my artwork2

“I only listened to rock music, so it was a bit unusual for me to try out R&B/Hip Hop music. However, after continuously listening to that kind of music and practicing, I started liking it. Although I was criticized by my school friends when I told them I was joining a dance group, I just really liked singing and learning. Whether I’m part of a dance group or a rock group, I was thinking that I wouldn’t be embarrassed whenever I would be doing music.

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y, Tablo!
There are no words to describe my gratitude and love for this man. The first tiime I learned about him and his music was through this YG commentary film. I was amazed by Tablo: he is truly inspiring and the kind of person who just breathes and lives music. The way Tablo composes his music, lyrics, how he expresses his thoughts… He illuminates all the little moments of being. This is not only inspiring but it shows how life really is, how it should be and how you should take and live every single day. Reading his quotes, listening to his music can be life-changing experience if you listen to him careful enough.
Sometimes it makes me wonder what have this world done to deserve such an extraordinary individual. But for so many years this same world keeps trying to bring him down and crush to pieces. He still stands. Thank you for breathing.

I really like the color green and among the various propositions for my hairstyles, I always suggest green hair color but they always decide to dye, at the opposite, a bright and strong color. Actually, I don’t know if you know this, but even just for hair dyeing, I’m lucky. Among Infinite members, the person who’s able to have various dyeing procedures is ‘only me’. We all try. The only one remaining are the ones which their colors fit the best. Ah, I found another comrade. It’s Hoya. Hoya is famous for usually liking the color purple, and the hair color purple fits him well too. He has a satisfying sense. Since I found a comrade, my joy is doubled. Hoya gave me a nickname matching my hair color. ‘Pebble color’. Pebble beaches aren’t like sandy beaches, they’re beaches made of rocks, he says that the color of my hair is the same as the color of the rocks. This summer, I’ll go to a pebble beach and take a pretty picture so that my confidence will increase even more.

“I began auditioning when I was only 7 years old. When you try out for acting auditions, you actually have to show them special talents. You have to sing, dance, or show them your ‘aegyo’, but I never had anything prepared so I failed all 50 times. I decided that I needed to try out this thing called dance, and when I went to college and saw these oppas B-boying. They looked so fresh and cool. I started dancing and tried out for JYP, and I was accepted after just one audition. I think dance suits me well.”