I got kind of distracted when I was working on something else and was like, Hey what if Marco had curly hair….oh he’d look cute with some glasses too.

…and here I am a few hours later with a fully colored portrait of curly hair glasses Marco

but okay, the glasses made me think of Hanji and I was like, what if in some AU Marco’s enthusiasm for the Military Police was replaced with like, a desire to learn about titans and he became Hanji’s little minion I thought that would be so cute, but yeah, my mind is everywhere right now


It’s a red paper with fuzzy black spots and I LOVE it and have a VERY SMALL AMOUNT and have been hanging onto it since the 2D PV came out years ago banking on the hopes that A) the show would get made, B) I would love it and C) would want to make a piece. AND ALL OF THOSE THINGS HAPPENED

She’s for sale! Shoot me an ask or chat if you’re interested, my lovelies!