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Merry christmas @i-homeostasis 8′D IT IS I! YOUR SECRET SANTA!!

Obviously Asahi in a dress is something I can do harharhar - I hope it’s at least somewhat like you wanted it to be? I tried very hard to up the adorable factor /fistpump

happy holidays everyone u3u


Kylo, you need to be more gentle with people
(you could learn something from Finn and Poe)

Kylo, why did you eat my fries~~

Based on this post

Meet that Artist crap but i wanted to redo mine sense the last one i half-assed it.
yes Jonathan Sawyer AKA SawJones. i just prefer SawJones~

Like i said, for the neck injury, it involved a broken bottle….and being under the influence….was it an accident or was i assaulted???
No Comment~

I’m lying By the By, it aint my real name, no one will ever know it.

I don’t know why I’m suddenly feeling so nostalgic.. but this was one of the first SS fan arts I ever did.. like 11 years ago? And I was proud so of it then. This one still has such a soft spot in my heart because I remember my younger self and how much I loved this piece, sometimes I wish I still had that magic in me, to love my own artwork that dearly (because nowadays I immediately hate whatever I finish creating).. The foreground was colored in marker and the background was done in painter.

I drew this right around when Shippuden first started and Sakura saw Sasuke again after such a long time.. haha. This is what I wished would have happened in the ensuing scuffle (and I still do lol).



Yeah whatever man its alright👌 and yeah I guess so.
The first one is something I’d probably wear if I wasn’t such a p0sie cat
and the second one is a outfit I wore to an annoying school dance that my mom forced me to go to.

“Pretty body”
That acutally made me feel slightly better about my appearance I guess.., thanks though💜


A few of you know already that I put together a zine every like 6 months+
There is no theme!

Click here to see a few of my previous zines!

  • If you have any original artwork, poems, articles, photos, whatever, that you’d be willing to submit, or would like more information, send me an ask or message
  • Clarification: I am not stealing your artwork. It will be in a magazine. All things sent in are credited, unless asked not to. I hand these out for free, and make no profit from them. It’s just a fun little diy project I do. When I can, you will either get a copy in the mail, or scans via online. Completely depending on my financial situation.

It would be really amazing if you all could reblog this :) But you don’t have to.

Thank you! Don’t be shy!!

You were once my own companion, you were all that mattered…

on my Society6


Thanks to my dear friends @bodhvild​ which introduced me to the site (after long time she was trying to find a way for me to earn some needed money from my artworks) and my soulmate @loonylovers​ which helped me fill the form and so on, I finally got into the REDBUDDLE site so I may earn a few money to support my family at least a little bit. We live in Greece after all. Even a single euro is helpful in our condition...

So, if you visit the site, you can buy stuff like shirts,mobile skins, mugs, clocks, bags or whatever is available with my artwork on.

You also can ask me to upload pictures I’ve already made or draw something new so you can buy anythong you like with my pictures on it :D

This is my profile, if you like to visit. And honestly, I would be grateful if you will.

anonymous asked:

Hello, I was wondering if you let people buy your illustrations to get tattoo'd for money? They're all so wonderful.

Of course, you can buy my artwork. And I can also make an original with whatever you want.
If someone has a request (in stock or original artwork) can send me a message.

Thanks for asking and thanks for your words!

oh, my otp is canon