my art: finished

a dumb taakits au i had,,,,,where they are neighbors and kravits grows veggies and herbs and stuff as a hobby on his balcony and catches taako stealing some tomatoes one day and eventually he just gives taako some produce to use and taako invites him over for dinner a lot and they fall in love…..and then this happens eventually idk i just really needed to get this idea out 

anonymous asked:

Heya Night! I'm curious, do you have stuff you don't share or post? Or do you tend to post everything you do? :O

well if it’s a commission, that depends based on the content of it & the commissioners desire! as for other art… hmmm most outright animations i finish i do post, but i’ve got quite a few still pixel images that i haven’t, whether because they were self-indulgent or i didn’t feel like they were up to whatever passes for snuff in my shitpost-oriented brain =v=

i also sketch & thumbnail things, though those never make it to post for obvious reasons - and i’ve been trying to develop more dynamics in style, though that’s easier to experiment with outside of animation if i’m just sketching more loosely, so that ends up in SAI annnnd still doesn’t make it.

ah, i guess, a couple examples from earlier as i was trying to loosen up posture and stuff so took a detour to sketch these~?

been trying different styles for drawing the bros in it =v=;;; stuff that doesn’t translate to pixels well but is fun as something to explore! albeit still in desperate need of… looking like less of a mess. there’s a reason i don’t post these XD

sans & pap shenanigans are always my favorite, fight me