I was looking for my random sketches paper for certain fanfic fanart I currently doing, and accidently found this long, lost, hidden treasure sketch challenges (not all pic tho) w/ my cousins and lil’ sis… //I got Kakyoin as my protag lol

These was the first fanart for Jojo I made after they (cousins) poisoned me w/ JJBA (thx Stardust Crusaders…)

So I mentioned this awhile back. At my warped tour date, Ghost Town had a signing and I was utterly embarrassing, I was so shy, but I didn’t explain this drawing when I set it on the table for them. My little sister had been going through some things when she discovered Ghost Town (she introduced me later on) and I drew this for her because I sort of owe this band a lot. They helped my sister when I couldn’t help. I was too shy to say this all when we met the band but I’m saying it now. Thank you.

Happy (Early) Birthday to one of my closest friends ever @skittysuns-blog!! I wanted to do something special and draw one of your favourite Pokémon for you as a gift for your birthday! I know how much you love Vulpix, so I wanted to sketch an Alolan version of one for your special day! I know that you said you can’t wait for the new games because of how excited you are for the new forms! I hope you enjoy your early birthday gift and I can’t wait to see you soon! Love you!! {DeviantART}