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i was inspired by [krisna’s introduction of their beautiful boy]  to make kind of a, uh, ‘meet my pillars of eternity watcher’ blurb?

saffron is a nature godlike who was born and sold by her elven parents into slavery in aedyr but freed from slavery in ixamitl when she was sixteen; she was a beekeeper and painter until she took a detour to the dyrwood to chase a mage who took advantage of her friendliness to drug her and saw off her horn, which she is very anxious to get back. saf’s had cipher abilities for as long as she can remember, but dislikes automatically being able to sense how other people are feeling - she never really used her cipher abilities until being thrown into conflict in the dyrwood, but necessity dictates. otherwise, she usually wields greatswords and has the biceps to match - in slight comical contrast to the fact that she’s pretty short, even by elven height standards.

despite being viewed by many of her past masters (and even regular people after being freed) as dumb like the animals she resembles, saf is very intelligent and has cultivated a very laidback attitude towards most things in life. she dislikes yelling, but can and will step into situations when she feels the need. despite being very empathetic to people’s problems and emotions, she has pretty bad issues with letting people close to her, as her past experiences have informed her that most people only care about her in the context of thinking she’s strange and exotic - not because they actually like her as a person. she is still warm and friendly towards most and goes out of her way to assist people because she believes that (almost) everyone deserves help when they need it, but has issues actually believing that anyone genuinely cares about her.

10.28.1988 - 3.25.2012

It’s been 5 years since Edd Gould has passed away and he is very much loved and missed.

Only recently have I become a fan of eddsworld, and I have met many nice fans and I’ve heard wonderful things about Edd and I’ve seen his work and I can only wish that I had learned about him sooner.

And even if I didn’t know this man personally, I woke up today with the weather so clear and bright and warm - it was so welcoming and relaxing, I was wondering how the day could seem so lovely. 

But I guess I know why now, haha.

Miss and Love you, Edd, and I hope things are pleasant and you can see us from where you are - I hope you can be proud and know that we love you and that you love us.

Rest in peace, to a wonderful creator, an extraordinary friend to some, and a beloved family member to others. ♥

bc right now i’m having a moment of its all fake and theres missing footage but a clear path of logic was making me be like But What If it just was…..bad? BUT like….i mean if? then its just a shitty season and it sucks and theyve been roasted to hell and back n hopefully would fix it one day but theres nothing i can rly do rn but chill so i’ll chill…………but also i feel the minute i see s4 again itll just be like..WHAM…fake fake fake fake fksjdsjdladkak

Watercoloured Elf - yeah i really didn’t know what else to call it xD but I’m super happy with how it turned out. It’s been a while since I made an OC and now that I think about it I don’t think I ever used colour.. I wanted to try and work with watercolours to see how it’d turn out andddd needless to say I might use those from now on ^^” I’m super satisfied with the outcome. Here’s to more fanart^^ artblock begone!

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