my art is getting so shine~y

Hhhhh rememeber this project? :’D The one to make my art not look like it was drawn by a 13 year old who can only draw cute stuff?

Several background drafts, casino references, and watching a few Persona 5 playthroughs later, the casino buildings are finally outlined. The windows are probably gonna be covered in casino-y things and golden. I hope to get this done by August or so after i finish all the other important things I gotta do first TTwTT Ireallygottatacklemyartlist

Anyways, besides this, Jupiter’s almost entirely colored, as well as her motorcyle, Red Velvet. The colors arent entirely finalized and whats there for the lighting and shine were just tests to see how it would look.

Thats all for now :’D

i feel like i could have written this so much better but um iris by goo goo dolls is so bucky’s song???


Bucky watched her carefully, like he always did. She was like a porcelain doll; beautiful, stars glimmering in her eyes, silky hair falling into her face that she pushed back behind her ear graciously, fragile and not to touch. Especially someone like Bucky. He felt as if he did he’d taint her, color her skin with crimson, burn her. 

Black widow was going under cover and Y/N was her makeup artist of the night. And for some reason, the soldier felt as if to taunt him, Nat has dragged Y/N to glam her up in the kitchen’s bar, right where Bucky was sitting with a book in his hands. And he couldn’t fucking help to stare at Y/N because she was so focused and she was just so so beautiful.

“Shit, I forgot the bronzer in my room, stay still, I’ll get it!” Y/N spoke up, making the man dart his eyes down, so she wouldn’t notice him looking. She walked into the corridor, Natasha turning to Bucky immediately when she heard the elevator doors shut.

“I’m sitting here with art on my face and yet all you can look at is Dr. Y/L/N, hm?” She grinned, making the man’s cheeks pink which amused her. Because this was Bucky and she’s gotten pretty close with him, as close as you can get to him that is. He was like a shadow, really, hiding in the dark, if you shine the light on him he’s gone. He always stays in the dark, quiet and reserved. But then she noticed his eyes change when Y/N enters the room, and widow couldn’t believe it, because this man – this man who claims to be a monster – was falling in love.

“Your loss. Oh and also, you can thank me later.”


“For this. Maybe talk to her after I’m gone? She’d really like you, I know you want her to know you, Buck.“ 

The thing with Bucky was is that he wanted people not to notice him. He hated himself and he didn’t need attention at all, he was fine being alone, he was fine with only having one friend, he was fine with being a ghost. But Y/N, he wanted her to notice. He didn’t have the guts, winter soldier or not, talking to her would be like taking a bite from the forbidden fruit.

What he didn’t know was that she did notice him. It’s actually funny, because she felt about him exactly the same. And she hated that he hid out so much, she was fascinated by him, she wanted to see him clearer. Maybe which is why she was now standing in front of the gym doors, 2 AM making her squint her eyes at the lights. But she didn’t dare to close them, she wanted to get a better look. The winter soldier was beating a punching bag, his human hand hitting just as hard as the silver one. That scared Y/N a bit, because she swore she could see blood dripping from it. And she just couldn’t go back to sleep after this.

When she returned with some bandage and hydrogen peroxide to clean the skin, she found him sat on the bench, still heavy breathing but way more calm than a few minutes ago. Bucky’s breath hitched when he saw that Y/N came in, she wasn’t supposed to see him like this. Every time he’d get a nightmare, he’d come here. Physical pain helped to forget of what his twisted mind showed him at night, and now he was such a broken mess, and good god, he didn’t want Y/N to see it.

"I was just, um, walking by, and I couldn’t help to notice that you’re bleeding? As a doctor in this facility I feel that it is my duty to help all avengers.” She smiled lightly, slowly plopping down next to the man. “You also seem like you could use the company.” She kneeled down, taking Bucky’s human hand gently as she tapped wet cotton on the wound.

And Bucky could barely breathe anymore, because they were touching, he could smell her perfume that was still lingering from the day before. He didn’t feel like he deserved it tough, because she was actual fucking heaven and he was burning hell and she got fucking worried about mere knuckle bruises. She got worried about him. And that was just hard to believe when you have a clouded mind like the super soldier.

“Are you really okay though? Besides the bleeding I mean, but, um, you’re always so quiet, I just can’t help but to ask if you’re all good.” She looked up at him, ocean eyes staring directly at her, but she didn’t look away. It was if they finally got the courage to really get a good look at each other. And Bucky couldn’t believe what she was asking, because he never noticed her gazing at him, and really, now he was questioning his assassin skills.

“Night terrors.” He replied when she finished wrapping the gauze, sitting back next to him.

“Hm, have you ever tried talking about it to someone?” Deep concern washed over her features as she looked ahead of them. He hasn’t told about them to anyone, not even to Steve, he was just like that, he didn’t want to bring up his problems to others. Yet here he was, bursting like a bubble to Y/N.

“No.” They looked at each other again, her lips parting to say something back but she clamped her mouth shut again. She then trailed down Bucky’s body, her orbs fixating on his hand.

“May I?” She referred to his left hand, nearly making him scream, because such abomination should never be allowed to a porcelain doll. And when he didn’t answer, she took it anyway, lacing her bony fingers with his own silver ones. And she held it as if it was real, as if it wasn’t a weapon, and Bucky now wanted to scream even more because she was fucking asking to hold his hand, not to examine it. 

“Well Mr. Barnes, I think it’s time that you do talk to someone. Is two am a suitable time for you?”