I love Over the Garden Wall. I think it is the most brilliant piece of work I’ve ever seen, including Steven Universe. It is a wonderful cartoon and the characters are amazing. I think Beatrice and Greg are my favorites. So I thought this would be an appropriate drawing.


Commissions I took at Otakon! I ended up taking 6 of them, with the final two in this post actually being samples I made for myself.

From the top, going right to left:

~EVA Unit 06 from Evangelion. Mechas are both kinda really hard and really fun to draw. Made a lot of mistakes that hopefully no one will ever notice.
~Sanji as a djinn. This one was both fun and super in my comfort zone. Commissioned by one of our table-neighbors, actually. Also, our table-neighbors were awesome.
~Milla from Tales of Xillia 2. Commissioned by someone cosplaying Milla who was super awesome and visited us like 10 times and we had a blast talking to each time. I really like how this one turned out, might end up doing a print based on it at some point.
~Edward Elric in exchange for lunch for a friend. She was going to the Paku Romi autographing thing and had nothing to get signed, and thus, I sketched Ed. Apparently Romi thought it was cute. : 3
~Elize from Tales of Xillia. I had a choice of Tales characters for this one, but Elize is cute, so she ultimately won out. (Ultimately? It took me like 30 seconds to decide!)
~Lena from Suikogaiden, specifically the second one I believe? Wasn’t expecting this, that’s for sure. Had a really fun time talking about Suikoden with the person who bought her, though. Actually, this was just a really good con for Suikoden, what with a gathering of nearly 20 people on sunday, but yeah.
~Aqua from Fire Emblem: Fates. Because why not. The photo actually dropped some of the details in this one. Alas. This one was done as a sample.
~Tir from Suikoden. This one I actually drew shortly after Anime Detour, but didn’t ever put up. Also a sample.


Mermaid Ladys based on some awesome fish (the betta fish, lion fish, and the rainbow trout) I’ve had  so much fun doind this, seriously, some of you my have notices i do A LOT of mermaids… because i really like mermaids. Doing some originar suff for a changeAnyways I hope you like it! 

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