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Yuri is eighteen or nineteen. His hair is getting longer and longer :)

+ little bonus - reaction of Otabek if they haven’t seen each other for a long time

That’s true love

And you can find more fan arts on “Yuri on ice” in my blog. Just look here!

Sof Boyo

I was looking around for color palettes when I found this amazing one by kysecs

There is a palette called soft boy
There is a palette called soft boy
There is a palette called soft boy

The second I saw that I knew exactly who to draw. The colors are so pretty, though of course, these are not his actual colors. But still.


Color Palette © Kysces
art © caramel-kitten-lion 2017

Please do not repost this in your gallery, edit this in anyway, and/or claim it to be yours. Please do not edit or remove the description. If you wish to use this picture in any sort of compilation, please ask first!

A Glimpse of Home

Home, it shines so brightly!
Jasper from Steven Universe, my poor Cheety puff didn’t get much attention from the Crewniverse lately, but I still love her so <3

She’s standing on some jasper of course :D

My part of the Tiger Bomb Jasper zine that is kinda dead I think? (because I’ve drew this over half a year ago, and we didn’t have any updates for  month now dang!)
So I’m posting it for you guys! :D