my art on a t shirt

Hey since I saw an artist I have a ton of respect for just got sent hate for “catering to fat fetishists” aka “draws fat people presented as beutifull and loveable and sexy”, and since I draw similar stuff; Friendly reminder that I am fucking fat as fuck and fat people are allowed to create art where we depict ourselves as beutifull and desirable. Because we are. And if some fucko wanna give me guff about “you aren’t That fat!” Pls know that I am actually so fat I cant wear the standard work uniform for my fucking jobb (the t-shirt in this photo is not part of the uniform I can’t button it under my apron), and most employers I’ve had thinks I can fit in some tiny ass size 60 chef shirt. So like, keep your ideas about what kinda art fat people is allowed to create and consume to yourself. Okay?


Please bear with me and read what happened. I am absolutely shocked.. So Milklim Japan has decided to sell t-shirts that have my stolen illustration printed on them. YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY… Yes MILKLIM!!!

I’m not sure if they bought these shirts supplied from Taobao or if they directly lifted my design, but it doesn’t matter they continue to support art theft.

Many people including myself have commented on Milklim’s Instagram and so far they have been ignoring us and so far HAVE NOT RESPONDED. I even tried to contact them via Twitter, I received no response. They have not reached out to contact me, they have not done anything. They are just keeping this up and not responding to comments in both English and Japanese (they have no excuse they CAN read it)

I’m just absolutely floored right now, you all know me on this blog I’ve been loving and supporting Milklim for years. I have always had a dream to design and illustrate in Japan for Harajuku brands, but I can’t be there right now. But it doesn’t matter, my ideas are still being stolen by Japanese brands. My dream feels like a lie. And the integrity and creativity of Harajuku nowadays seems to be fading fast.

Please reblog this. Please spread the message. I’m only 1 small artist and I can’t do this alone. Because stuff like this keeps happening including aliexpress and a Shibuya 109 store that stole my art in 2016… I am NO LONGER posting or making art. I’ve stopped. Because I’m heartbroken. I’m sorry everyone.

so guess what

so i made myself a t-shirt designe and … it finally arrived!

TADAAAAAA!!! :D *happy squealing*

the colors are a bit tad darker, butt love it anyways!!! X3

i got permission from @loverofpiggies to make this. THANK YOU!!! :D

and @alainaprana, if you really love to have one, just give me an e-mail and i send this to you! :3