Trapped in the Infinite Forest as a swan, Emma has one chance to turn back into a human and save her parents from the Evil Queen’s curse: delivering the newly freed brothers Jones to the Blind Witch.- Come Wayward Souls

A gift for @fairytalesandtimetravel​ of her wonderful CS Fic!

I had a lot of fun adapting Over the Garden Wall’s art style to the Infinite Forest and our dear OUAT cast. Come Wayward Souls is a wonderful adventure fairy tale that you should all give a read and a share!

Swan!Emma is a cheeky delight and the brother’s relationship is fantastic.  It’s so good guys! GO READ!

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This kid literally said he wants the whole world to hate him for taking victor away from them because he’s the only one who can satisy him. And then he goes out in leather spandex and licks his lips at the guy, demanding his full attention in front of a million people including his parents. THERE IS NOTHING PURE ABOUT THIS CHILD.


Aw jeebz its super late but here it is a commission for the lovely and talented @merrigel of their adorable OCs! ( ´•̥̥̥ω•̥̥̥` )

I am not taking commissions in this style anymore but if you’d like to help me out you can see some of my other options here

I do realise nobody here really follows me for the HP, but I just couldn’t resist drawing these nerds, I love them so much

especially older and out of school ouo obviously because harry still is righteous TM and draco a fucking ponce and this is sort of how I imagine them in the fanfic I might never write in the end but OH WELL

can’t stop won’t stop