And in exhibit A you can see a Yoosung. He is under so much stress that the poor creature is bawling out. That’s me rn 😂😭

So I now have classes on weekends…and a whooooole lot of studying to do.*internal screaming*. Meaning it will take me a while to post and do artworks so I hope everyone understands TuT

Please accept this Ray being cute as my apology 💕

 I’ll come back full-swing when things lighten up but for now I’ll be in my room studying until my brain becomes dry like a raisin 😂😽😽

@ask-joeydrewstudios & @the-elusive-blue-skittle

I told ya I was gonna hug Toon Henry. He… doesn’t seem incredibly pleased but I hope he appreciates it nonetheless. Added the squeaky-toy noise for effect.

Also I’m like 5'11" (2 inches taller than normal Henry), so drawing this reminded me of this one time when I was in a dollar store and a little kid said to my face “she’s too big!” …which prompted his mom to give him a smack upside the head. Henry’s probably thinking that right about now, lol!