my art:les mis

a quick little Enjolras and Grantaire for soemily as a congrats for living through the bar exam!

based on her East Bay Hipster AU, in which Enjolras is a hispanic immigration lawyer moonlighting as a handyman and grantaire works at a bakery/bicycle repair co-op full of anarchist literature.

(basically my dream fic: love yourself and read it)

prouvaire playing a lute of questionable antiquity. 

a SUPER late drawing for needsmoreresearch ; dec 19th winner in the miserable advent promo.

there was so many good prompts i couldn’t decide which to draw, and will probably draw all of them sooner or later but i’m starting with this because it was easiest. (im sorry this took so long im the worst pinch hitter)


that time all the amis got together and had an impromptu parade;

also known as that time prouvaire crashed into a garbage pile, bossuet fell off a tandem bike, and courfeyrac ruined enjolras and grantaire’s date.

(it was also the same day that courfeyrac’s dog, carl, took marius for a walk.)

[from left to right: back row is feuilly, joly, bossuet, combeferre, cosette and eponine; middle row is bahorel, enjolras, courfeyrac and grantaire; and prouvaire, carl a dog, and marius in front.]