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How do you do poses? I've been struggling with poses in a long time, soon enough I got a bucket list to learn animation this year its pretty hard.. I try use ref and tutorials it's not helping much on Me... Do you got any tips for poses?

uhh poses is hard af for me lol…. so heres some refs

website for figure drawing - lots of good refs and dw its free 

tutorial on composition

50s art - good for like posing refs. 

in terms of what I actually do when actually drawing is that I have separate sketch layers for different things i.e head, arms, body, clothes etc. Because my art can EASILY become disproportionate, I was getting somewhere on a zine piece and I took a long break from it and opened the file and the arm just looked huge, disproportionate and out of place. So be careful to have different things on different layers if you need to edit quickly, you can merge them later if you wish but its a lot quicker than manually selecting things. It comes with experience I guess and references really do round out a better understanding of anatomy which will eventually come to you naturally. 

everyone has different ways of drawing anatomy and not every way works for everyone so don’t be upset if they don’t work for you. Drawing from reference helps with that so you can find what method is most comfortable for you or what you can improve on.

To be honest, you say using references is hard but drawing without one is a lot worse!! I’d say if you’re ready to start a piece and you haven’t drawn all day or for while do some sketches get used to drawing and your second or third of fifth result will be better and maybe you’ll even prefer the first. i don’t know anything about animation so I’m sorry lol. Unfortunately, everything comes with practice - you’ll get there though ! 

i really hope you get to achieve what you want but I’m sorry I can’t be of anymore help


I meant to finish these earlier but I’ve been so busy with real life that I just didn’t have time to do so.

Kingsman would be an appropriate title for these cool kid (Kunzite as Harry Hart, anyone??)


So it’s been five years to the day since I started my historical (or, well, historical-ish) Disney princesses series.  I have no idea how it’s been this long – I feel like I drew some of these yesterday – but it seemed as good an opportunity as any to revisit Belle now that I’m five years older and wiser.  And now that I’m way more into the 1780’s/90’s.

I drew that original Belle on a whim, fueled by my sister’s time working as a costumed interpreter at Colonial Williamsburg, and assuming it would be a one-off piece.  In the long run, despite all their now egregious flaws, I owe this series for some pretty cool jobs, meeting a ton of cool people, developing an unexpectedly voracious appetite for historical fashion, and eating a fair amount of humble pie along the way.

I think this Belle probably marks the swan song of my historical Disney princess series.  Much as I’d love to continue doing it forever, I’ve got a lot of exciting personal projects that I’m ready to dedicate more of my precious free time to. I’ll probably continue designing this stuff in my off hours – who am I to resist drawing the likes of Slue Foot Sue and Katrina Von Tassel – but I’m going to focus less on polished illustrations, and more on the research and design.  When you get right down to it, that’s the aspect of this stuff that I love. :)

Thanks to everyone who stuck with me over the past five years, and here’s to way more historical fashion in the years to come  I can’t even put into words how lovely y’all’ve been. 

Just a little change. Small, to say the least.


my dudes.. not to brag or anything buuuuut… dis sum hot shance if i do say so myself. 

2 cool Karamatsus for 24/02