my art style is horrible tho

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Who are your LEAST favorite Mario characters, if any? (I love your blog by the way! You have a very cute art style!)

I mean my least favorite currently are the characters I know nothing about lmao

Wario and Waluigi mostly, I don’t know enough about them to be interested in them tbh. In terms of design, Antasma has the worst in game design I think and has a horrible amount of screen time (Even tho I love him a lot) so yeah XD


@muji-milk tagged me in the ‘Who Wore It Better’ thing !!
Let’s say this obsession for harry’s clothes began around last year…and never stopped getting worse. We all know being 5'1 and having boobs doesn’t help, and I love my frog dad so I’ll let him win. At least this time.
Idk who to tag ugh so i’ll just let everyone who feels the vibe show me.