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The start of Infinity War, probably. Welcome to the wonderful world of having shitty big brothers who pick on you, Peter~

Inspired by basically any interview starring Holland with Mackie and/or Stan :P

image description below the cut:

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I’ve decided to open commissions. Living as a college student isn’t always the easiest thing to do but I’m sure a lot of you can relate ‘xD. So to earn some extra money that I really need at the moment, I thought opening commissions would be a good idea.
I will be eternally grateful for every kind of support. Be it a commission or just rebloging to spread the information, you will have my lifelong gratitude.
I’m looking forward to be drawing for you guys.
Thank you for taking your time to read this! <3

Commissions Information Sheet ! (Because a LOT of you asked)

Also, I WILL ONLY POST COMMISSION ART ON MY TUMBLR IF I WANT TO. I won’t post every single commission I do here on tumblr, so you can see my other worksss

Kindly Ask me first if commissions are opened when messaging me, or check my DevianArt –> JEAris

If you wish to use the illustration you ordered from me in other social media, etc


! You may also message me for other examples of my work !
Please feel free to ask questions, or discuss with me about your order through private message. I will give my PayPal information once we have settled the details of your order.

I prefer to send the commission through Tumblr messaging or through Email so the quality of the Illustration is still alright.

I will absolutely NOT entertain orders who insist to pay a higher price for me to draw anything under the “WILL NOT DRAW” section >:^(

||The Choi Twins||

Decided to do a quick drawing of my favorite twins, after once again, crawling back to the Mystic Messenger Fandom XD

If you’d like to commission, visit my blog and I’ll gladly draw anything you’d like if it matches my terms and conditions on my info page X3