my armpits are a really big turn on for me

I like when dudes say “oh I’m pretty fit/muscular, have a big dick(most girls can’t handle it) what are you into?”

Me(oddly specific somewhat unattainable turn-ons/offs): um I don’t like muscles really at all except for that one in the forearm I like to watch when someone is moving their fingers, giant dicks are useless most of the time, larger or hooky noses, well spoken, older, kind, beautiful hands, very black eyes or hooded eyes like me, interesting or snake-like gait, sweet or musky smell(I’ll stick my nose right into a boyfriends armpit if I like their smell) I’m literally not even thinking about a dick at this point I’m too caught up in this hazy dream-like absurdity of a caricature posing as a man occupying a place in between my waking and sleeping.