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i don’t really use twitter but after reading @captain-erwinmerica‘s thread i now understand the sudden influx of durmstrang!victor content, also does anyone have any good harry potter AU’s to read my children are starving ;_;


Hi everyone!! 

This is my first time trying to do commissions (aaaaaah). I wanted to see if commissioning is cut out for me and if I could actually get some extra money to maybe go to Seventeen’s concert….

Please be specific when you contact me for a commission and stay in contact throughout the commissioning period so it’d be easy to get feedback and stuff.


T-Shirts For Sale

These are handmade t-shirts with designs by both myself and my friend! They cost £8.50 till the end of June, then £11.80 after that! (+ P&P)

Please message me if you’d like one, with your size- design type and where you live!

More designs will be coming soon! (And we do commissions!)


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New commissions post bc I’m going off to college soon and I’m desperate :3

WILL do: OC’s, anthros, robots/cyborgs, any characters, band members/real people

will NOT do: gore, NSFW, hateful stuff

I can do ships, but send an ask before bc I won’t do ones that are hurtful/manipulative/etc.

Additional characters are $5.

Everything will be through PayPal. Send an ask for my commissions/payment email!



Icons/Profiles- $15


Busts- $25-30


Full Body- $35-45