my art welp

Welp… This is weird, I’ve been reluctant to post this mostly because it’s very depressing looking, It’s what happens when you draw one of your most pathetic characters when you’re having a nervous breakdown about your birthday.

Anyway! Here’s James, yet another of my RP characters, a practitioner of demonic magic based around maths (he can basically “alter quantities”, turn one into many, turn many into one, things like that). He started as a super edgelord character with somewhat OP powers and more serious than sasuke uchiha, and he got boring to play quickly BUT! at some point he began to get the stinky end of the poop poked stick and I started playing him more as a nervous wreck with absolutely no social life, he tried to help people because people was being nice to him, was killed by a big boss and came back swearing revenge, Obtaining his first friend who brought some easiness to his heart and allowed him to develop new powers in the name of friendship.

I really love him, but, I guess what I’m trying to tell is, his expression amuses me, Aside from the nice people who sent me nice messages, My birthday week was really awful, and I wanted to vent several times but decided against it. and All those bottled emotions just got transmitted into… just the most sorrowful expression I could muster, both in this drawing and my own face. I can perfectly hear him sigh.

Excuse the texty blabbery, It wont be a common thing, I promise! have a nice day!

Love Square Week Day 6: Kisses

I know I’m late (im still in finals) but i really wanted to do something for this one. The Ladynoir one wasnt working tho xD. Also self indulgent Marichat because i can.


Of course, Viktor would stalk Yuuri’s social medias after that banquet party and the poor boy wouldn’t have any idea that his idol screenshotted every darn post he made. 

I will bet money that Yuuri is one of those food accounts that posts aesthetic pictures of his meals.

My first shirt design!! ₍₍ (ง ´˂˃` )ว ⁾⁾

I will have these for sale at AWA in unisex M/L, visit me at table 916 in the artist alley!! ✨


I currently don’t have a store, but maybe sometime in the future I’ll have these available online!


A lil halloween poth comic ;w; my art tride w/ @angexci hon actuallyyy

honestly I rly want to make it a lil more special but i ended up ‘hated’ what came up ;–; so i decided to make a lil comic out of it.. and well… HOPE U LIKE IT ;;W;;