my arting and such


Hey y’all! This month alone I had three hospital visits )): I need help, so I opened bust commissions again!! I also lowered my prices!! Prices start at 15 USD (simpe bg ) I draw things from ocs, to portraits to cats!!

(samples are from a bunch of cool kids who commissioned me on twitter!!)

please message me on my twitter!! If you can’t on twitter, please please PM me here on tumblr


Some Kid Henry AU Doodles! Revamped his design to be a little more stringy and scruffy.

Shenanigans! Turns out Henry’s more of a little devil than Bendy thought. A little mischief never hurt nobody (just don’t tell Alice!) @squigglydigg


I’m the piece of shit that never finishes stuff,  pls accept this unfinished shatt stuff about ‘meeting mama holt’ when matt brings shiro home for the holidays

damien is warning him about the dangers of cryptid hunting and how thankful he is about even being able to predict robert’s possible visit at 2 am but robert isnt really listening