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If you're still taking prompts... Remus is too afraid to stay with Sirius and that he's gonna hurt him so he leaves Sirius in the middle of the night

The last full moon - it’s all Remus thinks about. He closes his eyes and he sees himself waking up with Sirius’s blood on his hands.

“It’s fine. I can handle a little bit of a scuffle,” Sirius says with a laugh as he bandages the wounds on his arm. Remus has to help him with the one on his shoulder, and he feels Sirius flinch even if he does his best to stay tough.

“It’s not fine. I hurt you.”

“And you haven’t hurt me like this before, so I’d say you have a pretty great track record.” Sirius stretches out his arms and winces a little. “It’s just a bit sore, but it’ll heal up.”

“It’ll probably scar,” Remus says. “The one on your shoulder, I mean.”

“And then I’ll look even more punk rock.” Sirius winks at him, gets up, and moves toward the kitchen. “I’ll whip something up. You just sit and stop fretting.” Sirius leaves the room, and Remus drops his head between his legs.

All it takes is one slip up. One time where things go wrong. One time where he bites deep or in all the wrong places. And Sirius is gone by his hand. He counts to four as he breathes in, holds it for seven seconds, and releases in eight. Once… Twice… He does it a total of ten times before he starts to cry.

Sirius may be right that this is the first time, but even if he doesn’t kill Sirius, Remus can’t help but think about how he would feel hurting him like this again. It took him three years after they started to stop feeling nauseous whenever Sirius kissed his scars, but Sirius loves them. He traces them with he fingers sometimes and tells Remus that each are like little battle scars, done out of bravery.

Remus wonders how that can be so when he feels like such a coward.

He makes the decision quickly. He doesn’t own many things. Sirius hoards clothes and collects little things, Muggle trinkets and wizarding paraphernalia that Remus tells him will only be exciting for the first two months. Sirius never listens.

He hates messily folded clothes. He tries his best to clean up after Sirius when he leaves clothes everywhere, even after just trying on different outfits in the morning. But messily folded clothes will have to do. He doesn’t have time for a clean packing spell.

It takes a few moments for all of his things to come together, and he leaves chunks of it out. It’s just easier. Three suitcases and a bag are plenty to carry.

He allows himself one last look of the room. Their room. Sirius’s pajamas are still thrown on the floor from last night. The nightstand has two glasses of water on them. Several of his smaller things sit on the dresser.

But he knows he can’t dwell or else he’ll change his mind. He knows if he lets himself sit down, he’ll come up with an excuse to stay.


Remus turns around to see Sirius holding a tray filled with food. “I have to leave,” is all Remus says.

“What are you doing? No!” He sets the tray down on the ground and walks over. “Why are you packed up?”

“I hurt you.”

“Stop being fucking ridiculous.” He grabs Remus’s hand and holds it tightly.

“What else am I going to do?”

“I knew you were a werewolf when we started dating. It’s my choice to make to date you.”

“I can’t.” Remus yanks his hand back and steps past Sirius with his breath caught in his throat.


He can’t listen or else he’ll give up. Or else he’ll unpack and curl up next to Sirius. But the next full moon will come. And every one after that.

“I’m sorry.” He waves his wand and Apparates. It takes him a moment after he lands safely to let out a sob. And another. He knows it’s better alone. It always has been, but it’s never hurt before, not like this. The pain is in his throat and lungs and stomach. “I’m sorry,” he says again.

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FUCKIN REMUS AND LUPIN YOU SAW IT COMIN'. Also Bellatrix and old slimy Voldy because I just want to imagine that shit show of a Halloween. [(Halloween) Give me a ship]

So… Remus with himself? Just kidding. I got what you meant.

Choses the pumpkin: Both of them together! Sirius gets all pumped up for Halloween, and Remus finds it endearing. When they go to look, Sirius looks at Remus for confirmation every ten seconds.

Carves the pumpkin: Remus. Sirius is too lazy to do it and suggests, “putting it outside like that” or “just fucking painting it.” Remus knows it’s because Sirius is bad at that kind of art but doesn’t call him out on it.

Gets scared and clings the other in a haunted house: Neither. They both jump a little, but they’ve gone through worse things than that. When the werewolf costume jumps out, though, Remus looks murderous. Sirius asks if he needs to fight them.

Matching costume idea: Sirius really wants to go for a sexy devil/angel or a nerdy sort of Dorian and Basil even though Remus tells him that it'a not possible to do that recognizably. After Sirius suggests going out as a Dom and sub, Remus shuts him down for once and for all.

Makes a cozy bed-fort to cuddle in : Both. Or rather they start and then just want to cuddle since that was the plan anyway, and they just end up cuddling on their couch.

Steal’s the other’s candy: Both of them. Mostly Sirius though. Even though Remus doesn’t particularly care, Sirius loves candy a lot.

Accidentally gets lost in a corn maze: Sirius. And he freaks out and Apparates home because he doesn’t know how else to solve it. It was one time he likes to remind Remus every single time Remus tells the story to other people.

Tells spooky stories to scare the other: Sirius at first. They don’t affect Remus that much, and Sirius just ends up going out of his way to read more of them for his own pleasure.

Collects cool-looking leaves: Remus. He enjoys all the fall colors and gradients and the different shapes and types of leaves.

Now for Voldemort and Bellatrix, lol. This is gonna be difficult.

Choses the pumpkin: They are too busy being terrifying on Halloween and terrorizing Muggles.

Carves the pumpkin: See above. If they come across pumpkins, they do like to explode them, though.

Gets scared and clings the other in a haunted house: Hahahaha.

Matching costume idea: Do robes count?

Makes a cozy bed-fort to cuddle in : I could see Bellatrix attempting to almost if they were a thing. Like doing a spell. And then Voldemort just gives her a blank look and is like,“This is impractical and unnecessary, Bella.

Steal’s the other’s candy: Do you know how hard it is to imagine Bellatrix and Voldemort chilling and eating candy? Like that would require going out and purchasing it or going Trick-or-Treating.

Accidentally gets lost in a corn maze: Uh, if they did, they’d magic their way out of it. Probably destructively.

Tells spooky stories to scare the other: They are the spooky stories people are warning others about.

Collects cool-looking leaves: I could see Voldemort being like, "Hmm,” for a second. Enjoying the fresh air and nature.

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Thank you for the playlist asks! Here's one: Wolfstar post-PoA

Send a random theme or fandom-related theme. I’ll make a 5 - 10 song playlist