my art's been kinda lacking lately

sorry for the lack of game content on my blog ^__^;;… 
I also installed Windows 10 on my desktop so past editing softwares were all wiped lolol… Lately I’ve been keeping an eye on another program, I kinda want to purchase it at one point.
Anyway, here are some random character designs i did!
gotta keep the ideas flowing ´・ᴗ・`

Tools: Pencil, ink, ball-point pen, marker

noxesandstardust  asked:

So, have you kinda stopped drawing Frisk/Chara with the skelebros? I've seen a pretty significant lack of hoomans in your work recently. (This is not a pressure ask btw, just wanna know what is acceptable to ask about ^^)

Ahh, there has been a lack of cute lil humans in my art lately, hasn’t there? :( No real reason for it, but I’ll look at getting that changed! :)


Hey y'all. So sorry for the lack of art lately, Its been a wild couple weeks. If you watch me on deviant art, you know my mom just got out of the hospital after being there for 2 weeks, and she has cancer; again. Both aren’t SUPER threatening cancers (It’s hard to explain) but either way she’s needed some help around the house lately. That said, I’d like to save up some money just in case. I know I’ve been doing requests lately, but I just kinda realise I’m doing A LOT of free work, and I can’t really afford that rn. So here’s my (human) commission prices! I’ll probably change them later, I just wanted to get some general stuff out there. I’ll post pony prices tomorrow. DM me if interested!

im redesigning my sona !!! this is what they look like atm, im p happy with this design !!! also, again,  sorry for lack of art, school has been killing me lately;;

hey guys a lil update. i’m awfully for my lack of posts lately, i just. ive been kinda uninspired lately i guess? but either ways. im gonna start school tomorrow, so i’ll probs be more inactive due to that. but dont worry! if u seek more content, i’ll still be providing (hopefully) regular updates for the blogs @askkiibos and @askshinguuji and content for voicingdrv3. so, probably expect most of my art reblogged here instead of me posting it directly ig.

just so you guys know, most of my adoptables are still available and my commissions are always open, i also have a ko-fi! i’d really appreciate any amount of help! you can contact me via @mehhhringguie or my email (

thank you for the overwhelming support everyone, i love you guys! happy philippine independence too to my fellow kababayan!

I’ve been hating my art lately :/ I feel so restricted, like not even because of my lack of skills (I mean that too) like more of an invisible restriction I impose on myself? And I feel like it’s slowing me down. I really wanna get out of my comfort zone but I feel kinda stuck idk :/ sorry for the rant

You’re, alone in the rain,

been thinkin of you…

How long, you had to wait for me,

you can’t think of yesterday, I got in a fight

When you saw me, but I couldn’t talk

oh it’s too late…

Oh girl how can I speak, with you?

(if ya watch klk you know this song)

anonymous asked:

I just want you to know, I was in a huge rut, kinda thinking about stopping drawing, and seeing your art made all that vanish in an instant. Your style is so clean, executed so perfectly, and it made me realize that though I felt my style lacked pizzazz and I should stop drawing, I simply haven't refined it yet and made it my own. I hope someday I'm as good as you--and also I wish you a somewhat late happy birthday!

This has been in my askbox for a while (so thanks for the bday shout out!)

but. here.


I drew this in… gosh, middle school? I think it speaks for itself. 

Basically, you’re absolutely right. Hopefully by me posting this, it helps take me down a peg, cause it’s aaaall about that practice and time. You’ll get better before you know it ^^ 


It’s been so long since I drew Mia in her bike úvu;; sorry for the potato bike. I tried to cover it up by making it more Vuvalini-y or something, like in that other illustration I’d made of her a while ago.

Also my buddy @neonavengers on twitter is doing a playthrough of Fallout 4 with a character they modelled after Mia and I am loving it more than words can explain so I used it as inspiration for her outfit. 

You can tell I kinda gave up on the shading but whatever. Enjoy.

Hey guys. I don’t really like clogging up people’s dashboards or tags with this kind of thing, but I want some new blogs to follow because my dash has been kinda slow lately and it lacks variety. So if you post a lot of:

  • Steven Universe
  • My Little Pony / Equestria Girls
  • Video Games (Some of my favorites are Zelda, Mother / Earthbound, Dragon Age, Telltale, Koei Warriors, most horror games, etc. Any games are fine tho I like way too many to list them all)
  • Dragon Ball Z
  • Avatar / LoK
  • Art (Bonus points if you post your own art as well)
  • Art tips/references
  • Cartoons / Animation in general

Reblog this post please, and I might follow you. It’d help if you could tag the stuff that applies to your blog but it’s not necessary. Thanks. <3

i’ve been forcing myself to draw lately and it’s never a good thing so I’m sorry for the lack of illustrations at the moment. It’ll come back.