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Holding His Child for the First Time- Minhyuk, Kihyun, and Hyungwon [Daddy!AU]

Part of Hold his child for the first time

Part I, Part II, Part III


BTS: Part I, Part II, Part III; Jay Park; Monsta X: {Coming Soon}

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Okay, so I know the popular fanon is that Shiro and Matt are bffs, but there’s nothing in canon one way or another so I present to you my favorite headcanon: Work Friend Shiro. Like, he doesn’t know the Holts at all until he gets assigned to the Kerberos mission, so his relationship with Matt is entirely professional. Sure they went out for drinks or coffee to get to know each other, but mostly they interact professionally. And then they’re trapped in a tiiiiny little spacecraft together for six months where they’re all just desperately trying not to trigger one of their crewmates into a violent cabin-fever-induced rage. So Shiro knows Matt, but he knows him the way you know your coworker.

Which is fucking hysterical to Pidge. Because Hot Mess Matt Holt is a thing that needs to exist.

Shiro: “Matt’s like you, he’s a survivor.”
Pidge: “I’m really flattered right now, but did you just compare me to the same guy who once broke both his legs trying to surf a sheet of plywood down the stairs?”

Shiro: “I know Matt will be okay, he’s smart enough to know what to do.”
Pidge: “Are we talking about the same guy who once shotgunned a bottle of sriracha because he thought it would clear out his sinuses?”

Shiro: “Matt’s tough, he can take anything the Galra throw at him!”
Pidge: “One time I broke my arm and Matt took one look and passed out. The ambulance had to take him to the hospital while I drove with my mom.”

Shiro: “Matt’s one of the most capable people I’ve ever known.”
Pidge: “You’ve never actually met my brother, have you?”

Lost Days (p.t. 1)

Intro: Alrighty-o so here is the first part of Lost Days!  It took me so freaking long to get this ready to go but this is it y’all.  Ok once again this is for the lovely @missmle712 (I tagged you right this time) who gave me the amazing request. 

Pairing: Kirk x reader

Word Count: 1860

Summary: So in this one we are just getting to know the reader and kind of her background.  We are also getting to the first time she meets Jim. The end part in italics is Jim’s thoughts. 


You were finally free.  You zoomed through the sky, your spirits high and a smile on your face as the ground disappeared below you and you sped into to the atmosphere, soon to be enveloped in the looming blackness of space.  

Stars streamed past as you flew by, and you settled into your seat, relaxing as you journeyed through the universe.  Pressing your forehead against the cool glass of the interior window of the shuttle you thought of how much convincing it took to get your village leader to let you go on a supply run on your own.  It had been debated heavily but you convinced them of your readiness, and they had finally agreed.  Headed to the planet of Yorktown, you were to retrieve some medications that your planet needed, and return promptly.    

After a few hours of endless obsidian spotted with specs of bright stars and glimpses of foreign planets that you couldn’t help want to explore, the glass snow-globe of a planet appeared in front of you.  You pressed your hands to your bouncing knees to try to settle them, but you couldn’t quiet the excitement that burned inside of you.  

You loved your planet, and the small colony you lived in, and you worked under the medic for three years, taking care of the inhabitants, helping them thrive. The planet was covered in stone-scapes and sand and intolerable heat, and you were ready to have solid cement streets under your feet and grass, real grass!     

As you approached the docking port, a com came through on your system. They asked for your information and you gave what you had gotten from your planet, and you were soon granted access.  

When you finally landed you almost leaped from the shuttle and smiled at the fresh, non-sandy air and soft breeze, it felt so damn good on your skin. You handed your papers to the attendant and went on your way.  You were to spend 2 nights in Yorktown, as the medication was not to be ready until tomorrow, and even though it was not a far distance from your planet, they allowed you to stay out the extra night.  

The crowds of people on the streets quickly swallowed you up but you didn’t mind.  You practically skipped along, taking in all the different alien species, and even seeing humans among them, such as yourself.  You smiled at everyone, and though they didn’t always smile back you were just happy to see faces other than the aliens that came from your planet.  You saw small children running around the streets, being followed closely by their concerned mothers, you saw couples holding hands and people embracing in greeting, it was wonderful.  

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Take My Wasabi| Pt 1

Okay so this whole thing is based on exactly what the title says “Take My Wasabi and it is dedicated to the lovely @taecup who misread a text for this. But the line hasn’t even been said yet so forgive me. It should definitely be in the next chapter. So enjoy

Genre: Fluff/Angst


Warnings: -

Summary: What happens when Yuta beats Doyoung to the draw, once again?

“Just give the poor guy a chance.” Your friend told you as you complained about how the school’s new international playboy, Yuta Nakamoto, chose you as his next target. For what she saw it as, it was just some cute guy pining over you, not the self-conceited jerk dropping hearts like they were dead flies, who though he was king of the campus. To be fair though, she didn’t attend the same school.

“But it’s not like that, he is the only guy in a five mile radius that makes me want to punch out all four of his front teeth, but he’d still probably look good so what’s the point.” You lied down next to her on the bed.

“See, you think he is good looking!” She shouted in triumph.

“Of course I can’t deny someone’s physical attractiveness. But, I can detest their personal likability as much as I want. “ You turned your head on your pillow on your pillow so you were facing her.

“I still don’t see the problem with a measly date. Let the guy treat you then be done with him.” She raised her eyebrows.

“I’m not as dishonest as you, pabo.” You flicked her forehead. “I’m not going to go out with anyone unless I genuinely like them.”

Well, that was a week ago. Here you were standing in front of your locker looking at the large bouquet of flowers sitting inside of it, with a smirking Yuta behind the open door. Shutting the door on the bouquet, you turned to face the Japanese man. Surprisingly, he quickly stood up and interlocked his hands behind his back. Most of the times he came by your locker to ask you out (for the, you lost count after the 57th, time) he was leaning back, smirking, thinking he had finally caught you in his trap of devious smiles and pretty gifts. But this time he seemed actually attentive to your answer, maybe that’s why you said what you said next.

“Downtown movie theaters, 6 pm, I’ll buy tickets, you handle food and drinks. I have to be home by 10 so don’t make it last longer than that.”

That was 2 days ago. Now you were sitting in front of the theater wit the tickets in hand, waiting for him to show up. Glancing down at your watch you noticed Yuta was already fifty minutes late, and for some reason you seemed slightly disappointed. Maybe because it was your first time out with a man excluding your family members. Maybe because it was your first time being stood up. Maybe it was because part of you was hoping Yuta Nakamoto was serious about pursuing you. But you didn’t give up hope on the black haired man showing up until he was actually two and a half hours late. Finally you went home and fell asleep with an even worse impression of Yuta Nakamoto than you did to begin with.

The next day at school you wished to act like nothing happened when you opened your locker to find no grand gift or statement of apology. To be honest, you didn’t even want to open the envelope you found sitting on top of all your books. You knew it would be a simple letter explaining how he had to use you to win some bet he couldn’t stand backing down from, or worse, watched you wait for him because he was just satisfied in knowing he won you over.

Just as you were about to open it and face the truth of the situation, Doyoung came by and jokingly slammed your door shut. Looking down he saw you holding the unopened envelope in your hands. He also noticed the apprehensive look plastered across your features. He quickly grabbed the envelope and turned away from you. Once the paper left your hands, it snapped you out of your inner turmoil.

Rounding him, you reached for the envelope, which he help well above both of your heads. “You jerk! Give it back Doyoung!” You cried, hitting his chest.

“Why? It’s not like there’s a confession in here or anything. It’s probably just your test scores which you’ve never stopped bragging about so now I am just going to be the one to see them first.” He chuckled at your child-like behavior of slapping his chest.

“They aren’t test scores Doyoung! Give it back!” You jumped trying to reach the small package. Still he wouldn’t take no for an answer. Anyways, why would it matter if he found out, it’s not like he had purchase on you, much less a crush, if anything at all. He would just be upset that you gave into Yuta’s trap, right? Even after that he would probably sit on top of the school walls with you and let you rant about how much you hated Yuta Nakamoto, right? So, you gave up trying to grasp the letter. Once he noticed you bringing down your hands, he did the same, still hesitant that you would try and grab it. He finally let the envelope drop in front of his face. He quickly ripped it open and pulled out the contents.

His eyes widened when he realized what it was,and as he continued to read, his spirits seemed to fall to the point he couldn’t continue reading. Doyoung’s arms dropped to his side and he let the paper fall from his hands onto the floor, without a world he turned and walked away from you. As he seemed really affected by the contents of the letter, you cautiously picked it up.

“Dear Y/N,

It’s my fault. It really is. I was an idiot, and one that let you follow him into this. I saw you waiting there for me last night and I couldn’t do what I had said I would. To tell you the truth, and you probably already assume this, but I made I bet to prove I could get you within a week’s time. But seeing you waiting for me, I couldn’t bear to play with your emotions even though my name is practically the brand of this sort of game at this point.

I hope you didn’t wait too long, for me that is. You should’ve at least enjoyed the movie without my presence there. I’m sure it was a great one. If you didn’t maybe we could start over and I ask you out properly. But I guess I will understand if you want me to never talk to you again. I hope that isn’t the case though, I couldn’t stand having you ignore me over this.

Just know that I truly like you Y/N, I REALLY like you. But I have no expectations for you to like me back, not in the slightest. With my reputation, and with what I have put you through these past couple of days, and this letter right now, I probably seem like the biggest douchebag in the entire world, don’t I?

Since this is long already, and I am probably making the biggest fool of myself for repeating the same concept of apology over and over again, I want to work up the courage to apologize to you in person. Right now, I think I would make a bigger fool of myself that way than through this letter. Just… meet me under that big cherry blossom tree you read in every chance you get, this way I can apologize in front of you.


The guy who seriously screwed up.”

You were about to throw the letter into the trash when a girl, maybe a grade two, came up to you.

“Doyoung… Doyoung-sunbae… Yuta-sunbae… courtyard… fight….” She let out between labored breaths.

“Wait, Doyoung is fighting with Yuta right now?” She shook her head violently, still gasping for air.

You quickly left her behind and ran to the courtyard, only to see Doyoung having Yuta pinned against the wall. It was no secret, the rivalry between the two, but it was merely only desire to beat the other in anything they did, but to see the usually docile and quiet Doyoung have his opponent pinned roughly against the wall, Yuta must have definitely done something to set him off.

As you got closer, pushing your way through the forming crowd, you were able to make out parts of their heated argument.

“You knew. You knew and you still thought that it was okay to play your stupid game.” Doyoung spit in his face.

“It’s not like the player I was after was yours for the taking in the first place.” Yuta cocked and eyebrow and shot back at him. He didn’t even seem fazed by the high possibility of Doyoung raising his fist to have it collide with his face.

“There’s this thing called respect, asshole, and to know your place. You knew what I was going to do and you just had to take the chance and screw it up.” He jabbed his finger into Yuta’s chest, punctuating the last three words.

“That’s the price you pay for being a coward.” He smirked and rolled his head to the side. “At least I have the guts to go after what I want, not worrying about what was in my way. She’s so naive, I knew a couple bouquets and well written letters would do the trick. Plus, she would look good on my arm, don’t you think? That comment broke Doyoung’s last straw and his free hand flew up and landed down right on Yuta’s cheek, tossing his head to the side. With the change of angle, it brought you into Yuta’s line of vision and something changed in his eyes. He suddenly jerked back up and looked into Doyoung’s eyes. “I like her,I really do. It’s just really fun to get on your nerves. But the thing is, I’m sure she’s heard what this fight is about at this point, and, is she even aware of your feelings for her? Or do you just stay in the friendzone because you don’t want to lose her?”

“She’s got a lot going for her right now, much less a boyfriend, so I keep my distance, which I advise that you do the same, or else the red mark will turn into a black eye, understood?” Doyoung backed off Yuta, letting him stand on his own without his back pressed painfully against a wall.  For the second time today, Doyoung walked away from an important scene. Your first thought was to run after him, but Yuta slid against the wall and held his cheek after the crowd had dispersed.

Doyoung was never able to control his strength.

You walked cautiously over to where Yuta’s figure was leaned against the wall. “Did he hit you hard?” You crouched down to his level.

He quickly straightened up and looked you in the eye. “I’m fine, why aren’t you chasing after him?” He glanced in the direction Doyoung walked off in.

“He needs time to cool down, do you want to go to the nurse?” You asked, turning the tables back to him.

“I’ll be fine.” He smiled and poked his cheek to prove it, which ultimately backfired, once he poked it, his face contorted into a wince and small whine left his lips.

“You’re going to the nurse.” You stood up and held out your hand for him to grab. Once he had stood up himself, he didn’t let go of your hand.

“You’re old enough to walk on your own, your not a kindergartener nor are your legs or hand injured.” You pulled your hand gently out of his grasp.

“Sorry, I just thought you were showing some sort of emotion for me.” He let his head hang down.

“I am, it’s called empathy, you just got beat up by my best friend, I’m apologizing for him.” You said, and continued walking the way to the nurse’s office.

Catching up to you, he asked “So what made you two become friends in the first place?”

“Simple really, I was new in town and he was the goody-two-shoes of the block, he was the person who came and helped my family unload the moving truck, and invited me to hang out with him, and walk to school with him, he showed me around the campus, you know, the whole nine yards. He was the one kid in class that was willing to be nice to the ‘foreign kid’, and I really appreciated that.

“Wow, sounds like you go way back.” He muttered. Just then you both walked into your destination. The nurse looked up at the both of you.

“He ran into a door as it was opening from the other side and his cheek is red and still hurts, can you give him ice please?”

“Sure hun, just have him go sit over there.” She got up from the desk where she was sitting and rushed over to the freezer with ice and you made Yuta sit down. While she was busy preparing the ice pack, he turned to you.

“Why did you tell her that I was ran into a door when you clearly know that I was in a fight?”

“Did you want the demerit points? It would probably only further you to your suspension.” You gave him the ‘you’re an idiot’ look.

“Oh.” Was his only answer. Just then you phone ringed. Pulling it from your pocket, you saw a text from Doyoung.

Hey, can you meet me at the playground? You know, right behind the big slides?

You quickly texted him back.

Sure, we probably need to talk anyways.

Looking up from your phone, Yuta gave you a curious look. “He asked you to meet him didn’t he?”

“Yeah, I have to go, stay here till the redness goes away okay.” You called out to the nurse that you had to leave.

You rushed to the playground that was on the opposite side of the street that the school was on. You remembered when some older kids were picking on you behind the slides and Doyoung came and punched the first guy square in the face, since then, it had been the place that you and Doyoung would meet whenever something was on the other person’s mind.

You approached the slides and you saw Doyoung drawing what looked like miscellaneous patterns in the sand but when you got closer you realized it was hearts, but when he noticed you walking towards him, he quickly erased them from the sand.

You sat down next to him and said the first thing that was on your mind. “Why did you hit him?”

“Because he found out something he shouldn’t have and he decided that it was okay to act on something that wasn’t his decision.” He glared down at the ground.

“Come on Doyoung, I’m your best friend, you seriously don’t think that I know that it is more than something than that? All you two usually do is bark nonsense at each other. I’ve never seen one of you two make the move to bite until today.” You put your hand on his shin. “If you need to vent about how much of an idiot and how clueless he is and how he thinks he rules the world, then I am here to hear you out.”

“It’s not that Y/N!” He almost shouted. He rested his head in his hands, his fingers slightly pulling at his hair. “Listen, I… I can’t tell you what set me off, yet. I can’t tell you yet. It’s not right for me too with what has already happened.”

“Doyoung, I was there when you had him pinned up against the wall, I know it was more than something you can hold in. A player, a game? Your’s for the taking? What was all that about.” You asked him as he lifted his head.

“Does it even matter? It’s not like he hasn’t already taken that away from me too.” He looked at you. “Why didn’t you run after me after I left if you were there?” He gazed into your eyes.

“I took the guy, who’s head you sent reeling, to the nurse’s office, I know how you are, you needed time to cool down before you could talk to anyone.”

“He deserved to go reeling.” He shook his head.

“Doyoung, you keep telling me that, yet you won’t tell me what is actually going on, I can’t help you if I don’t even know what’s wrong in the first place.” You pleaded with him.

“Do you really want to know what’s wrong? You promise me that it won’t change anything between us?” He started into your eyes, with the sincerity and slight frustration in them, it almost looked like he was gazing into your soul, looking for the truth within it.

“When has anything you told me come between our friendship? You know I would never give it up for anything in the world.” You gazed straight back at him.

“Maybe that’s the problem.” He sighed, not dropping the gaze he so intensely held.

“That I don’t want anything to become in between us?”

“That you only think of me as a friend after I have tried to tell you how much I love you countless times, and after that I tried to hide those feelings so that you don’t disappear from my life forever and that I try and tell myself that I am okay seeing you be with other people but when I read that letter I thought that I finally lost my chance and what was worse was that I was talking to someone about that I was going to finally confess my feelings and that jerk overheard me and that was when this whole game started and knowing that he was just trying to play you was even worse and I had no choice but to sit back and watch. I just wanted to be the one to finally hold your hand and make you happy and take you out to that stupid little sushi place you love so much and have study dates and you force me to work and why didn’t I have the guts to tell you before all of this started?” He let out all in one breath, running his sentences together.

After listening and processing all he said, your hand slowly dropped from the place where it rested on his shin.

“See, I shouldn’t have told you, I should’ve just protected you from getting hurt on the sidelines, I should’ve done something when I saw Yuta first trying to win you over, I should’ve-” You cut him off.

“You should’ve told me a long time ago Doyoung, but, I… I need time to think all of this through. So much has happened this week, this conversation isn’t over, our friendship isn’t over, and… I just need a breather okay?”

“You… you aren’t turning down my confession are you?” His head finally dropped, breaking the stare down that was taking place.

“I don’t know what I am doing right now, okay? I’m not leaving you alone though.” You started standing up, gently throwing out your hand for him to take. Once he grabbed it, he stood up with you, also not letting go of it, making him the second person to do that to you today. For some reason, you didn’t make a move to release yourself from his grip. Something about his hand holding yours had a different effect than Yuta’s did. Doyoung’s enveloped your’s completely, something you hadn’t noticed before, but it felt comfortable. Yuta’s was more proportioned to yours, seemingly easier to interlock fingers but, it was more awkward on your part.

You started leading him back to the school campus, and once you were both back inside the school grounds, the bell had rung, signaling the beginning of break. During this time you would usually go meet up with Doyoung under the large cherry blossom tree and you would force him to read to you, but you didn’t want to go there anymore, at least not today, instead you directed him to the wall on the far side of the school.

“We just came back to campus, you aren’t planning on ditching the whole day are you?” He looked questioningly at the wall.

“Nope, we are going to sit up there and you are going to listen to me rant about all that is wrong in the world and not talk once.” You chuckled.

“And if I don’t want to?” He poked your side.

“Then I guess we can’t be friends anymore.” You joked back. Just then, you reached the wall. You first threw your backpack up and over as the land was only slightly shorter than wall on the other side. After Doyoung had thrown his backpack over as well, he latticed his fingers together and let you put your foot inside of it, helping you scale the wall. Though it was still awkward between you, it was such a routine that was even more awkward without it.

Once you were sitting up on the ledge, he back up a little bit and raced to the wall, jumping at the last second so his hands could brace the edge and push himself up.

“So what do you want to talk about? We have a full hour.” He looked down at his watch.

“I don’t know, I was going to rant to you about Nakamoto but I’m deciding against that right now. I was going to talk about us but I’m still processing everything so that is out of the question. We could talk about dramas but you are probably tired of hearing me fawn over Song Joong Ki and Park Hyung Sik so I will let you be on that subject.” You groaned. “Why does this have to be so hard, it was so much easier when I was ignorant to the world.”

“Ignorance is bliss, but bliss is short lived.” Doyoung commented, leaning back on his hands, facing you. “Speaking of short lived bliss.” He glared down at the dark haired boy walking towards your direction.

Looking down, you noticed who he was talking about, Yuta was walking towards the both you, but would stop every few seconds, hesitating, as if thinking about what to say when he arrived. The first thing you thought of was, he really is cute when he is hesitant, but you quickly shook the thoughts away as he finally approached you. Looking up at you, he started to blush, bringing back your previous thoughts.

“Would you mind talking with me?” He asked, completely ignoring Doyoung’s presence, which was probably better off for the both of them.

“I’m kind of busy right now Yuta.”

Doyoung, actually cut in, “Go with him, it’s not like we were getting anywhere up here.” He turned his head away from you as he spoke. For some reason it pissed you off that he was acting like this. You understood that this was how he reacted and processed information. That he would give everyone the cold shoulder and focus on other things until he knew what he wanted to do to try and solve the problem at hand. But it really pissed you off that the one time that you were willing to try a work through something with him involving confrontation, and especially confession, that he wanted to act like a betrayed middle schooler with hormonal issues. It pissed you off that he blew off the lid at not only Yuta but you as well, without trying to clean up the mess afterwards, without thinking about what would happen before he acted. It pissed you off that after confessing, he didn’t even seem to want to hear your answer.

“Fine.” You replied curtly, jumping down from the wall, without waiting for one of them to help you down.

Once your feet set foot on solid ground again, Yuta looked down and you and smiled “Thanks for talking with me.”

“Like he said, it’s not like I am getting anywhere with him right now anyways.” You glanced up and Doyoung, who was still turned away from the both of you.

“At least he is still your friend… I mean, you practically hated me before this, and I’m sure you hate me even more know.” Yuta casted his gazed to his shoes.

“I don’t… I don’t hate you okay? Everything is just confusing. I don’t know who to believe any more and as much as I want to work this out and then leave it in the past, it seems to keep coming back to haunt me and it’s only day one. I’m honestly just so confused right now.”

“How about I make it simple then.” He asked, definitely more courageous than he was mere seconds ago.

“And how can you do that Yuta?”

“I like you. Doyoung likes you. Choose.” He said rather flatly.

“How does that make this any more simple Yuta?” You shook your head. “It only makes it more complicated. Much less that I can’t seem to escape either of you.” You said, when your conscience cut in. But there is one that you don’t mind sticking around. You quickly shook yourself of the thoughts.

“How does it make it more complicated? I told you flat out what was going on, and have confessed my feelings to you over three times and you still can’t make a decision?” His eyes pleaded with you.

“Do you even understand that no matter how many times you tell someone that you like them, that doesn’t mean that they will like you back? Do you realize that even after telling someone something like that three different times, when someone else only told you once, it doesn’t mean that you automatically win the fight? Do you realize that fighting in front of the person you are trying to win affection from makes you both seem worse in her eyes? Do you realize that people you already had connections to beforehand are the people you are going to stick by in the end, no matter the decision you make?”

“But I did have a connection to you before all of this happened…” He trailed off.

“A connection you broke three years ago Yuta, grow up. Doyoung has been with me since I moved to Korea, he has been with me on the first day to every school I have been to. He has been with me through every heartbreak, including your own. And no matter how much he pisses me off and gets on my nerves and fights with people and hurts himself, he has still been the one to be there at the end of the day and listen to every stupid problem or rant I have told him. So what connection do you think wins this round.”

You picked up your backpack that was previously on the ground and pushed past the tall man without another word. Maybe it was best to avoid both of them until you were able to sort yourself out.

With 30 minutes left to the break, you walked over to a bench and sat down, resting your head in your hands, trying not to think about anything in the moment led you to think about everything.

Yuta was the new, shy kid at school during freshman year, he barely spoke Korean and he didn’t understand certain honorifics and such, it was hard for him in school as it was and the learning curve of a different language challenged him even more. You understood him, you related to him, you pitied him, and that was your biggest downfall.

When he first came to the school, he was barely fluent in Korean, much less English, which was the class period you had shared with him. You were fluent in both Korean and English, coming from a family that spoke English but moved to Korea while you were still young. This made you the prime candidate to be his English tutor, which at the time, you were more than willing to be.

He was ignorant, he didn’t understand the importance of being able to speak English.


“Yuta… can you please just explain to me the word ‘syntax’?” You practically begged him as he leaned back in the chair.

“What does it even matter? I suck at Korean, so what makes you think I can even come close to understanding English?” He asked, letting the legs of the chair fall back to the floor with a bang.

“It matters because it is practically required if you want to find a liveable job in Korea!” You let out an exasperated sigh, you had been fighting with him for the past twenty-five minutes, still getting nowhere.

“It’s useless then, I plan on moving back to Osaka as soon as I can get out of this hellish place.”

“You won’t be able to do that if you don’t pass this English class, Yuta.” One more comment and you were leaving the empty classroom and telling Mr.Choi that he would have to find someone else willing to tutor Yuta.

“What do you want to do once you can leave this hell hole?” The question took you off guard.

“If I answer it, will you answer my question?” He nodded eagerly. “I want to be a linguist. I know three languages, learning a fourth, and I love history, so I thought it would be a good career.” You sighed. “Now what is the definition of ‘syntax’?”

“It’s the study of the correct form of a sentence in English, where certain phrases and words go within it.” He answered with definity, slightly pissing you off that he wouldn’t answer the question to begin with.

After you went through the rest of lesson and you were about to leave, he called out after you. “I’ll make a deal with you.”

Turning back around, you glanced at the smirk on his face. “What kind of a deal?”

“A simple one, really. Every day that you tutor me, I get to ask one question, and of course you have the right to deny answering it, but then I get to ask a different one. After I ask the question, and get an answer I am able to believe, I’ll listen and try my hardest in every lesson you give me.”

“I think you have yourself a deal, Yuta Nakamoto.” You smiled, turning back around to leave.”

~End of Flashback~

That’s how it was, every day you would walk in and set down the materials he had to learn that day, and before you started working, he would ask a sometimes random question, other times building on questions he had asked before. To be honest, you started enjoying him wanting to get to know more about you, and you started asking him similar questions.

From there it was appropriate to say a weird sorts-of relationship, playful but benefiting to each of you. And one day Yuta decided to finally act on what was going on between you and asked you out to a movie date, of course you said yes. To be honest, you were more excited than you should have been, which was why what happened next hurt more than it should have. You were waiting outside of the theatre, waiting for Yuta to show up, when out of the corner of your eye you saw a familiar flop of midnight hair. Turning to your left you saw Yuta laughing with another girl, with his arm slung around her shoulder, with him kissing her cheek before you started walking in the direction of the theatre, leading you to assume he was leaving one date to head to another.

You quickly left the scene and made up a quick story to try and explain why you stood him up when you talked to him the next day. And you did, the worst is that he didn’t seem even the slightest bit of upset when you lied through gritted teeth of your brother breaking his arm and having to go to the hospital with him, he blew it off and said that you could make it up another time, not like you would make the same mistake again.

The next day you went to Mr. Choi and asked him to excuse you from being Yuta’s tutor. Luckily, during the time that you had been working with him, he managed to raise his grade to a passing one. The one person who was there for you during the foolish heartbreak you felt, was Doyoung. He even threatened to go beat him to a pulp but you wouldn’t let him. If you remembered correctly, that was what started to horrible rivalry between the two. Before that, Doyung was happy that you had found a friend in a foreigner like he had with you, but the second that he had learned what happened, he swore that he could never look at Yuta the same. One could say that, that day was the beginning of Yuta’s famous playboy reputation. It seemed like the language barrier wasn’t stopping him from fooling everyone.

Now here you were, sitting on a lonely park bench, trying to figure out your feelings for the person who broke you heart in a foolish situation 3 years ago, and the person who helped you through much worse than just that. Your heart said one while your mind was somehow still split between the two. Just as you were trying to force yourself to come to a decision, the bell for homeroom rang.

Heading to class, you decided to let your lessons consume your mind until you had to force yourself to come to conclusion. After throwing yourself into your last 3 lessons, you left campus as soon as you could, not waiting for Doyoung like you usually would.

This lasted for about 2 weeks, ignoring both of them,heading the opposite direction if you saw them heading your way, ducking out of sight if you noticed them too late. It wasn’t just Yuta or Doyoung that you were ignoring, your family started noticing it too, how you would lock yourself up in your room, no longer the happy virus that always brought a smile to their faces after a long day at work. One day, your mom entered your room to see you with your knees to your chest, arms wrapped around them, staring at an old polaroid of you and Doyoung. You were on his back, arms wrapped around his neck, legs about his waist. He was doubled over in half laughter, a fourth pain from you suddenly jumping on his back, and a fourth surprise. You both had large smiles on your faces, all because it was your first chance to go on vacation together. When you think about it, this was one of happiest memories period. He really was your rock.

“Honey, what’s going on?” She asked, sitting down along the bed post with you. “Something’s obviously bothering you, I haven’t seen Doyoung around in quite a while, and that’s not like him… is he okay?”

“I don’t know..” You sighed, twirling the polaroid between your fingers. “I haven’t talked to him for two weeks.” You said, glancing towards her. You heard a small gasp escape her lips.

“That… that’s not normal, Y/N. Usually I can’t get you to shut up about something he said or did, now you haven’t even talked to him in two weeks?” She scooted closer to you, “did you two fight?”

“Not… not necessarily?” You leaned back. “It was more like he punched a guy at school, then confessed to me, then tried to talk to me, then the same guy came to talk to me and he kinda shut down.”

“Can I ask you one thing?”

“When has my answer ever stopped you in the first place?” You smiled.

“Never.” She stuck her tongue out. “You like Doyoung, don’t you?”

“Of course I like Doyoung, he is my best friend! He has been there for me through thick and thin. He has beat up bullies for me, and been beaten up by bullies for me, he helped when when I still didn’t quite understand the language. He bought me countless lunches when I foolishly forgot mine. He’s tutored me when I didn’t understand a concept. He has really done everything for me. He even paid fully for a vacation for us last year. I even remember how many times he turned me down to hang out because he had work, I was so upset, then he surprised me with that once he had paid it all off.”

“No, I’m asking you if you are interested in him as a man, not as a friend. Because it really seems like you are, and during the beginning of secondary school for you both, your father and I were actually convinced for a long while that you two were dating.” She let off a weak laugh.

“I guess we do seem that way, but why am I only viewing it like this now? Why can’t it go back to the way it was when I was obliviously happy for way things were between us?”

“Maybe because it’s time that you acknowledge what you felt for such a long time?” She raised an eyebrow. “I mean, look around your room, there’s not a crack or crevice that doesn’t have his influence in some way. You even have his clothes here because of how often he stays over. The amount of photos pasted on that corkboard is more than your father and I have taken in over 30 years of marriage, you have even more on your laptop. A selfie of you two is your lockscreen and another one is your wallpaper. He PAID for a vacation for the two of you to Jeju Island, and even asked me if it was okay if he took you alone. When he was raising money for the trip, you went and sat idly behind the clerk’s counter for hours on end because ‘you didn’t want him to be lonely’. Honey, you two have acted like a couple for years.”

You smiled looking over at the photos of the two of you in Jeju Island last summer, from candid photos of the each of you, to silly selfies, to posing on top of Hallasan Mountain after reaching Baengnokdam Lake. On the photo in the center, after you had reached Baengnokdam Lake, you had stopped a fellow hiker to take a photo of the both of you.


“Doyoung… how much farther?” You had probably been complaining for the past 10 minutes.

“Y/N! You were the one who always told me that you wanted to hike Hallasan and now you are asking me how much farther?” He laughed heartily, stepping off the trail so both of you could take a break.

“You didn’t have to surprise me with a trip to Jeju! You should have warned me so that I could work on my fitness beforehand…” You trailed off, pouting.

“It’s all steady ground from here on, probably another 5 minutes.” He smiled.

“Ahhhh, no matter how much I complain, I really wish it would never end.” You turned around to look across the island, you closed your eyes, breathing in the fresh air, still not used to the difference from Guri.

“Such the weird one you are.” He ruffled your hair before you opened your eyes, you heard the click of a shutter.

“What did you take a picture of?” You turned back around from the scenery.


“Why? I’m sweaty and ugly right now.” You frowned. He waited for the camera to deposit and started to shake it so the photo would show.

“You looked fine.” He shook his head, chuckling. Once he had finished shaking the polaroid, he put it in his backpack and stepped back onto the trail. Not long after you both continued with the hike, you reached Baengnokdam Lake.

“Waaahhhh. It’s so pretty, Doyoung!” You smiled, leaning against the railing that encompassed the crater’s edge. You thought he mumbled something under his breath, but wasn’t quite able to catch it. “We need a picture of us together!” You glanced over at him, leaning on the rail by your side.

“We can take a selfie?” He offered, pulling both of your phones and the camera from his backpack.

“No, I want a proper photo, a cute one, we just need to find someone else to take it.” You snatched the camera from his grasp. “I want to remember this moment the right way, not with some blurry selfie that cuts out half of our faces.”

Glancing around, you noticed a middle aged woman who just finished taking photos of what appeared to be her family, walking over, you tapped her on the shoulder. “Hello, I was wondering if you wanted me to take a photo of you with your family for you? Then afterwards maybe you could take a photo of us?” You pointed behind yourself at Doyoung, who was already approaching the scene.

“Oh thank you dear! I would love to help take a photo of you two together.” She smiled and handed you her camera, then rushing over to her family, straightening her kids clothes and grouping them back together. After five or so pictures, she left the group again and asked you where you wanted the photo.

“Do you mind if we take one overlooking the lake and then another one overlooking the rest of Jeju?”

“Not at all, dear.” She smiled warmly again, moving back to let Doyoung slide in next to you. Once he was closer, he wrapped his arm around you, pulling you into his chest. The woman quickly snapped a photo, then let you move to the other side of the railing that overlooked the rest of Jeju. This time Doyoung moved behind you and wrapped his arms around your neck and rested his head on your’s. After she had snapped another photo, he moved from behind you and bowed to her, thanking her for taking the time to take the photos.

“No problem, I love seeing young couples having fun and getting active. Plus such cute couples at that.” She smiled and nudged Doyoung’s arm.

“Oh, we’re not together, ma’am.” He blushed, looking back at you, gauging your reaction.

When you blushed as well, upon hearing her comment, he quickly bowed again and thanked her once more and she turned around and retreated back to her family after apologizing for assuming you were a couple.

“I’m sorry about that… maybe I shouldn’t have done those poses.” Doyoung looked down at his feet.

“You’re fine, Doyoung. Plus the photos are super cute, so who cares?” You went up and hugged him reassuringly. No matter the strength Doyoung possessed, he never seemed to show it around you unless absolutely necessary. It was like he mellowed out when you were around.

“You sure?” He looked down at you after you pulled away from the hug.

“Positive.” You stared back up at him until a thought came to your mind. “I’ll race you back down!” You shouted, turning around and running. Soon enough though, he was hot on your heels and a few moments later he had passed ahead of you. Looking over his shoulder, he stuck his tongue out, trying to egg you on. Not watching where he was going, he tripped over a rock causing him to fall to the ground with a loud thud. You quickly rushed over to him and when you stooped down to check to see if he was seriously injured he burst out laughing.

“Why are you laughing?” You cried, looking at him incredulously.

“I honestly don’t know.” He continued laughing, looking down at his ankle.

“I can’t believe you.” You said, tenderly grabbing his ankle, touching certain spots to try and get a reaction out of him. “Does it hurt?”

“I think my ass and my pride hurts more than my ankle Y/N.” He chuckled again. “Now come on and help me up, I need to finished beating you in this race.” He stuck his hand out for you to help him up off the ground.

“Um, no. We are not racing anymore, what if you fall again and hurt yourself?” You hoisted him up off the ground with both arms.

“Always such a worry wort, always trying to ruin my sense of adventure.” He pouted in feigned disgust.

“Ya, me being a worry wort is probably why you are still alive today. Remember if it was during the Joseon period, you would have to marry me.” You joked.

“Maybe I will now that you mentioned it, dear life saver.” He joked back, and before you knew it, he lifted you in a bridal position and started walking back down the mountain.

“What the heck do you think you are doing?!” You asked him, banging your fists on his chest.

Not even flinching once, he responded. “Instead of marrying thy fair maiden, I must at least repay her for her deeds, for which I will carry her down the treacherous mountain.” In a horribly fake accent, too. As you continued to bang on his chest, he didn’t even flinch, and continued walking down the trail. Eventually, you decided to give up and let him carry you the rest of the way down. You both received some side-eye glances from other hikers, awww from older men and women and one little girl even tugged on Doyoung’s jacket asking if he was a prince. Of course he had to play along and told her that he had to carry the beautiful maiden down the mountain before he could call her his own, and you did too, which seemed to make her day and as she ran back to her family, she smiled bright, which was exactly what he had hoped for. Finally, and hour or two later, he reached the bottom of the trail and let you stand on your own feet again.

“You are the cheesiest person I know, you know that right?” You glanced at him as you both walked back to the motorcycle he rented just for the occasion, which reminded you of all the money he saved up so he could take you on the trip. “Tell me again why we are taking this trip.”

“I don’t know really, I just remember us always talking about how we wanted to visit Jeju together and this seemed like the perfect time and your parents were okay with it and so were mine, so I started saving money and here we are.”

“Okay, it’s official, you really are the cheesiest person I know.” You laughed as he handed you the helmet. “But it’s gonna mess up my hair!”

“And I don’t care!” He chuckled. “The safety of my best friend is more important than whether or not she looks good with helmet hair afterwards. You would think you would learn by now with how much you ride with me back in Guri.” He shook his head playfully while he slipped his own helmet on.

“You’re lucky I value my own life as well.” He chuckled as you sat behind him on the motorcycle, wrapping your arms around his waist as he revved the engine.

~End of Flashback~

You were snapped out of your daydreaming because of your mom yelling up the stairs that there was someone at the door for you. It wasn’t Doyoung, because he would know better than to come talk to your right now, knowing that you both needed space before you talked about what happened. It wasn’t your only other true friend because she was away visiting family in Gwangju, which was 4 hours away, and that’s by flight. So that left only one other person, and it was the one person you wanted to see the least, at least you had a nagging want for Doyoung to come by and try to apologize.

“Tell him I’ll be right down.” You called, collecting your thoughts together as you walked down the stairs. Once you reached the front door, it was easy to see the mop of silky black hair through the crack made by your mom trying to keep the dogs from running out the door.  When you approached behind her, you told her you would only be a little while outside, and shut the door behind you.

“What do you need Yuta?”

“Nice greeting from someone who has been ignoring me for the past two weeks.” He grumbled.

“And what did you think you would get? A welcome home banner? I was ignoring you for a reason.” To say you were upset that he showed up at your house as an understatement.

“I just wanted to apologize for what I did, I never got a chance to.”

“An apology for which incident? Provoking my best friend to hit you? Or maybe trying to talk to me while I was trying to fix one of the most important relationships in my life? Oh wait! Was it the one about undermining the mental stress I am going through with this and pushing me to make a decision on the spot? Ooooo, it’s probably the last one, I bet. Well here’s news to you buddy, I’m the one person in the entire world who probably doesn’t want you tailing her feet at this moment.” You cocked your head, waiting for him to respond.

“I- uhhhh- I’m sorry. I really really, am sorry, is there anything I can do to take back what I said? I’m just frustrated with this whole thing. All I know is that I really like you Y/N and that I can’t lose to that hot-headed jerk.”

“You just added another apology to the list.” You gave him a solemn look before walking back inside and shutting the door lightly. The only thing you didn’t realize is that another person was 10 steps away from your driveway with flowers in hand and had watched the whole scene, emotions bubbling up inside. Confusion being evident, but more than ever, the frustration of being beaten to the task once again.

Its Over

A/N: This is for @buried-in-books who asked Hey! Love your blog! Can I request a shadowhunters imagine where Jace is arguing with the reader’s boyfriend on how to treat the reader right? And then Magnus tries to prevent the two from fighting? Ending is up to you Please and thank you!  Sorry it took so long to get out to you. Hope you like it!! I want to thank @jessiedangerous for looking it over for me. I am still taking requests so please send them in!!

Summary: Reader breaks up with boyfriend and it does not go well.

Paring: Reader/OC 

Warnings: NONE

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It had started out as a nice day with my boyfriend Michael. Things have been rough between the two of us. With everything going on with Clary and trying to help her find her mother, our relationship has taken a bit of a backseat. Our relationship has been on the rocks for a while now and I think this was evidence that I needed to end things with Michael. This just wasn’t meant to be.

It’s not fair to him to string him along when I don’t have the time for a relationship. I care about him, but I know that I don’t love him.

“Michael, we need to talk.” I stop outside of the Institute.

“What about?”

“I think we need to break up.” My voice is small.

“WHAT!! Why? Is it because of Jace…. I’m gonna kill him.”

“It has nothing to do with him!! I just don’t think that we’re going anywhere. We both want different things right now.” As we’re standing there Jace, Alec, and Magnus walk out of the Institute.

“YOU! This is all your fault.” Michael stalks up to Jace and punching him right in the nose.

“MICHAEL!” I try to grab him to pull him away. He just turns and pushes me causing me to trip and fall. I put my hands out to try and soften the fall, but all I manage to do is scrap the palms of my hands. It’s a couple of seconds before I feel the blinding pain shoot up my arm, letting me know that I probably broke my wrist.

I look back up and see Jace who has a look of absolute rage on his face before he punches Michael sending him stumbling back. I can hear them start to fight, but I can’t focus on that with the pain radiating up my arm.

Alec is down next to me in the next heartbeat activating my healing run. I can feel it heal the scraps on my hand as it dulls the pain in my arm. Standing up cradling my arm to my chest and turn an look at Jace and Michael.

“Stop it!” I yell at both of them. But neither seem to notice me yelling at them. Alec rushes over and pulls Jace off of Michael as Magnus does the same for Michael.

“Thats enough you two!” Magnus yells out in a voice that leaves no room for argument. “Go get cleaned up!” Magnus says to Michael before pushing him to the Institute. Michael turns back and looks at me before saying.


“Don’t just don’t. We’re done end of story.” I interrupt him. He turns back around and heads into the Institute with his head hanging down.

I do feel bad for him, I know that he didn’t mean to hurt me, but he did and it will take time for me to forgive him.

“Let me see your arm.” Magnus says as he walks up to me. I hold it out to him to look at. I let out a whimper when he touches it before I feel his magic swirl around it, knitting the bone back together and getting rid of the pain that my healing ruin couldn’t help.

“Thanks.” I mumble out as I look up to him. I look over to Jace who has activated his healing rune and watch as the cuts and bruises fade until the only evidence is the dried blood that still stains his skin.

I walk over to him part of me want to punch him and the other part wants to hug him. The latter wins and I pull him into a hug. It takes a moment before I feel his arms wrap around my waist.

“Thank you, but NEVER do that again.” I pull out of his hug. “I don’t need you fighting for me.”

“What was that about?” Jace asks.

“Oh, I broke up with him and he blamed you. He was always jealous of you and it was forever pissing me off.”

“So you broke up with him?”

“Yes, isn’t that what I just said?” I say with a smile on my face.

“Well, then this a cause for celebration! I never liked him. Not good enough for our Y/N. Never treated you right. You need to be treated like the Queen that you are.” Jace says with a grin on his face. I can hear Alec and Magnus laugh from behind us. Jace always the flirt.

“I tell you Magnus no one that I date is good enough for them.” I say pointing to Alec and Jace.

“Well, why don’t you come back to my place, and we can celebrate your new found freedom.”

“Sure I really don’t want to be around Michael right now anyway. Can Clary, Simon, and Izzy come too?”

“Sure, we can turn it into a real party.” Magnus says as we start walking.

“Or we could have a sleepover.” I say with a sly grin forming on my face.

“That sounds fantastic.” Magnus grins as the two boys behind me groan. I have some of the best friends ever! My life might be crazy and unpredictable, but I would not have it any other way.

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One Drunken Night

Crap! I drank way too much last night, feeling a heavy arm laying over my waist, I slowly opened my eyes. My eyes widened at who the arm was attached to. What the hell did I do?

It was so unfair, I’d only found my dad Opie two years ago when I was nineteen, now three years later he was going to spend two years in prison. I went to the clubhouse, I wanted to feel close to him.

I started drinking with Tig, Chibs, and Juice, I stumbled away to a room. That’s the last thing I remember. I lifted the blanket, I was naked, looking at Jax’s sleeping form, I felt my face turn red.

I slowly eased myself out of bed, getting dressed before he woke up, I had to get out of there. I was ashamed of what I did, I rushed out of the room, down the hall.

Hoping that no one else was up yet, I was going to make a quick get away. “You’re up early!” 

Bobby was sitting at the bar, with a cup of coffee. “I’ve got to go!” I felt the tears welling up in my eyes, as I rushed out the door.

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…whyyy…?? T-T

I fell from the stairs like a hour ago and of course I got hurt because it was pretty long fall..and when I wanted to get up, my arm hurts a lot and I didn’t know what’s wrong. Then I looked at it and…….I think I broke my arm, I can’t move with it even a little…

What a lovely day, the first were the tests which I didn’t know about them because as always I have no one in here and I mean that I have no friends or even friend anymore, then everyone’s getting away from the place where I just walked (I wasn’t bullied last days, because I did something what everyone saw and they think now that I’m a monster and that I can do it again so..) and now this?!?!

I’m soooo sorry…. I can’t very draw for that… I’ll do my best to won’t let you all being sad of that I haven’t done your requests yet..

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fuckign witches part 23

!!!! what’s gonna happen next??!?!? WHO KNOWS (not me lol u think i plan this)

PART 17 - PART 18  - PART 19 - PART 20  - PART 21 - PART 22 - PART 23 (ur here!) - PART 24

Keith took over halfway through the night, making Lance sleep in the back. He drove silently, watching the road and occasionally glancing at Lance, who was curled with Blue in the front.

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[HANSOL] + Skin first draft!
Everyone, I’ll record Skin properly soon and reveal it
I’m preparing a total of 3 choreographies so please look forward to them
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I’m preparing 3 dance videos from my earlier choreographies, please look forward to them!
Don’t worry I didn’t break my arm now, this is a couple of years ago ^^

Trans: DoggOnTopp


Based on a cute little dream I had about U-Kwon. I added some little things to make it more detailed and took out unnecessary parts but other than that, this is the gist of it. It’s a bit on the longer side but I hope you guys enjoy it! ^^

Can you come help me finish cutting my hair down at Kristy’s place?”, you asked, well, more like pleaded.

Why can’t you just ask one of them to do it?”, Yukwon replied.

Because you know how I like my hair! Come oonnn~!!”, you begged.

Fine, okay. Now stop making that face”, he said, finally giving in.

Yay! Thank you! I’ll go grab a light jacket really quick!

You rushed off to your room. You heard the guys joking around saying that you and Yukwon were like an old married couple. That made you smile.


The both of you had been friends for a really long time and eventually ended up moving in together. But as roommates. You were secretly in love with him but you knew he didn’t see you that way. Plus, he already had someone he liked so you never bothered. You were content with just being able to be near him, to go to bed with him, to wake up to him. Even though you, of course, slept in different rooms, but the feeling was still the same to you. The fact that he was really considerate about not bringing home the girls he dated at certain times was something you were thankful for as well. You didn’t know how you’d feel or react of he did…


You pulled on your light, zip up hoodie as you and Yukwon walked down the street. It was a good thing your friend only lived a few doors down. A bunch of your friends and his friends were over but the girls were down at Kristy’s house and the guys were hanging out at yours and Yukwons place.

Hey! Wait up!”, someone yelled.

The both of you turned around to see who it was. It was Mark, Kristy’s boyfriend. He finally caught up and the three of you continued to walk.


After you got there, you pulled out a chair and dragged it out to the side of the house while Yukwon grabbed scissors, a comb and a spray bottle.

Sit still!”, he scolded.

I am!”, you whined.

Fine, it’s not my fault if your hair messes up”, he mumbled.

Look at them, why don’t they just go out?”, you heard Kristy say.

That’s what we were talking about up there too!”, Mark chimed in, laughing.

B-but they’re just friends…right?”, you heard someone say hesitantly.

You turned around to see who it was. It was one of Kristy’s friends. A girl named Anita.

Don’t worry, we’re just friends”, you reassured her with a smile.

Stop!”, Yukwon demanded.

Didn’t I tell you to stop moving? Now turn back around so I can finish”.

You did as you were told. You sat there with your hands between your thighs. He combed your hair this way and that way, cutting and snipping away at the ends. While he did that, your thoughts made you uneasy. That girl Anita, you weren’t close to her and she just recently started coming around but you knew for a fact that she liked Yukwon. The both of you were always together and you saw the way she stole glances at him from time to time or full on stared. But you quickly shook the thought out of your head, resulting in you actually shaking your head. You heard him sigh heavily.

Oops”, you whispered, shoulders tensing up, ready to get an earful.

I was just getting ticklish from all the hair”, you said quickly trying to defend yourself.

You’re lucky I’m done”, he replied surprisingly calm.

Hey”, he said grabbing Mark by the arm as he walked by.

Look at her hair and tell me if it looks okay”.

Hm? Okay”, he replied.

Suddenly, the chair was tilting back.

Don’t!”, you shouted.

Don’t worry, I got you”, he said trying to reassure you.

I just want to properly show him the layers”.

He said it reassuringly but then the chair suddenly started feeling like it was falling. You twisted your body in an attempt to catch yourself. You and the chair hit the ground with a loud thud and clanking sound. You landed halfway on your side, just barely managing to catch yourself with your hands. You let out a loud wail as you sat up. Yukwon immediately squatted down next to you, grabbing the arm you fell down on, pulling up the sleeve of your hoodie and examined your arm.

My nail broke!”, you whined.

And look! My hands and elbows are all scrapped up! Look!”, you whined, shaking off his grasp and shoving your hand in his face.

My hoodie has a hole in it now! This was my favorite one too! I should’ve never worn it”, you continued complaining.

Out of all things, you would complain about your nails first”, he replied, trying to hold back his laughter.

Are you okay?”, he chuckled, helping you up to your feet.

You huffed and made a face at him and shoved him away as you walked towards the house.

Are you okay?”, the girls asked simultaneously.

We heard something fall and then saw you sitting on the ground”.

Yeah, I’m okay. Thank for asking”, you reassured them.

No thanks to stupid Yukwon”, You muttered afterwards.

Where do you keep your band aids and do you have any rubbing alcohol and neosporin?


You walked back outside, inspecting your newly bandaged palms and elbow. You looked up and saw Yukwon half sitting, half leaning, holding onto the porch railing and Anita standing in front of him looking a bit fidgety and nervous. She was talking and he was smiling and nodding as he listened to her. He noticed you and politely excused himself and walked towards you. You caught a glimpse of Anita’s face and she looked a bit disappointed. You couldn’t deny the fact that it made you a little happy that he came to you once he saw you, but then you felt bad for feeling that way at the same time.


Anita approached Yukwon soon after the little incident and they ended up talking about music and he found out they had similar taste. Then he spotted ______.

I’m sorry, but could you excuse me for a second?”, he asked politely.

H-huh?”, she asked, following his gaze.

O-oh, o-okay”, she stuttered.

He smiled at her and walked towards his friend. She stood there and crossed her arms with a scowl on her face. She looked so cute when she did things like that…

What? Don’t look at me like that”, he said smiling.

How are you feeling champ?

I got you”, she mocked in a nasally voice.

I’m sorry”, he chuckled.

My hand slipped”.

Or it’s just because you’re weak”, she muttered.

No, I’m pretty strong”, he said confidently, looking down at his body.

Then it’s because I’m just too fat huh?!”, she challenged.

No!”, he said immediately, unable to hold his laughter.

It’s nothing like that!

Then why are you laughing!”, she yelled, pouting at him.

Why are you two arguing? By the way, are you okay?”, Mark asked as he walked up.

Because I’m too fat for him to hold up”, she said, glaring at him because he couldn’t stop giggling.

I said it’s not like that!”, he defended, but with all his giggling he didn’t sound too convincing.

But yeah, I’m okay. I’m just gonna go up to the house and shower and change clothes real quick and come back”, she finished.

I’m gonna head back up there too”, Yukwon added.

Huh? Why?”, she asked.

I have to check and see if the rest of the guys made a mess or not, duh”, he teased.

Plus, Anita wants to see my music collection”, he said turning to look at her.

Ahh, okay”, she replied.

He could’ve sworn he heard a bit of disappointment in her voice but he knew better.


He called Anita over and the three of you began walking. You walked a little faster because you didn’t want to see the two being so friendly. You heard a little yelp and turned around.

Are you okay?”, Yukwon asked worriedly.

Y-yeah, I’m fine. I’m such a klutz”, she whispered quietly.

Apparently she slipped off the curb and Yukwon caught her in time before she fell. He had an arm around her, holding her up. You felt like your heart was being squeezed. You cleared your throat and attempted a little chuckle.

So you’re strong enough to catch her but not me?”, you said without thinking.

Then you realized that might have sounded a little harsh.

I guess I really am fat huh?”, you said jokingly.

You added in a smile and laugh to try and sound like you were just playing around. Yukwon looked a bit apologetic.


Yukwon saw his friend standing there. He knew she was just joking around but somehow he felt like her words had a bit of sadness to them. For some reason he started to feel really bad.

But I sa—”, he began.

Are you okay Anita?”, she asked cutting him off, turning her attention to the girl in his arms.

He couldn’t do anything but suck his teeth and sigh. When she was mad at him, there was no way he could reason with her. But the thing is, he didn’t know why she was mad at him, because she obviously was. Even if no one picked up on it, he did. They’d been friends for so long now, he was easily able to read her emotions. Most of the time anyways.

Mm, I’m okay”, Anita answered, nodding a little.

She lightly shrugged off his hold and tried to walk, but stumbled again. He quickly caught her.

I-it’s okay. I can walk by myself”, Anita said quietly.

Don’t worry about it, I’ll help you”, he replied.

Once we get to the house I’ll check and see if it’s sprained or anything. We should ice it just in case”, he finished.

She thanked him and smiled shyly at him. Her personality was so different than ______’s harsh yet bold personality. It’d be nice to see ______ like that once in a while, if that happened, he might actually fall for her because in a sense, she was the perfect girl. But he knew that’d never happen, not in a million years. She was too boyish and much too proud to act like that. He chuckled at the thought and happened to look up at her. She was staring at him with an expression he couldn’t quite figure out, her mouth slightly hanging open. She sort of looked vulnerable and sad, like a kid whose toy had been taken but he didn’t want to tell anyone and just let it happen. That caught him off guard.


You stood there watching the two interact so, so lovingly. Yukwon looked up and met your gaze. When you realized you were staring, you quickly cleared your throat.

Well, be careful okay Anita? Just let him help you. You don’t want to possibly hurt yourself any further”, you said as calmly as possible.

I’m gonna go on ahead. All this hair caught in my clothes are making me itchy”, you chuckled.

O-okay”, she answered, looking a little nervous.

You quickly turned around and started walking. Tears were beginning to sting at your eyes. You took a deep breath, exhaled slowly and attempted to blink them away. To put some distance between you and the two, you walked a little faster.

Obviously you got home faster with him helping her walk slowly and all. You tried to avoid contact with the guys as you entered the house and walked through them with a smile and a nod to not come off as rude. You quickly took off your jacket and threw it in the laundry basket. You headed for your bedroom and closed the door, locking it. With both of your hands pressed up against the door, you leaned your forehead on it as well. You closed your eyes and felt a tear escape and roll down your cheek. You bit your lip in an attempt to stifle your sobs as you heard Yukwon and Anita enter the apartment. This was the first time he ever brought a girl home…

Jealousy is a Bitch

Can I get an imagine on You and tyler carter are best friends. And then you are always jelly when he dates other People. And then for once you have a bf. And he’s jelly.

I like this a lot c:


“Tonight is going to be fun, come on Y/N!” my best friend, Tyler Carter, said excitedly. 

“Can’t we all just stay in and play Uno or something?” I asked with a groan. The band wanted to go out to a dance club tonight, but I didn’t feel like putting up with all the asshole people that were out there. 

“We’ll make sure you have a good time, don’t worry,” Skyler assured me, putting his arm around my shoulders.

“I’d have a perfectly good time if that stupid dragon wasn’t going with us,” I mumbled under my breath. Skyler gave me a sympathetic look and squeezed my frame. That dragon I mentioned would be Miranda, Tyler’s snobby, bossy, and rude current girlfriend. To top it all off, she hates me. But I hate her, too, so I guess we’re sort of even there. I never like the girls that Tyler dates.They’re just terrible, but he never listens when I try to tell him they aren’t the one for him, then ends up getting hurt and guess who comforts him and is at his side every time? That’s right, me.

“We ready to go?” Josh asked. 

“Miranda isn’t here yet,” Tyler said. “We have to wait for her.”

“Or we could just leave anyway,” I suggested with a smile.

“Be nice, Y/N,” Tyler scolded playfully. I rolled my eyes. There was a knock on the door and he jumped up. “There she is!” I fake gagged, making the others silently laugh. Tyler opened the door and Miranda came in, nose stuck high as could be in the air.

“Alright, lets head out!” Josh announced, all of us moving toward the door.

“But I just got here,” Miranda complained. 

“Well, if you had gotten here on time then we wouldn’t be in such a rush to leave,” I pointed out. 

“Some of us take a little more time to get ready. Wouldn’t want to walk out looking like a hot mess, too, now would I?” she said, looking me up and down. “I guess I can’t really say ‘too’ because, well, some of us are just a plain old mess, nothing hot about it.” I glared at her as she shot me a hateful smile. I felt my fists clenching at my sides.

“Let it go, you look amazing,” Skyler whispered to me as we got in the cars to leave. When we got to the club, our group got a big booth at the back corned and had a few drinks to lighten the mood before we went on the dance floor.

“Tyler, come dance with meeee!” Miranda whined, trying to pull him out there.

“Let me finish my drink, babe,” he said, then glanced over to me. We were the only three left. “I don’t want to leave Y/N all by herself over here, though.” Miranda looked over with annoyance as I continued to sip my beer.

“She’ll be fine. She’s used to being alone. Lets go!” She pulled away and I was left by myself, anger building inside me. What a bitch. Skyler eventually came by and convinced me to come out on the floor with him, despite my protests. I actually started to let go and have a little fun. Until I saw Tyler and Miranda dancing together. It was positively disgusting. She was all over him, grinding and kissing and ew. I felt that same feeling that I felt every time. The feeling that Tyler should be with me, not her, not some other stupid girl, me. 

“I think I’m going to go to the bathroom,” I told Skyler. He nodded, knowing I needed some time away from them. I found the restroom and went in, taking some time to cool down. As I came back out to let Skyler know I was going to head home, I smacked straight into someone.

“I’m so sorry, are you okay?” a deep voice asked. I looked up to meet a pair of light brown eyes filled with concern.

“I’m fine. I’m sorry, that was my fault,” I apologized.

“No, I wasn’t watching, it’s on me! Can I…buy you a drink or something to make up for it?” he asked with a hopeful and sweet smile.

“Oh, actually I was just leaving..”

“Please? Just one drink. To say I’m sorry,” he pushed. I studied him. He had nice brown hair, cut in a way to emphasize his features. There was slight scruff along his cheeks and jaw and he was very tall and fit. What could it hurt?

“Sure,” I agreed, smiling up at him. He returned it happily.

“Great! I’m Chris, by the way.”

“Y/N.” We went to the bar and he got us two beers. What was supposed to be one drink and fifteen minutes turned into four and two hours. We ended up outside in the night air talking and talking and eventually exchanging numbers. When the night was over, I didn’t fall asleep thinking about Tyler and Miranda, instead I was thinking of Chris.

Two months later

Chris and I were dating now and I was really happy with him. The band loved him so he hung out with us a lot. Tyler, for some reason, didn’t seem to get along with Chris no matter how hard he would try to be friendly with him. I could feel us growing apart, and it sucked. We sat in my living room, playing cards and talking, when Tyler walked in later than usual.

“Hey man, what’s up?” Michael greeted.

“Nothin,” he replied, his face solemn. He sat down on the couch and got on his phone. We were all silent for awhile until our round ended.

“You wanna play? We’re starting a new game,” Skyler offered. 

“No,” Tyler replied curtly. We all exchanged looks and started to shuffle the cards in awkward silence. Out of nowhere, Tyler got up and walked into the kitchen. 

“I’m gonna go see what’s going on,” I told them quietly, putting my hand back in the deck. “Be back soon.” I walked in after him. “Hey,” I said.

“Hi,” Tyler replied, getting some chips. 

“What’s up?” I asked. He shrugged and said nothing. With a sigh, I grabbed his hand and took him back the hallway to my room, closing the door. “Come on, talk to me. What is wrong with you tonight?”

“Miranda and I broke up,” Tyler finally said with a sigh, plopping down on my bed. I sat beside him and wrapped my arm around his shoulders. 

“I’m so sorry, Ty,” I said gently. 

“It’s whatever, I guess. I’ll be fine.” He moved to leave, but I stopped him.

“No, it isn’t. Talk to me,” I said. 

“What do you care, Y/N? You hated her anyway!” he told me angrily.

“That doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that I care about you, Tyler." 

"Oh, you still care about me?” he asked sarcastically.

“Of course I do, what the hell!” I half yelled.

“Sure doesn’t feel like it.”

“What are you talking about?” I asked, exasperated.

“You have Chris now. You’re all happy and cute and blehck!” he said, grimacing at the words. Then it hit me. He was jealous.

“Just because I’m with Chris does not mean I don’t still care about you,” I said softly.

“Not like you used to! You’re too busy with him to spend any time with me anymore. We’re supposed to be best friends,” he said. 

“You were always around Miranda, Tyler! And she was such a bitch to me all the time. Don’t even pretend like you didn’t notice. Do you know how many times I cried because of the things she would say to me? And not only her, all your stupid girlfriends. You can ask Skyler if you don’t believe me!”

“I just want things to go back to how they were with us,” Tyler whispered, coming closer to me.

“I do, too. I miss you,” I told him softly. He was only inches away now. 

“Were you jealous of the others?” he asked. I nodded, my eyes on his lips. “Why?” Our eyes were half lidded, mouths so close our breath was mingling. 

“Because they weren’t me,” I confessed. And then his lips were on mine hungrily. Sparks exploded like I’ve never felt before and I wrapped my arms around his neck. When we broke apart, Tyler looked at me.

“I’m sorry,” he said.

“Don’t be. I’ll handle everything with Chris.” He nodded and we smiled, kissing some more.

Little Miracle

So I was conflicted about writing this because I wanted to fit it into my Omelia family universe but it just didn’t fit xD It was such a good prompt though I had to write it anyway so here it is xD I saw this on @omeliafics and it said ‘Amelia going into labor while watching a surgery of Owen’s? Other doctors help her and get her out of the gallery before Owen notices so he can finish the surgery’

The gallery had become her place lately. She wasn’t exactly on maternity leave because she was a doctor, she was needed, she had insisted she would work into she popped, but then she almost went into pre-term labor and had been forced to slow down. She had far too much alone time on her hands, so she would pick a random OR with a gallery and sit and watch surgeries. Owen’s were the best to watch because it was Owen. Those were the good days. Of course watching other people do surgeries and not being able to do them herself, because at this point she was basically just a whale-shaped host to the life growing inside of her, was driving her slowly insane. Luckily, she was due in two weeks. Two weeks until her and Owen were going to meet their son or daughter. That was a crazy thought. They actually had a real child, a tiny newborn who was going to depend on them. A child. Their child. They had chosen to be surprised about the gender, not because of the ordinary reasons however. They had a bet, Amelia had bet Owen $50 that it was going to be a girl, she said they wanted to wait because Owen didn’t want to have to pay up when she was right. He said that she was getting cold feet and maybe she shouldn’t have bet so much. Basically their opinions were split.

Today’s patient was a car accident victim with some pretty nasty injuries. The surgery had been going on for 4 hours so far and they still had a way to go.

Amelia stood up and walked from the the back of the room, where she had initially sat because it was closest to the door and her pregnant legs weren’t too good at carrying her anymore, to the front of the room for a better view. She looked down through the glass and watched her man doing his thing flawlessly. Some people thought trauma surgery was messy, but watching it, there was nothing messy about it. Intense at times with unexpected things happening and changes that couldn’t have been foreseen, but definitely not messy. She rested her chin on her hand and got comfortable, watching down in the OR like it was some sort of theatre production.

Then she felt a pain.

It was a familiar pain, but she wasn’t 100% sure what it was until she saw the mess on the floor underneath her feet.

“Either I wet myself or my water just broke.” She thought to herself.

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