my art: unfinished

and when i die
will they carve everything of who i was
into a headstone
with a few words and eight numbers?
could they fit it all?
i think they could.
they wouldn’t even need the words.

i don’t exist at all.

I’ve been re watching the RWBY series all over again, especially now that the Volume 5 is already out.

So far, my current favorite is Nora, she is so perf and bad ass in the Volume 4, willing to risk her life to protect ruby from Tryian and also, save Ren’s ass multiple times.

I expect more of her badassness! Go Go Lightning QUEEN!


Yuri!!! on ice Musical AU that I spent too much time on and procrastinated posting -_-

I’m pretty sure a lot of musical AU’s exist already but this has been sticking around in my head esp after reading a lot of speculations that Yuuri is represented by the piano, and Victor the violin in the Yuri on Ice and Stay Close to me soundtracks.

In my head it works like this: Victor is a world renown Violinist who is pretty uninspired and unmotivated but he stumbles across Yuuri who is an obscure concert Pianist. Yuuri captures Victor’s heart interest after a performance, becoming Victor’s accompanist. The two of them perform duets together and basically become a musical power couple.

I guess it’s kinda like a Your Lie In April AU?except no one dies and they perform together more than once p l e a s e ;_;

Also If you are interested in other similar AU’s check out tanaw’s beautiful paintings and xrippuino’s your lie in april au which is great >_<

I wish someone would’ve just sat me down, five years ago, ten years ago even, and told me how much growing up would feel like digging my soul out of my body by teaspoons and burying it.
—  from an unfinished story #810

colored some doodles of act 1 veronica <3