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hi!!! idk if you take request or not (so feel free to ignore this completely!!) but i've been feelin a bit down abt being trans recently, and i was wondering if you could draw some soft trans keith? only if you want to!! thank you, your art is truly beautiful :)

HELLO ANON you waited so patiently for me to answer, and i hope this cheers you up! THIS, UH, was supposed to be part of a longer comic, but i couldn’t make myself finish it and it … uh was a little sad without the ending lmfao

anyway don’t feel down, look at this v soft kid, big bro shiro got him a binder and he’s gonna be ready to fly around in space in a few years mmmmMMM?? yes

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Your art is so beautiful! I'd love to see you draw Tetsuwase sometime! An amazing rare pair between two 1-B boys that deserves a lot more love.

1) im crying cuz i ship it now 

2) im crying cuz i put much more effort in this than planned

3) i literally was gonna cry real tears when i finished this pic cuz for a second i thought i drew a different ship than the one you requested