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MCL Boyfriend Headcanons: How they react to having a baby

Nathaniel, telling him you’re pregnant

  • Unless you were planning for a baby, he’d be really caught off guard. Like, if he were washing dishes or something he’d literally stop all hand movements and just stare at you for a second
  • After processing your words he’d be in complete shock. “A-Are you absolutely sure??”
  • He’d take you to the doctor just to be 100% sure it wasn’t a false positive
  • When he gets the news that it is in fact a true positive, he has the brightest smile on his face and he’ll just take you into his arms while whispering “Oh my god…” And then he’ll place a kiss on the top of your head
  • Will constantly be up your butt about eating properly, getting enough sleep, and will refuse to let you do anything that could possibly be dangerous. Mopping the floor? Nope, you might slip. Running up the stairs? “Slow down!”
  • He would research a lot about the stages of pregnancy and giving birth so that he could support you as much as he can during the 9 months and after.
  • Loves feeling the baby kick, he feels this huge surge of love
  • Talks to your belly when you’re sleeping, and he dies if he feels the baby reacting to his voice

When the baby is born

  • When your water breaks he already has a bag ready to go to the hospital
  • He’s holding your hand the entire time and giving you reassuring kisses to your forehead
  • Low-key is about to pass out but he knows he has to be there for you
  • I feel like Nathaniel would have a boy or a girl, it’s 50/50
  • When he first holds his baby, he’s so overcome with emotion. He won’t cry but his voice would be a little shaky.
  • A lot of people think he’d be scared that he would be a bad father and turn out like his own, but I refuse to accept this. Nathaniel would from the very start promise to give his baby all the love he could, so they would never have to experience the pain he went through growing up. His baby and you are his world now.
  • Likes to talk to the baby in this really cute quiet voice. “Who’s the cutest baby in the world??” He gets really embarrassed if you hear him.
  • Doesn’t mind changing diapers, but he hates getting peed on
  • You’ll often find him late at night in the nursery just staring at your baby in their crib, cause he just loves them so much
  • Loves that newborn baby smell
  • You find him asleep on the couch with the baby all the time
  • Helps out a lot more than he needs to because he just likes spending time with his baby
  • He’s extra tired but he doesn’t care because it’s worth it.
  • The baby gets his eyes.

Castiel, telling him you’re pregnant

  • “….What?”
  • Castiel wouldn’t necessarily plan for a child, it’d just kind of happen, and he’d just stare at you with the widest eyes ever. “………What????”
  • Probably a million things would be going through his head at one time. How? When? Is she ready? Am I ready? DAFUQ IS A BABY???
  • This is one of those rare moments when he actually genuinely smiles, with a slight blush. He would wrap his arms around your waist and bury his face in your neck. He’s so freaking happy, but also scared out of his mind.
  • He’d probably be the most scared out of all the guys. His dad was great and all, but he was always busy so he didn’t spend a lot of time with him, so how is he supposed to know how to be a ‘good’ dad?
  • Googles “How to dad”
  • Teases you about your boobs getting bigger
  • Loves rubbing your belly, if he feels the baby kicks he’s so amazed by it. He can’t believe his baby in in there.
  • Doesn’t really fret over you but he’s definitely way more protective.
  • Is gentler when showing you affection, softer kisses, looser grips, etc.

When the baby is born

  • When your water breaks he’s freaking out. “Isn’t there like another week left?!”
  • Rushes you to the hospital and is probably cursing a lot. “What the f***, what the f***, what the f***?!?!”
  • He has no idea what to do while you’re in labor. He’ll hold your hand and rub your back but if you start screaming from contractions it just freaks him out even more tbh.
  • Would be in a daze the entire time. Like he wouldn’t pass out, but he would definitely not remember half of the process afterwards.
  • I feel like Castiel would most definitely have a baby girl.
  • When he holds her for the first time he literally has no words to describe his feelings. Happy isn’t even close. And the love that he feels is just something he never knew existed.
  • He’s scared that he’ll break her because shes just so tiny. His movements are very slow and gentle. He’ll just sit in a chair staring at her.
  • Would probably tear up and this is the only time he won’t try to deny it
  • Loves how soft she is
  • He absolutely adores his baby. Do not try to mess with his child, he will f*** you up.
  • You have to show him how to change  diaper or else he just puts it on backwards every time.
  • She would look a lot like him, but act like you. He might start to rub off on her a little later.
  • He’s exhausted but he helps out more than you ask him too because he wants to make sure he’s in his child’s life as much as possible, because he really missed his dad when he was a kid
  • Plays his guitar for her when she’s crying, which calms her down a lot

Lysander, telling him you’re pregnant

  • Lysander wouldn’t really plan having a kid, but he would talk to you about it to see if you were ready to start a family. If it happens, then it happens.
  • When you tell him, he isn’t expecting it and it takes him a few minutes to say anything. He’d be thinking to himself in those few minutes. 
  • He wouldn’t say anything; he would just suddenly pull you into a hug with this look of happiness. No smile but you can definitely see it in his eyes when he stares at you and kisses you so deeply you think you might faint. He was going to have a family with the love of his life, and he couldn’t ask for more.
  • He’s very excited to see the baby after learning he’s going to be a father. Kind of wishes the pregnancy would hurry up already
  • Would help out around the house as much as he could
  • Never forgets the date and time of an appointment because he gets very excited to see how his baby is doing
  • Loves placing gentle kisses on your belly and singing lullabies that his mom used to sing to him when he was a child. The baby moves a lot when he sings and he loves it.
  •  Always following close behind you so he can catch you in case you trip on something.
  • Will read books on pregnancy and kind of freaks himself out a bit when he gets to certain chapters. Will silently be thinking “What if this happens?? What if that happens??”
  • He’s always pampering you, as a thank you for carrying his child

When the baby is born

  • When your water breaks it happens in a very unexpected moment and he freezes up for a second before you or Rosa snaps your fingers in front of his face
  • Holds your hand all the way to the hospital and kisses the back of it a lot
  • If you’re in pain he calms you down a lot by whispering reassuring things into your ear, gently kissing your forehead
  • Moves your hair out of your face
  • Is pretty calm throughout the actual birth because I feel like he might’ve helped his parents when the animals on the farm had babies.
  • I feel like Lysander would also have a girl
  • When he holds her he’s immediately just in awe over how beautiful she is. He cannot believe he helped create something this perfect, but he definitely thinks that you’re the reason shes so gorgeous.
  • When the baby opens her eyes and looks at him his heart explodes from love.
  • Sings to her to put her to sleep
  • Will fall asleep with her in his arms, sometimes you find him asleep on the floor of the nursery while she’s in her crib
  • You agreed to take turns waking up to feed/change her in the middle of the night but he never wakes you up. He’ll do it without complaints, and he wants you to rest.
  • Is very family oriented so he spends as much time as possible with you and his baby
  • Silently thanks you for giving him such a beautiful daughter

Armin, telling him you’re pregnant

  • Wouldn’t plan on having a baby, like at all. Didn’t even cross his mind, but when you told him he was instantly filled with joy. Definitely surprised though.
  • “What? Are you sure??”
  • After you confirm it by showing him two positive tests, he runs over to you and picks you up in a spin-hug. “I’m gonna be a dad!!!”
  • Alexy is the first one to know and will come rushing over to your house. “I’M GONNA BE AN UNCLE??!” Also picks out all the baby clothes. Your baby will be the best dressed of them all. Rosa’s niece might be competition though.
  • Honestly doesn’t know one thing about pregnancy since he was adopted and his mom never had any other kids, so he’s definitely going to be on google. (‘What is a placenta?*pukes* *Watches video of a birth and pukes some more*)
  • Will help you indulge in your cravings
  • Likes to listen to your belly. He talks to it a lot. “Hello you weird little alien!”
  • Will paint a pokeball on your belly, and says your baby is ‘evolving’.
  • Thinking of all the cool cosplays you guys could do now that you’re having a baby
  • When you go to ultrasound appointments he’s all “Aww, look at our little potato.” He’s making jokes but deep down he really cant believe that hes going to have a kid soon.

When the baby is born

  • When your water breaks he actually screams, and then proceeds to take you to the hospital.
  • He thinks he’s prepared. After long nights of watching all those horrifying videos and reading those scary articles. He totally has this down.
  • He cracks jokes to make you laugh a bit to distract you. Will kiss your cheeks gently when you’re in pain and squeezes your hand.
  • Nope, never mind. Take that back. He is not prepared.
  • When the baby is finally out he takes one glance and faints. He actually faints.
  • After he wakes up he’s confused as ever. Was that even real?? He looks around the room and sees you holding his… son? You guys decided to wait until the birth to figure out the gender.
  • He slowly gets up and walks over to you. He looks at his baby boy and is just in such amazement. “Woah, babe… We made him??”
  • When he holds him for the first time, he has the widest eyes ever. It’s just so strange to him, holding a mini Armin. The baby looks exactly like him, but with your eyes.
  • “This is so cool…” He says with the biggest smile on his face. He’s already thinking of all the shenanigans they can get into in the future. He loves his little guy so much already
  • Will fall asleep playing video games with the baby on his chest sleeping soundly as well
  • Usually takes care of the baby throughout the night because he’s used to staying up late anyway, and he likes spending the extra time with the baby.
  • Hates changing poopy diapers because of a previously very messy accident
  • Has become great at multitasking. Will play video games while feeding the baby a bottle with his foot.
  • Always throws the baby really high to freak you out, but the baby is having a blast so don’t worry

Kentin, when you tell him you’re pregnant

  • You guys agreed that you were ready to start a family already, but when you tell him the news he’s just in utter disbelief because he’s actually going to be a dad, not just theoretically this time.
  • After processing this information, he cracks the biggest smile and will spin your around while holding you bridal style, kissing all over your face.
  • He’s so freaking happy and excited.
  • Will definitely decorate the nursery all by himself to surprise you.
  • Buys you a pregnancy pillow
  • Makes sure you have a proper diet but will occasionally let you binge on junk food
  • Really wants the baby to look like you because you’re just so adorable to him
  • Comes up behind you and places his hand on your belly, with his head on your shoulder.
  • Will help you paint your toes and put on socks/shoes when your belly is too big to bend over
  • Will only get the best brands for his baby, no exceptions
  • Will force you to do light exercise because he read it’s good for the baby
  • When he feels the baby kick he tears up. “There’s really a little human growing in there…”

When the baby is born

  • He’s so nervous but he keeps a cool head because he’s not the one PUSHING A HUMAN OUT OF HIMSELF
  • Is taking deep breaths to keep himself calm
  • Will massage your back, distract you with multiple topics, gently kisses your hand to calm you down.
  • Is too nauseous to cut the umbilical cord.
  • Kentin has a 50/50 chance of having a boy or girl
  • When he first holds his baby he’s the only one of the guys to actually cry. Not just a few tears. They are actually dropping onto the floor. He just loves them so freaking much and he wants to give them the damn universe.
  • He’ll kiss his baby’s head and let them grab his finger, which he loves
  • If the baby opens their eyes he cries even more because “Oh my god they’re so cute.”
  • The baby does in fact look a lot like you and he loves it. Two very beautiful people in his life now.
  • May or may have not tasted baby food once or twice (and kind of liked it)
  • Constantly walking around with baby puke on his shirt because he’s too busy taking care of them to care.
  • Really bad at putting them to sleep, but once they’re out he just likes to hold and snuggle with them.
  • Secretly feeds them cookies when they get  little bigger
  • One of those dads to take a bath with their kid and make bubble beards.
  • Always buying toys for them, but he really needs to stop cause they already have way too many
  • Gets himself a dog tag made with the baby’s name on it

I really want Robert to keep up the “have to stay positive” thing, to be overly cheerful and constantly being upbeat to the point where people question whether he cares that Aaron is in prison at all. I then want Chas to find him, in the dark, crying his eyes out. I want her to not say anything, to just pull him into her arms and hold him as he lets it all out. I then want her to stand up for him next time he’s really positive in front of people, to have her meet his enthusiasm and let him know he’s not alone. She won’t tell anyone what happens when everyone leaves, but she’ll never let him feel like he’s in this alone.

I just want you to remember, I want you to remember everything.

I want you to remember how it felt to hold me in your arms at 3am, how it felt to wake up to my messy hair and sleepy face, how it felt to constantly find my things flung about your room, even long after I was gone. I want you to remember how amazingly comfortable we were together, the not so perfect, perfect match.

We were a candle in the darkness that caught the house on fire. We might of burned the place down, but we were magnificent, oh god how I loved you.

So please, while I try to forget, please, please, please remember me, remember how much you loved me.

Because I’m afraid I won’t ever forget.

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jikook | rating: g | prompt #69 | day 12 | insp | ao3

“you’re having a nightmare and i feel bad because you’re trembling and crying so i crawl into bed with u and hold u so u feel safe, but in the morning u wake up with my arms “

A day in the life of maknae Jimin. OR: An AU in which Jungkook is the hyung and Jimin is the maknae, and Jungkook constantly obsesses about how cute and adorable his Jiminnie is.

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In My Arms (AU)

Each time someone walked by, he would turn his head so quickly, it almost created a massive case of whiplash. Palms sweating, braced on knees that bumped together constantly. The airport had never seemed so overwhelming and crowded. Whispering to himself, Peeta spoke positive vibes to pass the time.

Seven years. 

Seven years since he last saw her face. 

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Tired Luke [Imagine]

Luke stumbled in the front door after a stupidly long day in the studio. He constantly complains about his body aching and there was a pout on his face. You were lying on the sofa watching your favourite tv show when he eventually got around to finding you and he slumped down next to you. 

Opening out his arms, you sighed a little because you couldn’t really be bothered to move from your comfy position. Then you saw his sad little frown get deeper and you feel bad and give in. Falling into his arms, he pressed a kiss to the top of your head and wrapped his arm around you to get you as close to him as possible. 

“Long day at work?” You mumble, not knowing what else to say.

“Yeah, everywhere hurts.” He grumbled back, not sounding the slightest bit happy. Luke usually loved being in the studio; it was unusual for him to be so upset about it. 

“Are you ok? You just seem kinda, well, down.” 

A sigh left his lips as he looked down at you, “I’m just tired.” 

“Let’s go to bed, I’m pretty tired as well.” Getting up from the sofa, you outstretched a hand to Luke. He grabbed hold of it and pulled himself up. The entire way up the sitars he never let go of your hand. Tiredness always made him somewhat clingy.

It was hardly an hour later when he’s flat out asleep, with you lying with your head on his chest. Not wanting to move and wake him, you snuggled into him more and fell asleep yourself.