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you know what literally fuck you im trans and bi and my cishet ace roommate is constantly comparing our pain, misgendering me and my friend, calling us and herself queer, and making gay jokes and i do not need condescending dicks like you telling me she needs to have lgbt as a safe space and civil rights base just as much as i do

Guess what, I’m not your fucking roommate!!!!!!!!!! I’m bi and trans too and I do not deserve to have to deal with your bullshit anymore than you deserve to have to deal with your dumbass roommate. Take your issues up with her not with me. I do not need condescending dicks like you coming in my ask box looking for a fight.

A Little Too Drunk Starters:
  • “Oh, HELL no! Not in MY bed!”
  • "We watched some horror movie.. I think it’s called, ‘the Teletubbies..’?”
  • “Pants are just an illusion.”
  • “Shut the fuck up a pikachu onesie does so suit me.”
  • “Hey, man, I hate to tell you this, but I think your dog’s cheating on you..”
  • “Hey, the cat crashed your car.”
  • “I thought today was your birthday, so I rented a bouncy house, but then I remembered it isn’t, so now we have a bouncy house.”
  • “It’s not a mattress, it’s my kingdom and you are encroaching on it.”
  • “[NAME]’s a VIP at that one strip club….. What’s it called again… 'Golden Corral’?”
  • “I’m bleeding?!”
  • “I have to tell you a secret…”
  • “You think it’s important that I lost my shirt?! You think it’s important?! I’LL TELL YOU WHAT’S IMPORTANT!!! CALLIOU CAN’T FUCKIN’ TIE HIS SHOES!!!”
  • “I need at least seven sweet and sour sauces or I’m fucked.”
  • “I was pretending to be a ninja and the blade of the knife just flew right off and broke the window.”
  • “Look, man, I didn’t mean to pee on you.”
  • “Thanks for letting me room with you… By the way, vodka makes me gassy.”  
  • “You want to go to Taco Bell?”
  • “I lost [NAME]. Have you seen them?”
  • “Wow, you look so much better when I’m drunk. You should try it more often.”
  • “Hello, 911? Are you still awake?”
  • “Jesus told me to do it.”
  • “I’m really sorry I’m so creepy everybody…”
  • "This is awful. I am inventing electricity, and you look like an asshole.”
  • “How many nutrients do you think there are in dog biscuits? I already ate, like five.”
  • “Hamsters have feelings, too..”
  • “Who convinced me to come here?”
  • “The dog looked so lonely.. So I took it home.”
  • “Look at all this snow. Imagine if it was sand, but still cold. No wait, warm snow. Man, that’d be cool..”
  • “You’re not very hot, but maybe after another beer or two..”
The Beauty Of A Scientist

[Summary]: Being Bruce’s lab partner, you’ve gotten to know the Avengers pretty well. But there’s a certain Super Soldier you’ve been eyeing. Does he have the same feeling for you as well?

[Pairing]: Bucky x reader

Requested by: @my-unique-mind

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A/N: This request has been sitting in my ask box what seems like forever (even though it’s only been 2 ½ months!) and I’m finally getting around to doing it. Sorry this took so long, hun! I really hope you enjoy it. As always, feedback is appreciated.

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You don’t know how it happened. It just… did. Being a well known scientist in biochemistry had you on SHIELD’s radar for some time. It just took till after the Ultron catastrophe to finally have them call you and you graciously accepted their offer.

Working with your number one role model, Bruce Banner, was the most amazing thing that happened to you. The first few days you worked with him, you had to try and control the fangirling side of you that wanted to bust out so bad. Several months had passed and that feeling still quietly resided in you. And you still couldn’t get over the fact that you were amongst the Avengers! It was just too much to process.

There was one Avenger that you started having your eyes on about six months after you got the job. But every time you thought of him and you as couple, you laughed it off. ‘He would never have those feelings towards me. He probably doesn’t even know I’m there’ you’d try to tell yourself.

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(NOTE: mostly smut *or smut-ish* (M))



mafia!au when they get overprotective and jealous (M)

when you moan while kissing them (M)

ceo!au when you tease them while they’re on the phone (M)

mafia!au when you call them while pleasuring yourself (M)

when you get a nipple piercing (M)

when you call them “daddy” (M)

when they get jealous (M)


when you’re teasing them after a fight (M)



when they get drunk (M)

xx this is my masterlist for mobile & web so enjoy.. it has oneshots, reactions and texts (some of them i haven’t written yet); requests r open (for any kpop group) so drop in my ask box or dm.. sorry if i don’t write a request immediately bc ik to be busy 😚 thanks for taking some time for my blog ❤️xx

Newt x Short Reader Headcanons

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@panicandgetscared requested:  Idk your ask box isn’t showing as open for me, but if it is could you PLEASE do Newt with a short s/o headcanons? Danke schön!

Note: I fixed my ask box!

- NEVER being able to catch up to Newt when he is on the job cause one of his steps equals THREE of yours.

-”Can you reach that for me?” when he pulls whatever it is off that high shelf with a fond smile on his face you can’t help but kiss his cheek softly

-trying to make your and Newts bed but not being able to reach across the bed to place the sheet. 

-but Newt walking in grabbing your hand and saying “We can cuddle on the couch instead” 

-Newt calling you by many endearing names that show his love for your height.

- “Button can I please have Pickett back?  I really must get him back in the case.”

- wanting to kiss Newt spontaneously on the lips but not being able to reach

- Newt making up for that with lots of forehead kisses and top of the head kisses! 

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Regina and Emma get stuck in a closet and Henry finds them, laughing at how ironic it is

Thanks for the prompt :) 

“Where’d you get that box?” Regina asks as she gestures to the shoebox in Emma’s hands. 

Emma frowns in confusion, “It was in the doorway.” 


“What?” Emma asks, her brow furrowing as she takes in Regina’s panic. 

“The lock is broken on the closet,” Regina explains, “That box was holding the door open.”

“Oh crap,” Emma says in realisation as she turns and jiggles the handle to no avail. 

“It won’t open…it’s why the box was there,” Regina points out.

“Don’t worry I have my cell, we’ll call Henry.” 

She puts him on speaker as he answers, “Mom?” 

“Both Moms,” Regina corrects, “And we need your help.” 

“With what?” 

“Can you come into our room please?” 

“You’re not doing anything gross are you?” 

“Thanks kid and no, no grossness, we just need your help.” 

A few moments later they hear footsteps before a confused, “Moms?” 

“In here,” Emma calls out. 

He walks over and laughs, “In the closet? Really? That is just too good, I have to tell Ruby.” 

“I don’t understand,” Regina replies dumbfounded.

“It’s an expression in this world,” Emma explains, “In the closet…it means when you’re gay and in denial.” 

“Oh like you!” Regina announces in realisation. 

“Thanks,” Emma replies. 

“Sorry,” Regina says as she slips her arms around Emma, “You came out of the closet though…”

“Yeah, to wind up locked in one,” Henry points out from the other side. 

Emma grins as she looks to Regina and kisses her before replying, “But at least this time I’m in one with you.” 

2nd Advent Joker Imagine

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Your P.O.V.

The fun shall began!

Joker had actually taken his arse off of crimes and went out to get us a big beautiful Christmas tree, a real Spruce instead of plastic. He bought it, or at least that’s what he said. Now it was in our big fancy living room and I had a big box with Christmas decorations in it. Before J could leave, I called out for him.

‘’J can you please help me out?’’ I asked him while putting the box on the couch. He walked back and I noticed that his purple button up was left open. Darn he was sexy. ‘’Yeah sure’’ He sighed, probably tired of my Christmas excitement. ‘’Let’s decorate the tree together’’ I chirped happily, hoping that he wouldn’t back off now. Instead of seeing a pissed look on his face, he smiled so he flashed his grillz. ‘’Okay since you wouldn’t reach the top of it anyway’’ He teased and grabbed a red ball from the box. I knew it was just a joke so I didn’t take it personally.

‘’Asshole’’ I giggled and grabbed a golden sparkly ball.We started decorating the tree and we were really focused on it. I turned the music on louder and ‘All I want for Christmas’ started playing. I sang along and swung my hips just to make this a little more enjoyable for Mr.J here. Suddenly I felt something around me, pulling me back. I squealed as I lost my balance, but J caught me. He had caught me with a golden ribbon. ‘’All I want for Christmas is you’’ J purred into my ear while holding me close to his chest. I tilted my head so I was closer to his face. He made me really happy.

‘’I don’t want a lot for Christmas..there is just one thing I need’’ I continued the song softly and teasingly arched my back against his crotch. J chuckled and traced his fingers on my hips. ‘’I can’t wait to unwrap you baby’’ He admitted with a sexy voice. I turned around and poked his chest. ‘’Ah..You gotta wait for Christmas’’ I winked and then walked over to the box. I bent over, showing him my ass on purpose as I grabbed more decorations. Suddenly he slapped my ass teasingly, making me stand straight up in surprise. ‘’Sorry, couldn’t help it’’ He winked and then put the ribbon around the tree.

‘’You dirty boy’’ I rolled my eyes playfully while going back to the tree. It gave the entire penthouse a very Christmas like scent along with the candles I got. ‘’Do I really need to wait so long?’’ J pouted and gave me a puppy dog look. He knew that his pouty lips and big blue eyes were my biggest weaknesses. ‘’Santa will be mad’’ I giggled while grabbing the star. I put it on his green hair. ‘’Ah perfect’’ I joked and let go of it. J grabbed it away from his head and then put it on the tree. It was done! One more thing..

‘’Test the lights’’ I told him as he already was going to do that. I watched as the small lights turned on and the tree got a life. It was so beautiful! We also had mini guns and grenades hanging on it, making it special. ‘’One more thing J’’ I reminded him and ran to the kitchen. He waited for me patiently as I grabbed a smaller box and returned. ‘’What do you have there?’’ He asked me curiously as I came back with a red smile. ‘’Candy canes’’ I let him know and started putting them around the tree. ‘’Can I have one?’’ J pleaded like a little boy.

I loved Christmas because it made him more calm and happy. He was very dark and evil and very stressed all year, but Christmas changed him a little. He told me that he hadn’t celebrated Christmas for years until I came to his life. Apparently he loved it. ‘’Fine’’ I gave him one candy cane and watched how happy he became. ‘’Thanks baby’’ He kissed my cheek and then unwrapped the candy. ‘’You’re welcome Puddin’’

A Winged Truth

Okay, my friends, this piece has an audience participation feature. I’m not sure who I want our dearest reader to wind up with in part two of this piece, so, once you’ve read it, I want to hear from all of you and get your opinions on who the TFW romantic lead should be, he who will help the protagonist through the trials to come. (I have evil plans). Drop your votes in my ask box or reblog and voice your opinion! Thanks dearies! Xoxo, Blaire

Summary: A centuries-old secret of yours comes to light in the most dramatic possible way. The angels come to the bunker, and they’re there for you.

Pairing: None as of yet, but that’ll soon change. See the note above!

Warnings: None, barring liberties taken with the powers of angels.

Word Count: 1,172

Now Playing: Play With Fire by Saturn feat. Charlie Kim

“Honey, I’m home!” You called into the bunker as you entered, newly returned from a trip to New Jersey. You weren’t hunting while you were there, but the boys found some gaps in the Men of Letters’ library and you had contacts with exactly the books to fill them. You dropped your bag in the entryway.

“Boys?” Your voice shattered the poignant silence of the bunker. “Feathers?” (“Feathers” was a fond nickname you had dreamt up for Castiel. It seemed stupid at the time, but his befuddled reaction to the name was what caused it to stick.)

Upon being greeted only with silence, you drew a knife from your boot and carefully searched for your missing boys, room by room. You began with the library. Quietly cracking open the heavy double doors, your heartbeat stopped at the sight on the other side.

Sam and Dean were bound in the far corner of library, on their knees. Sam’s hair was falling into his downturned face, making it ever so difficult to tell if he was still conscious, and Dean was leaning against the wall behind him, sporting a slash of crimson across one cheek. Your mind raced for answers as to who might have done this, but the question was quickly answered as your eyes fell onto Cas. He looked beaten, restrained in one of the chairs that usually resided around the table. A woman stood in front of him, wearing a modest black and white suit with white blonde hair pulled sharply into a controlled bun, two men behind her. This was clearly an interrogation.

With very little time to take in the situation before you were seen and even less time to analyze the scene, you came to two conclusions. Conclusion number one being that Angels were here, and conclusion number two being that they were there for you.

You leaned against the door, listening to the muffled conversation on the other side, waiting for the moment to make your entrance.

“Castiel…” the woman’s pleasant voice drawled. Cas glared up at her from his chair, face showing contempt and barely contained anger. The woman looked back down at him with an annoyingly sweet smile.

“You know why I’m here,” she stated as though the answer should be obvious.

“I know!” Cas stated shortly, the anger less and less contained. “I rebelled, you’re here for—“

“Me!” You interrupted, throwing open the doors to face the angels on the other side.

Every eye in that room was turned onto you. The boys looked on with confusion, and the angel who was interrogating Castiel looked sickeningly satisfied at your life’s longest-held secret being brought to light. Sam raised his head for the first time since you’ve seen him, confusion in his eyes. Dean looked incredulous and Castiel simply analyzed the situation in blank silence.

The blonde angel, who you now recognized as Aubriel, turned to you, smile gracing her pretty face. “Atheniel!” She exclaimed your angelic name, clearly ecstatic over her plan falling into place.

“Don’t drag them into this, Aubriel,” you warned her, tipping your head towards the brothers and Cas. “Whatever this is, it’s between you and me.”

“No, it isn’t!” Aubriel showed true emotion for the first time in… hell, millennia? She began to pace, clearly trying to calm herself down. She stopped and let out a deep sigh.

“Leave us,” she remarked to the two men she’d brought with her. Within a second they vanished. “And you!” she turned to you, her voice low and dangerous. She continued taking aggressive steps forward until you were backed against a bookcase, her angel blade poised at your throat.

In your classic style, you laughed in the face of danger. With a snicker, your questioned her. “All these theatrics, just to kill me? You had your chances. Boston in 1776, London in 1812, Moscow in 1910, Bucharest in 1989, you knew where I was. Why come to kill me now?”

She only steeled her expression and pressed on her blade a little harder. “I’m not here to kill you, I’m here to bring you in to stand trial for your crimes.”

You made ill-fated attempt to get out of her grip, but you were quickly pushed back. “You don’t want to toy with me,” you warned her, but saw the threat simply roll off of her.

Your eyes darted from Sam, to Dean, to Cas and back to Aubriel. You had a plan. It was crazy, had a high chance of failure, and would probably kill you, but it was worth a shot.

“Okay,” you spoke in a calm, reasonable tone. “Take a step back, let me breathe for just a moment, and I will go with you.”

Her blade left your neck as she stepped back, looking at you expectantly. You caught your breath and tried to center yourself with your old power.

“Aubriel?” You called to get her attention. She turned, her brown eyes meeting yours. “I’m sorry.”

You saw her brows furrow for a brief moment before you dropped to one knee and drove your fist into the floor in one swift, powerful movement. A blinding beam of white-blue light exploded from the point of contact of your fist and the floor, enveloping the large room.

When the light dissipated, Aubriel was gone, the library was in shambles, and three pairs of very confused eyes were trained on you. Seeing no use in secrecy at this point, you repaired the library with a flick of your hand. The books returned to their shelves, the flickering light emitted a steady beam once more, and the small fire on the rug (no doubt caused by the use of your power) was put out.

Wasting no time, you solemnly walked towards Sam and Dean. You bent down to untie the knots around their wrists. Once they were untied, you put two fingers on each of their foreheads, healing the wounds they had incurred in the fight with the angels. Your eyes briefly met Sam’s, and you felt guiltier in that moment than you had when you fell from Heaven. He looked betrayed, looked like he was hurt that you would keep a secret like this from family, from him.

Lastly, you made your way to Cas, who was still tied into a chair, eyeing you with a look that half said that he wanted to kill you and half said that he wanted to cry. Ignoring that for the time being, you began about the work of untying his wrists, but found no knots uniting the loops of rope.

“Damn it. Angel traps,” you muttered. A small white light rose from your palms and the ropes disappeared. As Cas stood up and rubbed his wrists, brusied from the interrogation, you could sense that he was pulling upon his grace to heal himself.

“Let me,” you asked him gently. He only nodded solemnly in return. Pointedly avoiding his eyes, you reached up and placed two fingers on his forehead, the bruises on his face slowly fading.

You took a step back from Castiel, finally coming to rest on the table, sitting on it with your legs crossed.

“Now that the dramatics are over,” you began quietly. “Any questions?”

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After the long wait here it is <3 I made it longer cause’ you guys enjoyed it so much :) Thank you for all the love and support. <3333



Don’t forget to tell me what you thought about it in the comments/message box <3

Genre: romance/fluff/Semi-Smut
Pairing: Jungkook/You
Length: 13276 words
Summary: You and Jungkook gather up with your friends to play truth or dare and it gets a little dirty.

“I ask for a re-match, I refuse to look at my dongsaeng being called cute when he has the biggest size in this room!” Hoseok stands up

“H-Hyung, DON’T DO IT” jungkook glares at Hoseok

“I choose the next dare” Hoseok says in a definitive tone “Go ahead and ask your two questions Y/N, because I’m choosing the next dare”

“Who said I’ll be picking truths “you smirked

“She’s GOING HARD” Taehyung woo-ed

Yeah, may I remind you that my dick is also going hard because of her?

This sudden change of mood coming from you made jungkook unconsciously bite his bottom lip because of how adventurous and feisty you were being. This thrill of you being rebellious was something that triggered up this raging desire in him. You call it a turn on and something that stimulated his brain and hormones. Not a gesture not an act, but just a personality trait that made him sexually aroused.

A way to make him yearn for something more when he wants to keep it in his pants. He could not help but imagine what kind of girl could be hiding behind your sweet girl mask. Friends you were for sure, but this wild side was something he was unaware of. You may have been a decent chill girl, but this side of you was making him act up along with his pants. He was going to need lots of self-restrain or some action to happen tonight, cause’ he wasn’t going to last for very long.

Why is she acting all wild tonight? Seriously Y/N, WHY ARE DOING THIS TO ME?!

“Go ahead, it’s not like I’m scared” Hoseok chuckles

“Are you sure about that?” you raise a teasing brow


“The dare is for Hoseok” you smirk at Hoseok

Jungkook gasps as he hears the dare you just threw at hoseok. Both of you were going to be f*cked for real if he didn’t stop you. So what if you throw this dare? It wouldn’t have been a problem, if Hoseok wasn’t going to choose the next one. Jungkook knew by experience that the more savage your dare for Hoseok was, the crueler Hoseok’s dare was going to be for the next round. Not to forgot that Hoseok previously mentioned that he refused watching jungkook being called cute when he has the biggest dick. Hoseok already had something savage in store for the next dare and the fact that you just challenged him with a savage dare just made it worse. Chances were that Hoseok was bond to choose a dare that was 10x worse than the one he had in mind a few minutes earlier.

Jungkook leans closer to your ear to whisper his discontentment about your choice. It wasn’t the time for him to freak out over the fact that you were on his lap. He was freaking out about what the future reserved for you and that’s how he leaned his chest closer to your smaller frame in order to look at you from the side before leaning his lips subtly beside your ears.

His sudden act made all the hairs on your skin stand up for some reason.His face was so close to yours.It was as if he was invading your personal space. His next whispers were what snapped you out.

“F*CK NO. YOU DID NOT. YOU BETTER TAKE THAT BACK Y/N. DO YOU WANT HIM TO MURDER US FOR THE NEXT DARE?! DON’T PLAY HIM” jungkook would whisper with his warm breath on the side of your ear

“He was trying to act all mighty and cocky, it’s only natural that he sits the f*ck back down on earth” you turn your head slightly as you whisper and stare back at jungkook


“What does it even has to do with you?! The dare will be for me anyways. It’s not like Hoseok will pick on you when you haven’t done anything” you whisper back as you roll your eyes

“Girly. I don’t think you understood, but you and I come together as a combo when it comes to dares. YOUR DARE WILL HAVE REPERCUSSIONS ON ME.” He growls in your ear

“What the f*ck?” you raise a brow “Jungkook just shut up” you reply

“YOU SHUT UP” he frowns while eyeing the close proximity of your pink links

So glistering and shiny… I wonder how it’d feel if I kissed–

“You f*cking shut up” you glare at him

Why the f*ck is she swearing while ordering me around?! Did she studied my turn ons before coming here, because’ the way she swears. UGH.F*CK.DON’T START IT UP, he’d lean his head back in frustration

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Domesticity Memes

Put a ship in my ask box and I’ll tell you:

  • big spoon/little spoon:
  • favorite non-sexual activity:
  • who uses all the hot water:
  • most trivial thing they fight over:
  • who does most of the cleaning:
  • what has a season pass on their dvr/who controls the netflix queue:
  • who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working:
  • who steals the blankets:
  • who leaves their stuff around:
  • who remembers to buy the milk
  • who remembers anniversaries:
  • Who cooks normally?
  • How often do they fight?
  • What do they do when they’re away from each other?
  • Nicknames for each other?
  • Who is more likely to pay for dinner?
  • Who steals the covers at night?
  • What would they get each other for gifts?
  • Who kissed who first?
  • Who made the first move?
  • Who remembers things?
  • Who started the relationship?
  • Who cusses more?
  • What would they do if the other was hurt?

Hi hello! If you’re someone with phone anxiety who is scared of calling congress people, and especially if you’re in a red state or represented by Republicans, I am happy to call on your behalf! All I would need is your full name and your zip code and I will make those calls for you. My ask box is always open for these requests and I will respond with a video of me calling your specific congressperson on your behalf. (This video can be publicly posted here on my page for you to re blog, or dm’d to you.)

I plan on spending an hour everyday of the work week calling congress urging them to oppose Trumps fascist policies every step of the way, I’ve been a phone banker for several campaigns in my life and know how much people fear the phone, so I’m happy to help! I will re blog this post throughout the next years with specific issues I’m calling congress about.

If you want me to say something specific on your behalf just specify in your message to me! Thanks.


I might host a littlespace live video stream on this website called

So basically, you join the chat and everyone can watch the same movie or tv show together at once and you can interact in the comments and maybe make a few friends.

If you think this is a good idea, pick any kids tv show (unfortunately movies are pretty hard to find for free. Sorry my dudes) and send it as a request to my ask box. I will then post that request and whichever request gets the most notes, we will watch. Hopefully. If all goes well, I’ll send out the URL later this week. :)

Also: I’m sorry, but this is only for underage and SFW littles. If this goes well, in the future I will open up to all ages, but it will still remain SFW only.

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Mary knew Dean wasn't straight ever since he, five-year-old at the moment, came home and informed that he had a serious matter to talk about with her. "I love Cas," Dean said. "His eyes are pretty, mommy, and he always lets me have a bite of his sandwich, and he smiles when I call him cute, and I gave him those blue flowers that are in your garden (they are blue just like his eyes!) and he kissed my cheek and mommy, I wanna marry him." When Dean comes out to her years later, she's not surprised.

mary and dean is my weakness omg ok

“Mom, I’m—I’m dating Cas.”

At the counter, Mary stills. Dean freezes too.

She suddenly whirls around, narrowing her eyes. Dean winces, waiting for the fireworks. 

“What day is it?”

He blinks. What?

“W-what?” He stutters out. 

“What day is it?” Mary asks again, calmly wiping her hands on a towel. “The fifth, right?" 

"Um…” Dean counts in his head, utterly bewildered. “Yeah?”

“Okay.” Mary smiles, turning back to the counter. “Three months exactly then." 

Dean stares at her, completely confused. 

Three months from what?

He had rehearsed this conversation in his mind so many times, but of all the possible reactions he had come up with responses to, that definitely wasn’t one of them.

He sighs.


“So when are you going to have him over for dinner?”

Dean blanks again. 

“I mean, I know Cas is over here practically every other day, but now we can do it properly.” She brings the apples over to the cutting board and starts slicing them into neat little chunks, smiling slightly. “Sam can interrogate him and I can ask all those embarrassing questions and—”

“Mom,” Dean blurts. “Why aren’t you freaking out?”

Mary pauses, looking up. “Hmm?”

Dean wrings his hands, avoiding her eyes.

“Cas’s parents totally freaked out, so why aren’t you freaking out?”  

Mary frowns.

“They did? Hmm. Maybe I should have a talk with them—”


What, Dean?” She turns to him, planting her hands on her hips. “Do you want me to freak out?” 

Oh no. She’s putting on the Mom Voice, which means Dean is ten seconds away from crumpling. Dammit.

“No, I just—”

He fumbles for the words. Mary watches him, an eyebrow raised.

“You just…” He swallows. 

“Don’t seem surprised,” he finishes lamely.

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Spring Cleaning

request: Omg domestic Shawn and you doing a spring cleaning day and going through all their old stuff and laughing and being cute

a/n: totally based a lot of the stuff in this off of stuff my mom’s kept and has shoved in a box in my closet lmao

You were covered in dust when you heard Shawn drop his keys in the bowl next to the front door. “Y/N? Where are you?” He asked.

“Bedroom!” You called, taking the box full of photos out from the closet. You sat on the bed, looking at the door when you saw it open. “Hey, how was the studio?”

“Boring, we didn’t really do anything today.” Shawn admitted, cheeks coloring. “What’re you doing?”

You shrugged. “I had a sudden urge to clean the house, guess it’s time for spring cleaning.”

Shawn looked at the calendar on his bedside table. “It’s the middle of Janurary.”

“Ok, post-holiday cleaning.” You shrugged. “Same thing,” You opened the box and took out a stack of photos. “But I found this box, and it’s full of photos. I wanna look at them.”

Shawn joined you on the bed, and took out another stack of photos. The two of you shared many laughs as you looked at the photos, occasionally saying something saracastic about the other in the photo. “Wait, look at this one! You looked so dumb!” You teased, pointing to a photo of Shawn and Aaliyah from what had to be Halloween. “You were a reindeer? For Halloween?”

“I was original!” Shawn defended himself, laughing. “At least I didn’t wear my costume until Valentine’s Day!” He retorted, bringing up a memory you liked for forget about.

“Thought I said we weren’t gonna bring that up anymore?” You smiled, standing up. “C’mon, there’s a bunch more stuff in the spare room, I think my mom’s been dropping stuff off each time she comes over.” You said, walking down the hall.

“Jesus!” Shawn backed away as you dropped the heavy box on the floor in the spare room. “What is all of this?” He asked, flipping open one of the weathered carboard flaps.

“A bunch of my old stuff, from when I was a kid. I think there’s some of my old school projects in there, probably some newspaper clippings from important events, too.”

Shawn dug right in, taking out some stuffed animals and construction paper crafts. “Aw, babe, you knew you wanted to be an artist from such a young age!” He held up a colorful turkey, one you make when you trace your hand.

“Shut up!” You tore the paper from his hand, admiring your poor art skills from when you were younger. “What else in there?” You asked, setting the turkey to the side.

Shawn pulled out a picture frame made from foam pieces and glitter glue. “What’s this?” He asked, looking at the photo. It was a photo of you and your brother.

You saw what he was looking at, and sighed. “I’m pretty sure there’s like, three more of those in this box somewhere. My mom had all three of us make those for about five years straight. Eventually she gave up.” You stood up, and pulled out another box you don’t remember seeing before. “What’s in here?” You asked, opening it up. “Aw, babe!” You held up one of Shawn’s old art projects. “Your mom left stuff here, too!”

“Oh my God.” He laughed, momentarily forgetting about your box. “When do you think they left this stuff here?”

“Don’t know. But I do know you were quite the writer, Mendes.” You held up one of his old English journals, smiling when you saw the length of some of the entries. “Wow! You lost your first tooth on November 35th! Damn! When is the 35th, again?” You teased, giggling.

Shawn rolled his eyes, and said something snarky back. The two of you spent the rest of the afternoon going through old stuff, cleaning forgotten.

a/n: send more ideas for the domestic series right here :D 


Good morning, SMblr! This is an assignment for one of my classes; while this isn’t *exactly* a tech brief, it’s right up my alley. I took a bit of an informal approach, but I want to share in case anyone out there would find this useful/have something to add. This is still a draft. 

Of course, there is more than one way to make a calling script; some people like to set up different columns in the margins and others like the dreaded text boxes…. But this is the way that works best for me, in Word, at least. You can do the same thing in Excel too! 

@stagemanagereej this is the assignment you asked about! What do you think?


So my sisters friend has been calling her all day asking her random questions like “favourite colour? favourite chocolates? what are things you really want to do/achieve in 2017?” etc etc.
We were all very ???? about the whole situation but just ignored it.
Fast forward to 5:30pm and my sisters friend drops this off at our door. Its a late Christmas present for my sister whose been feeling rather down recently with school and relationships.
Inside the package is;
A hot chocolate scented candle
A box of Favourites chocolates
And a jar of 365 cute little notes (one for each day of 2017) which are colour coded to what my sister wants to read.
The categories range from “cute quotes + lyrics” to “things we have to do/bucket list” and “reasons why I love you.” 
I honestly think that this is the cutest thing ever and tbh I aspire to be this kind of friend. 

All Time Low Starters:
  • “I think some dude just grabbed my junk..!”
  • “The truth is I’m such a dick.”
  • “Somebody call the police!”
  • “Merry Christmas, kiss my ass.”
  • “I need a friend..”
  • “Do you really need to see an ID?”
  • “I feel like a bad joke.”
  • “I take a drink ‘cause the truth is hard to swallow.”
  • “You make me wanna tear my fucking hair out.”
  • “Don’t you think it’s kinda crappy what you did this holiday?”
  • “Better suck up your pride.”
  • “Take my hand.”
  • “I’m losing hope.”
  • “You’ve gotta let me be.”
  • “I’m a waste of chances.”
  • “Long live the reckless and the brave!”
  • “Does your lack of conscience tell you everything’s all right?”
  • “You can try on my clothes.”
  • “Little brat must be crazy.”
  • “Aren’t you sick of sleeping alone?”
  • “Who’s laughing now?”
  • “Tell me what your best friend knows that I don’t.”
  • “There’s nothing surgery can do..”
  • “I’m calling that bluff.”
  • “You were never a friend to me.”
  • “Do you want me or do you want me dead?”
  • “I’m a walking disaster.”
  • “I swear, I never meant to hurt no one.”
  • “This love was accidental.”
  • “I was never good enough.”
  • “I’ve got a watch, but I don’t have time.”
  • “Like.. what if we’re aliens?”
  • “I’ve got my hands full of unhealthy obsessions.”
  • “Pass me another bottle.”
  • “There’s a monster standing where you should be.”
  • “Please stay.”
  • “She’s pissed that she had to wait.”
  • “I’ll take you out, though I’m hardly worth your time.”
  • “When will the princess figure it out, she ain’t worth saving?”