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🌳🌻🥀🌷 Final Botanical Illustration, Draft 1 🍀🌸🌼🌲

I’m definitely going to modify the details and colors based on what the boss wants (he hasn’t given me feedback yet though!! AHHH!!!) and the values I’m seeing on my new computer screen vs. my old monitor, but GOOD LORD this was THE MOST FUN JOB OF ALL TIME??!!! I can’t wait to show you the absolute final form of this beast. It’s quite large in real-life and I had to use my camera to capture her instead of the scanner, retaining the quality for publishing was a pain in the ass. This is a massively scaled down version, so unfortunately the details just don’t come through here.

Sorry for the watermarks too, I have do that for work related purposes~ I’m grateful that my boss and publishing team were looking for a more whimsical artist for their bio-illustration as opposed to a traditionally technical one!!