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Another slice?

Jared and Guy were snuggled up on the couch watching TV together, arms around one another, Jared sneaking the odd kiss onto Guy’s soft, supple lips. As the programme they were both watching came to an end, a subtle growl could be heard from Guy’s stomach.
“Hungry, are we?” Jared questioned with a cheeky grin.
“Actually, I could so go for some pizza right now. Wanna split one?…”
And just like that, the noise of a doorbell could be heard. There they both sat; Jared feeding Guy, slice by slice, as his stomach’s growl lessened.
“Man, I’m stuffed. I ate way to much of that pizza. I thought you said you were gonna split it with me haha…”
“I wasn’t that hungry. Besides, I wouldn’t want my man to be starved all night, now would I?”
The box was empty, with only a few crumbs still left. But mid-way through the following programme, another doorbell rang.
“Who’s that?” Guy asked.
“Oh, I ordered a few more pizzas for us… I… I began feeling a bit peckish…” Jared replied.
As Guy tried to watch the programme, Jared continued feeding Guy, despite his sufficient appetite.
“Babe, I’m really not feeling that hungry anymore, you’ve fed me literally 3 whole pizzas now. I mean, c'mon, look at my gut, I’m gonna have to go change into sweatpants if you carry on like this haha”
And just like that, Guy had changed into his elasticated joggers. Disregarding any of Guy’s requests, Jared kept feeding him until all the pizzas had been eating. By this point, Guy had become heavy-breathed; his belly was bursting out from his white, fitted tee. Now, even his sweatpants had become too tight.
“You look so hot with a little belly on you, you know Guy…” Jared mentioned.
“A little belly! Are you kidding, I look like I’m 9 months pregnant!”
With the pizza delivery place closed now, Jared resorted to what was leftover in the fridge. Jared’s fingers caressed Guy’s plump belly, squeezing and playing with his bloated stomach.
“Jesus, look at me…” Guy mumbled under his breath, looking down at his ballooning belly, now unable to see his feet.
“Babe, you look hotter than you ever have before…”
And just like that, Jared was lying on top of Guy’s huge belly, kissing his plump, juicy pink lips, until he fell asleep on Guy’s plumpness and chub

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So you mentioned humiliation... Likes/dislikes about it?

Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond to this, my dear friend. I wanted to give it a nice, thorough answer, and I’m just slow in general, lol. Also, forgive me for both the length of this post and its tendency to read like a magnum opus of humiliation instead of a direct answer to you. It… uh… kinda turned into a magnum opus of humiliation somewhere around the cut. *cough* :D

I loooove humiliation. Done well, it can push all kinds of buttons for me that I absolutely love. Of course, it’s also easy to get completely wrong and end up being all weird. Too often, mainstream TV shows do it wrong because they don’t take it far enough to actually fuck someone’s head up and it ends up in some weird quasi-embarrassing situation that’s more likely to cause second-hand embarrassment than push any good buttons. Ew.

But then, humiliation is largely subjective. It all depends on the character’s psyche and the viewer’s own views on the situation at hand. Something that might humiliate one character might do nothing for another… and it doesn’t matter how good the scenario is if it doesn’t appeal to the viewer watching it.

I’ll start out with light stuff I like, then put the more intense stuff behind a cut. Also, please keep in mind, absolutely nothing in this post should ever be done to a non-consenting individual in real life! But in fiction, well, have at it ;)

I love it when male characters are talked down to - particularly by women. It’s the Domme in me poking her head out ;) I just love when women refer to men as objects, talk about them like they’re not standing right there, call them names, refer to them as a pet, a slave, an “it”. Oh, I love that stuff.

I also love men on their knees. It’s such a subservient position, and men in particular take great offense when forced into that position by their adversaries. That, of course, makes it delightful to me. Again, I really like it when a woman’s the one forcing a man to his knees, but I’ll take whatever I can get. I just love a reluctantly kneeling man ;)

Name calling in general is hit or miss. Random insults, like “jackass” don’t do too much for me. Names picked specifically to needle at someone’s insecurities are good, like if someone was calling Killian “slave” - which would likely bother him after having grown up as one and undoubtedly being called it derisively in the past. In general, I like it when men are called “boy” - especially by other men, making it even more of an assault on their masculinity.

Because, really, that’s what humiliation is all about for me - dismantling and assaulting an individual’s very sense of self. Finding the things they take pride in and just annihilating them through word and deed, as well as finding the things they’re sensitive about and jumping on them like a trampoline. You can’t just dress a character up in a stupid clown costume and have people laugh at them. That’s… just weird and totally unsatisfying to me.

Which isn’t to say some of the humiliation scenes I’m into aren’t weird… Some of them are very weird, and you should only click the link below if you want to see just how weird these things can get…

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Rosa-senpai!!!! Your ask box is hungry? I'll feed it! Hmmm... Alright, let's see... Law and Ace fluff scenario on lazy Sunday mornings? ReaderXChar, basically just plain ol' fluff~ Also in response to Quick Questions post: I think you're doing veeeeery fine uwu Keep up the good work, senpai! I'll just be here and stalk-- *cough* I mean, uh, watch over you... Yeah...

Sure these two are so cute. So sorry for the delay little cinnamon bun. Ace is my little cinnamon child. And Law, just Law all to be said. You’re too kind to this tiny writer(*ノ∀`*)ノ

  Ace had just woken up from a peaceful night. Looking to his left to the body next to his. Seeing your still sleeping face made his heart skip a beat. Even after all this time he couldn’t not think you were the most beautiful being in the world. Reaching over to move a strand of hair from you face, he accidentally bumped your nose waking you from sleep. Seeing those shinning (eye color) only made his chest beat faster. “Morning sleeping beauty,” he drawled out caressing your face. Noticing the blush that bloomed on your cheeks only gave him a grin. “You know what, why don’t we just stay in bed today. What do you think (Name)?” You could just nod since you were still drowsy from waking up. Smiling lovingly at you, Ace wrapped you in his arms and laid on his back with you on top of him. Enjoying each others warmth in the comforts of bed.

  In every dictionary and medical journal the term insomnia would have Laws face next to the definition. It was early morning, the sun wasn’t even out yet, and the bed was cold again. You knew Law was up since you could hear movement from his office. Leaving bed in search of the man to drag him back to bed. When entering his office all there is to see is the faint light of the moon coming in through the glass window and the lantern slowly fading on his desk. Law was hunched over another medical book and writing down notes. “Law, come to bed. You’ve been up for three days now. You need sleep.” Trying to coax him to bed while tugging on his shirt. He only grunted back and waved his hand. Not putting up with his dismissiveness you lightly took the book and pen out of his hands and on the desk. Grabbing both his hands and tugging him out the office to bed. He didn’t put any fight while walking or when you helped him take off his shoes and hoodie. Laying down while bringing him with, laying his head on your chest. He wrapped his arms around your chest and snuggled into your neck. “Thank you (Name)….” Law mumbled before being swept away by sleep with you following right after.

Truth or dare

Steve x reader

Prompt: “Kiss the person to your right.“

A/N:the reader has the ability to control plants and talk to animals. Also It’s not the same Rose as my other sorry but i dio like the idea of an OC named Rose but her superhero name is mother nature that can control the elements her speciality plants. Thoughts?? Also request are open!! I had a problem with my ask box but I think I fixed it so feel free to request things!


When you were younger you always loved plants, just nature in General. Your mom would always get angry with you because everyday youd bring home another animal begging to keep it. Most then likey the animal was a neighbors. Youd have to return them and apologize for the robbery. But if it was a stray youd start sobbing and throwing a fit. Youd say how upset it was and hungry so your mom would try and feed it but his was hard depending on the animal. Its not your fault someone couldnt take care on their pet alligator and let it loose in the creek behind your house. That was when your mom realised your gift. She wouldnt let you keep the gator but you found the correct home for it, for all the animals.

When you hit puberty you realised you didnt only have the ability to talk to animals but also plants. You could make them grow whenever you please. Your mother was hesitant at first but soon decided to try and help you learn more about what you could do. You spent most of your time training, you now basically have a forrest in your bedroom. Not that you were complaining.

You decided you should do good with your gift but not like most would assume. You helped farmers grow crops and make fruits and veggies for the homeless shelters. This became widely spread across your county. It felt really good to help. You were in newspapers and all over social media. This caught the eye of the one and only Nick Fury.

The day after he found you Phil Coulson was knocking on your door.


“I was thinking maybe a green suit? It fits the whole plant vib.” Tony said while typing your measurements into a tablet, you nodded not fully paying attention. You’re too focused on meeting the rest of the avengers. “But not Hulk green more of a light green. Thoughts?”

“I dont care as long as theres no stupid head gear or capes, fucking capes.” You mutter. You swirl on your chair trying to swish your hair around. Tony notices and rolls his eyes in response.

“I think thats all we need for now. Lets get you introduced to the gang.” He leads you into a common room where they all sit, you recognise they from TV, especially Steve.

“Everyone this is the Venus Fly Trap, Venus Fly Trap this is Everyone.” You frown and shake your head at the nickname. Everyone else just called you Rose, its basically replaced your actually name.

“Normally, people call me Rose.” You smile and shake Clint and Sams hand. Then Nat, she told you to call her that and Wanda. Then Bucky, who surprisingly smiled at you and Bruce. Then Finally Steve, you were most anxious to meet him.

“Nice to meet you.” His smile is warm and caring. He extends his hand for you to shake but you only stare until you blurt out, “Damn
, you’re a lot taller in person…and wider.” You realise you have thought out loud and a blush instantly rises to your cheeks. Stark makes a gagging noise and Clint mutters a comment you can’t quite make out. Steve smiles again and crosses his arms.

“I’m hoping thats a good thing?” He questions while raising a brow. You nod.

“Well, you’re still as gorgeous as ever.” You cringe hoping to stop the word vomit that is happening because of him.

“This got very awkward very fast. Nat, Can you show Rose to her room?” Tony interrupts. She nods and turns in the direction of the elevator, you follow and look at the ground hiding your embarrassment.


Its been a month now. You and Nat have became really close along with Wanda. They were the only two that knew you liked Steve, well you made it kind of obvious so everyone else probably did as well. You havent talked to Steve much since the word vomit, you were much too embarrassed to face him. Whenever you did speak to him you would become discombobulated and stutter a lot more then you should and then use sarcasm to cover it up, which Stark enjoyed. He has trying multiple occasions to ask you out but you were oblivious and thought you was joking or just trying to be friendly.

 Everyone saw the obvious connection, Nat and Clint even had a bet going on when you two would get together. Tony planned a game night for tonight, saying how they need a relaxation night. After a round of Uno and a few rounds of cards againist humanity. It started to get boring after an hour or two, you werent really keeping track you were to focused on the blonde across the table. You would sneak glances every once and awhile, trying to make sure no one else saw.

 “Lets play truth or dare.“ Tony says with a mischievous look in his eyes. Everyone groans but still end up sitting in a circle. Tony claps his hands loudly making the room fall silent. “I’ll take the honor of going first.” He scans the room, deciding who his victim is, his eyes land on you as a smirk appears on his face. 

 “Rose, truth or dare?” You ponder it for a second, whenever you played this game in, last time it was the fifth grade, you always pick truth. You were different now than then, it was time to pick a different answer. “Truth.” you return the smirk and Nat sends a look saying, “you’re screwed.” You knew you were with either answer you picked. 

 “I dare you to put a rose in the person you likes hands, no thorns of course.” You move your hands, a green light illuminate from your fingers. A small pink rose appears in Nats hands matching the blush on her cheeks. Tony scoffs and rolls his eyes dramatically. “Fine, but Ill get you next time.” He jokingly glares at you which you smirk. You could do this all night. The night continued until it was Tonys turn again. You knew what would happen, He’d pick you and want you to show your feelings for Steve, you werent letting that happen. 

Tony scanned the group of heroes trying to decide who to pick, his eyes landing on you once more but he doesnt say anything only smirks and quickly adverts his eyes to the red headed assassin. “Nat, truth or dare?” His eyes had a look in them you couldnt quite make out. Nat was thinking, probably deciding which to pick, she always ends up picking dare.

 “Dare.” You called it. Tony acts like hes thinking about it and then sticks his finger in the air. “Kiss the person to your right.” Her eyes go wide knowing whos next to her. Steve. She shakes her head no and flips Tony off. Steve looks kind of hurt but then covers it up with a laugh.

 “You know I cant do that.” She glares, leaning back againist the coffee table and crossing her arms. “And why is that?” Tony knows what he’s doing. You feel heat rush up your cheeks but not from embarrassment like normal but from anger.

 A vine starts to grow from in between the crack of the floor and wraps around Tonys head, covering his mouth. He looks alarmed as does everyone else. I feel tear prick my eyes from embarrassment and regret. I release the vines from Tony and stand up, wobbling a bit, normally I brush it off but this feels different. Like a pit in my stomach. I run down the hall, only tripping once, to my room. I tell FRIDAY to not let anyone in, but with in 10 minutes theres a knock at the door.

 "Captain Rogers wishes to come in.“ FRIDAY says, I dont respond, I only hide my face in my hands. Steve finally gets in. "Are you okay?” He questions, his hand on my back, rubbing it slightly. I finally raise my head, rubbing my eyes. 

“Yeah, I guess I just dont deal with jealousy well.” I admit, I know where this will head. Most likely with me admitting my feelings for him, if I didnt already. He smiles, his eyes filled with kindness.

 "Jealousy?“ He actting as if he has no clue but we both know he does. He sucks at lying. "Yeah, a common emotion. Normally associated with romantic feelings. I hope he gets the hint, I really dont want to have to spell it out for him. 

"Do you happen to have romantic feelings?” Hes got to be kidding me.

 "No shit sherlock.“ I say not able to look at him, fear of drowning in the sea that is his eyes. He grabs my chin, forcing me to look at him, he has a huge smile on his face. Our lips meet and a fire inside my stomach goes crazy. Its almost as if this is what Ive been missing all my life. The kiss deepens and my hands find the back of his neck. His arms are around my waist until theres giggles at the doorway. Steve didnt shut the door so standing there is a giggling Tony and Sam and a smirking Nat with Clint behind her. 

 "Get a room!” Tony says almost yelling because of his laughter. I chuckle at his expression. 

 "We do have one but it looks like some nosy teenagers have stumbled upon it and were enjoying the show. But if you excuse us, the curtains are now closing.“ I get up and shut the door, only to be left with Steve and the groans from Tony and Sam.


Suga x Reader
Rating: M
Warnings: It’s pretty rough so if you’re not comfortable with this stuff please do not read :)
2,934 words (wow that’s long)
Comments: I haven’t written any Suga scenarios and he is my second bias in BTS so why not smut? (Because he’s ruining my life rn) ALSO MY ASK BOX IS HUNGRY PLEASE FEED IT :3
Summary: A relationship filled with distrust, jealousy, anger, and pure lust is something someone who was somewhat sane would run away from. But damn they can call you crazy but you couldn’t stay away, he was just too toxic.

Originally posted by yoongi-min

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lawl how does one anon? also name three reasons why you lurvveee whouffaldi (i nearly wrote whoufalafel)

WHOFALAFEL. Yes I could go for some falafel. Or just some hummus. Damn, I’m going to get hungry…


ONE: They are completely platonic and look at each other in only completely platonic ways, platonically, of course.

TWO: They understand the importance of personal space.

THREE: Their communication skills are unparalleled (in how bad they are).


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I’ll tease it out of you

Decided to write and post it just to make up for the time I haven’t been active


Michael Clifford
Smut? Yes
Requested? No
Word count: 2,976

Kisses all over my body woke me up. “Five more years.” I mumbled rolling to the other side of the bed, strong arms engulfed me and cradled me to the owner’s chest. Mikey laughed, “Good morning birthday princess.” He whispered and kissed my temple. “I wanna sleep, go away.” I groaned into his chest. “Get up.” “Noooo.” “Don’t make me tickle you.” he warned. “You wouldn’t dare, not on my birthday.” I pointed out. He sighed, “True, but I will do this.” He replied rolling his hips into mine while peppering my neck with kisses. Now I truly woke up, he shifted us so he was on top of me. he grabbed my hips and I ran my hands up and down his spine, just when he was going to take my shirt off he bit my lips and whispered, “Get up, I have tons for you today.” And pulled away. “Son of a…” I mumbled getting up and pulling down his sweatshirt I had used for bed. Mikey and I had known each other for five years and dated for three of those five. We met a tattoo parlor, I was accompanying a friend and he was getting a tattoo celebrating the bands anniversary. We bumped into each other while I was leaving and he was entering. He apologized and smiled, wicked gleam in his eyes and you just knew one of his stupid pickup lines was coming. One inappropriate pickup line, a rejection and a tat later he were eating at a dinner. I had a boyfriend at the time, I thought he was the one but clearly I was wrong. We became friends, best friends and like most of best friends we fell for each other. I wouldn’t admit it having a boyfriend and all, but I accepted the fact that for a while I was holding on to the memories I had with my previous boyfriend and they were blinding me to my future, to something better, to my Michael. He was the love of my life, there was no doubt in that. I was beyond lucky to have my best friend as my boyfriend. I showered and wrapped a towel around my hair and body. After brushing my teeth and hair and applying body cream I walked outside our shared bathroom. I smiled when I saw a couple of bags, if there was one thing he loved to do was absolutely spoil me. At the beginning I argued saying that he shouldn’t spend so much money on me, it made me feel like he thought I was using him for his fame and money, but Michael being Michael told me that it was useless arguing with him and that he was spending as much as he wanted on me and that I couldn’t say a thing. I accepted it is as a way to show how much he loves and adores me as he puts it. The bags were separated into two groups one said ‘today’ and ‘tonight’. I grabbed the ones in the group that belonged for today. There was a lingerie bag, shoe bag and clothing bag. Each one had a note, I grabbed the lingerie one since one obviously has to put underwear first unless you want to go commando. The note said, “To cover up my favorite parts of you beside your heart and your soul xx”. It was a purple lace push up bra and a matching bikini type of panty. I smiled count on him to be so poetic. Next up in line the clothing bag, it had the whole outfit, jewelry included, the note read, “To cover up that beautiful body of yours that I love holding xx. Okay first of all I had to call your friends for help and don’t do your hair and makeup. (Y/F/N) will take you to the spa ;)” cheeky bastard. Last was the shoe bag, “To cover up those cute little toes that are always cold no matter what xx”

To resume my day, I spent my morning in a café with my friends and then at the spa until noon. I got dolled up and waxed up. From head to toe I was shining. We all got body massages, manicures and pedicures and facials. I was treated like a queen and with Michael in my life I felt like one. We ate lunch with my friends and the boys. It had been some time since I last saw them, “Jesus (y/n) I haven’t seen you in so long.” Luke said hugging me. “I missed ya too bud.” I said looking up at him, I forgot they were all giants compared to my five feet two stature. “Y/n happy birthday! I barely see you anymore,” Ash pouted and hugged me, “Michael keeps you all to himself.” He laughed. “He keeps me busy.” I smirked, if you know what I mean. “That lucky bastard.” Calum said pushing Ash aside and hugging me. He kissed my forehead. Out of all the guys Calum was my partner in crime, he was the one who made me realize that my future wasn’t my ex, that it was Michael so he helped us getting us together. Little did I know the boys had been rooting for Mikey and me to become an item all these years since day one. The fans handled it shockingly okay. They had been famous for a couple of years it was bound to happen. “Cal if you let my girlfriend go I would very much appreciate it.” Mikey said from behind. Cal let me go and Mikey wrapped his arms around me from behind and whispered a hello. I turned my head to peck his cheek but he moved his head and I ended up giving him the peck on his mouth. I smiled, I could never get enough of him. The boys let out whistles and Cal shouted “Show off.” I hadn’t noticed we were actually making out and my body was now completely in front of Mikey his arms still locked on my hips and mine wrapped around his neck. I pulled away, flushed from the little show we gave the people around. We all sat down and ate, catching up with each other. After lunch the males went to Ash’s flat to get ready and we females headed off our apartment. I took a nap and woke up to the sound of my blow dryer. My two best friends were in their underwear getting their hair and makeup done. “It’s about time you woke up sleepy head.” (y/f/n) said. She pushed me to the bathroom and told me to shower and do my business. I got out and put on my silk and laced robe Michael had bought me for Christmas. The girls were ready to go, they divided the tasks. One did my hair and the other the makeup. Two hours later I was pampered up and currently opening the bags that Michael had left me in the morning. It had a note, “To the queen that deserves everything yet asks for nothing, I love you xo” it was a black dress with little details in rhinestones, I looked closely and realized they were Swarovski’s. I gasped I didn’t dare to look at the price tag. It went until mid-thigh, it was a work of art.

We got to the restaurant and my whole family and friends greeted me. I was showered with compliments and congratulations. The dinner was wonderful I missed them dearly. After our goodbye the boys took me and my two best friends clubbing. Drinks, stolen kisses and laughter surrounded us. Ash and Luke had disappeared as well as my friends. “This sucks major balls.” Calum grumbled taking a sip out of his whiskey. I was sitting in Mikey’s lap and he was kissing the back of my neck. I looked around the club until I spotted her, “Perfect.” I said. “Cal two o’clock shorty with the booty and black specs looks lonely and she’s glanced twice towards your direction.” I told the jet black haired boy. He looked up and searched until his eyes met hers. “See you guys whenever.” He murmured mesmerized by the girl’s beauty.
“Boy am I glad I have you alone now.” Michael said wrapping his arms around me and kissing me cheek. “I have something for you.” He said getting up. “And what is that?” I asked curious.
He got on one knee and I froze when he took out a velvet box. He grabbed by left leg. Leg? “Umm Mikey what exactly are you doing?” I asked too confused, he kissed my ankle and opened the box I stared in awe at the diamond bracelet, he clasped it around my ankle. To be honest I was a little disappointed that he didn’t propose I would be lying if I say I haven’t thought of marrying Michael and hoping to spend the rest of my life with and hopefully have mini versions of us running around. He stood up and grabbed my hand, “Time to give the princess her ultimate present.” He winked. His words woke up my inner sex goddess. Now I was hungry and needy, and needed him feed my hunger and tend my needs. He drove like a lunatic until we got home. We knocked down half of our stuff and left a trail of clothes until he was left in his boxers and I was left in my heels and black matching lingerie set. He trailed kisses all over my body until he got to my sweet spot and sucked. I moaned in response, he knew my body too well. I raked my manicured nails down his back, him biting me in response. I needed more, boy do I needed more. I tried to rub our centers together but he pinned me down. “Eager aren’t we miss (y/l/n)?” he asked straddling me and trailing a finger between the valley of my breasts. His voice low and raspy just the way it turned me on so much. “Marry me.” he whispered. “What?” “Marry me y/n as much as I love the fact that I get to wake up to you every day and get to sleep with you in my arms. The fact that you don’t have a ring around your finger bothers me. I want your bitchiness when you’re on your period, you laziness when you don’t feel like doing anything but napping in my arms, your smiles, your laugh, your tears, your morning hair, and just you in my life until the day that my hearts stops beating and even then I pray to God that I get to spend all eternity with you so would you be my wife in sickness and in health, in our ups and downs?” I stared at him my heart wanting to get out of my chest. But I smirked saying, “No.” just to see his face. He laughed evilly obviously not the response I was looking for. “I’ll just tease it out of you.” He smirked. “What?” I asked confused, excited and scared. “You heard me, baby girl.” He said getting of me and going into our closet. He got out with a box in his hands, a box I knew all too much. The box filled with our toys. He had a wicked gleam in his eyes, the same one he had the day we met. He took out a pair of handcuffs and straddled me again. Handcuffing me to our bed post, but taking my bra off before doing so. “So tell y/n what was that little word that you said before?” he said looking through the box still straddling me. “No.” I whispered. “What was that I couldn’t hear you?” “No.” I said louder and gulping. “Getting all shy now?” he laughed mockingly. “We both know you’re enjoying this.” I hated the fact that he was right, so fucking right. He blindfolded me and turned on the radio, I heard him taking out a CD and put it in. It was a mixtape he had made for when we were in the mood. Bad Intentions by Niykee Heaton started playing in the background. He took his finger a slid it across my heat, he hummed and leaned down until I felt his hot breath on my neck. He barely pecked him and it took everything to not be a wiggling mess. “Who made you soak right through your underwear (y/n)?” he asked in a whisper. I knew this game all too well, if I opened my mouth and spoke it was game over he would her the need in my voice. “The silent treatment eh? Fine then have it your way just know you can’t make a single sound from now on.” He took what was left of my underwear, by ripping it knowing it pissed me off when he did that. Asshole. His finger trailed figures around my inner thighs but never reached where I truly needed him. “So wet.” He whispered. His finger trailed lightly my clit and I bit my lip, I was a soaked and throbbing hurricane. He snickered. His finger entering me and curling inside hitting my G-spot. I bit my lip until I drew blood. He plunged another one and rubbed my clit with his thumb. He went down and licked my nipples until they were rock hard. He sucked and fingered me until I was clenching and about to explode and he pulled away and didn’t let me finish. He took of the blindfold and I glared at him furious. “You know you would be coming twice already if you has said yes.” he teased. He pushed his fingers in my mouth and told me to taste myself, so I did. He was driving me crazy. I bit his fingers just to get back at him and he bit my nipple back in response. “Don’t play games with me.” he said holding my face tightly in his hands while looking at me in the eyes, his filled with lust and hunger. I felt myself get wet all over again. He trailed his finger until he reached my sex and cupped it saying, “Mine.” possessively. He rubbed until one could hear the sound of his hand against it and my wetness mixed in. Once again when I was going to reach my high he stopped. I was breathing hard never breaking eye contact. He took out my vibrator and set it on the highest setting putting it against my clit. My back arched as much as the cuffs let me and I moaned out loud. It was game over, I felt too much pleasure I gave in but of course he stopped. “Mikey please.” I begged. He turned it off, “I said to not make a sound.” “Get me out of these cuff my arms hurt too much, please baby.” I begged, they hurt like a bitch. He hesitated but reluctantly took them off kissing my wrists. “I want your arms by your side and don’t touch Me.” he ordered. I nodded wanting nothing more but release. He opened my legs wide and didn’t waste time in licking. I screamed. “Don’t utter a sound or I’ll stop and gag you with your underwear.” He threatened. I put a hand over my mouth and he started licking again, he drew figure eights with his tongue, he sucked my clit and licked up and down, side to side. The only sound one could hear was the mixtape and the slurping sounds of his tongue on my throbbing sex. He got his tongue inside of me and started to tongue fuck, I couldn’t help it anymore I bit my lip and grabbed a fist full of his hair and pushed him farther into me. In a second my arms were pinned above me and he was ball deep inside me, hard and fast. I cried out in both pleasure and pain. “That’s what you get for telling me no.” he said biting my earlobe. I whimpered in his arms, I could feel the knot in my stomach forming, I clenched around his length. “The hell you are.” He said slowing down until he barely moved. “Michael!” I said. He went fast and hard again and the stopped, he repeated the process until they were tears of pleasure and frustration in my eyes. “I’m… going… to ask… you one… more time… will… you… fucking marry me?” he asked between thrusts. “YES!” I screamed, he went faster and let go of my wrists. I scratched his back and held tight while he bit and kissed my neck and rubbed my clit. I clenched hard on him and bit him even harder when I released. My legs shaking and a loud moan leaving my lips. He held me tight until he got sloppy and I couldn’t feel my legs. He released with a strings of fucks and I love you’s. He collapsed on top of me, both of us breathing hard and uneven covered in sweat. He reached down to the floor and took a small velvet box, taking my left hand and kissing each finger. He slipped it on and rolled to my side, it was then when I noticed how cold it was in our room. He spooned me and left a trail of kisses, “It looks so much better on your finger.” He whispered playing with my hand. I hummed in response I was too worn out to form proper sentences. Knowing I wasn’t going to be able to walk tomorrow. “I love you.” I whispered taking his hand in mine and kissing it. We fell asleep in each other’s arms.