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Tell Me

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Tell Me
[You need alittle reassurance from Zico]

Jiho groaned and rolled over on his side. You two have been in bed for the last few hours and every time he finds himself finally falling asleep, you would find it absolutely necessary to roll over and it would wake him up. That and he’d often find a mass of hair tickling his face, but he’d grown to find that part comforting. He couldn’t really complain about a slight discomfort when it oddly smelled like warmth and home.

However, each one of your little flops were followed by a very huffy grunt.

It wasn’t that you never moved around in bed, it was just that you never moved around so much. He glanced at his alarm clock and sighed, rubbing his temples. He had work in a few hours and knew that you wouldn’t just offer up what was bothering you. “Jagi please” he wrapped his arms around you, stopping you from turning again. “What is it?”

“…Nothing” you mumbled pouting.

He knew that pout, that was the I don’t wanna say it, but I’ll be even angrier if you don’t keep asking me pout. “Come on, please just tell me.” he yawned. “I gotta get some sleep and whatever it is, is clearly bothering you.”

“I don’t wanna tell you.” your pout deepened.

“Well why the hell not?”

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Get a Room // A Phan One-Shot

For the “OMG Interactive Introverts Tickets Are Going on Sale Today and I Need Something to Distract Me” Collection

Genre: fluff, high school!au

Words: .6k

Relationship status: together

Warnings: none

Summary: Phil wants to tell Dan a story, but Dan wants to do other things instead.

A/N: And this’ll be the end of these little ficlets :) thanks to all those who requested those and were able to distract me while tickets were going on sale! And also, to the anons who requested these two fics: i hope you don’t mind that i combined them! :)

A chapter of “It Happens” will be going up in about two hours, so be on the lookout for that! :)

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Reverie, Part 5

Pairing: Post-Azkaban Sirius x Reader

Warnings: Language, Eventual Smut

“Hello, love.”

“Ugh,” you groaned, flopping your head onto the back of the sofa where you apparently appeared next to him. “Is this gonna be a nightly thing?”

“Seems so.”

“This is not happening.”

“Seems it is.”

“Why?? I don’t even know you!”

“Well, let’s fix that, shall we?”

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MEA Fic: Fall in Love, At Least Once

Summary: After seeing some of her father’s memories, Ryder desperately needs a hug.

Warnings: Spoilers for “Ryder Family Secrets;” references to past character death.

Characters: Ryder, Liam

Zoe Ryder takes the tram back from Hyperion to the docks in a daze.

She will never get over the strangeness of seeing herself through her father’s eyes. How she looks short next to Zach, how she recognizes her hair as a little different, how her dad instantly likens the shape of her jaw and nose to her mother’s.

Seeing how young and vivid she looks next to her mother.

Zoe remembers that day herself, a memory scabbed over but quick to bleed if she picks at it. How thin Mom had gotten, her skin faded and drawn over her bones as she quivered with tremors she couldn’t control any more.

How lost Dad had looked. His memories didn’t show Zoe that; that came from her own. Her big tough dad had been lost and shaking himself, as he’d taken Mom’s hand, tears leaking from the corners of his eyes. She can’t remember if she’d ever seen her father cry before that. She’d walked away – she and Zach both had – partly to give their parents a last few moments alone, and partly because that raw, tender tide of affection was almost too much to look at.

Back when Zoe was maybe six or seven, she’d gone to her mother and asked if her parents were getting a divorce.

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so i was cleaning up my google docs and found this and i have no idea when i started it but apparently i did at some point haha… anyway here’s 1.2k of a fake dating thing that’s prob. never going to be finished *shrug*

Alec inhales sharply before making his way around the stranger’s chair. He can still feel Isabelle’s eyes on his back, her curious and knowing gaze burning a hole into his soul. She doesn’t believe him and she’s waiting impatiently until he chickens out and she’ll be proven right. Ah! Like he’s going to give her the satisfaction. This might be the most humiliating moment of his entire life, but he’d rather die than admit that he lied to her about having a date.

There’s no turning back now.

He makes his way around the table and lets himself drop into the chair in front of the man, keeping his eyes firmly down, hoping he’ll manage a hint of coherence.

“So here’s the thing,” Alec says quickly without breathing, “my sister is sitting a few tables behind you and she’s 100% convinced I lied to her about having a coffee date today to avoid going shopping with her, which I most definitely did, so would you be willing to pretend we were supposed to meet up for five minutes?”

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sonicsfan1998  asked:

Can you do a story where Sonic finally gets the courage to tell Amy he loves her? Some people really go out of character with Sonic and Tails, make sure you don't go out of character please, like some fanfictions do, it throws me off and makes me see Sonic in a slightly darker light.

I make it my life’s WORK to try and stay in character, hon XD But I also have to say that it will be AU (out of character) for Sonic to just up and say it, you know? So you’re asking for a very canon moment between the two where he ‘kinda’ says he loves her but not so directly, right?

In most of my prompts, I usually have it where Sonic and Amy are a little older, just so that Sonic can feel those ‘hormones’ a little stronger XD and feel the need to not want to keep it all ‘same old, same old’ anymore too.

But I digress, on with the show! :D/ (Are you expecting Tails to be in this prompt, or..? 0-o)


Sonic zig-zagged between the robotic horsemen’s legs, seeing the robotic centaur look down and step away, having in one hand an electric spear, and the other, Amy Rose…

“Okay! I believe you!” Amy kicked her legs as the robot sent a bolt of lightning down at Sonic, who flipped into the air and started climbing the floating stones to get to the Centaurs weak-points.

The centaur was being controlled by the machines, the storybook having a corrupted God from mythology use his mechanical know-how to corrupt his fellow Gods and also their beings.

He was sucked into this world and Amy fell in soon after, seeing the book shaking and glowing, her curiosity just got the best of her.

Sonic rammed his head into the last remaining red button that connected the whole of the machine to the centaur, as his last piece of shoulder, mechanical armor came off, and he calmed down.

Sonic landed and smiled, holding out his arms as the creature sorrowfully, with a look of asking for forgiveness in his eyes, lowered the girl back into Sonic’s arms.

He nodded, and took off, as Amy kept speaking.

“So… you really WERE King Author! And those… those rings were… Woah! My head’s spinning so much I can’t even think straight!” Amy put her hands to her head, ducking them down and shaking them while Sonic carried on his merry way.

“I mean, I know you get into some tough situations.” Amy was fiddling with her hands as Sonic fought Poseidon in the background.

The scene seems to then shift again as Amy is on a rock and kicking some pebbles around, “And I know you wouldn’t naturally lie to me unless it was something important…” Sonic fights Zeus as the giant lightning bolt is casted into the air, and Sonic jumps to narrowly dodge but uses his Super form to shift the energy away from hitting Amy and then taking down the metal helmet controlling him on his head.

“And I mean, you weren’t really trying to avoid me. I understand that now.” She nods her head as a mechanical owl is gripping her in his claws, cawing to Sonic behind him as Sonic takes him down with the help of another freed God and his accompanying creature.

“So, I guess this means you would have come on time if it weren’t for all these things, right?” She raises an eyebrow, trying to make sure she’s understanding this as some ancients stand below them and seem to bow down in worship to Sonic, who just saved their stories.

Sonic looks over them but only sheepishly smiles, folding his arms before turning to Amy.

“Wait… what just happened?” She looks around, but Sonic scoops her up again and dives into a portal, as they’re suddenly out of the Myth book and laying down on a couch.

“Nothing important.” Sonic shrugs, taking a bite out of an apple, as Amy is suddenly aware she’s wearing a greek robe, with a bowl of fruits in her hands, and a golden lace of leafs as a crown.

“..H-huh?” she suddenly becomes aware of her surroundings as Sonic pulls the bowl towards him, having her on top of him while he lounges. “Basically, you’re right.” he winked, and then continued as he ate a grape. “And as a God, I should probably keep my promises more. So, yeah. I’ll take you back to the heavens sometime.” he nonchalantly ate his meal before putting the bowl down and flicking Amy’s crown.

“You realize those ancients think you’re a Goddess too, right?”

“W-wa-wait, WHAT!?” Amy stuttered, as the crown tilted slightly on her face.

He chuckled, seeing she was too focused in her thoughts to experience the real adventure around her, and adjusted the crown on her head.

“Yeah, I told them you were a mortal I picked up, saved, and then told them I was bringing you back into my world with me.” he lowered his hands, looking at her before sighing a moment and scratching the back of his head.

“Sadly, they misinterpreted this.”

“What?” Amy looked down at the book he was staring at.

Opening it up, she read the last page.

“The Blue, Holy Hedgehog then took his Mortal Woman to the land beyond. And there, it is said they lived out eternity in one another’s arms. Surrounded by music, love, and all things holy.”

Amy blushed, “Holy Hedgehog?”

He put the book down, “Yeah, weird imaginations these people have, huh?”

“W-wai-wait! They think you-!” She turned to point to Sonic, startled, before turning to the book, “T-That we’re-!”

He smiled, “Guess I can’t help it.” Sonic kicked up his feet, putting an arm around the back of the couch, and grinning from ear to ear. “I like my mortal woman.”

He laughed, as Amy hit him in the face with her hammer.

“Careful there, HOLY Hedgehog.” she twitched an eyebrow, before smiling and removing the hammer, looking smugly in her place.

Goddesses have quite the temper.”

(I thought it was cute XD It’s an AU concept but I tried to keep it in Character. Sonic isn’t one to just come out and say it, but if you read enough into it, you’ll get that they think Sonic and Amy are like Hercules and Meg. He took her cause he loved her XD)

Why   /part 19/

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 , 6, 7 , 8 , 9, 10 , 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 16.5, 17, 18

I wanted to cry.  I was in a room, surrounded by beautiful works of art, but I couldn’t look at a single one with the joy I used to. Something was wrong. Something was very wrong, and instead of doing something about it, I’m forced to stay here like a sitting duck. I had no idea where anyone was or if they were okay.

‘Death’s cold hands…surely that’s a joke…right?’

I became more and more nervous as the time passed.  I told myself countless times that everything was okay…that everyone was okay…but I couldn’t help calling myself a liar. Minutes ticked by and I didn’t hear a single word from anyone. By this point I knew something had happened, I knew this wasn’t just some little altercation. This wasn’t a game. It just felt wrong. My bidders were in trouble…possibly hurt…maybe even…

I shook my head.

“I need to find them”

Against everything I was told to do, I made the stupid and foolish decision to exit the safety of the studio and search for my friends. I knew it was risky, I was putting myself in danger. But I had to find them. I jogged around, looking for a hat or a cigarette…anything. Any signs of them at all. I avoided the hotel and the alley Koibito was at. Those men were no doubt still out there.

Wait…of course!

I stopped and turned around. If those men were responsible for the probable disappearance of my bidders, I needed to be where they are. Logic told me to keep my distance, this was probably a trap to get me to be right where they needed me to be. I couldn’t just go there alone, I needed help. I remember leaving all my stuff at the hotel and I couldn’t think of any way to contact anyone. Then again…how reliable would my help even be? The rest of the Ice Dragons kept this huge secret from me for months.

They knew. They knew, and never said anything. I can’t believe no one, not even Inui, at least gave me some details. Did…did I not matter? Did they not care about me or my feelings? I became very depressed thinking about it. I’ve always seen the Ice Dragons as my family…now they really act like it.

I stopped before crossing the street, memories of my broken family flowing through my head. The way they treated me wasn’t right, but it was fair. I was, after all, the stupid sister. The ugly sister, the fat sister, the useless sister.  The mistake. I hadn’t seen my family in years, way before I was sold in that auction. I always foolishly thought they’d be worried about me, but I should’ve known better.

“Excuse me, miss? Are you alright?” I heard a voice politely say. I looked to my side and found a young boy, no older than six, looking up at me with large eyes.


“You seem to be crying, miss.” He said and pointed at my face. My tears, like his accent, didn’t register in my brain and I stood there dumbly touching my cheek. I was, indeed, somewhat crying. Damn…I’m such a stupid crybaby. “Are you okay?” the boy asked and I smiled at his kindness.

“Yes, I’m okay, don’t you worry about me.” I replied, knelling down at his level. The boy smiled brightly at me and his beautiful blue eyes seemed to sparkle. “Say…where are your parents?” I questioned, noticing the lack of adults nearby. The boy in return looked around shyly and shrugged.

“I Dunno.”

“You…don’t know?” I questioned, worried. The gravity of his situation must have suddenly dawned on the boy, for his face flashed fear before sadness. I gently ruffled his sandy blond hair and smiled. “Don’t worry, I’ll help you find them…”

“You will?!” he exclaimed as his whole face lit up. “Gee, thanks, miss!” he threw himself on me, nearly causing us to fall over, but I couldn’t help but chuckle at how adorable he was.    

“Alright, alright, come on.” I said as I got up, taking his hand into mine. “Do you remember where you last saw them?”

“Umm…” the boy nervously looked around again. After a few seconds of silence he stood completely still and looked like he was concentrating on something just beyond. It looked like he was just waiting for the answer to come to him.

“How about I take you to the police station?” I suggested and almost immediately regretted it. Thinking about the police station made me think about Mamoru. What would he do in this situation?

“N-no!” the boy shouted, surprising both of us. “Um…I…I think I remember now…” he sheepishly said. “C’mon” he pulled on my arm and set for the direction he was looking at.

“So…what’s your name?” I asked. He looked up at me, smiling, but didn’t answer. Huh…weird.

He led me around in circles. Walking for a while before stopping, looking confused, then continuing on.  He would try to read a street sign but after glaring at it for a moment he’d give up with a desperate cry and go in a random direction. It was clear that the boy had no idea where he was going.

“Sweetie…?” I carefully spoke, as we were rounding the same corner for the third time. “Honey, are you okay?” The boy stopped, probably noticing the familiar building, and made a small whine.

“…Yes…I’m okay, miss.” He said and looked at me with a fake smile. His eyes were glassy and his lips quivered slightly. Poor baby…he’s completely lost and is trying his hardest to appear brave.

“Do you know your address?” I asked, trying to be more helpful. The boy shook his head slowly. “Hmm…well, do you know what your mommy and daddy look like?” He bit his lip and looked down before eventually nodding his head.

“Yes…I do.”

“Great! Do you know their names or where they work or…?” he shook his head again at my questions. “Ah…that’s okay then. Just tell me what they look like.” I said calmly.



“He…what he looks like.”


“…I don’t have a mommy…” he added quietly. I felt my heart break.

“Oh, I…I’m so sorry…” I gently placed my hand on his shoulder and rubbed it soothingly. He responded by placing his tiny hand on top of it, smiling softly. He’s such a brave little boy…

“Do you think you can describe your daddy to me?” He nodded and thought for a moment.

“He’s…tall with…brown hair…and eyes.” He said, unsure.

“Hm. Okay.” His description wasn’t the best, but it was all I could go on. Taking his hand into mine, I began to look for the man he described.

“Oh!” he stopped short, remembering something important. “We live near a hotel!”

“Tres Spade?” I asked, hoping it’d be easier than I thought to find his home. He nodded enthusiastically and I felt a sense of relief.  Even if we couldn’t find where he lives, he could stay at the hotel until we figured something out.

I made my way to the hotel, still looking for the boy’s father, when I came to a familiar alley. I slowed to a stop and just looked down it. This was the same alley Soryu pulled me into. The same alley Koibito and I talked at. The same alley those thugs were at, guns loaded. I could tell the boy was concerned, but he didn’t say anything as my grip on his hand tightened. I know I shouldn’t care or worry but…is Soryu okay? They got to the rest of the bidders…did they do anything to him? Did he see Koi and the guys?I shook my head and looked away. I shouldn’t worry about this, I don’t even know why I’m worried. We always find ourselves in horrible situations and they always figure something out before I know it. Why would this time be different? Maybe I was too irrational. For all I know, everyone could be at Ota’s studio, looking for me.

Then…something caught my eye. At first glance, I couldn’t tell what it was. But the second I did I felt the color drain from my face and I couldn’t breathe. I looked down, unable to state at it anymore, only to find something arguably worse.

“Miss? Are you alright?” the boy asked. I didn’t answer. All I could do was stare. Stare at all the bullet casings scattered around our feet. I walked slowly, letting go of the boy’s hand, and picked up the object I saw moments ago. Pressing it to my chest, I closed my eyes and choked back a sob. It took every ounce of strength I had left to not break down.

In my hands, I was holding Baba’s famous fedora, soaked in blood.

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Hey y’all, you can request whatever you want, I should have a lot of free time soon and I need to keep myself distracted, please. 

five times bill ran into the queen of evil 1/?

sorry couldn’t resist
have some really shitty PG, wholesome drabble:

‘Who’s she, then?’ Bill asks, gesturing down the corridor with her head.

The Doctor frowns at her. To be fair, though, his face is sort of permanently a frown. 'Who’s who?’

Bill sighs. 'That woman! Y'know, the one with the…weird, old-timey clothes. I dunno. Like Phantom of the Opera or something. Where you been keeping her, then?’

Okay. The Doctor’s face darkens so far beyond a frown, Bill doesn’t even know what to call it.

The Doctor grabs her arm - not at all gently. 'Bill. I need you to answer this very, very carefully. What did you see?’

She wants to shove him off her, but something in his expression makes her think twice. She thinks she can smell danger. ‘Um, okay. I was looking for the laundry, trying to do my clothes. I walked past – I dunno, sort of like a trophy room, I guess – and there she was. What, is she an alien or something?’

The Doctor glances around, and pulls her further into the console room. ‘No. Well, yes, but – oh, forget it. Did she talk to you? Threaten you?’

‘What? No, course not, she said hello – I just assumed she was some friend of yours, I mean, she knows you,’ Bill says, thoroughly convinced he’s overreacting. ‘Actually,’ she adds, dropping her voice to a whisper, ‘She’s kind of fit. Always liked the Scottish thing.’

The Doctor’s eyes bug so far out of his skull, Bill starts to worry he’s having an aneurysm.

‘What? What is it? She some kind of ex-wife?’ Bill prods, prising his hand off her elbow.

‘Stop it, be quiet, and listen,’ he snaps. She reflexively takes a step back. ‘She’s a Time Lord, like me – well, Time Lady. She likes to be called the Master.’

Bill’s eyebrows hit the ceiling. ‘Are you all Scottish, then? Do you all have weird names, like is one of you called the Bachelor?’

‘Please, Bill,’ the Doctor begs, crouching down and grabbing her hand. ‘You have no idea what she’s capable of. We are talking about the most dangerous person in the Universe,’ and he pauses, scowling again, ‘and she’s on my bloody TARDIS!’

Bill absorbs this information. ‘Right. What do we do?’

‘And no,’ the Doctor adds, ‘She just really likes copying me.’

They grin at each other.


Trigger Warning (kinda)!


 I weighed myself down on the weighing scale. Not satisfied with the result.

 Don’t get me wrong, I love being a mom, I was beyond thankful for my baby and our little family. But before I was even pregnant, I was already insecure about things. Insecure about not being thin enough.

 Insecure of having thunder thighs. Insecure of even a little thing. 

 "Don’t look at yourself like that.“ Calum gently whispered.

 "It’s hard not to." 

 "Y/N, you’re pregnant. What do you expect?”

 "It’s not like that babe. Our baby is like 6 pounds and I gained 6 kilos. And plus, I have these stupid cravings.“

 "Pancakes dipped in ice cream are not weird!” He said before crossing his arms like a little kid. And plus, you’re not having an ultrasound yet! Who knows, maybe you’re carrying twins so that’s why you’re gaining more weight than intended

. “Maybe. But it’s just when you’re pregnant. Almost everything gets big. Big tummy, big thighs, big figure, big feet, big cheeks, and big boobs.”

 "Well, I’m not complaining about the last one.“ He wiggled his eyebrows. I swatted his arms which caused him to raise his arms in defense.

 But then I started thinking, what if they were twins.

 "Maybe they are.” He said, thinking about the same thing.



We’re doing, uh, the shots of sort of my freak out moment. I think it’s gonna look really cool. It’s weird right now ‘cause the two shots that we’ve done so far - the closet and this - are so ridiculously contrasting that it’s tearing me apart. It hurts really bad. I’m bleeding on my hands, my legs, my arms are all scratched up. It’s alright, I’m tough.” - Hayley

Ignorance // (Beyond The Video) 

Little Victories

“This,” Weiss declares, voice snippy and snooty and way too pretentious for their current setting, “is stupid.”

           “Everything’s stupid at three in the morning,” Yang replies with a shrug. She slides into the booth, grinning at Blake and patting the seat next to her, dimly aware of Weiss complaining about personal space on the opposite side of the table as Ruby all but shoves her up against the wall in her haste and excitement.

           Tentatively—and with a hesitation that Yang’s grown used to seeing in her partner’s golden eyes—Blake lowers herself into the booth with far more grace than the brawler suspects anyone has ever displayed at a twenty-four hour diner.

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One Legged Love - Teen Wolf Story

Part 2

warnings: swears? 

I’m sorry It’s kinda dumb but I don’t know…sorry for not posting. 


I meet Hailey in the locker room with my leg. She looks at me funny, handing me the spandex and shorts. I take off my jeans and show her my leg. “You have one leg.” She says and I nod.

“Yeah. I’m an amputee.” I say and take it off. I slip on the spandex and shorts. She hands me a muscle tank and I take off my shirt. I put it on. I put my hair up in a ponytail and change my leg, putting my stuff in a locker.

We walk out, me getting a bunch of stares. We go down to the track. I see the boy from the stairs playing lacrosse on the football field. We start jogging. “How did you lose your leg?”

“Dirt biking accident when I was ten.” I say. “It’s nothing.”

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