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It was getting too long, I had to cut it, I’ll make 2 more parts on the Art tips!!

Oh and also don’t hesitate to tell me what you think about this first one, if there’s too much text, if it’s hard to read, if it’s boring etc… I’m still not sure about how to make pretty tutorials ^^’

Have a super good day!! Hope it helps~~

*** Flipping your canvas on traditional media:  Look at your painting in the mirror, or turn your paper and put it against a light, to see the reverse image or take a pic of your drawing with your phone, and in the pic editor, just flip it~~

Some people just can’t stay away from each other. Even when they probably should.
—  from an unfinished story #827

Concepts of Umio. Belongs to Mairi.  

Here some concepts I’ve made for Umio, the main character of my short-movie. It’s a friend of mine, svndvn, who found the name for him (in japanese, the word 海 pronounced umi, means sea). I wanted him to be an adventurous and independent kid, having to adapt in a dangerous world where lands keep disappearing under water. But as I worked on the storyboard, a melancholic aspect of the character, reflecting on what he had lost, showed up. He’s more like a child who had to grow too fast for his own good. I wish I had more time to design his bandana-fish but I was alone on that project, so I had to make choices more quickly. <3


So I stumbled upon a webtoon comic known as “always human”
You guys. I cannot explain how amazing it is. I absolutely adore the art style and I love the series, I highly recommend it. 10/10 always read again I’m so connected with them and it pains me to see it end, but what ever your working on next do your best! And because it’s pride month I wanted to draw the love bugs So here’s a little fanart of Sunati and Austen

Character creator: