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a quick little Enjolras and Grantaire for soemily as a congrats for living through the bar exam!

based on her East Bay Hipster AU, in which Enjolras is a hispanic immigration lawyer moonlighting as a handyman and grantaire works at a bakery/bicycle repair co-op full of anarchist literature.

(basically my dream fic: love yourself and read it)

Miserables Adventures-4/23/14

So I’m working on my Les Mis music in one of the practice rooms at the music building in my school. I get to the freaking Epilogue, and it’s me in my room alone singing it, and I’m crying already.

But then get this-I leave to get some more water, so I shut the door behind me……and I come back to discover I’ve locked myself out. And inside is my music, my laptop, my purse, my wallet, my keys, etc.

Thankfully I still have my phone so I call security, and while I’m waiting all I can think of is…….

“Well…..that was certainly a two four six oh blun-der”

Les Mis Rehearsal-5/29/14

A lot of barricading tonight. Yes that’s a real thing now.

Very excited because next week, we’re going to do a cast flash mob at this festival downtown. And for it, we’ve decided to make cockades for everybody to wear during the flash mob. So we’re having a cockade making party next week as well and I’m VERY excited.

“A Little Fall of Rain” is getting more and more tragic. Eponine wore her hat tonight, and it fell off during the song. After she was carried off, Marius picked up her hat and wore it on his belt for the rest of the barricade scenes. The director LOVED it so we’re keeping it. (Right in the feels…..) But then when he was being drug by Jean Valjean, she was watching and yelled “Don’t ruin my hat!”

 Director also said “Go back to your dead positions” once or twice, which just made everybody laugh. And our Enjolras is quite good at “Enjolrasing” on the barricade. I had a good time explaining to him what “Enjolrasing” is, as well as how there are names for all the different Enjolras-es. (Aaronjolras, Raminjolras, Kylejolras, etc).

 Oh, and I’m one of the “Turning” women, and in that scene we set up the chairs for “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables” and put a candle on the chair, which each boy and Eponine will go to during the course of the song. The candles are really cool, they have LED lights build in them, but they’re scented and have the texture of real wax candles.

 We open in two weeks, I’m so happy!

I try not to whine….but I feel like absolute shit.

There’s my paper that I’ve barely started on that’s due Friday

Because I hate that class so much and this paper so much and I have a min-breakdown every time i even think about writing it.

And I’m stuck here at school while my production of Les Mis is being rehearsed in my hometown.

And they're starting blocking this week and I’m going to be SO BEHIND when I finally get there and I just want school to be done with,

Oh, and the fucking cramps that the pain killers won’t make go away

In conclustion

I don’t know what it is about expressing my woes in GIF format but it’s oddly theraputic

Les Mis Rehearsal 5/22/14

Another great rehearsal. Fine-tuned large, group numbers for the most part. Earlier that day, I received signed pictures in the mail from Caissie Levy and Will Swenson. (I had written to them as well as several of the other cast members over spring break. I now have signed pictures from them, Ramin, Andy, and Nikki). Our music director declared me the “Queen of getting signed stuff from Broadway people”.

And I was also given a very special assignment. We have one more barricade boy than we have names for, so I have to find another name in the brick that will work for our extra barricade boy. (Challenge accepted)

Speaking of the fandom, I explained the concept of “Pontmercying” to our Marius today. And revealed some other secrets about us “Mizzies”.  He confessed that he had never read the brick and that he wasn’t as up and up on the fandom part of Les Mis as others. I clarified that I had no life, and so instead of having a life I obsessed over fictional French characters and Aaron Tveit while running a semi-successful blog, which made him laugh. We also got into a conversation about “Vlogger 24601” since he was complaining about being dragged by Jean Valjean, and I said “He should watch the episode of “Vlogger 24601” where Ramin demonstrates how to carry Marius through the sewers.

Got to do “Master of the House” twice, which is going swimmingly. I now get to interact/flirt with this super cute guy who’s also a barricade boy during that number. (Yaaaaaay). And Madame Thenardier robs me, so there’s that. And I get to bring on the tray of “food beyond compare, food beyond belief”, etc. Although I did embarrass myself while drinking from my wine bottle filled with water, I managed to get some up my nose by accident and it burned the rest of the number. Oops.

Cut to the end of rehearsal when the ensemble boys ran the chain gang sequence. Neither Valjean nor Javert were there since it was an ensemble rehearsal, so guess who got to sing both parts? (And nailed them if I do say so myself).

And the best part of rehearsal was our directors deciding what do with little Cosette and Eponine during the Epilogue with the other “ghosts”. One of them argued not to since we already had the adult ones out there, and said “It’s not like Eponine could die twice, and then the other one said “I don’t know, I’m watching Doctor Who, I’ve seen some shit,” and we all busted up laughing, of course.

And I must say, that my two four six oh puns are catching on. One lady suggested I put my hair in a two four six oh bun! :)

Next rehearsal is on Monday! Cannot freaking wait!!

Les Mis Sixth Performance 6/19/14

Another beautiful performance with my family. This one was extra special because two of my absolute best guy friends were there in the audience. We texted a bunch before the show and again during intermission. Although it was embarrassing because at one point I meant to text one of them “After the show we need to hang” but accidently typed “bang” instead of “hang”….Oops. Thankfully he didn’t notice.

This sweet couple from my church was also there, and thankfully they weren’t too weirded out by my being a whore. They said I was convincing, so that’s a plus.

I accidentally snuck up on Gavroche at one point before the show, so that was fun. There was also a gratuitous amount of MnM’s and corn chips floating around, so that was delicious.

We had a few minor costume malfunctions. The heel off one of Javert’s boots came off, so we had to glue that back together during intermission. And right before “Lovely Ladies” somebody’s hair clip got left onstage, so I had to toss that offstage to a stagehand. And I forgot to wear my shawl during “The Beggars”, but I doubt anybody noticed it but me.

Little Cossette was being especially awesome tonight, and she did this great little routine to “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables” in the dressing room. She really got into “DON’T ASK ME!” and it was just plain precious.

The audience went absolutely nuts during the curtain call. We had a few people in the front leaping to their feet right away.

After the show I ran right out to find my good guy friends who came, and I was immediately smothered with hugs and words of praise. We got pictures together, I returned my microphone, went back and changed, and then went home with the two of them. We hung out at my apartment for a little bit, but they both had to get up early tomorrow for work so it wasn’t too terribly long. But it was so great to see both of them again. They said they LOVED what I did during “Lovely Ladies”, and noted about how much they had seen me grow as a performer from when the first met me to now. Somehow we also got into a discussion about my asexuality, which they were both totally accepting and supportive of, which made me cry a bunch. (Basically I was crying on and off the whole night). Because so few people in my real life have been so completely cool with it, so that meant the world to me, and reminded me once again of just how precious these two are to me. I may get to see one of them later tomorrow night.

In the meantime, I decided to make mix CD’s for all the barricade boys because I love them all so freaking much. Read the track list below if you wish.

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Les Mis Rehearsal-June 4th

(I know this will probably be lost in the shuffle with all the June Rebellion posts, but here’s a glimpse of last night’s rehearsal. Be prepared for a lot of sadness and emotions as I talk about rehearsing during the barricade days)

Today was our first day adding hair and makeup. For Act 1, I have a LOT of crazy, ratty, gnarly hair that I just switch from one position to another. Makeup is a LOT of rouge and bright red lipstick for “Lovely Ladies”, and dirt smudges for just about everything else. And like Tveit, I’m dirtying up my teeth with deep brown makeup that I acquired from who knows where. It’s pretty icky looking, and I love it. For Act 2 My only major thing is “Turning”, and so I have all of Act I to get all the knots and dirt out and just put my hair into a simple side braid for the rest of the show. The makeup and hair is doing crazy things to everybody, there were a few cast members I didn’t even recognize for a bit! Our Madame Thenardier especially, she has this wildly curly red wig that makes her look, as she put it, “Like Little Orphan Annie on crack”!

And then our Cosette did another awesome thing today during rehearsal. During “The Wedding/Beggars at the Feast”, she actually notices the Thenardiers and begins to recognize them and starts freaking out. I freaking love that. In most versions I’ve seen, it just seems like Cosette all but forgets all of that, which is malarkey. She would have definitely been old enough to remember, especially something as traumatizing as that.

And like Andy Mientus, I keep finding new bruises from the show, especially when I get shoved to the ground during “The Beggars”. Although they’re not starting to blend right in with the dirt smudges to the point where I can’t tell which is which.

And with the anniversary of the June rebellion upon us….well, the barricade scenes are going to be interesting. No doubt I will bawl even harder than usual. And we’re doing our flash mob on the anniversary of the barricade falling, which is just out of this world insane for me. Speaking of crying, the Epilogue gets more and more emotional for me every day. I don’t know what’s going to happen on closing night.

In the meantime, several of my friends/family members are making plans to be there. My parents and best friend will be there on opening night, and my sister is coming the second night. Two of my best guy friends are making plans to be there the second weekend of shows. Two people from my church who go to a lot of theatre will be there….and they told me where they sit and they will get the BEST view of me being all slutty in “Lovely Ladies”…..awkward. I mean, like I said, they do see stuff at this company regularly, so they have seen other sides of me onstage….just nothing like that. The closest thing was maybe being Chutney in Legally Blonde, since I was villainous and all.

And as we get closer to opening, it’s becoming more real to me that one of my dearest friends who is doing this show with me will be leaving at the end of the summer, moving several hundred miles away so he can pursue a career as a performer. I’m happy for him and incredibly proud of him that he’s fulfilling his dream, but at the same time I’m going to miss doing shows with him SO MUCH. Ah…just, so many emotions. And that’s only going to increase with the Tony’s on Sunday (which I’m missing for rehearsal) and the season premiere of Graceland (which I’m also missing for rehearsal). Let’s just hope I don’t spontaneously combust. 

Les Mis Rehearsal-Juen 3, 2014

Full run through without any major problems! Very proud of where the show is headed so far!

We got the full list for who gets what body mic when, since we only have a totally of 12 to share with the whole cast. I get one from the Bishop after “At the End of the Day” and I wear it for my solo in “Lovely Ladies” before giving it to Marius to wear for the rest of Act One. Our Bishop is also playing Prouvaire, so after he dies I get a mic from him again which I’ll have for “Turning” and then keep for the rest of the show.

Added some cool stuff to “The Beggars”. I have tin cup from “ABC Café” that I beg with, and at one point Gavroche comes out of the sewers and gives me money, which is awesome. I also get shoved by a lot of people, which is fun even though I’m covered in bruises now.

Speaking of “ABC Café”, I still cannot say enough good things about those boys. Enjolras’s delivery of “Grantaire, put the bottle DOWN!” is awesome. And I still get to start the cheering of “Long Live the Republic!”

During Act II, our Eponine changed into a shirt that had fake bullet wounds and blood on it that said “I’m Fine” on it. (See below).

She had it under her coat and Marius didn’t see it until “A Little Fall of Rain”, and I could tell he was having a really hard time not cracking up.

And tonight during “Beggar at the Feast”, I was sitting really close to the stage in the audience, and Thenardier pointed RIGHT at me during “This one’s a queer, but what can you do?” and everybody cracked up. (Well I am asexual…)

Tomorrow we’re adding hair and makeup, and I am SO EXCITED for my “Lovely Ladies” makeup, as well as the dirt for other parts.

Les Miserables First Full Tech Rehearsal-June 8, 2014

I have to say that in all the years I’ve done theatre, this was one of the smoothest, most non-stressful tech rehearsals I’ve had. (And considering how many huge set pieces and such we have in this show, that’s saying something). I actually got home a little after eight, and I got to watch the last little bit of the Tony’s. (I think I came in right before Hedwig won for Best Musical Revival)

Anyway, last Friday at our event people could sign up for a raffle to win two free tickets to the show, and at the top of rehearsal today we picked the winner. We left her a lovely voicemail of all of us singing “Do You Hear the People Sing?” and then “Congrats, you won, here’s how you get the tickets, blah blah blah). I was super excited and jumping during all of that, prompting the question “How old are you again?” from our props mistress….oops.

As I said, costume pieces for all the leads are here, and they even did a few bits in the show while wearing them last night. Costumes for the ensemble should be here tonight. When our Thenardier wore his wig in for “Beggar at the Feast”, he straight up looked like Thomas Jefferson. And I fangirled so hard seeing or Eponine in her boy getup for the second act.

I was happy to learn that we were adding Champmathieu to “Who Am I”. He’s played by the same guy who plays the Foreman and Combeferre. And he’s grown an epic set if sideburns that make him look like Javert.

We had an interesting mishap during “Master of the House”. At one point right before Madame Thenardier’s little solo, one of our guys is supposed to be very drunk and collapse into a bench and we all laugh. Only this time he fell a little too hard, I mean he legitimately wiped out, and the bench broke……oops. For a second we were all silent and then the director said “Stop the music!” and we all cracked up like nobody’s business. The actor was fine, he was laughing too…but the bench was not. So we cleared the bench and went on with the scene, but it was certainly memorable!

Had an interesting conversation with our Joly. He had this adorbs cardigan on, and it looked EXACTLY like one of Aaron Tveit’s cardigans. So I was all “That is a LOVELY cardigan, and I’m pretty sure Aaron Tveit has that exact same one!” He was all “Why thank you…who’s that?” I think I almost choked on my own spit. I eventually gained my composure and just said “Um…he was Enjolras in the most recent film version of Les Mis”.

Oh and I get some more stage time now! I was just leaving after “The Beggars”, but Jean Valjean and Cosette needed a few more people to attend to before Marius and Cosette meet, so they needed more people, so I get to stay onstage for a bit longer now. And during that time one of the members of Thenardier’s gang tries to mess with me. (Either Babet or Claquesous, I can’t remember). So that’s fun.

Don’t think I’ve mentioned this yet, but we have a ginormous projection screen in the back on the wall. We use to address time/place changes, but then we also have street scenes and other cool stuff. For example, the stars during “Stars”. And then during the attacks during the barricades, the screen starts to become spattered with blood, and during the final attack the screen gives the illusion of everything being burst into flames. Between that, the smoke, and the lighting effects, it is the biggest punch to the gut ever.

And we finally had the batteries for our candles for “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables”, and it looked BEAUTIFUL when the boys and Eponine would come to their respective chair only illuminated by a candle.

Meanwhile, my best friend was texting me with Tony updates. I think Les Mis Broadway performed the around the same time we did “Drink With Me”, if that gives any perspective. I got home just in time to see Hedwig win “Best Revival”. Spend the rest of the evening watching the Tony’s and thinking about how wonderfully the show was coming together.

Les Mis Downtown Performance/Get-Together June 6, 2014

I have to say, this feels like the first day in a very long time where I didn’t have a full-blown rehearsal. But during the day, that just gave me time to reflect, about how I am here, loving my life doing Les Mis…and only because thousands of people elsewhere suffered and labored and toiled in ways that I can never imagine.

Before our downtown get together, we met up at the theatre to pick up our show shirts that we would wear for our presentation downtown. Several of the costumes for the leads had also had come in, so we got the first glimpse at those. And….wow, I fangirled over the freaking costumes. When I saw Thenardier’s blue coat for “Master of the House”, or Cosette’s dark dress with the white lace, or Eponine’s blood-stained shirt, or Javert’s hat… just made that all the more real for me. Our Gavroche tried his costume on, and it was pretty spectacular. And I saw Enjolras’s pre-barricade getup, which is pretty snazzy. Although I almost had a heart attack when I didn’t see the xylophone vest. Thankfully, the costumer explained informed me that it was still on the way, as were many of the ensemble costumes. (Oh, and when I tried to type “Cosette’s” on my word document, it tried to change it to “Colette’s”. HA).

I rode over to the event with our Grantaire and Gavroche. Poor Grantaire was upset because the humidity was doing weird things to his hair. And I was one of the only people smart enough to have a purse (A little leather satchel that I wore when we sang) so I ended up holding onto a bunch of things for our cast members. We got to stroll around a bit and enjoy other booths before we got to sing.

I told several people about how a few people on here thought I was a part of the Broadway and/or London company and I got fanmail on here, which everybody got a kick out of. Our Eponine said she want on Tumblr and checked out the Les Mis tag and was just stunned by the love for the show/book/story. She was all “You should have seen these people’s fan art, and the people they put together!” And I was all “Oh, honey, I’ve been there. I AM one of those people.” She mentioned that she was slightly startled that people shipped Enjolras and Eponine.

Cut to the performance-our Jean Valjean kicked things off with “Bring Him Home”, and the noisy streets fell silent when they heard him sing. He truly is a phenomenal talent. That transitioned straight into “One Day More”. Our Marius and Cosette couldn’t be there, so our Fantine and Grantaire did their roles, and I had to mouth them their words before I left the crowds and joined them. We did it full out, our Enjolras and Gavroche even had the gun and red flag, and we did the choreography and everything. I saw a ton of people gather around and stare, opened jawed, recording us on their phones. Our people who usually hit the finally high note couldn’t be there, so I went for it, and it went well. The audience went wild, which was an incredibly satisfying feeling. I can’t wait to see what the full-blown show with an actual, paying audience is like. The full thing is on Youtube, private message me if you want a link.

Afterwards, a group of us went to this downtown restaurant/pub, where we just let loose and socialized to get all the crazy out of our system before diving into show week. A lot of good natured joking and ribbing, mostly pointed at me since I was the youngest there besides our Little Eponine who was there with her mom, who is also in the show. Somehow Aaron Tveit and his next movie Undrafted came up, and I was all “Oh yeah, and he’s in freaking baseball pants!” And at that moment our Enjolras, who was across the table from me, looked right into my eyes and said “Oh sweetie, do you think you’ll be okay?”

As people started to get more relaxed (not me, they came up with the brilliant idea to start singing “One Day More” right there in the restaurant. I was all “Wait, what? Are you serious? Let’s DO IT!” We started to plan it, and since our Jean Valjean wasn’t there, we kind of divided his parts among us. I got the Thenardiers since they weren’t there either. At this point, everybody knows I know the whole show because anytime anybody wasn’t there at rehearsal I would sing their part from the audience so people could stay within the timing of the show and not lose their spots. Our Eponine and Enjolras actually told me I was awesome for doing that, and that I kept rehearsal going, and they appreciated it, which just made me melt into a happy puddle.

So we did it. We did “One Day More” full out in the restaurant, with me as the Thenardiers. Within seconds everybody was watching us, several people recording it, and we got a standing ovation. It was one of the craziest, most surreal moments of my life.

Afterwards, several of us went up the street to see our Jean Valjean doing a gig with his band (Which was why he wasn’t at the pub). It was a pretty spectacular time.

Anyway, Saturday will be my last day to just sort of chill and do whatever until our all-day tech on Sunday, which I am beyond excited for, even if I will miss the Tony’s. Thankfully I have my best friend promising to text me with updates throughout the show.

(Oh, and just now, a Facebook argument/discussion broke out among the cast over Enjolras’s sexuality….)

Les Mis Rehearsal June 2

Today’s rehearsal was fairly uneventful compared to some of the others, but it was still a good one.

The newspaper photographer came, so we did “One Day More” full out with all the lighting effects and a screen in the back with a projected image of a Paris street, as well as suggestions of what our clothing would be-and of course the red flag! It was a completely out of this world feeling, I’ll probably have a stroke when we have costumes as well!

Got a good note from our assistant director today, he said that any time I was onstage I was definitely being a character and very much committed, which he said was good to see. (Hooray!)

Then before rehearsal our Thenardier wanted to go over the words and movement for “Beggar at the Feast”, and our Madame Thenardier wasn’t there yet so I got to do it with him, which was a blast and a half.

Our little Cosette is the sweetest little girl, but also very sassy. We were in another show together last summer, and so she talks to me a lot, and it just makes my heart happy.

Speaking of Cosette, I finally got to sit down and see some of the Marius and Cosette scenes, and they are PERFECT. Our guy is Pontmercying it to the MAX, so much like the Marius in the brick and I freaking love it. When he meets Cosette the first time, he collides into Cosette and trips and drops all his books, and then she helps pick them up and they start talking while Valjean gets roughed up by Thenardier’s gang. (If that isn’t classic Pontmercy, I don’t know what is). Also, I think it’s so great that they actually do talk once before he creepily shows up at her house. (Just saying!)

And then “A Heart Full of Love” is just so freaking sweet! I’m usually the person sitting there going “Screw Cosette, cozy up to Eponine”, but our actors are just so natural and cute together that I’m actually going “Awwww” and feeling warm and fuzzy while simultaneously feeling awful for Eponine. It’s quite refreshing actually. I complemented them on that during break, and Marius said he felt quite honored to hear that coming from a bona-fide “Mizzie” such as myself. And Cosette laughed and said “My goal for each performance is going to be to have at least one person leaving the theatre each night who doesn’t hate Cosette, if I can do that then I’ve done my job”.

He’s got chemistry with Eponine as well, he cries genuine tears every time she dies, including whimpering, and it just tears my heart in two ever time.

Although I did accidently make Marius crack up during “A Heart Full of Love”, because when he comes through the gate Cosette is facing the other way and turns around and jumps a bit. For some reason this made me crack up quite loudly and I threw him off by accident. Oops. Our Grantaire, who I’ve raved about before, is still making me laugh hysterically as well.

I had a sort of cool, happy accident during “Do You Hear the People Sing?” At the end, we’re all supposed to start cheering, and I started yelling “Long Live the Republic” half a second too soon, and everyone turned and started at me like I was the one starting it. At first I was all “Oops, my bad”, but then everybody said they liked it so I’m going to keep doing it like that unless I’m told otherwise.

And as some of you may know, the Facebook page for Les Mis on Broadway showcases other productions of Les Mis that are being/have been done. Once we have official show photos I’m going to submit them so we can be on their page, so I’m very excited about that!


Les Mis Ninth and Final Performance 6/22/14

I woke up this morning with tears already threatening to come out. The last few months, I had been a part of something huge and special, something bigger than all of us put together. I took my time entering the theatre, early as usual, wanting to prolong and savor this moment. I knew I was going to be crying a lot, in fact I did right before I left the house. By the time the show was over my cry count was at about fifteen. It was around eight times by the time we hit intermission, and during Act II it was almost continuous, so it was hard to count. I’m still not sure how we all made it through, except for a determination to tell our story and do it all again one more time. We clung to each other, literally at times, and made it. For me, the most emotional moments were my last “Long Live the Republic”, “One Day More”, everybody’s deaths, the Epilogue, etc.

There was also a lot of laughter through the tears. At one point several of us decided to speak whale like Dory. I learned that our Marius is, like me, a Bonnie and Clyde musical enthusiast who ADORES the music in the show. Eponine let me try on her coat and hat, which made me ridiculously happy. And at one point she also did an impersonation of my fangirl self, which was spot-on and perfect and had all of us cackling.

By the finale we were all crying hysterically, and the audience was right there with us. We pulled all of our technical people onstage to give them our gifts and final words of appreciation.

Because we have such a large cast and we were all assigned specific duties, we had the props and costumes put up and the set struck in record time. I just remember staring blankly, thinking to myself, “Six months of putting this together…and then just like that it’s all gone.” There was something almost tragic about it. As we finished, we filed out of the theatre one by one, hugging each other and saying goodbye.

A couple of us went to our hang-out spots and ate, sharing memories and enjoying each other’s company one last time before going home.

It still hasn’t hit me that it’s really over. And all the emotion wasn’t helped by the announcement that Newsies would be closing. I mean seriously, that’s just not fair to have both happen on the same day.

I could go on for days about this production and the experience, but I won’t for no other reason that I’ll start crying again. All I can say is that I dreamed of doing this show for years, ever since I saw it for the first time back in 2007. And now that if finally did happen, my life will never be the same.

Second Les Mis Performance 06/13/14

Another great night, although I did have a few slight mishaps, but we did cover all of them nicely. (It was Friday the 13th after all).

My personal one was that I sneezed my gum into my hair and couldn’t get it out… I had to chop about an inch of it off. When I got to the show that made it harder to make it look acceptable for Les Mis, but I made it work.

One of our chorus ladies got deathly ill and so we had to finagle to cover her track. She sang “Make money in your sleep”, during “Lovely Ladies”, so I got to sing that. I also carried her stool out for that number, as well as mine that I already carry out. Right before I went on, a stagehand and I noticed that a leger book from “At the End of the Day” had been dropped, so he asked me to pick it up. So the second the music went up I ran onstage, placed both stools,  ran upstage to the book, threw the book offstage to the stagehand, and ran back to my stool to sing.

And then poor Grantaire had his fly undone during all of “Red and Black” and “The People’s Song” and didn’t know it. Apparently our Lesgles tried to motion to him that it was undone, but he didn’t realize it was undone until he was already offstage. Oops.

And we got into a discussion about all the barricade boys before the show. I mentioned how Feuilly was a fan maker, which got the attention of one of our ensemble ladies who has a prop fan that is stolen from her during “Master of the House”. She held up her slightly broken fan and said “Where’s Feuilly when you need him?” and we all laughed. And then she told the story of how when she was in Into the Woods the cow broke right before the show and they had a heck of a time trying to fix it, and we all laughed.

We did the encore again, and this time, we had the ensemble all step forward when they started to sing. Only our Fantine pulled me up to stand between her and Marius, and having them both singing in my ears was freaking incredible. I thanked them both profusely. Marius tried to be all “Oh, I’m not a professional, it’s not a big deal,” and I was all “But you’re still Marius! I feel like the little kid at Disney world meeting Cinderella and Ariel and Peter Pan and everything,” and we laughed.

It was the birthday of our actor who played the Bishop and Jean Prouvaire, so a bunch of us stayed at the theatre and partied to celebrate. It was a very late night, I was home by two, but some of them stayed until five. Some great things happened there, it was indeed one of the best cast get-togethers so far. At one point, our Jean Valjean was standing in front of where they had stacked all the cases of beer, and our Joly, instead of singing “You’ve got some years behind you sir,” sang “You’ve got some beers behind you sir,” which made me laugh way too much.

Actually, Jean Valjean and I had a really interesting conversation. He asked me to explain to him the ins and outs of being the insane Broadway fan girl that I am. His exact words were “Okay, so explain to me what a Friday night in your life looks like”, and I enlightened him. (Dancing to the Rock of Ages album, watching Bonnie and Clyde bootlegs and crying, spending way too much time on the Aaron Tveit tag on Tumblr and crying even more, putting on full length Broadway shows in my room with me and my stuffed animals….and so on and so forth).

And of course, we turned up the theatre’s electric jukebox and danced like mad. For a while we jammed to the Jersey Boys album since we’re all looking forward to the new movie. At one point we did the two lines and had people dance down them like in Soul Train, and I took it home by leaping into the splits and surprising everybody. And I won even more brownie points by putting on “Lady Marmalade”.

But I think my favorite moment came when our Enjolras and I sang “Elephant Love Medley” from Moulin Rouge. He was carrying a bottle of wine, which I grabbed from him on the line “I’ll drink all the time!” Later on he told me to put the bottle down the same way he tells Grantaire to in the show. I told him that was my favorite rendition of that line since Ramin Karimloo, and he divulged to me that that’s what he was going for. And I was all “I know, isn’t it perfect? He’s all ‘I’m getting real sick of your shit, Grantaire! I already have to deal with Pontmercy. It’s France before pants, man!’”. At that point he interrupted and asked “Wait, France before pants? Okay, that’s perfect, I love it!”

If it isn’t already obvious, I love this company more than words. 

Les Mis Rehearsal-June 1st

Another great rehearsal. We sang a lot of “June is Busting Out All Over” from Carousel, I hope Aaron Tveit would approve.

First off, it was our Lesglas’s birthday so we had cake and cookies.

And I got to see some of the lighting effects for the first time and they are badass.

I goofed a little bit during “At the End of the Day”, because I come on coughing like I’m dying of consumption, and our director told me “Don’t die there, you’re blocking people’s way!” Oops.

And then during “Lovely Ladies”, the director kept asking us to be “nastier, sluttier”. But I think I got a little too slutty. I tried showing my boobs and I guess I showed a little too much ‘cause I was told not to show that much again. Oops…

But I rocked during “Master of the House”. I came up with a brilliant idea today for that scene. When I’m talking with the people at my table, I’m going to be all “Oh my goodness, you will not BELIEVE what I heard happened in Montreil Sur-Meir! Apparently their mayor is a former convict who broke parole! And what’s more, he’s on the run and nobody knows where he went!” I’m totally doing it.

And get this-because I’m full of all the tidbits about the other production, the brick, etc. that I’ve been helping people with, I’m going to be listed in the program as the “Les Miserables Historian” or something like that. YAAAAY!

More barricading, which keeps getting better and better. Although at one point our director had to say “Dead people stay dead!”

We all ordered shirts today, and we’re going to wear them (with our cockades attached) when we do the flashmob downtown to promote the show.

And I also get to bring on a chair for Fantine’s death now, so that’s exciting.

Tomorrow our local paper will take some pictures for our show, and on Wednesday we add make-up and hair. Costumes should be coming in as well.

Props are coming in bit by bit, and tonight we got Enjolras’s red flag! (It’s also the tablecloth in the ABC Café like in the West End production). Seeing our Enjolras lift it up just about gave me a heart attack. That whole sequence just gives me so many feelings. And our Grantaire is HILARIOUS during his whole “I am agog, I am aghast” bit. He uses his wine bottle to mimic his “boy part” and gives Marius a big ole’ wet, sloppy kiss on the cheek. It’s quite hysterical.

And I had a really awesome talk about Aaron Tveit and other things with our Bantabois/Courfeyrac. (I go into more detail in my last post about that.) He’s quite amused that I refer to Courfeyrac as “Courf”. And then with our Joly/Constable/Inn Guest I rub up on in “Master of the House” we fangirled over upcoming Tony’s, especially the 10th Anniversary performance of Wicked and Neil. He’s becoming one of my new show friends.

Rehearsal every day this week except Friday when we do the flash mob-I’ll keep you all posted!

Made an interesting discovery at Les Mis rehearsl.

A bunch of us got into a discussion about Rent, and out Bantabois/Courfeyrac mentioned he saw the original Rent tour, which immediately set off my Tveiter warning bell.

So I asked him what year he saw it, he said 2003. I did the math in my head, Aaron was 20 when he was in the Rent tour, and he would have been 20 in 2003.

And so I was all “Dude, that means it’s very likely that you saw it with Aaron Tveit! He was in the Rent tour that year!”

And he was all “He was in the Rent tour?”

And I was all “Yeah, that was his first big acting job at twenty. He was Steve and the understudy for Mark and Roger!”

And he was all “Really? I guess maybe I have seen him live then! That’s awesome!”

And I asked him if he still had the Playbill from that, he said he didn’t know but he would look. And then he joked that he could probably sell it to me for a lot of money. And I was all “I don’t have any money, but if you find it could I at least look at it and take pictures?” And he said yes. (And yes, if such an event occurs, I’ll share them with you all).

And then later on I quoted The Princess Bride and he joined in with me, which went on for a while. And we started talking about the Princess Bride musical, and I of course was all “Aaron Tveit must be Westley”. And he totally jumped on board and was like “Ohmygosh, YES! That’s perfect, now I can’t picture anybody else doing that for a new stage musical!”  

Memorial Day Les Mis Rehearsal!

Another fantastic rehearsal. Since it was Memorial Day, we had a potluck/BBQ before-hand and then sang through the whole thing…all three hours. My cry count was at five times.

I brought brownies to said potluck which went over well. Our Gavroche was particularly fond of them-in fact I think he ate about 75% percent of them. Which just makes my heart happy. I mean, I made brownies for Gavroche freaking Thenardier. (I know, not really, but close enough!) Seriously, so much happy at that. I feel like I’m living in the ultimate AU Les Mis fan fiction and it is the best

Today we had one last sit-down sing through so we could fix any last thing that needed fixing before running the whole show with blocking, set, etc. So we sat in a semi-circle and stood up when we sang, sort of like the Tenth Anniversary Cast. I loved it.

 More props came in today, including our actual guns that we will use. They’re super cool-and HUGE! And we got the fake rancid meat for “Master of the House”. (Which I now get to bring on a tray of-Yaay.  I also get to have a bracelet stolen by Madame Thenardier. Go figure).

 Cried during “I Dreamed a Dream”, our Fantine is just a vision. Would have cried during her death, except the people building the set behind us decided to start using the staple gun right at that moment and we all cracked up. And then our “Confrontation”….sweet baby Jesus that was INTENSE! I was literally shaking by the time they were done. “Heart Full of Love” was also awesome, that trio is just the And our Marius has awesome chemistry with both girls which is a plus. “Bring Him Home” also hit me really hard since it was Memorial Day.

 And then at the end of “Do You Hear the People Sing” where we all yell and cheer, I’ve decided to shout “Long live the Republic!” as homage to the brick.

Another rehearsal tomorrow, more to come!

Les Mis Rehearsal Part 3

So yesterday was our first time running Act 2 all the way through.

I don’t think I’ve bragged on our Gavroche yet, so I’m going to do so. He’s freaking brilliant, and he’s pretty much playing himself. This kid’s smart as a whip and such a smart ass, and hold his own with all the grown ups. 

And our Marius….he not only has great chemistry with both our Eponine and our Cosette, but in his portrayal he definitely cares about them both in distinctly different ways. It’s perfect, really.

And I most definitely bawled my way through the entire epilogue and most of the Act 2 death scenes like I knew I would. (And yes, our Enjolras does “Enjolras” on the barricade, it’s so beautiful and sad at the same time.)

The set is really starting to come together, can’t wait until we add costumes and such.