave the room or this is going to be a very long two days.”

“Fine. I’ll be right back,” Betty murmured as she strolled away.

Jughead let his shoulders drop as he sat on the couch, taking a bite off the turkey leg. What the hell was he doing here?

Betty padded back into the room quietly, her head down. She sat next to Jughead as he pulled the last of the meat off the bone. She ran her palms against the fabric of her pants.

“So what now?” Jughead started, swallowing what was left in his mouth. “Are we going to give each other pedicures and braid each others hair?”

Betty rolled her eyes. She really hadn’t thought this far ahead.

“Why don’t you tell me about yourself?” She said slowly.

Jughead scoffed. “We were friends until the 7th grade. We’ve been in the same school all our lives. What exactly would you like me to tell you?”

Betty steeled herself against his words. “You could tell me why you want to kill yourself.”

Jughead cocked his eyebrow. “You first.”

Betty stared at him.

“Not so easy, is it?” 

“No,” She said quietly.

Jughead sat back against the couch, his arms folded against his chest.

Betty sighed. “Look, you agreed to try. You’re here for a reason. Please?”

Jughead nodded. “Alright,” He said quietly. “Maybe start off a little bit lighter though?”

“Why don’t I grab us some drinks and then we can go to my room?” 

Jughead cocked his eyebrow. 

“It’s just where I feel most comfortable.”

Betty disappeared into the kitchen for a moment, and came back with two cans of coke. The two of them walked wordlessly up the stairs and into Betty’s room.

“Alright,” Betty said as she closed her bedroom door. She grabbed two pillows and handed one, as well as one can of coke, to Jughead. She tossed her pillow on the ground and sat cross-legged on top of it, then patted the ground across from her.

Jughead sighed and sat down.

“Why don’t we play 21 Questions? No question off limits.”

“Okay,” Jughead answered, his tone clipped.

“What’s your favorite movie?”

“I thought you said we were going to start off with easy subjects?”

Betty stared incredulously at Jughead, a smile playing on her lips. “What? That is an easy subject…”

“Who on earth has one favorite movie? Can you narrow it down to decade or genre?”

The smile didn’t leave Betty’s face. He was finally showing some of his true self. “Okay, how about your favorite… Robert De Niro movie?”

Jughead opened his mouth, then closed it once more. “Taxi Driver or Heat. I can’t decide.”

Betty searched Jughead’s face. It absolutely lit up when he talked about movies. 

“Your turn to ask something,” She prompted.

“If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?”

“Pizza, I guess.”

“Pizza you guess?” Jughead replied disbelievingly. “What do you mean, you guess?”

“I-I can’t really imagine eating one food for the rest of my life, Jughead, so I guess it would be pizza.”

Jughead sighed. 

“Alright,” Betty said, thinking. “What’s one song that’s totally a guilty-pleasure song? Like, you’re not exactly embarrassed by it, but if someone looked through your music library, it would stick out like a sore thumb?”

“Walking In Memphis by Marc Cohn… or King Of Wishful Thinking by Go West. I’m a sucker for the Pretty Woman soundtrack.” 

Betty’s mouth hung open slightly, a smile slowly spreading back across her face. “You are not!” She smiled.

Jughead nodded. “I am. I love 80′s music.”

“I love both those songs, by the way.”

Jughead gave her a small smile. “Am I allowed to ask the same question?”

Betty shrugged and returned his smile. “Sure, if that’s what you want to know.”

Jughead nodded.

“Breakfast At Tiffany’s by Deep Blue Something. I just… it gets stuck in my head all the time. I love it.”

“I’ve never heard it.”

Everybody’s heard it! You just don’t know you’ve heard it. I’ll play it for you when we’re done.” Betty thought for a second. “Okay, what’s one movie that everybody seems to love but you just don’t get the hype?”

“Grease.” He said immediately. “I just don’t get it. She completely changes herself at the end and that’s how she gets him. That, or Citizen Kane. I just.. fell asleep. It’s a classic, sure, but there are much better classics.”

“Your turn.”

“Same question.”

“You can’t keep stealing my questions, Jughead!”

“Last one, I’m just curious.”

Betty sighed. “Sleeping Beauty?” She posed it as a question. “There’s just a whole lot of nothing going on! I mean, Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, now those are some great Disney movies.”

Jughead couldn’t help but smirk.

“What!” Betty protested. “You can’t make fun of my answer.”

“No judgement,” Jughead promised.

“Why did you and Archie stop hanging out?” Betty asked quietly.

Jughead spread his legs out in front of him. The smile slipped off his face. “He bailed on me a lot. Like he was tired of being my friend but didn’t have the heart to tell me. This summer we were supposed to go on a road trip, y’know, spend more time together, catch up. Try and save our friendship- we’d been best friends since birth. But he blew me off for that, too, never apologized or gave me an explanation or even a second glance at school.”

“I’m sorry.”

Jughead shrugged. Then, after a moment, “Why do you like him?” He took a long gulp of coke.

Betty blushed. “What do you mean? I - how did you?”

Jughead didn’t answer, just raised an eyebrow. “He was my best friend, Betty.”

She sighed. “I liked him, I did. I really did. But after that dance, he told me he didn’t see me the same way, so I made myself stop seeing him like that - easier said than done, but it’s working. I don’t have those feelings for him anymore.” Betty looked at her carpet, at Jughead’s socked feet, anywhere but his eyes. “First crush?” She murmured toward the ground.

He held her eyes for a moment before he spoke. “Can we pick this back up in a minute? I could really use a shower.” Jughead sighed as he stood.

“Sure, go ahead. I’ll show you where the towels are.” 

Jughead’s hair left water droplets on the light carpet between the bathroom and Betty’s room. He had changed back into Hal’s pajamas and t-shirt and he smiled to himself as he padded down the hall. He had his next question prepared.

He could hear her speaking to someone as he pushed her bedroom door open quietly. 

“I know!” Betty laughed, her back towards her bedroom door. “How pathetic is he?” She laughed into her cellphone.

“Fuck you,” Jughead spat, walking into Betty’s bedroom. He grabbed his warm, freshly folded clothing from her bed and turned toward her door to leave.

“Shit,” Betty murmured. She dropped her phone and raced after Jughead.


requested anonymously: 

peter overhears his crush singing & playing an instrument for the first time & hes kind of BLOWN AWAY and really, so in love his heart is racing like crazy so the next time he sees you he’s a stuttering, blushing mess and readers is laughing and wondering hey what happened with him

word count: 3k

A/N: i changed the prompt a lot !! i’m sorry !! also the title is a reference to hamilton i’m sorry kjadnsa

you can send me an ask to be added to my taglist and my requests are open

my masterlist | my ask

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Injured || Peter Parker x Reader [[request]]

[[request prompt: We see a lot of Spiderman coming to S/O for help when injured. What if the S/O is friends with Peter but rivals when being a hero to SM, so, when she’s injured, she goes to him (not intentionally; he wakes up at the sound of a thud and groans)👌]]

time to work on more requests


my ask box is open so if you have any requests, go ahead and send them to me (I would link you readers but I’m on mobile so (/ω\) )

tags: {anonymous}

warnings: none

*please don’t plagiarize or repost this story.


A part of you was grateful that Spider-Man wasn’t here to witness your ‘jumping off a building and missing the target’ mishap- yet another part of you admitted to really needing his help right now.

Living a double life as a superhero was really hard.

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Imagine...Showing Baby Some Love

Originally posted by frozen-delight

Pairing: Dean x reader

Warnings: implied smut

A/N: This imagine was written for @butiaintgonnaloveem ‘s Baby’s Big 50 Writing Challenge! My prompt was ‘Pink Cadillac’ by Bruce Springsteen. 

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Eric x Reader (Soulmate AU) Drabble: Part IV

AN: Guuuuuuuyyssssssss, I’m so sorry for being so late. I got caught up in another fandom and I just….. lost my muse. I had this written and my laptop crashed WITHOUT ME SAVING the fic and I got frustrated and I ditched it for a bit and yeah.. You know how it is. I’m really, really, really sorry. It was good in my head, I swear but if it doesn’t project that way, blame it on my laptop crashing on me. 

This is dedicated to You!. Yes, you, who’s reading this. Thank you. Also, a special shout out to the anon from before. Thank you for that swift kick in the butt to get me to complete this. I’m a lazy monkey, I know.

PS: You guys can review, you know. Askbox are always open for suggestions and stuff. I promise I don’t bite, actually, it’ll prompt me to write more.

PPS: That was not me fishing for asks. I just wanna know what you guys think, what you guys think should happen between these two.

Anyway, on to Part 4

Part 3,2,1

Originally posted by effindivergenteric

It’s done. After a grueling 5 months, the dreaded and despised Initiation was finally done. There will be no more inhumanely early mornings, no more rigorous training sessions and thankfully no more fear simulations. The initiate class of that year was finally graduating.

And what did you get for your hard work?

More hard work.

The day before the final results were announced, Ammar and George came in at the crack of dawn, banging and hollering like they always do. They lugged the initiates into trucks and drove out of the Compound.

They stopped at the gates of Amity.

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Fanfic/fanart Prompt (main post)

*Rules :

-anybody can take them to write them.

-two or more people can take the same prompt because you won’t imagine the same thing anyway so no worries

-i reaaaaaaally would like to read what you write : if you want me to publish them for you i can open content suggestions ! Else, throw some link to the story in my ask box or in my private messages :)


1) #domestic #slicesoflife

Papyrus has lost his bro long time ago, he find sanses but not his brother

like any ua sans you want : uf, us, sf, at,

(but horror sans would be reaaaaaal fun) (and dustale would be creepy)

2) #Mafiatale #Kedgeup

Fell papyrus is a mafia handman, and Sans is the godfather of a enemy group, but Fell rescue him in a car accident or something and then come to see him at the hospital everyday to court him and maybe spy on him and infiltrate his gang (sans know who he is but he don’t know fell know who he is) (mafiatale guys) (MAFIATALE KEDGEUP GUYS *faints* this is all i want in life)

3) #BabyBones

BABY BONES SANSES BEING TAKEN CARE OF BY THEIR PAPYRUSES because fell-alphys is testing her potions on whoever crossed her way.

4)  #Fontcest #Fellcest #HurtConfort

UTSans et UFsans being jealous of USsans because their papyrus spend more time with him than with them, and their say « if only you were more like him ». So they desperately try to be like USsans : they change clothing, they try to be energetic, they try to cook, train, pick up their socks and clean their room.

but it take them a lot : they have a real OCD with the socks, and their energy level becomes so low one morning they don’t wake up.

then the papayas worry and are full or regret etc. (swapapyrus may warn them judges are not made for this)

5) #Fontcest #ComedianSans

one day sans put on some long hair wig, a big robe to go do a show with mtt, and papyrus saw him on tv and fall in love without knowing it’s his bro (this is sappy i know) (but i love crossdressing sans and romantic quiproquo)

so sans finale is stuck with going on a date with papyrus, he feign being mute for a while then fall in love too but is to deep in the lie…

6) #Babybones #Bros

when papyrus learn sans only has one HP

7) #UAcattale #fontcest

sans being a big fluffy bara cat monster who flirts with newly formed sentry papyrus who is all flustered

8) #Fontcest #UADancetale

super popular dj sans meeting unknown tango-professor-papyrus who went to one of his concert forced by Undyne. sans being totally charmed by the genuine attention and admiration and everything papyrus is while papyrus is envious and would like to have more friend.

they start kind of a relation ship and sans learn there is hope in the world while papyrus learns to value the few goods friend he has and learn how to have social interaction with others.

(end : they open a dancing class both in a college/university and live happily ever after)

9) #Alphyne

sans and papyrus being skeletons of peoples dead in an old boat which lies in the bottom of the ocean and leaving under the sea (undyne being a legitimate fish lady which loves a yellow beach lizard who stay on the earth

10) #BBQKetcheup

swapfell pups having lost his sans and popping into the undertake universe where there is a sans but… I imagine him being completely possessive toward sans, like a wild animal : he want to protect sans and to keep him to himself, but when he hit ut!papyrus which is trying to calm him down so he don’t kill anyone (particularly sans), sans just beat the shit out of puppy.

puppy wakes up from unconsciousness later, and sans says « NO TOUCHING PAPYRUS OR YOU DIE and i won’t love you ever », puppy calms down, and become obedient and sweet