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when de-stress? we all have those moments when we are exhausted with work but at the same time also overwhelmed and stressed about the rest of the work we got to do. specifically at this time, it’s does good to take a step back and just let go of your worries till the time you start on work again - it’s time to de-stress my folks :’)
      - i bring you a list of things which will help you calm your mind and take control of yourself; let’s begin!!

to calm down your mind after a stressful day

  • cuddle with pets (or better, with stuffies!!)
  • got those 8 hours of sleep? If not, jump in to take a nap!
  • meditate, at least for 5-10 minutes - take control of your mind
  • drink lots and lots of water!! (doesn’t help you to de-stress in real sense, but helps you feel a lot better)
  • listen to some calming music (rain sounds, ambient music whatever suits your taste!)
  • or blast out pop music and dance around to release tension
  • workout till you’re sore. don’t stop. (this helps I swear, bc you just feel really tired to even worry)
  • talking to fam or friends (or me!!) about what’s stressing you out
  • live in the moment. stop worrying about things on which you don’t have control on and about future work. what’s going to come will come; it doesn’t do good to worry about them.

some calming things to do

  • try making a beautiful new bullet journal spread; put a lot of effort in it
  • maybe paint? draw? (personally, drawing flowers help me relax)
  • eat your comfort food; cook it yourself too
  • do a bit of reading out of your favourite book (we the #nerds)
  • close your eyes and think about happy moments and nothing else
  • practice something which takes patience like calligraphy, sewing or just planting a sapling
  • have cake and chocolate or sweet stuff bc sweet things are amazing always
  • self care!! my personal favourite!! put on that face mask, listen to your favourite music and take a long long bath using bath bombs!! such royalty haha
  • drink hot chocolate or green tea :’) no coffee though, pals
  • become a child. notice the small things - they’ll give you much more joy than fancy parties and pricey things will do (e.g. sing nursery rhymes, play hide and seek, go out in the sunshine and get an ice - the list goes on!)
  • watch nice YouTube videos!! hint: routine videos specially night ones are wonderful to watch and are always super relaxing!!
  • call over some friends, have a sleepover and giggle about stupid things (e.g. my sister and I are the absolute riots, we were giggling about nursery rhymes the other day; she’s like twiiinkhle twiiinkhle luly staryyy; basically messing up the lyrics - lowkey cracked me up hahaha)
  • sometimes though, just starting on the work that you had been procrastinating on will help you relax bc you are getting work done
  • lastly, sTOP worrying and stressing!! stressing about stupid things is the main reason why you feel overwhelmed; so stop fam!!

have a wonderful day, love!! I hope this list helped you in some way!! :-)

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love, Taylor xo

a while ago i was reading old stories from people who met brendon many many years ago and i just remembered my favorite ones

  • someone saying “i love you” to him when he was getting water on stage and him replying “Believe me, I love you too”
  • someone asking him to smile in the photo and him replying “I do not smile, i’m so emo”
  • him telling someone “you’re one of the prettiest girls i’ve ever met, but i’m definitely the prettiest girl here”
  • someone taking cookies to the concert and brendon asking if he can have some and then just taking the whole box and walking away
  • someone randomly meeting him with his pants down?? i have?? no context for that other than he was also drinking a capri sun
BTS Reactions to Kissing Around the Other Members

Request: Can I request a reaction where the other members are in the room and one member of bts and their s/o kiss each other? Thanks :) loved your ‘Bts reacting yo a clingy s/o’ reaction♥

Note: Ahh thank you for enjoying my work! I try my best to make it satisfactory. Thank you for requesting and I hope I do this justice! Also, for the general audience, don’t forget to request! my ask box is completely empty and though i have some ideas, they’re mostly scenarios that’ll take while to write. Bless me with your creativity!

Kim Seokjin

Originally posted by bwiseoks

Honestly, giving a Jin a kiss is probably the only way to get him to quiet down from one of his tangents, so whenever the members are gathered in the dorm to relax and the eldest begins to talk about cooking cleaning, or (god forbid) himself: the others practically ask his s/o to take care of him. Though it was very cringey to watch at first, they would get used to seeing the act of Jin getting a light kiss to the lips and a few words whispered to him that often had him smiling like a maniac. As long as he would just stop talking, they would endure anything.

“Honey, do you know how many times I’ve been called here just to shut you up?”

“Do you know how many of those times I just wanted a kiss without having to put in much effort?”

Kim Namjoon

Originally posted by smol-jims

Namjoon would probably kiss his s/o in front of the others just to get the reaction. It would be out of nowhere, too. The group would be messing around in the practice room while the guest sat to the side of their phone, and this large dork would take time before a run-through of their choreography just to waltz over and tilt their chin up for a light kiss, claiming it was for “good luck.” This would probably earn a laugh from Hobi, a semi-disgusted grimace from Yoongi, and exaggerated “awe’s” from the others, to which the couple would become a red-faced mess over.

“Hyung I know you were trying to be smooth, but that was just cheesy and cringey.”

“Jungkook-ah, watch your words before I tell Jin-hyung to limit your food supply.”

Min Yoongi

Originally posted by minsecretsoul

It’s a well known fact among the members: soft kisses make Min Yoongi soft-hearted. They found this out after witnessing his s/o draped over the back of his shoulders and forcefully pressing soft kisses to his cheeks. The true smile on his face fueled a ton of teasing from the older and younger members alike. Whenever he had a foul mood or threw around a bit more salt than usual, once of the others (usually Hobi) would offer kisses in their best aegyo voice just so he could cheer up. From the disgusted responses they got, it also became a well known fact that only soft kisses from Min Yoongi’s s/o made him soft-hearted. Did it stop them? Of course not.

“Hoseok if you take one more step near me with those kissy lips I will stuff these chopsticks so far up your a-”

Jeon Hoseok

Originally posted by jhope-ah

Kisses from Hoseok are completely spur of the moment. There’s no telling when they’ll be placed, or where, so it’s a complete surprise to everyone when in the middle of a match of rock, paper, scissors (completely fueled by boredom) in the corner of the practice room that Hobi takes his s/o’s cheeks in his hands and presses a ton of scattered kisses around their forehead, nose and mouth. The couple that are full of giggles and cheesy love gain attention from the others and ultimately get kicked out for being a distraction (aka being disgusting).

“This is why I told you to stop, you dork!”

“But why would I want to stop showing you my love? It makes no sense, my love.”

Park Jimin

Originally posted by chimchams

Jimin kissing his s/o weirded out the other members (”He’s just…my child”) and that’s exactly exactly why he did it so often. As the happy couple practically sat on top of each other on the couch, Jimin would often amuse himself by creating an awkward atmosphere. Wrapping an arm around their waist, playing with their hair lovingly, pressing soft kisses to their jawline. One by one, each member just ended up taking their leave. It’s comparable t making ot in a room of family, and Jimin loves to laugh at the thought.

“Jiminie, the others are going to run away again, stop.”

“I’d rather be alone with you anyway*

Cue Min Yoongi’s exit.

Kim Taehyung

Originally posted by dammithoshi

Taehyung probably wouldn’t even realize his actions until hearing a chorus of groans and “get a room’s” in the general area around him. Kissing his s/o will probably become habit in the midst of them messing around with one another like toddlers. With the other members always having to watch over them like parents, there is imminent disgust in watching Tae pick up his s/o and spin them too harshly before setting them down and kissing the dizziness away from their features. It becomes either a “hit him whenever he’s too cute” or “suck it up and let them be in love” situation amidst the six witnesses, and of course the former is a more enjoyable response.

“Tae-ah I literally cannot stad straight anymore what have yoU DONE.”

“Awe, my poor baby I’m so- oW WHAT THE HELL, JIMIN-HYUNG?”

Jeon Jungkook

Originally posted by ken-z-the-aesthetic-queen

Honestly, who wouldn’t want to kiss this child every time he acted an ounce of cute? After his s/o explained to the other members that his soft cheeks and puppy-eyed glance were always too cute to avoid kissing, he became the main focus of teasing. Jungkook would probably hear the exaggerated noise of “cute~” more often than ever before just because of his s/o admiring everything he does and rewarding it all with a kiss. He wouldn’t understand, but he definitely wouldn’t complain either.

“Why do you always kiss me when I’m in the middle of spacing out?”

“First of all, you look like a really lost puppy whenever you do. Second of all, it’s so goddamn adorable that I can’t resist the urge.”

hands up if you agree that being in a rut is the worst feeling ever. it just sucks to be in a rut, wanting to do things but just cannot get yourself to do them. but don’t you worry friend; I got you.

step one : acceptance

first thing you got to do is accept that you’re in rut. you’re in a rut but you want to change that, right? let’s begin!

step two : figure out why you are in that rut

here are some general reasons and solutions for you being in a rut :

1/ you have had a couple of rough days because of some issues say relationship and family issues -
solution : call up on a close friend and take a day off with him/her. you might also want to talk it out with that person because talking helps; i promise.

2/ you are stressed about upcoming deadlines be it exams or assignments -
solution : study for the exam or work on that assignment now, yes now. after you’re done, take a day off to do your favorite thing, whether it is shopping, or going out with friends, do it; you deserve it so much.

3/ you’re burned out, stressed and/or tired -
solution : take few days off. you won’t be able to focus at all, and taking rest will do wonders. you might also want to de-stress (by yours truly) and do some self care (by @stuydies)

4/ you are dreading a event in the near future -
solution : yo fam, stop worrying now. you have no control on that event whatsoever and it won’t help stressing about it. what will come, will come and when it comes all i want you to do is embrace it.

step three : getting back to reality

now that you’re done resting, its time to get back in track with your work and something you want to do when you’re in a rut is to go baby steps.

here’s some things you can do to get into that ‘get-shit-done’’ mood -

  • ‌clean your room; vacuum it, dust those curtains and fluff up those pillows.
  • ‌go for a long walk or a run to get your blood pumping
  • ‌dance to some music with fast beats
  • ‌write down the things you got to do
  • ‌break all those above tasks into really really tiny tasks (say, a - write down the topic, b - find the first point to write about and so on)
  • ‌then just say “she believed she could and so she did” and just dive right in, you got this!

step four : those laid back days

these are so essential, I swear. this is especially important when its just been days with you getting out of a rut.

you can, for example, work for one day and you take the next day off. after a few days of this, you can change it a bit say, you work for two days then take the third day off and so on. most importantly, don’t hurry yourself. go slow and be patient, you’re going to do great things lovely.

and that’s it, it’s a wrap! if you’re in a rut - trust me, you’ll get out of it soon enough. I hope this helped you in some way, remember to stay wonderful love! :’) x

if you have any questions regarding anything I said up there, feel free to send in a message!

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Princess (Bucky x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys!! I wanted to post this yesterday but I was too tired so, I’m so so sorry anon!! However, I still hoped that you had a great birthday!! I’m sorry but this had a little bit of a nerdy ending but I couldn’t help it haha😅and I wrote an apartment instead of a house instead, I hope you don’t mind. Anyways, enjoy!!!

Request: Would you do a bit a smutty one for my bday tomorrow where you’re moving in your first own little house with Bucky and after unpacking the whole day then end up in a paint fight while painting the bedroom, you have a shower together where things get heated ? ☺️☺️ Later that night you cuddle together and fall asleep in each other’s arms ? Also his POV if you like. That would be really really lovely ❤️

Warnings: smut

“Do I just put it here?” Bucky asked as he placed a box of your things beside you as you started unpacking some of the boxes.

“Yep, that’s fine.” You smiled as you arranged your books on a shelf that Bucky decided to build for you.

The two of you had been together for about two years and decided to find an apartment and moved in together as the tower wasn’t really a place that both of you could have privacy. Both of you from S.H.I.E.L.D., he was an Avenger and you were just an agent, it took a while but you had managed to coax Bucky into giving the relationship a try as he seemed so insecure, but you were glad it worked.

“I can’t believe we’re finally moving in together,” you commented, looking around the apartment. “A small little place just for us.”

Bucky smiled as he walked up and hugged you from behind, resting his chin on shoulder. “I like it though.”

“I like it too,” you replied, as Bucky placed a kiss on your neck before moving away to unpack the other boxes. “Don’t unpack the things for our bedroom yet, I want to repaint that room. I saw some of the paint chipping off and that color was just unsightly.”

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do you love ryan ross? do you want to make his day a little brighter? this is the perfect project for you! the ryan ross letters project is a collection of letters from fans, that will be delivered to ryan in june. i know what you’re thinking: how so? i have talked with daniel (glitterworldinc) and will be giving them to him when i go to la this june. (link to screenshots, for proof)

RULES AND GUIDELINES (boring i know but they have to exist)
- PLEASE do not mention ryden
- no mentions of panic (if you say something like “i’ve supported you since 2005” or smth that’s fine but just nothing like “YOU WERE MY FAVORITE IN PANIC I MISS THE PANIC DAYS” please!)
- if you don’t know if you should include something, just ask me!
- since these letters are going directly to ryan, im going to look over everything individually. so please, don’t try to sneak any of these things in.

you can send your letters to my ask box, or message me if it’s too long!
you can also find me at..
my twitter: manilalatte
instagram: givemeyourattention

the deadline is june 15, because im leaving the 22nd and will not have access to a printer anytime after that. some submissions between the 15-20 may be accepted, but i would really love for everything to be packaged up and ready by the 15th! thank you for reading, and i hope i get a letter from you soon!

-heather <3

“Many More Birthdays”

request: Can you do Sebastian stan x reader where its the readers birthday and she spends it alone at a bookstore, then they ran into each other and he finds out it’s her birthday so they have an adventure. Please and thank you!!! Love your writing 

word count: 1331

warnings: fluff, reader grew up in the foster care system 

A/N: thank you for the request! let me know if you want to be on my taglist! leave me some requests in my ask box or just drop by to say hi! i will try to get back to posting again. I’ve never been the NYC so the adventure part is made up from movies and my imagination. I really want to go someday.

Originally posted by sebastianobrien

Alone, like every other birthday. Here you were on your twenty first birthday with nothing to do.

Today started out like every other day. You got up, went for a run around Central Park, and got ready to go do errands. Except, you were one year older; one more year alone. That’s why you hated your birthday. You never had anyone to spend it with.

Your parents gave you up for adoption when you were born. You had no idea why, but they did. Every birthday you had was ignored and you eventually started ignoring them too. There was nothing happy to go along with your birthday. No presents, no cake, no family.

When you turned eighteen you were sent off on your own and you were glad for it. You didn’t have to deal with anymore shitty foster homes and shitty parents. You could finally be on your own. You could go to college and finally enjoy life, and you did, but birthdays were still hard.

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Looking at You (Part Four)

Welcome back lovelies! Thank you so much for all the love so far on this fic!! Trying like hell to keep my tag list updated but if I miss you LET ME KNOW and I’ll add you!!
Also, all you guys hitting up my ask box to chat about this thing? Ugh I love you so much!! My heart freaking swells every time someone wants to talk about this fic!

This chapter has some of my favorite moments in this fic, I’m sure you’ll be able to tell which ones they are :) still working the angst angle but it starts looking better as Tony and Bucky get closer!

Check out Parts 1-3 HERE

Enjoy :)

“I’m sorry, Tony.” Bucky said quietly, flinching a little as Tony pulled a silver plate from his bicep. “I don’t think I’ve ever said it, and that’s not right.”

“For what?” Tony wasn’t really listening, concentrating on filing down the edges of the curved pieces so they wouldn’t rub together every time Bucky moved.

“For… your parents.”

Tony froze, his throat working erratically as he tried to figure out what to say. “Why- why the fuck are you bringing them up now?” He jerked out of his seat, standing up and crossing his arms. “What the fuck are you– why are you– fuck just stop.”

“I can’t imagine how difficult it is for you to be here with me.” Bucky said quietly. “I appreciate everything you are doing to help me with this–” he lifted his arm weakly. “this thing, but it can’t be easy for you. I just want you to know that I’m sorry, if I’ve never said it. I can say it was all that brain washing and my behavior was out of my control until I’m blue in the face, but it’s not going to change what you saw, or what happened.”

“It’s fine.” Tony replied, but Bucky shook his head and Tony groaned. “Damn it. Bucky, I came to terms with losing my parents along time ago. It wasn’t fun to see your face on that screen, but it's…. it’s not what keeps me up at night. I’ve dealt with it. Because you’re right, it was out of your control, and I can’t fault you for that forever.”

“I don’t expect you to forgive me, Tony.”

“Well, I tend to do things that are pretty unexpected.”

“Tony.” Bucky turned his hand over, waiting for Tony to take it. “Come on.” He urged and Tony reached out carefully, sliding their palms together. “I don’t expect your forgiveness. If things aren’t alright with us then that’s something we can work through, but don’t downplay whatever you are feeling just to keep the peace.” His fingers curled loosely around Tony’s. “I can take your anger and your hurt, Tony. I can take it all. You don’t have to keep it inside anymore.”

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#58 "You're out of your damn mind!" (Montgomery De la Cruz)

okay: loved this request 💕 I have some in my ask box I’m getting to so just be patient. Hope you’re having a bomb ass day. Send in more requests if you’d like ☺ —————————

Sitting around at Jessica’s parties were (almost) always fun. The people who showed up just always seemed to click, making for a good time. You were sitting on the couch with Tyler, having a conversation when Monty came up behind you kissing your neck.

“Sup baby.” He smirked making his way around the couch and sitting on the table across from you. Tyler refused to make eye contact with Monty as he stood, getting up to leave the two of you alone.

“Well besides the fact that I was having a conversation with Tyler until you scared him off, nothing.” She raised an eyebrow at her boyfriend, who took Tyler’s seat.

“Well he knows he shouldn’t be flirting with my girl.” He smirks leaning across to kiss your neck again. You rolled your eyes at him as his hand started to slide up your thigh.

“Not here Monty.” You whispered pulling away a bit. He raised an eyebrow in amusement, standing up.

“Then let’s take this shit upstairs!” He yelled throwing his arms up as he smiled widely at you. The whole room clapped and hollered back as your face turned bright red.

“You’re out of your damn mind!” You yelled back at him after the room at settled down, but took his hand anyway, letting him lead you up the stairs.

anonymous asked:

What about asking Harry to make love to you. Not as a first time or as a virgin but after you've been together for a while and you just want to feel close to him cause you've had a bad day or something like that?

Maybe you’ve had one of those days where things have gone wrong. Long and bad and making you want to go back home and crawl under the covers and pay no mind to anything nor anyone; not even Harry.

You overslept that morning, you had no warm water to shower with before getting ready, you cut your leg whilst shaving and slipped into an odd and aching position in the shower, you spilt hot water over yourself whilst making a cup of tea and then you were late to work because workers had decided that roadworks needed to be done on the motorway. You hadn’t slept much so you were agitated, you were frustrated by those who came into your path and lunch was just a mess and you barely had time to eat before you were pushed into more meetings with more paperwork being piled up on your desk. 

It’s when it begins to rain, and thunder and darken in the atmosphere, that you break down and feel yourself melt into a puddle of despair. Tears in your eyes as people offer to take you home, or suggesting they drop you off somewhere close so you can find someone to pick you up, or willing to wait with you until someone came to collect you so that you weren’t waiting alone in the pouring weather. But, you declined every offer because you just wanted alone time. Time to yourself to wallow in self-pity. Your phone cradled between your shoulder and your ear, muttering to Harry about how you didn’t want to do anything in terms of getting home and just accepting his worrisome murmurs about how he was on his way and that you just needed to find shelter until he arrived.

And it’s not long until Harry’s there.

With an extra jumper in his car for you to slip on over your wet shirt and the heat pumped up and filtering through the car, warming up your cold cheeks and letting you snuggle down in the front passenger. His hand resting on your knee the entire journey back to his house, where he rushes you inside and takes you upstairs, peeling off your wet clothes and pushing them into his overflowing laundry basket in his bathroom. Pushing you into the shower and promising that you can take as long as you wanted in there, that he would order a pizza for dinner and set up some comfy clothes of his on the bed.

“Holler if you need me, okay? Just shout out my name. Your shower gel and shampoos are on the top shelf in the shower. You can just use my flannel to wash your face. Uh, towels are where they normally are and I’ll set some warm clothes out for you on the bed,” he smiles, pressing a kiss to your forehead and inhaling the rain that clung to your hair, “you’re okay, yeah? Do you want me to stay?”

“No,” you whisper, sniffling softly as you look up at him, “thank you.”

“It’s my pleasure, love. Yeh my girlfriend. I’ll drop everythin’ to come and get yeh,” he coos, sending you the warmest and most gentlest smile he could muster, with the sweetest green eyes looking down.

You ask him to make love to you when the pizza boxes are empty and the telly decided to switch itself off due to a power outage taking over London during the stormy weather. When candles were lit and giving his bedroom the sweetest scent as you snuggle deeply under his duvet, the gentle flicker of the candles making you feel sweet and homely and protected by the safe environment. His figure sprawled out on his side, atop of the duvet, dressed in boxers because he found clothes to be a little uncomfortable to snooze in, with his feet crossed and his toes curling every time he stretched, with his head propped up with an arm as he faces you. A gentle look on his face that was overtaken with shadows casting on his skin.

“You feelin’ okay now? All good? Fed and watered?”

“Mm-hm. Thank you,” you whisper softly, afraid that if you spoke too loudly, you’d shatter the delicate atmosphere, “Harry?”


“Can we, uh,” you pause softly, ducking further under the sheets to cover your blushing cheeks. Disappearing beneath the white duvet and whining softly when he chuckles and tries to pull the comforter from your head. “Can we make love? Like, take things slow and really let things roll?”

And when he falls silent, you gulp thickly and peek an eye out. Noticing the smallest of smiles on his face as he uses his foot to push off the empty pizza boxes that toward at the end of the mattress. Soft thuds being heard as the crusts inside came into contact with lid, a giggle leaving you as he hitches a leg over your body and straddles you. Fists grasping at the comforter as he tugs it from you.

“Can’t make love to yeh if you’re buried under my covers now. Show me yeh pretty face, love. Come on now,” he coos, using his chin to move the duvet and nudging his nose into your hair, “s’only me. S’just me. Made love to you plenty. Don’t have to be shy about askin’ me, silly girl.” xx

Singing/rapping to their songs

BTS Reaction: S/O singing/rapping to their individual songs/parts.

Ask:  Can I pretty please get a reaction of the BTS members reacting to their s/o singing to their individual songs? <3

A/N: Yes! Of course! This is my first BTS reaction soooo I hope you like it! I apologize for any mistakes >~< *i changed it a little bit ;; they aren’t all the individual songs.

Request are open! I’d love to write some more BTS Reactions so please fill up my ask box <3 

None of the gifs belong to me! Orignal post is on the bottom of the gif.

Jin: Awake

Originally posted by bwiseoks

“Maybe I, I can never fly, Like the flower petals over there, I can’t become like those with wings, Maybe I, I can’t touch the sky, But I want to stretch my arm, I want to run just a little bit”

  • He came home early from practice with the guys and had over heard you singing. It wasn’t the best, but you sounded like an angel to his ears as you tried to match his voice overplaying on your speaker.
  • He walked softly over to where you were. You were in the kitchen making dinner just like you did every night for him.
  • He couldn’t help but giggle at you wiggling around and singing.
  • You turned around with a shock look on your face. “A-aah Seokjin! What are you doing home so early.” You lightly hit him with the utensil in your hand.
  • He just smiled,  “Practice ended early. Now let me help with dinner,” he said as he grabbed on an apron.

Suga: Agust D

Originally posted by leojuseyo

“Hey ho I don’t give a shit when you’re busy being a moron, I will simply bury you alive in the grave you dug out yourself, Hey ho you can’t handle me, You wasted rappers should be grateful that I’m an idol”

  • You’d be spitting his lyrics into a shampoo bottle while you were taking a shower. You couldn’t take a shower without music & his song happened to came on, and you were on fire.
  • You thought Yoongi had left to meet the boys already, but boy were you wrong. He was standing outside the bathroom door because he left his phone charger in there.
  • When he heard you rapping to his song; his heart melted. He kept his cool though and waited until the song was over before he walked in.
  • He was just planning on just grabbing his charger and leaving with a goodbye until So Far Away came on & you were back at it again, rapping and singing his lyrics.
  • He was so stunned and prideful that he just sat on the toilet lid, listening to your voice. When the song was over, he clapped his hands with a small smile on his lips.
  • You stuck your hand out for the towel hanging on the rack. Yoongi handed it to you and waited. You walked out with the towel wrapped around you. You returned his smile with a bow and a kiss on the cheek before making your way out of the steamy bathroom.

J-Hope: Mama

Originally posted by syubto

“Hey mama, You can now lean on me, I’ll be always next to you, Hey mama, Because you generously gave me and you were my support, Hey mama, Now you can believe in your son, you can smile, Hey mama, Hey mama”

  • You were dancing around being silly in front of your stuffed animals. First you were sitting on the bed, then standing, now you’re jumping around with a toy dog in your hand.
  • You weren’t trying to sing, you were just having fun yelling the lyrics, not caring who heard. “Hey mama, Hey mama.” Your voice continued as Hoseok made himself into the room.
  • He overheard his song playing from the speaker of your phone, and he came in the room with a smile. It brighten when he saw you dancing as well; he was so happy, he started dancing and singing with you until the song ended.
  • After that, you two flopped on the bed in giggles and loving stares. You talked as a commercial went through and then you heard it. The beginning for Fire. You two jumped from your spots, yelling “FIIIIRRRREE.”
  • You two are quite the energetic couple.

Rap Monster: Reflection

Originally posted by rapnamu

“The world is another name for despair, My height is the Earth’s another radius, I am all of my happiness and groans, It repeats every day, the love and hatred towards me, Hey friend, looking over at the Hangang river, Would we become intertwined if the ends of our clothes brush as we pass each other”

  • You sat in the living with a book up your nose, reading whatever was keeping Namjoon interested last night. You quietly rapped/hummed his own song as you were reading with your feet on the coffee table. 
  • Namjoon walked in, early from practice, as it was cut short. He heard his song but didn’t hear you rapping along to it until he was in the living. 
  • You were so invested in the book and song; you didn’t notice Namjoon standing there, admiring you. 
  • Not only did Namjoon’s heart swell when he heard you listening to his song; the fact that you listened to it enough to know a few of the words made him feel like his heart was going to explode. 
  • When the song finished and a different song started on your playlist, he clapped slowly. You didn’t notice that he was there the whole time so you blushed heavily. 
  • “Oh, Y/N, I thought that was adorable! You must rap for me some more.” He jumped his sweaty self on the couch and threw the book somewhere on the floor before attacking you in cuddles.

Jimin: Lie    

Originally posted by bwipsul

“Tell me, with your sweet smile, tell me, tell me like you’re whispering into my ears, don’t be like a prey, be smooth like a like a snake, I want to escape but, Ah woo woo, get away away away from me. get away away from me, Ah woo woo, whatever it takes, save me, me, Save me, it keeps happening even though I run away, I’m caught in a lie”

  • You where in the middle of clean the house while your music played softly through the speakers. Jimin’s song came on, and you couldn’t help but to sing your heart out. 
  • You were sweeping the floor before you started singing into the broom and twirling with it around the room. “Ah woo woo” you sang while Jimin entered the house quietly from his trip to get takeout. 
  • He walked to the kitchen with a light blush and small smile on his face. “Baby~ What are you doing?” He couldn’t help to laugh out. You dropped the broom from embarrassment and scratched the back of your head.
  • “Ah, I didn’t know you’d be home so soon!” you said as Jimin sat the baggage on the counter. He sighed, “I didn’t mean to embarrass you, Love. I thought it was cute. You have a wonderful voice; please sing for me.” He pulled you by the hands and swayed softly while you hummed the rest of song. 

V: Boy In Luv  

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“Why are you shaking up my heart? Why are you shaking up my heart? Why are you shaking up my heart? Shaking up, shaking up”  “I’m getting nervous, I’m getting nervous.” “Are you that great? Why do you keep teasing me? Just stop now, hold up, hold up” “Say what you want, say what you want, what is it that you really want?”

  • You were working on learning dances and songs from BTS in the comfort of your room. You sang only Taehyung’s part as you were learning his dance part. You even made the little cute faces he did during the dance practice, giggling to yourself, before turning serious again and trying your best on learning the dance. 
  • Taehyung came in, in mid-question, “Y/N-ah, why are you blasting-?” He stopped talking. You turned around quickly with a bright blush on your face. “Were you singing and dancing to my parts?’ He asked all seriously. 
  • You curled your hands into a ball before shouting, “Taehyung! Out of my room!” You pushed against his shoulders but he didn’t budge. 
  • “This is my room too Y/N. Stop pushing me!”

Jungkook: We Don’t Talk Anymore

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“That we don’t talk anymore, we don’t talk anymore, we don’t talk anymore, like we used to do, we don’t love anymore, what was all of it for? Oh, we don’t talk anymore, like we used to do, I just hope you’re lying next to somebody, who knows how to love you like me, there must be a good reason that you’re gone, every now and then I think you, might want me to come show up at your door. but I’m just too afraid that I’ll be wrong”

* ran out of ‘walking in’ ideas, did this a little differently.

  • You and Jungkook were cuddling in bed, slow kisses and loving stares. It was just one of those slow days. You guys were listening to music on your playlist and Jungkook’s cover of “We Don’t Talk Anymore” came on. 
  • You sang softly to the music, grazing Jungkook’s hand with yours and touching noses. You barley sang above a whisper and-
  • “Y/N! Stoop~ You’re tickling my nose.” He let out a cute giggle. “Plus your breath stinks!” He joked with you. Your eyes opened wide with shock. “Why have you been making out with me then!” You almost shrieking. He quickly jumped out of bed and ran away while the pillow you threw barley grazed his side.    

Gorgeous dreams of “Blue” Inked Doll 

Inked Girl in this picture: @c0rtanablue

“If you guessed my name was from the video game Halo, you are correct!
I’m a tiny Canadian who resides in downtown Toronto, and yes, Drake is my everything. I actually have a 6 God tattoo.
I live with my beautiful kitten Mozzarella Blue, and he is a blue bicolour ragdoll, born March 1, 2016.
I have an intense passion for video games, and I am always up for discussion. I actually worked at GameStop for quite a long time before getting into cam modeling. My favorite type of games are sci-fi FPS, though I have played many other styles of games over the years. I currently own an )(BOX One, PS4, WiiU & DS XL). I spend most of my time on my XBOX. I have 3 video game tattoos, ask me about them anytime!
If you haven’t noticed already, I love to sing!! also love playing guitar. I own a Taylor 214c and I plan on upgrading to an 814 at some point soon.
I love orchids and insects. I treat my orchids like they are my children, and I spent a lot of time in the past raising exotic praying mantises.
I’m dedicated to the awareness of mental health and I love helping others while I fight through my own journey”

anonymous asked:

Hi, I don't know if your box ate my request or if you don't want to do it (which is totally okay, I just figured I'd ask again because you're my favorite tumblr writer) but I would like an Archie x Jughead x reader threesome imagine because it's one of my major fantasies. Maybe you're dating Archie and Jughead's birthday gift is you (consensually) but Archie gets jealous and joins in. I don't really like bxb action but would love some bromance like a highfive at the end or something. Thank you!

I am sorry about the wait, and all of the sin. Hope this makes up for the wait!

Warning: You know, nasty smut.

“Aren’t you going to remove the bow?” You purred at Jughead, strutting closer to him.

He stared nervously at you, and even though his fingers twitched with anticipation as he took you in, he didn’t make any move toward you. After all, you were Archie’s girlfriend

You frowned playfully at him, knowing that was very characteristic of Jughead. He would need some encouragement.

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  • SNL season finale: sends off three cast members, reboots some of their best sketches and characters, brings back David S. Pumpkins
  • some of y'all: kate was in fewer sketches than normal?????? I feel so attacked?????????????????

How about Jason hiding his relationship with Dick from Roy because Jason and Roy are BFF, but Dick and Roy are exes, and bro code and blah blah he finds out & drama ensues.

Won’t be offended if it’s not you aesthetic, but I’d love to see it <3

So I will be the first to admit, I’ve had quite the dry spell. (I even got a sad little ask in my askbox this morning from someone that really missed my writing). I’ve been focusing on other projects and doing a summer class, but I’m about to have a few weeks off to hopefully work on stuff. I’m going to try to get a few longer fics out based on some of the prompts I’ve gotten along with (maybe) opening my ask box for some new ones and giving you guys the drabbles you came here for. 

Best Friend vs Boyfriend

“You know,” Dick said as he shifted where he was, cloth brushing his skin. “When I came out of the closet, I didn’t think my boyfriend would be the one shoving me back in.” 

“I know,” Jason said as he opened the doors and Dick stepped out, pulling a hoodie off one of the hangers and slipping it on. 

“I also didn’t think he’d literally be shoving me in the closet because he has to hide our relationship from his roommate.” 

“A roommate who happens to be one of your exes.”

Dick sighed and went over to the nightstand picking up his wallet and keys. “I was okay with you not telling Roy when we were just dating,” Dick said. “I was even okay with it when we started having sex, but now? Jason we’ve been in a relationship for six months, that’s longer than Roy and I were together. I think it’s okay if you tell him.” 

“I will,” Jason said. “I’m not ready yet. He made me swear to never date any of his exes.”

“You’re probably not going to be ready,” Dick said as he kissed Jason’s cheek. Jason wrapped his arms around Dick, pulling him close. “Jay, a lot of people already know we’re together. I think it’ll be better if you tell him yourself instead of Roy finding out from someone else. How would you feel in this situation?”

“If one of my best friends was dating you?” Jason asked, swaying them gently back and forth. “I think I’d probably be fighting to win you back.”

Dick smiled and it was so sweet Jason couldn’t help but pull him into another kiss. “You need to tell him,” Dick said as he pulled away, looking into Jason’s eyes. 

“I will.” Jason promised.

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Sparks Chapter 9

Originally posted by fvckmxk

Pairing: Bucky(POV) X Reader(POV) ft. other characters from the avengers team

Word Count: 2.2K

Summary: Bucky volunteers to be y/n’s date at a prestigious scientific gala y/n is invited to speak at. Bucky’s feelings for y/n grow and he catches himself gaping at her. After the gala they go back to y/n’s apartment for take out, a movie, and a sleepover. They share a bed once again but this time y/n feels different. After a violent attack with an intruder Bucky saves y/n’s life and realizes he would do anything for her: including kill.

A/N: This is a story about two people building a great friendship and then slowly falling in love. y/n is a strong, independent, and smart scientist. She meets Bucky when she wakes him up from cryo sleep and they become friends. This is going to have all the angst / best friends falling in love / fluff / drama / & eventual smut ;) that I can possibly fit in it. This fic is going to be looong! So far my document is like 80 pages. So editing is hard If you catch any grammatical or formatting errors let me know.

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anonymous asked:

Ooo congratulations on your new job! Since it's prom season... how about a promposal fic? I guess in Auradon's case it would be a ball-posal though! :) Congrats again!

Oh, how cute! I didn’t get back until much later than I planned, so I’m writing this while I’m tired, but it’s too cute!

Guilt was becoming a more familiar emotion the longer they were in Auradon and it was one of the few things that Mal hated about her new school. She had felt it when Ben was drugged into loving her, she felt it when she held Fairy Godmother’s wand in her hands, she felt it every time she looked at her mother, small and scaly in a tiny cage.

Looking at the pride and excitement on Jay’s face, Mal felt that dreaded guilt again.

“I’ve been working on this for two nights,” he boasted. “I’ve kept it hidden under my bed, Pup has no idea.”

Mal didn’t roll her eyes at Jay’s ridiculously sweet nickname for his boyfriend. He never made fun of the names Evie gave her, she could return the courtesy.

“Are you sure he’ll…like this, Jay?”

“What do you mean?”

A giant, bright poster, spanning nearly the width of the room, laid at their feet. Swirled, elegant lettering spelt out ‘Carlos De Vil, will you go to prom with me?’ while stickers and crudely hand-drawn cartoons decorated the edges.

Jay looked at her cautiously, as if Mal was about to tear him down as often as she use to. “I was gonna have the cheerleaders hold it up at-.”

“Hold it up at the end of the last game.” Mal finished. “You told me. You said you were going to make a crazy announcement and have the tourney team lift Carlos in the air for it all?”

“Yep.” Jay crossed his arms and grinned.

“But Carlos doesn’t… He doesn’t like being the center of attention, Jay.” Mal pushed. “It makes him uncomfortable and nervous.”

He made a face, a mix of surprise and confusion, as if Jay doesn’t understand how he didn’t consider that or how Mal remembered it before he did. Jay furrowed his brows. “I-I know that.” He said quickly. “I was gonna make it quick.”

“Are you sure you want to ask him like this? I know you mean well, but this might embarrass him.”

“No it won’t!” Jay clenched his fists. “The whole point of this is to show I’m not embarrassed of him!” Mal opened her mouth to speak, but thought better of it, waiting for Jay to continue. “I… I want Carlos to know that I… I like him and I don’t care who knows it.”

Mal considered his words, hand on hip. She ventured over to Jay’s bed and gestured for him to sit beside her. “Maybe Carlos just needs to know that you like him and that’s all. You don’t need to make a big deal of your relationship to the school for him to know that.”

“It was gonna be big and spectacular,” Jay pouted. “It was gonna be memorable.”

“How about just make it special for Carlos? He’s the only one you’re asking, not the whole school.”

Jay rested his chin on his hands. “I guess. All the Pup would really want is just for me to ask him in between classes or something,” he muttered.

Mal snickered. “You can make it a little more special than that. It’s not like your only options are to make a spectacle or to do nothing. It’ll still be nice to make it special.”

“Well what are you doing that’s so special?” A moment passed. “You don’t have anything planned, do you?”

“No.” Mal joined him, slouching forward to rest her chin on her hands. “I was just gonna ask her with flowers and chocolate but that’s too simple for E. I mean, she’ll love anything I do because she’s Evie. But I want her to really love it. Nothing is grand enough.”

“We should switch.”

“No thanks. Carlos is pretty, but not as pretty as Evie.”

Jay laughed and punched her shoulder. “I meant we should trade promposal ideas, not relationship partners.”

“That’s…not a bad idea, actually.” Mal sat straighter, finger to her lips in thought. “Can you get Carlos’ name off of that sign?”

“I was joking.”

It was Mal’s turn to punch his shoulder. “But it’s perfect. E would love a huge, crazy prom ask in front of the whole school. I already bought the choc- don’t give me that look. Yes, I bought them, not stole - I bought the chocolates already, you can have them if I can take your sign.”

Jay gave her a sideways look. “Flowers and chocolate… Well, maybe chocolate and a new tool kit would really make Carlos happy. He would love that actually.”

“Let me take a look at this sign,” Mal hopped off of the bed and knelt on the ground. “I could go over and re-do a lot of these pictures,” she traced Jay’s pencil sketches and looked up, “I can definitely improve this. Can you pull some favors with the tourney team for me?”

“Yeah. You scare the piss out of Chad and Ben is still sweet on you,” Jay snickered. “If you get Evie out on the field at the end of the game, I can hook you up with the megaphone.”

A grin took over Mal’s face. Her smiles were no longer mischievous and nasty, but genuine and excited; the reminder of the change in his friend brought a smile to Jay’s own face.

“This is gonna be perfect! E will love having everyone watch her get asked to prom and have the cheerleaders holding up signs for her,” Mal’s grin grew at the idea of surprise and happiness on her girlfriend’s face. This is exactly what Evie would want, she bloomed like the fairest flower under attention and would flourish being in front of the entire student body.

Mal stood quickly, reaching for the door and calling over her shoulder. “I’m going to run back to my room, I’ll bring the box of chocolates and some paint!”

Her guilt for ruining Jay’s grand promposal effort was forgotten and replaced with two new emotions: excitement and joy. True, Mal had never experienced those things before Auradon, but the reason for them had been with her for many years. Excitement and joy were found in expressive brown eyes and curly blue hair, in soft hands and a softer voice, in ridiculous nicknames and in kisses that left Mal breathless.

And Goodness, she was going to make asking Evie to prom as exciting and joyful as the princess herself.

Reunited - Four

A/N: Part four. I’m having so much fun writing this series, so thank you for all the great feedback, I really appreciate it. Also, thanks to my beta @thorne93. And to @hanny-writes-spn and @melonshino for reading through it. I love you all!!

Characters: Jensen, Reader, Jared, Jason, Rose (OFC)

Warnings: Angst, alcohol, language.

Wordcount: 3251

Catch up HERE 

*not my GIF*

Originally posted by sensitivehandsomeactionman

You spent the next week helping Jensen get settled in. It was great to be able to spend so much time with him again, but it was also getting more and more difficult to be around him. Over the year’s, he had changed, you both had, but somehow he was still the same. When you spent time with him it was easy to forget what you two had been through, but the moment you got home, and he wasn’t around you, the feelings of betrayal and abandonment came back, and you questioned wether you could trust him or not. It was confusing to say the least. But even with all this mix of emotions, you weren’t prepared to let him go entirely either, you wanted him in your life, though you hadn’t figured out how that would work yet.

Both Rose and your mom had been talking your ear off about Jensen and how they thought you two were meant to be, almost yelling at you when you told then you were just friends, and you intended to keep it that way.

It was Thursday morning when you decided to check in on Jensen on your way to work, bringing a box of doughnuts just so you had an excuse to stop by.

“(YN), what a nice surprise,” Jensen greeted you. “What are you doing here?”

“I had this box of doughnuts and I know that if I don’t get rid of it, I’m gonna end up eating it all by myself. I also figured that you’re gonna need some sugar in you if you’re gonna get the house ready before tomorrow,” you said, handing him the pink box of treats.

“Thank you, that’s really nice of you.”

“Don’t act so surprised, Ackles, I can be nice,” you teased.

“You have time for a coffee before work? My friend Jared just got here and I would love for you to meet him,” Jensen asked, opening the door wider to let you in, even before you answered.

You checked the time on your phone before agreeing to come in for a couple of minutes.

“(YN) this is Jared,” Jensen said, pointing to his friend. “Jared, this is (YN).”

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Lucifer x Reader

Originally posted by with-eyes-turned-skywards

A/N: My Mick fic seemed to get more attention than I thought it would, so I thought I’d post some more of my stuff and see what you guys think. If there’s anything specific you guys want to see, my ask box is open! I didn’t edit this, so I apologise for any incorrect spelling and/or grammar.

Warnings: none. 

Word count: 1,644.


If there was anything you loved most in the world, it was stars. When you were much younger, you’d found a way onto the roof from your attic bedroom and it wasn’t uncommon to find you in a blanket staring into the sky when you should’ve been sleeping.

Even years later, the fascination you held never went away. Sam and Dean never truly understood your love for the night sky, but they found themselves grateful that for all you’d seen in the world, you could still appreciate something so simple as stars.

It had become routine now for you to wander off to bed for a nap in the early evening. Sam would grab a thick blanket for you and Dean would slip some snacks into a small basket for you before they woke you and you would either sneak back to bed when the sun had risen or they would find you asleep outside.

They’d all joined you at some point or other. Sam and Dean sat with you when sleep was scarce. Castiel taught you all you know about stars and the constellations and even Chuck had sat with you, admiring your love for one of his favourite creations.

Arriving home from a hunt, you allowed yourself a full night’s sleep whilst you avoided your most recent house guest.

Lucifer had been returned to Nick’s vessel by Chuck after the threat of the Darkness was resolved. Not wanting to put him back in the cage, he limited Lucifer’s powers and asked you and the Winchester’s to essentially babysit the fallen angel.

He’d been incredibly hostile the first few weeks until eventually his situation seemed to sink in. Now he sat quietly, reading mostly and only breaking his silence to give snarky comments.

That lead you to now, as the clock struck 7pm you closed the book on blood drinking creatures and stood, stretching slightly.

“Alright, I’m gonna head to bed,” you mentioned to the group. Sam gave you a smile whilst Dean set his watch to beep at the next hour so he could wake you up. You kissed Sam on the head and Dean and Cas on the cheek before saying goodnight.

Lucifer didn’t even bat an eye as you walked out, the Winchester’s and his little brother echoing a goodnight to you.

By now, he’d learned that you always left around this time to sleep and then you would be woken up and you would spend the rest of your night outside for whatever ridiculous reason.

He often caught you sneaking in after the sun had risen or one of the Winchester’s would carry you to your bed.

He ignored the curiosity niggling at him and resumed reading in the quiet of the library.

Eventually Dean’s watch began to beep and suddenly everyone was in motion. Sam stood and walked into the hallway with Dean whilst Castiel walked towards the stairs and the door.

Lucifer watched them all leave, once again ignoring his curiosity.

You were shaken awake gently.

“Hey, c’mon sweetheart, time to get up,” Dean muttered to you as he slowly helped you sit up. The tiredness was clear in your eyes and as strong shelled as Dean usually came off, he felt himself soften and he ran a hand through your hair.

“Why don’t you sleep a bit longer,” he insisted but you shook your head and shakily stood from his grasp. He chuckled and stood with you.

“I’ll probably fall asleep outside again,” you told him honestly.

Dean crossed to your dresser and pulled open a drawer, rooting around for the fluffiest pair of socks you owned.

“Not without these you’re not,” he said, handing them to you. You laughed and thanked him before walking through the bunker into the war room.

Sam looked up from his book and shook his head as you tiredly stumbled into the room. You smiled sleepily at him as he stood from his chair, taking over from Dean.

“Thanks, Sammy.”

At the top of the stairs stood your basket, filled with blankets and 2 pillows on top.

“It’s not so cold out tonight, but if it gets too much, come inside,” Sam told you, trying to be stern about it but the smile on your face told him you wouldn’t listen either way.

You gave him a quick hug and wished him a good night before closing the door behind you. The crisp, cool air felt nice and you took a deep breath.

The sky was just beginning to go dark and you crossed the gravel quickly before hopping the fence into the field opposite the bunker.

When Lucifer next looked up from the book in front of him, the Winchester’s had long since gone to bed and Castiel had disappeared to wherever he went to. He was more than content to keep reading but the urge to know just what it was the Winchester’s pet did during the late hours became overwhelming.

He sighed and stood, swiftly making his way to the bunker door. Stepping out and closing it behind him, he walked up the steps into the open space. Lucifer’s eyes picked up the glow of a light a bit further off in the distance. The faint sound of wings was unmissable in the silence of the night but you didn’t seem to notice him appear close to you.

Instead, your head was against a pillow, eyes staring up into the night sky and a cozy blanket covered you. Lucifer took a moment to watch you, to see you in what looked to be your safe place.

There was a small, unconscious smile on your face and the stars in the sky seemed to reflect in your eyes and for a second, Lucifer was overcome with an emotion he wasn’t familiar with.

“You know they’re just burning planets, don’t you.”

You barely flinched, but the flicker of panic in your eyes told him you were unaware of his presence. You pushed yourself to sit up and you frowned.

“Yes, I know. That doesn’t mean I can’t look at them,” you replied before asking the question you desperately wanted the answer to.

“Lucifer, what are you doing out here?”

The archangel maintained his standing position and folded his arms and if you didn’t know any better, you’d have said it was protective mechanism.

“I just wondered what ridiculous human hobby you were partaking in.”

You sighed and moved over on your multitude of blankets and patted the space next to you. He narrowed his eyes at you and then decided to accept your unspoken offer.

The closer he came, the colder it seemed but you didn’t mind so much. You’d always been more partial to the cold.

He sat next to you stiffly and you shook your head before scooting down and laying your head on a pillow. You raised an eyebrow, challenging him to do the same.

Lucifer scowled and hesitantly matched your form.

“It’s not a ridiculous human hobby. At least, not to me. I just-” you struggled for words.

“I just like to watch, to see. Maybe it’s because it’s pretty or maybe sometimes I feel the need to remind myself just how peaceful and beautiful this world can be.”

Lucifer had always had an unseen soft spot for you. You’d been one of the only people who actually tried to understand him and watching you fumble for your words in this moment made him feel the need to understand you.

“I see awful things most days, I fight monsters. Sometimes I just want the peace and tranquillity that comes with this view.”

Lucifer was quiet and that scared you.

“I watched my father create the stars, a process that other than Gabriel and myself, no others witnessed. No doubt you would have liked it.”

You stared at the archangel next to you, your mouth agape in the shock that he was willingly sharing something so intimate with you.

“Some people believe that stars are actually windows into heaven,” you mentioned to him.

He laughed a little and you felt a pull in your chest at the sound.

“That’s a ridiculous notion,” he turned his head to look at you and for a moment you found yourself more enraptured with those cerulean blue eyes that seemed to shine brighter than any star.

“It’s a nice thought though.”

The two of you were mostly silent as the darkness in the sky slowly dripped away and the morning light began to bleed through.

You cupped your hands around the mug in your hands. It was filled with warm coffee from a thermos that Castiel had slipped into the basket, if the bee stickers were anything to go by.

Lucifer’s intimidating exterior had melted away as had the hours. He looked more peaceful now than you had ever seen him.

“Why do you suppose that is?” he questioned when you mentioned that to him.

“Well perhaps it was the company,” you joked. “But I suppose there’s a reason they call you ‘Morning Star’ and ‘Light-bringer’ isn’t there?”

Lucifer smiled and nodded, turning his eyes back to the oncoming sunset.

“Many people forget those names for me. Sometimes even I forget,” he confided to you.

You placed your cup to the side and hesitantly settled closer to him.

“I won’t let you forget,” the promise left your lips without a thought from your brain but any negative thought was removed when a cold hand slide around your waist and pulled you closer.

The two of you watched the stars fade from the sky and the orange light of dawn lit up the world before you.

You don’t remember falling asleep and you don’t remember getting to your bed, but you do remember the lingering feeling of cool lips on your forehead and you hoped that Lucifer would join you again.