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Hey upcoming Freshmen! Need advice about High School or college.

1: Avoid fights and gang related people.

2: You have to study for tests. This is a big one study especially if you’re taking AP and advanced classes.

3: If the school permits it bring a bottle of water to keep you hydrated.

4: Give a good impression to your teacher the first day. Good impressions make lasting impressions.

5: Independent people you will be forced to work with people. Just divide the task among the group. For example: 

Person 1: You can draw right?

Person 2: Yes but my hand writing isn’t too good.

Person 1: I’ll write and you’ll draw.

6: Learn to manage your time. You will be given more homework than what you go in middle/ elementary school. Make little time slots for your work. Especially if its a long term assignment. Don’t wait till the last moment and do it. For example if you have a book project due in a month read a little day by day. Also for a short term assignment do it the day its assigned so that you have time to do other assignments and also have time to enjoy your life.

7: Don’t hesitate to get help or ask a question.  Call your friend or email a teacher for assistance but also walk through what ever your having trouble with by your self first.

8: Join clubs, get out there. It will look great on your college things.

9: Also if you have anxiety and as a result can’t function just stop what ever your doing and just wait. (I have anxiety I’ve had more than my share of freeze moments.)

10: Despite being the underdog if you have trouble looking for a class don’t hesitate to look for help. Ask a staff member or upper class man. They will understand because they have been through the same thing. (Also there will be people will call you dumb and an idiot but ignore them they where in your shoes at one point)  

11: Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Since its a larger crowd its likely that some people may have similar interests.

12: Don’t be pressured to do something that may negatively harm you. Just say “I don’t want to.” and walk away. Make your point and tell them no.

13: Ladies, your friends are fellow home girls are willing to help you out if you are on your period. They might give you a pad or a tampon. Also carry these with you in your book bags or purses. 

14: Also carry lotion, sunscreen, winter gloves a snack and some water. The winter gloves are for drills and its chilly outside. Just be prepared.

15: Also with students with medication. Some of you will be granted permission to carry your medicine with you. Just remember that you are responsible for it. If it gets taken or lost tell a teacher or a staff member. Some students will attempt to use medication as a drug and will harm them. Students that have to get medication from the nurses office. Know when your going and make sure your teachers know.

16: Boys don’t be pressured to have sex if you don’t want it. Even if your in a relationship its all about consent and protection.

17: Girls, sixteen ^^^^^^ applies to you as well. 

18: My lgbtq peeps. Come out to the people that your comfortable with. People are becoming more comfortable with these things be who you are! You might not even have known that some of the people that your friends with are LGBTQ. I didn’t know my friend was lesbian and we’ve been friends since grade school. Also she didn’t know that I was agender. 

19: If you are having sucicidal thoughts or self harming get help from a staff member. Do not be afraid someone out their does care about you.

20: To anyone who wants to add on please do so. 

bmsad-panda  asked:

So about Mei's theory of INTPs and ISFPs not getting along, can I hear more about it? Has it got anything to do with cognitive functions or is it just something you've witnessed several times? -curious INTP with lifelong ISFP bff


yeah haha there’s no basis behind it it’s just a dumb theory because i (dis Mei) end up being friends with a lot of INTPs, and they rarely click with K. eg: I recently made a new INTP friend. comments unclude

K: Idk all I know about him is that in 8th grade I asked for help on my math homework and he made me feel stupid

K: yeah i don’t understand why everyone likes him tbh. no offense.

K: *seeing INTP* right I was wondering why I never see you anymore but now I remember 

INTP: does K not like me? she gave me like a look of disgust the other day…

Mei: hahahahahaha whaaaaat lollll

(love you k lol) isolate circumstances. Maybe it’s just K and INTPs lmao. 

(for the record, my theory has been that ISFPs and INTPs intimidate each other because they both think that the other thinks they’re better. ISFPs feel like INTPs are being intellectually condescending and INTPs think ISFPs are being socially condescending) 

It’s face day? Have a cosplay pic and a signing report! This is me and Peter Ahlstrom (as Allomancer Jak) at the Shadows of Self midnight release! 

Also I was a dumb and totally forgot to get a picture with Brandon. He got a picture of me though, I think! We’ll see if he decides to post that anywhere… 

Anyway, while I was being not dumb, I did manage to get some good answers INCLUDING RENARIN’S NEW CANON EYE COLOR!!!!!! Brandon actually let me choose! I suggested blue, since it seems like a fandom favorite for him, and it’s also my fave color, and he said we’d go with that!

All questions:
Renarin’s Eye Color (you promised, Brandon):

Are Renarin’s visions Surgebinding?
(Evil laughter) RAFO!

Are Renarin’s visions involuntary and/or compulsive?
There is an element of that to them.

Can Vasher use Stormlight to Awaken?
If it’s possible, Vasher doesn’t know how yet.

Do you know anything about the Chinese name chosen for you on the Chinese translated books?
No, he doesn’t. (Need to ask @botanicaxu​ about it…)

Could an Allomancer wearing Shardplate still use Allomancy as normal? (I didn’t ask this one directly, but it was my idea.)
After a bit of confusion whether or not the Allomancer was tring to use Allomancy on the Shardplate, it was established that yes, Allomancy would function as normal.

Now, on the other side of the signing, I’m really wishing I’d gotten more pics, because I always forget to do things like that. WHY DIDN’T I TAKE A SELFIE WITH @fbstj???????? Or any of the other fun peeps???? OR BRANDON??? Feather, you’re a dumb. But despite me being a dumb, it was exceptionally fun. Awesome signing. Awesome birthday!