my art style changed a lot omg


Oh boy, I spent a bit more time on this than I expected. But take a look at this eye-sore. Note that each one depicts what the character thinks of the other person! lool I mean their relationship goes deeper than that, but these are the initial impressions and general feelings they have towards each other. 

The guy on the upper right of the diagram hasn’t been introduced yet, so that’s why there’s no name atm, plus besides Rein, Cerys, and Gio, mystery oc doesn’t really have much thoughts on the others. And also Micah’s thoughts are when he’s fully awake, when he’s half-asleep, he’s not really– thinking much lmao he just wants warmth and comfort.

Kii isn’t included bc he’s not part of this story. Plus he has no real relationships with another person. I also didn’t include Zaira bc while she is part of this story, she’s the leader of a different team, so her main connection is with Rein.

so today is the birthday of a very, very, very important person to me!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAR @ohsehvna I HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT, AMAZING DAY BECAUSE YOU DESERVE IT SO SO MUCH <3 I’m super glad we got to now each other on peach, twitter and here over all this months! Your friendship means a lot to me, seriously, you make my days so much better! So I decided to gift you with some iwaoi, because I know that you’re trash for them hahaha I LOVE YOU  ❤ (ɔˆз(ˆ⌣ˆc)