my art is so repetitive and boring

Full Confession:

I really do miss the old bachelors. In Animal Parade, even, despite having a TON of characters, everybody was still multi-faceted and interesting, which was why I had such a hard time choosing. Now I have a hard time choosing because everybody’s so boring. And the art, too, feels so generic, except for the “joke” characters. The old art styles, no matter how different they got, were fun and actually expressed personality. This might be me just complaining about the newer games, but ToTT was great, in my opinion. ANB and SoS, however… they just don’t feel the same anymore. They’re way too complicated, as well. I play the series for the repetitiveness, and it helps my ADHD and anxiety. But now I can’t even focus on anything in the games because there’s way too much you have to do!

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I really like:
•  Yowamushi Pedal
•  Haikyuu!!
•  Kuroko no Basuke
•  Free!
•  Sports anime/manga basically
•  Anime/manga in general tbh
• Kuroshitsuji
•  Tokyo Ghoul
•  Zankyou no Terror
•  Neon Genesis Evangelion
•  Nintendo
•  Video games in general lmao
•  Plants
•  Aesthetic stuff
• Bath bombs are totally cool
• Space stuff
•  Art
• Cute fashion
•  Anything related to the stuff above :^)

I’ve probably forgotten a bunch of things but you get the idea:)

Don’t be afraid!!

Y is everyone so good at art like….. Y'all are so good at expressions and making every price DIFFERENT and each one special in its own way.. And like, there’s different poses and stuff too and it’s all really good but like With my art it’s always the same.. And like.. They always are in the same position, facing the left at a ¾ angle…maybe a SLIGHT difference in expression..practically the same background…my traditional art is a LITTLE better in its uniqueness but.. Even though my art is usually colorful and bright and starry and stuff it’s just… Repetitive and boring…