my arm looks broke

Look around, look around
At how lucky we are to be alive right now!

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Yet another Enjolras trying the epic look.

I almost broke my arm on this thing the other night with all those little waistcoat dots.  Okay, so it looks like watercolor, but it’s mostly not.  There’s a bit of watercolor, but the main medium is ink pencils, which function like watercolor, except once you lay a layer of them and it dries, if you lay another layer over it, the bottom layer is barely affected at all–in other words, like with other forms of ink, the pigment is pretty permanent.  This is nice for certain effects.  The other medium used in this is acrylics.  You can’t really tell from the scan, obviously, but the waistcoat was done in various layers of gold acrylic (among other things), and even the hair is done mainly with washes of gold acrylic.  So this thing is hella glittery in real life:

I don’t know if Enjolras would’ve approved (ha, no, I know Enjolras wouldn’t have approved!), but it is pretty cool to see in real life.  :)


“Don’t worry little one, you’re not dying.” Vlad sighed, stroking her cheek. “You just broke your arm. Don’t worry, my dear.” Vlad looked at her arm quietly. “Let’s get you to the hospital, okay?”

She nodded tersely, setting her jaw as she swallowed hard to try and fight the pain down.  “It really hurts…” She managed, her uninjured arm clutching at the broken one, though that did nothing to ease the pain.