my artsy scrap

Idk what else I’m going to add to this page but for now I shall leave it like this // February 9, 2017

anonymous asked:

You're welcome. If you keep"practicing" more, i'm sure you'll be on top of the TF art world in no time. But i was wondering, could you show somehow how you do your art? At least a sneak peek.

Oh gosh, nono i won’t i am turly not that good. I’m not good enough to deserve that. But thank you.

I guess i could show you something.
Ok, I have this MTMTE Swerve work here. (you have to forgive me, MTMTE isn’t my strongest art style) So i just:

First have this scrappy line art. Then

I color it.

And little more and (some lightning)

And now it’s mostly done with adding little shine and such. Of course i make little changes and correct the lines a little.

Hopefully this was somehow what you meant~