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Hamilton LIVE Details! (1/20/16 Matinee)

Act Two: Part 1/3

Act One Recap: [Part 1] [Part 2]
Act Two Recap: [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3]

What’d I Miss

  • when he first comes out the crowd cheers so loud and he points to himself like “who, me?” and then like encourages the crowd to cheer for him and like amps them up and is such an arrogent prick and i LOVE IT
  • he is so charismatic and lovely and i just love him so much (aka i hate him and he is an absolute toolbag)
  • everytime he said “what’d i miss?’ the crowd laughed it was so great omg
  • his DANCE MOVES i honestly wish i had a video of this afternoon’s performance because he was so into it 
  • “i guess i better think of something to say, HA!!!”
  • “Mr. Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton” he sounds so snug lololol

Cabinet Battle #1

  • they like amp up the crowd and everyone in the crowd cheers it was so hype 
  • daveed’s rAPPING
  • “OWWWW”
  • he points at lin during “if new york’s in debt” and then points as mads at “why should virginia bear it?”
  • he like primps his hair at “we got it made in the shade” i love it
  • “imagine what gon’ happen when they try to tax our whiskyyyy” he like is right up in hamilton’s face and smiling so fucking smug-like and then he holds out the mic above his head and behind and DROPS IT INTO J.MAD’S HAND AND IT WAS SO FUNNY OMFG
  • ham dances all around the stage mocking jeff at the monticello bit and the crowd aTE IT UP 
  • madison sits down at “there isnt a plan he doesnt jettison” and takes out his handkerchief and starts coughing and sniffling in it he’s so overwhelmed and ham points at him and is like ‘MADISON YOU MAD AS A HATTER SO TAKE YOUR MEDICINE” 
  • the music cuts and hes like walking back to his side and sotra strutting and dancing around by himself as he’s going “damn you in worse shape” and “sitting there useless as two shits” and then so aggressively “I’LL SHOW YOU WHERE MY SHOE FITS!” and the crowd was like OOOOOOOOOOO
  • wash is like ‘hamilton! a word’ and walks to front stage left and hamilton sorta trails a bit behind him and is met at center stage by tjeff and mads
  • madison is in front of jefferson and they start ‘you dont have the votes’ and then on the second one jefferson leans over mads shoulder and is so tauntingly like ‘AH-HAHA-HA-HA!” and its amazing the crowd was hysterical
  • at “such a blunder” the lady behind me CRACKED UP OMG
  • and then after mads “why he even brings the thunder?” the crowd starting clapping and cheering so the orchestra had to vamp a bit until the audience settled down and then finally “you want to pull yourself together?”
  • “you need the votes” he like exhales on it and sounds much more pleading than the way jackson plays it
  • in all honesty im like kinda obsessed with the way sydney harcourt plays washington 
  • “that’s a nonstarter” he sounds so disapppointed
  • i imagine they’ll call for your removal” the lady behind me went “ooh” and hamilton’s pleading “sir–” i juST

Take a Break

  • ok so it opens with a violin playing the bit that phillip and his mom play on the piano
  • the piano is stage right (with eliza and phillip facing the audience) and hamilton’s table on stage left (with his back to the audience) 
  • at the last “seven eight NINEEEE” its like kinda off key and phillip just sounds so done with practicing piano and the audience laughs it was great
  • as this is happening the turntable is slowly spinning so they are switching spots with hamilton and his desk  
  • he’s writing to angelica (now facing the audience, with mom facing the back of the stage at the piano)
  • as he’s reading his letter angelica is up on the balcony singing with him
  • as this is happening eliza hands phillip a piece of paper and you can see him practicing quietly to himself
  • and then he stands up and like nervously starts “daddy daddy, look” AND ELIZA STARTS BEATBOXING OMG
  • “my name is phillip, i am a poet” and the audience is laughing 
  • and by the end he like screams ‘un, deux, trois, quaTRE CINQQQQ!!!’ and like does a total bro flex thing with his arms above his head and the crowd clapped and cheered it was lovely
  • eliza and ham are holding hands and she’s singing to him and he is like “ill try to get away…” and looks back at his desk and im like PLEASE JUST GO I KNOW YOU WONT BUT PLEASE DO
  • angelica’s on the balcony writing her letter and then COMMA SEXTING
  • the lady behind me whispered “oo, scandalous” to her friend after the “dearest” bit LOL
  • the sisters embrace and are like shrieking in excitement and itS SO CUTE
  • and ham is so cute, he’s like watching from across stage with this adorable smile and his hands behind his back and she walks towards him and is like “alexanderrrr” and he’s like “hi” and pulls out his hand to sort of wave and rocks back on his heels itS SO CUTE GOD
  • eliza grabs angelica for “tell this man john adams spends the summerr with his family” and she kinda steps toward hamilton and ham grabs her and is like “tell my wife john adams doesnt have a real job anyway” and itS SO FUNNY
  • he like sorta paused after “i cant stop – until i get this plan through congress” and i was like NO PLEASE

Say No to This

  • the sisters and phillip leave and ham is at his desk and burr is on one side of the turntable as it spins and maria is walking purposefully along with the count of the song toward the front of the stage as the turntable spins in the other direction (like toward burr) and right as they pass each other on the turntable, he goes “well, ill let him tell it”
  • she approaches him and the SCANDAL BEGINS
  • she looks so gorgeous like the red dress makes such a statement omg
  • they kiss when the ensemble says “NO!” and i was like NO even though i knew it was coming
  • andrew chappel is on for james reynolds and he’s wearing this fucking bolwer hat and suit and it was great
  • “you see that was my wife you decided to” the ladies behidn me went “oooooooohhhhh” and the crowd was like “OOOOO” and lin was like “fuuuuu-” and it was so great omfg
  • when he’s yelling at maria she’s in a pile on the floor and she’s actually crying
  • he kneels down to continue yelling at her after telling her to ‘get up’ and she doesnt listen
  • by the end of the song she is sitting on his lap on the only chair in the middle of the stage and he’s like in her neck and he’s like “yes!” it’s like super intimate and there is groping and i was like WHOA
  • at the end of the song james walks off stage in the back left exit and right before he leaves, maria is looking at hamilton longingly, and he snaps at her and she jumps, and turns to follow him before giving alex one final look 
  • A++++ acting it was so good 

The Room Where it Happens

  • “talk less” hamilton like holds his hands up as if to display a sign (like how he spells out his name in ‘my shot’) and then curls his lip and throws his voice real deep for “smile more” and the crowd eats it up
  • “sorry burr, i’ve gotta go” “but–” he like reaches out to grab his arm and pull him back but ham turns and is like “lol bye” and i feel so bad omg
  • they act out the “thomas claims” part 
  • at “i arranged the menu” i whispered ‘macaroni man’ to myself
  • alex is pouring them drinks and theyre just chillin at the table and then “alexander hamilton” “WHAT did they say to you to get you to sell nyc down the river??!??!” burr starts circling the dinner table and then finally at “you get nothing if you wait for it, wait for it, wait” hamilton gets up and walks toward burr and like imitates burrs wait for it motions in this super mocking way and its so fucking funny (like a sort of quieting gesture, like pushing both hands down as if to be like ‘settle down’ or ‘quiet down’)
  • the entire ensemble is like taunting burr as they say “what do you want, burr?  what do you want, burr? if you stand for nothing, burr, what’ll you fall for??”
  • then it’s all the same as from the video from here but except EVEN BETTER
  • but we dream in the DARK for the most part
  • the audience clapped for like a full minute afterwards

Schuyler Defeated

  • phillip is up on the right side balcony and brings the pamphlet with the news to eliza
  • hamilton and burr have their exchange (burr on the left and hamilton on the right, looking right at each other) and you can see hamilton tensing up again 
  • hamilton is literally like ‘are you fucking serious you purposeless asswipe’
  • “oh, wall street thinks you’re great” suCH AN ASS

Cabinet Battle #2

  • he says “do we commit troops” and i like it better tbh
  • daveed comes out SWINGING in this one omg
  • at “uh! who provided those funds??!?!?!?” he turns to mads and puts the mic in his face and mads deadpans ‘france.’ and the audience dIED
  • when he went “and if you dont know” the woman behind me joined in with him and went “NOW YOU KNOW!” and a bunch of people cheered it was awesome
  • you must be outtA YOUR GODDAMMN MIND he gets right up in jeffs face i loVE IT
  • he acts out the ‘head in a basket’ bit and pretends to be the decapitated head its AMAZING 
  • he put a different inflection on “super dead” than he does on the soundtrack and it was SO MUCH FUNNIER (if that’s even possible)
  • it was like “uh, do whatever you want, im suUUUPER-dead”
  • that doesnt even do it justice omg it was just SO FUNNY 
  • jefferson sounds less likes he’s pleading with washington at “sir do we not fight for freedom?” and “the people are leading!” and instead sounds much more annoyed with washington than it reads to me on the soundtrack
  • as washington is like “the people are rioting, there’s a difference. frankly it’s a little disquieting” he is walking towards jefferson and jefferson is like walking backwards and physically backing down and im like “youre damn right you sit your ass down” 
  • “did you forget lafayette” hamilton stops in his tracks and the look of disbelief on his face is priceless
  • hamilton is looking right at jefferson for “lafayette’s a smart man, he’ll be fine” and continues looking at him until he trails off saying “where do we draw the line?” and he sorta turns to continue walking off stage
  • jefferson is like “so quick witted” and hamilton, only half-turning to face his is like “alas, i admit it’ with this smug look to him 
  • “i’ll bet you were quite the laywer” jefferson like crosses his arms and is getting more and more cocky by the second and hamilton turns and faces him angrily on “my defendants got acquitted”
  • he like smiles and nods his head smugly on the “yeah… well someone oughta remind you…”
  • hamilton gets RIGHT UP IN HIS FACE for “What?” and then jefferson leans in even closer and like gives such a snarly, toothy grin as he says “youre nothing without washington behind you” and hamilton clenches up his fists pushes right in up against his forehead right as washington says “hamilton”
  • and without missing a beat jefferson slyly mutters “daddy’s calling” and then puts on the most arrogant smirk as he turns away from him
  • hamilton takes a step forward to chase him, then rocks back on his heel and spins away, quickly scooting off stage to meet dad


Act One Recap: [Part 1] [Part 2]
Act Two Recap: [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3]