my art yeah

when I get anxious I basically need to doodle very cute things

Wow, look at this Squad sketch I found from December. It’s on a sticky note.

Artwork ©: alazic02

Do not repost.

Oh shit here she comes the most boring red army sona!

She is a communications ‘expert’ and works with radios and stuff, listening to hacked networks and taking notes on what they’re saying or general maintenance of the radio systems. She collects swords because she thinks it’s cool (she also has the gloves because of this). She want’s to experience fighting like the other soldiers but never had the opportunity to. Tired af and ready to die.

millenniumeyebrow  asked:

mahogany crimson honey butterscotch wisteria also I forget what the ordering pizza one is but that one too lmao

  • mahogany: im gay
  • crimson: ur gay 
  • honey: would you be open to ordering a pizza together sometime. like are we friends in that way
  • butterscotch: i would give you candy if i could 
  • wisteria: i support and believe in u 

my tablets broken…. so i wont be posting anything digital for a while…..