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I do not follow blogs for Star Wars or any of the actors.  Please do not send me links/tag me in TFA posts ^X^;  BUT art/image sets/whatever for any of my stories are welcome, and please DO tag me in that (because I won’t see it otherwise).  Thank you ♥

Fic: I Want To Hold Your Hand

My contribution to the Klaine Book Project 2015. I had the opportunity to work with the amazing animateglee on this, and she created some beautiful art which can be found here. Our theme was vintage!Klaine, so have some 60s Beatlemania…

“It’s definitely George.”

“You’re crazy. How can you say anyone but Paul?”

Blaine shakes his head in amusement and sticks his hands in his pockets, walking backwards along the empty street in front of Kurt. “You’re just saying that to upset me. I know you.”

Kurt scoffs and tilts his head back to look at the stars peeking through the clouds above. “It’s Paul.”

“Kurt!” Blaine stops on the spot and Kurt nearly walks into him. “Look, Paul is cool and all, but George is without doubt the sexiest member of the band. End of discussion.”

Blaine is looking at him challengingly, but Kurt simply shakes his head at him and brushes past to keep ambling along. After a couple of seconds Blaine is at his side again, and starts to whistle the chorus of Help!

They’re jumping up and down like crazy, signing at the top of their voices to the lyrics they know so well. Kurt crashes into Blaine’s side and laughs, grabbing onto his shoulder to keep himself steady, completely unconcerned about their proximity or the way their shoulders are pressed against each other. The park is so packed that no one can see them enough to care, everyone already too engrossed in the concert and the music.

“That concert was really boss. I wish we could go back.” Kurt sighs and bumps his shoulder into Blaine’s. “Favourite song they did?”

Blaine is quite for a moment, remembering, then hums a melody that Kurt would recognise anywhere.

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A Redtails dream
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