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I simply love love all your Trek art it always makes me grin and the way you handled the post-IntoDarkness feels was simply beautiful I haven't found anyone who made art like that and my absolute favourites are the mums teaching chess and the DrSuess-Trek mashup and now I realise I've just been sort of ranting at you cause I'm new to this and not sure how it works but you're a great artist never stop!

Some fast sketches of my space kids. Also super stoked and nervous for tomorrow at CTNx! Hope to see some of y’all there!

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When do you strike us with more kotoumi? (p.s. I love your aaaaart and kotoumi so much)

thank you so much anon, having someone like my art and kotoumi combined is such a wonderful feeling after having long art block and well life happened

So have kotoumi kisses for you <3


001 // 009

while lamenting about the sudden “realization” that i didn’t have a creative vision, i went back to look over my digital collages and it was interesting to see that i’ve slowly been moving away from this sort of scatterplot creativity where there are a lot of things at work that are inter-related but still a series of separate, altered images and more towards this idea of separate images coming together in total cohesion to create their own image. it’s cool because there were similar processes in starting them (I tend to begin with a background image and a feeling) and yet they turned out in wildly different ways.