my artsuus

I’m so sick of not being able to draw, i can only doodle stuff like this.  Here i am experimenting with styles, and because i realized I've never actually drawn Ichijou only made edits of him (see: my last entry). 

So i decided to rectify that with a doodleish thing but not really since this took me at least an hour.

I just wanted to draw Gero… and then Neru predictably wormed his way in there as well. Turns out i liked this doodled so i splashed some colors onto it, and edited a bit on sai.

I really love Bokke/tsukkomi duos, i think these two are my absolute favorite. They compliment each other just so frigging well (nohomo)

Gonna post this just for fun, i made this several months ago when I was still active on Daf. He’s my OC Arjun who, btw doesn’t have a last name anymore, i decided to remove it for consistency’s sake.

You guys you guys my animation skills are so pro. 

Phew finally done, I worked on this little bby for a solid three days (not in a row lolol) I’m quite proud of how the coloring came out too ! I think i’m finally growing into a style i like.

This is a character for a project i’m working on : D Isn’t she cute ? This is heavily resized though, the original is ridiculously high resolution e A e

oh fuck i give up. 

I was drawing a comic, and this is the only good panel i got out of it :| i can’t draw tonight aah. I spent nearly two hours just doodling out the comic then got frustrated. I’ll get back to this later 

This is my character Lavie, and Antibeat’s character Matt. buu i’m sorry my first fanart of him is so bad  babbuuu ; n ; i have more where that came from!

Jumping on the bandwagon with this one, Leave it to me to create the derpiest eel ginjinka out there. 

He looks like Didier on crack. Anyway his name is Jii. Despite appearing like a psychotic murder he is actually quite shy and reserved. Unfortunately, his face is permanently like that due to a birth defect. People tend to be terrified of him because of his face but he really just wants to make friends.  

Wow look at me plotting for an eel. 

Tin tin a toujours ete l'un de mes heros d'enfance. Je l'aime beaucoup, et avec le nouveau film qui sort mercredi, j'ai eu  comme une pulsion de le dessiner. Donc le voila avec son partenaire, et sans doute son meilleur ami, Milou! 

I love tin tin, generations have grown up with this guy and his awesome adventures , and with the upcoming movie next wensday I’m so hyped! I've been rereading most of the the tin tin books so i decided to draw him and his inseparable cohort Milou/Snowy in a sort of silly concept. 


Guess i’ve always liked drawing kawaii neko girls desu. I have to say i really loved the drawing on the left a whole lot back then even though it was partially copied of an existing Nekomimi character from a Visual Novel i now know is a hentai. (there goes my childhood self) 

I don’t even know what happened in the remake …;; I don’t know why her hair looks like that or why i made her look sinister/yandere. It must have been the dead, vacant eyes in the first one.

what does my style even look like now, i don’t even lolololol;;